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Best Online Casino New Jersey 2021

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Legal since: 02-26-2013
888 Casino
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New Jersey Flag
New Jersey Silhouette
Legal since: 02-26-2013

Top Operators for New Jersey

1. 888 Casino Brand
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2. Harrah’s Online Casino Brand
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3. Caesars Online Casino Brand
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New Jersey Legal Casino List

New Jersey is one of the states throughout the country that welcomes and allows gambling throughout the entire state. They have one of the most laid-back atmospheres surrounding casinos and gambling over other states. Those that want to play in an online casino in New Jersey, or even in New Jersey casinos on-site can do so with one of the many options that are available to them while they are in the area. Learn more about the legality of casinos throughout this state right here and find the best best online casino real money New Jersey. We'll also outline the latest New Jersey casino list and the best online casino New Jersey for you.

Introduction into New Jersey Gambling Industry

NJ casinos are one of the best places to spend your time and money. These casinos have many people that frequent them. If you want to learn more about the casinos and have the New Jersey online casino list, then keep reading. We’ve gathered all of the information you are going to want about the New Jersey casinos and all that they come with. Make a smarter, better decision on which casino to spend time with today with our information here.

Land-based Casino Legal Situation - New Jersey Casino List

The land-based casinos that you find throughout the state of New Jersey are completely legal to go into, spend your money in, and have a good time in. This is an exciting thing to think about, because you want to have the best time while spending your vacation, or even where you live, in the best New Jersey casinos for the area.

Those that are interested in learning more about the NJ casinos can find out more through these casinos that are currently legally operating within the state.

  • Tropicana Casino
  • Golden Nugget Casino
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • Borgata
  • Wild Wild West Casino
  • Full House Casino Entertainment
  • Harrah’s Casino

Atlantic City is one of the biggest gambling cities throughout the country, making New Jersey casinos the top on the list of the casinos you can spend your time and money in.

Online Casino Legal Situation - Is An Online Casino Legal In New Jersey?

What about New Jersey casinos online? Those that want to play in online casinos in NJ will be happy to know that they are able to do so through the use of many online casinos that they can sign up with. With the legal situation providing both slots and poker games, many players are happy with the level of New Jersey online casino slots and games they can choose from while playing from the comfort of their own home. The best New Jersey casinos online provide great entertainment. The best online casino New Jersey will have an unparalleled gaming experience.

Unfortunately, online sports betting is something that is not currently allowed within the casinos. While the state is advocating to have this changed, they currently do not have a legal standing that allows players to enjoy sports betting online. Check out the latest status when it comes to the best online casino New Jersey and the latest California casinos online.

Mobile Casino Gambling Situation - New Jersey Casinos Online

Those that are playing inside the New Jersey online casinos will soon find out that these casinos also offer the ability to play in their mobile casinos. These can be found in the app store under the casino of choice for the player. Once found in the app store, you can then download the casino to your smartphone and sign into your account. Once signed into your account, you’re then able to play in the casino while on the go. With the NJ casinos that offer this type of gaming, every player is then able to check out the many places they can play inside the casinos. If you do enjoy mobile apps, find out more about the availability there-of with the best online casino Illinois and our Delaware casino list.

Online Casino Operator Licensing Process - New Jersey Casino List

Those that wish to operate a casino in New Jersey can do so, as long as they go through the necessary licensing requirements. Those that do not get the licenses that are required in order to operate in the state are not able to provide these casino services to those that are in the area.

The proper documentation of the casino, property, and the goals intended from the casino are required in order to apply for a license within the state. Not only that, but there is also a $100,000 fee for the license. This should be sent in with the documents and application that is required.

There are also fees that have to be paid per slot machine and other game throughout the casino, as well as to keep the casino license in good standing. Those that are interested in this should always make sure to look into the many options available to find the ones that work the best with them and their particular slot.

Any applications and documents that come through the office need to come with the required requested proof. Without the requested documents, the application may be returned back to you for being incomplete or may be denied because of this.

Now you can find our latest New Jersey casino list and which online casinos have managed to be included. Use our New Jersey casino list as a benchmark for the best online platforms. Our New Jersey casino list is updated on a regular basis.

New Jersey Online Casino List 2021

4.5 / 5
Live Casino
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4.5 / 5
Live Casino
$300 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Online Casino Review
4.3 / 5
Live Casino
$600 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Borgata Online Review
4 / 5
Live Casino
$200 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Betfair Casino Review
0 / 5
Live Casino
500 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now BetAmerica Casino Review

History of Gambling in New Jersey

New Jersey is the one state where gambling is very legal and with many different casino operators, those that are visiting the area have their pick of many different New Jersey casinos to visit. Starting from a deep gambling history, this state was one that continued to collect revenue on the gambling money that comes into the state and is transferred between the people and the facilities.

