Best Online Casino Illinois 2021

We know it can be tough to find the best online casinos in Illinois which is why we have created this guide for you. We can even help you find the best online casino in Chicago.

Our guide for the best online casinos in Illinois gives you the knowledge on how to ensure a safe online gambling experience. We teach you what to look out for in licensing, security features and payment methods. Our Illinois casino list will also help you to find the best online casino with ease!

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The US federal government established in 2006 that all online casino gambling was illegal with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. However, as we all know each state is different and has the authority to change these laws on a state level. In 2019, Illinois legalized online sports betting which is a step in the right direction for gambling laws in the state.

Unfortunately, online gambling in Illinois is still currently illegal. Does this mean that you can’t participate in online casino gambling at all? Not necessarily, as you can access legal offshore online casinos but these are mostly unregulated so you need to proceed with a healthy amount of caution. We will show you how you can go about finding the safest Illinois casinos online with our tips.

With that being said, it's already legal to play Illinois lottery online, and it's good to see that Illinois is heading in the right direction by legalizing sports betting online. This shows an intent to make all online gambling legal. Many other states still make sports betting online illegal so it's a positive sign that Illinois is leading the way in allowing gambling online to be legalized. Keep an eye out in the near future for amendments to the online gambling laws as we are confident that Illinois will start to slowly legalize online casino gambling. Check out our review of Pennsylvania casinos online to see if you can access casinos legally in a different state.

Tips for a safe online experience with the best casino in Illinois

So, while you won’t find any online casinos operating out of Illinois at present, you can still find some offshore online casinos to take advantage of. As we mentioned, many of these online casinos are unregulated so you’ll need to look out for a few important aspects to ensure a safe gambling experience. These tips will still be equally as important when Illinois ultimately legalizes online casinos in the state as well.


When it comes to accessing offshore online casinos or future legalized online casino Illinois will offer, it's always important to make sure that these operators are fully licensed before you sign up. This information should be fully transparent on the site. Check to see who the gambling authority is that has provided the license as there are a number of strict gambling authorities that you can trust would have put the online casino through the wringer before issuing them a license.

Encryption technology: 

The next important step to securing a safe online casino experience is to check up on the website and payment security. The best online casino in Illinois should have the latest in SSL-encryption technology to protect your data like your login and banking details. Furthermore, we like to check for two-step authentication when it comes to executing payment methods as this is a safe way to ensure that no one can withdraw from your account without your knowledge.

Professional customer service:

This may fly a little under the radar at times but customer service is vital in building player and operator trust. At any best casino in Illinois, professional customer service will attend to all the issues of the players no matter how small and will do so in a timely manner. This is a good sign that the best online casino in Illinois is a safe one to use. There should also be more than one way for you to contact the customer support like a live chat feature, a phone number, email address and even social media accounts.

User reviews:

Checking out what some of your fellow online casino lovers have said about Illinois casinos online is another solid way for you to assess how safe the operator is to use. Try to read a decent amount of these user reviews to get a general consensus on the online casinos you are interested in.

How we test the best list of casinos in Illinois

At we conduct rigorous testing of all the Illinois casinos online with our review system just like we did for our Iowa casino list. We have a very specific set of criteria that we use to judge the overall quality of these Illinois casinos online. So, let's take a look at some of these criteria so that you can keep them in mind when checking out our Illinois casino list:

Licensing: Our reviews cover the legitimacy of the licenses that these Illinois casinos online hold. We make sure they have been issued by the most reputable gambling authorities - just take a look at our "is PokerStars safe?" guide for a good example.

Security: Online casinos need to provide their users with a strong degree of security. We analyze the encryption technology on these sites as well as a number of other aspects that contribute towards your overall security.

Website usability: These Illinois casinos online should not be a pain to use. Which is why we test out the overall navigability of these sites and test to see how easy it is to find what you are looking for.

Deposits & withdrawals: We review what payment methods are available for you to make your deposits and withdrawals. We also test the security of these payment methods so you can safely deposit and withdraw at any best casino in Illinois.

Customer support: When we compile our Illinois casino lists with the best operators we always consider the quality of their customer service first. We look for how you can contact the support teams on these sites and how professional their services are.

Welcome bonuses: we test out the quality of any sign up offers that might be available while also giving you the highlights on the most important wagering requirements as well. Head over to our Virgin Casino bonus code or Borgata bonus code guide to see how we do it.

Range of casino games: Our online casino reviews will of course tell you what casino games you can find on these sites and who has provided the software as well.

Mobile apps: These days players love having even more convenience which is why we review the mobile apps of these online casinos.

Limits/payout: If you are a high roller you will want to know what some of the maximum payouts and limits are on these Illinois casinos online.

The Best Online Casino Illinois

As we now have seen, online casinos may not be legal in Illinois but you can access offshore online casinos which are in fact completely legal. Furthermore, the legalization of online casinos is definitely on the horizon in Illinois. Whatever the case might be, it is always important to use our reviews, comparison and Illinois casino list to make sure you have the safest experience possible.

Our reviews are completely unbiased and objective which makes our rankings on the website a fair reflection of the best Illinois casinos online. We test these online casinos with our strict set of criteria to make sure we bring you informative and trustworthy reviews. You can be sure that if online casinos become legal, we'll have a full list of casinos in Illinois, with rigorous testing for each one.

Make sure you get what you need from casinos in Illinois

At the end of the day, you will need to make the final decision on what casino you choose from our Illinois casino list. However, think about what you want to see most in a top-quality online casino and keep that in mind while you read our reviews and check out our rankings. Check out our review for the best online casino Nevada as a place to start.

#3 Ultimate Tips For Online Gambling in Illinois

Before you go picking out a casino from our Illinois casino list, we want to further equip you with some online casino gambling knowledge before you head off. Once you have found the best online casino in Illinois, you will want to keep these tips in mind when going forward with your casino gaming:

Play to your strengths

Everybody who uses online casinos has a preferred game to play. Play to your strengths by sticking to the games you are best at or at the very least the games you know best. Give yourself the best chance to build up a bit of a kitty on the site before you expand to other yet unknown games that you haven’t played yet.

Manage your bankroll

The best way forward on the best online casino in Illinois is to manage your bankroll. Set yourself a budget when you start playing and stick to it. Remember the golden rule, never bet more than you are comfortable with losing. By sticking to a bankroll you can slowly build your profits while still mitigating any major losses.

Keep your cool

We cannot stress enough how important this particular tip is. Many players in the past have lost a ton of money because they became emotional and tried to chase their losses. Never let your emotion get the best of you. If you feel like you are starting to lose your cool then step away from the computer or mobile and take a breather. Chasing your losses while you are emotionally unsteady is a surefire way for you to lose more of your money.

Conclusion to Illinois Casinos Online

In conclusion, always proceed with caution when picking the best online casino in Illinois. As it stands, online casinos are illegal in Illinois so it's always a good idea to tread with caution when using offshore online casinos. These casinos are often unregulated so be sure to use our top tips to ensure a safe gambling experience.

Aside from that, we are holding out high hopes that Illinois will soon legalize online casinos in the state. This would already make your entire online casino experience much safer but we still recommend using the steps you have learnt from our guide when picking a casino from our Illinois casino list. Check out our review for the best Indiana casinos online or best Florida sportsbooks to expand your knowledge on US online casinos.

Real money online casino Illinois FAQ

👍Is an online casino legal in Illinois?

Knowing for sure how legal online casinos are in any state in the US can be a bit of a gray area. At we fill in the blanks of this knowledge to help you better understand whether or not you can use online casinos in Illinois. You won’t have any doubts about the legal status of online casinos in the Prairie State.

❓How do I find the best online casino real money Illinois?

With so many online internet casino options to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly what operators you can trust. That is where we step in as our Illinois casino list and reviews will help you to make an informed decision about who the best online casino Illinois is. We save you hours searching the internet to provide you with a platform to easily pick out the best real money online casino Illinois offers.

🔏Are online casinos Illinois safe to use?

There will always be online casinos that you should avoid. This can be tricky to do on your own which is why we have created our Illinois casino list to help point you in the right direction of the most reputable and secure sites. We will never lead our readers astray in this regard, as our casino reviews are unbiased and thorough in their pursuit of the truth about these online casinos in Illinois.

✍How do I create an account with the best online casino Illinois?

At we want to equip you with all the knowledge on how to create your account with the best online casino in Illinois. We give you a detailed look at what most operators will require you to do in order to join their sites successfully with our comprehensive list of casinos in Illinois.

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