In 1969, the first lottery for the state was approved and ever since then, gambling has only been on a rise throughout the state. Not only that, but the money raised with this lottery money was used to build four different schools throughout the state, offering more incentives for the area to continue to use gambling and gaming as a lucrative way to raise cash for the state.

In 1976, New Jersey become the second state to legalized gambling. They opened a few different NJ casinos that visitors were able to visit and play both table games and a few slot machines in. The boom increased, and so did the number of casinos, games, and players that would be found inside each of the New Jersey casinos for the area.

Atlantic City became one of the most visited areas, and eventually was dubbed a tourist area to visit, especially to those that enjoyed gambling. This was something that didn’t go without trouble though. In the 60’s, some of the casinos had a hard time attracting visitors to them, which meant they had to shut down. However, in the years to come, many of them re-opened their doors.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Online Casino New Jersey

Yes, you can gamble online in New Jersey. There is currently no law that states that players are unable to play in online casinos. In fact, there is a law that states that this is legal for players.

There are 21 casinos operating in New Jersey currently. This leaves many different casinos for you to choose from when you are in NJ and want to choose an online casino to spend time and money in.

The best online casino site in New Jersey for you to play in is a website that you feel the most confident and comfortable playing in.

Online gambling in NJ became legal in the state in 2013. It has since taken flight and many people are now choosing to spend their time inside online casinos instead of on-site casinos. If this interests you, take a look at our New Jersey casino list.

Online gambling in NJ became legal at the same time as online casinos in the state become legal. Everything was opened up and accepted in 2013.

Those that want to play on their mobile devices are easily able to do so. All you have to do is go to your app store and search up the name of the online casino in New Jersey that you enjoy playing in and download their app. From there, you can sign into your account and start playing anywhere that you are. Use our New Jersey casino list to find out more.

The New Jersey Control Commission and Division of Gaming in New Jersey are both responsible for the licensing, legality and other forms of gambling throughout the state, whether they are in a casino or through an online casino outlet.

Responsible Online Gambling - New Jersey Casinos Online

Those that want to play in a responsible way are easily able to do so with the use of the best budget and smart time management skills. These are important because when you spend too much time and money on the games that you play, you can become addicted. This is something that many people find that they need help with.

If you know someone struggling with a gambling and gaming addiction, it is important to reach out for the appropriate help that is found throughout the state. These organizations provide help to those that have gambling addictions that they would like help with.

There are also privately owned and operated therapy and other organizations that can provide the help that is needed when a gambling addiction is something that a person has to overcome. Speak with them if you need further help with the addiction you or someone you know has.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

What alternatives are there to New Jersey casinos online? Those that want to know more about the online casinos in New Jersey, or even those on-site options are easily able to also enjoy social gambling. These casinos are set up to provide the fun of casino games, but without the worry of money. This is great for those that might have had an addiction before, or that are afraid of getting an addiction.

Social gaming is also something that can be great when trying to meet new people. Those out there that want to choose to social game can choose to do this through the use of many different options. Both online and on-site options are available throughout the state of New Jersey. Which you choose to go with is up to you and the needs you have.

Social casinos bring people together without putting the money that comes with other New Jersey casinos involved in the middle of the fun and games. You can play the games for fun, but do not have to give your personal or financial information in order to do so if you choose not to.

If you do not want to put money down on the table, but still want the fun that comes with New Jersey gambling then social casinos might be the best way for you to go.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Those that love sports usually look for online casinos in New Jersey that offer some sort of sports betting with them. This can be everything from the fantasy sports that you come across to the sports betting that you can do on the games the teams play. Daily Fantasy Sports is a legal way to create your own team with players that you feel are the best suited for the job.

If you’re interested in creating a game with the players that you enjoy playing with or watching the most, then daily fantasy sports might be the best option for you to go with. You can then choose which players to place on your team and play against others that might feel like they have the best picks.

Choose an online casino in New Jersey to play in and you can be sure to grab all that is needed from the fun and games that DFS is able to provide you with.

If you want to learn more about the daily fantasy sports that are out there, especially those offered through an online casino in New Jersey, then click on the link below. This is where you can learn more about fantasy sports and creating a team of your own through the many great online casinos that welcome players from NJ.

NJ Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based CasinosYes
Online GamblingYes
Sports BettingYes
LotteryYesBoth state-wide lottery options and multi-state options are available and legal to play.
Daily Fantasy SportsYes
House GamblingYes
Minimum Gambling Age18 or 2118 for all gambling options besides some land-based casinos that offer alcohol within their establishments, where it is 21 years of age.