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Florida Online Casinos 2021

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No Plans for Regulation
  • No government regulation currently in place or planned
  • Technically, there's no law against online gambling
  • But since there's no law for it either, it's not 100% legal
  • There is no Gaming Commission / Department / Board
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Florida Online Casinos: Quick Overview 2021

Those that want to spend some time and try to make some cash, but also have fun might wonder if online gambling in Florida and other types of gambling is legal or not. The good news is that many types of gambling in the state is regulated and legal for the player to take advantage of. If you’re interested in learning more about Florida casinos and what comes with them, read on to learn even more about the legality of these casinos.

Whether you want to play in land-based Florida casinos or if you want to do a bit of online gambling in Florida, you’re easily able to learn more about the legality of the casinos and gambling within this state and what to expect from using them.

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Introduction into Florida Gambling Industry

The Florida gambling industry is one that welcomes one and all to come to play the game. Whether you are looking into the on-site Florida casinos or the online gambling in Florida, you can be sure to find exactly where to go, but also know that this is legal to play within the state of Florida. Learn more about the legalities, history, and background of the gambling and casinos found throughout the state of Florida and all that follows.

Land-based Casino Legal Situation

Those Florida casinos that are land-based are able to operate in the state as long as they have a permit and on an Indian Reservation. Any other forms of casino gambling are prohibited and the licenses that are needed are unable to be granted to those that are not on these lands.

Other forms of gambling are allowed in the state, such as card rooms and horse racing, but these have to be regulated in other ways.

Some of the Florida casinos that you can expect to find in the area include, but are not limited to:

  • Seminole Classic and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
  • Casino Miami
  • Calder Casino
  • The Big Easy
  • Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club
  • Casino Fort Pierce

Online Casino Legal Situation

Online gambling in Florida is currently not permitted, which means that players will have to resort to playing at land-based casinos across the state. There are legislators currently working to legalize online gambling, but there's no guarantee that online wagering will be legalized.

Any players interested in wagering online will be left to other forms of online entertainment such as play casinos. Florida natives have several land-based casinos to choose from and many residents will find it easy to locate casinos to travel to and to play at.

Mobile Casino Gambling Situation

There is no legal mobile wagering in Florida just as online gambling isn't legal to state residents. The only mobile wagering that residents can do is locally at land-based casinos throughout the state. Some land-based casinos offer mobile features that there users can enjoy while on location. Mobile wagering remotely is only available in select states in the United States such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and it's unclear if this service will become available to Floridians in the future.

Online Casino Operator Licensing Process

In order for any casinos in Florida to operate and do so well, they have to make sure that they take all of the legal steps needed to ensure that they are able to do so. In addition to having information on the business they want to run, their particular land and casino space, as well as other information regarding the people working within the casino and games being offered, there are a series of other documents that need to be handed in with this information.

The Florida casino company has to make sure they also apply for permits if they are going to be selling alcohol at their establishment or other entertainment. Casinos in Florida are regulated through the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering (PMW) of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). This department provides information for the casinos that wish to provide gaming and gambling solutions to those in the area.

The department may request that you send in additional information or documentation along with your application to open your casino in Florida and this information should be sent as soon as possible to reduce the chances of stopping or slowing down the application process.

The process may be different for some casinos in Florida, as compared to others for various reasons. Completely filling out the information and handing it into the appropriate offices is the first step at receiving a license in order to operate the casino.

Florida Online Casino List 2021

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling in Florida

Gambling in Florida is not unheard of. With many Native American’s running casinos throughout the state, and with online casino games in Florida, you can expect that many people have come to know more about the games offered and the money you can win with them.

Horse and dog racing was voted on in 1931, and the votes were in favor of opening up this gaming and gambling avenue to those that wanted to put cash down, watch the races, and win a little. Gambling and pari-mutuel betting and gaming was legalized in the state of Florida in 1932. This was to help bring more revenue to the state after the Great Depression had left the state devastated. A few years later in 1935, slot machines were then added to the list of legal gaming and gambling options for those in the area.

However, come early 1973, these same slot machines that were once legalized within the state had to be removed and were later banned except in Native American ran casinos in Florida.

As gaming and gambling becomes more accepted across the country, Florida may end up legalizing other forms of gaming and casinos in Florida than what they currently provide to those visitors. This is something that will later be put to a vote to see if it is something that the state would want to have done and introduced to the area.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot legally gamble online in Florida currently. Instead, you must wager at land based casinos throughout the state. 

There are currently 0 operating in the state of Florida.

Since online casinos cannot be owned or operated within the state there are no options to choose from right now.

There are currently no legal online casinos operating in Florida, players are still waiting for the laws to change in the state before they can legally wager online. 

Online gambling isn't yet legal within Florida, but many players expect it to be legalized in the future. There are many play money casinos available online that players can enjoy though.

There currently aren't any casinos that support online mobile play because online wagering isn't legal in the state just yet.

There is currently not a division or department that is responsible for regulating Florida’s online gambling industry, but the department that is responsible for on-site casinos is the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering (PMW) of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Responsible Online Gambling

Those that want to ensure that they are gambling responsibly should always make sure to take into account how much they want to spend while playing, how much they can safely lose and know when to walk away. Having a gambling problem is very real and it can happen to anyone.

These helplines and centers provide help for those that may be struggling with this type of addiction.

The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling

National Council on Problem Gambling

There are also privately owned and operated treatment and therapy centers that welcome those that have gambling problems. If this sounds like something you’d feel more comfortable with or are interested in, you can reach out to them.

It is always important that you find the necessary help for online gambling in Florida, or any other gambling issue you may be dealing with.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

Those that want to play in Florida casinos, but want to do so without having to spend their money can play in a social casino. This is where you go to spend time with those that also want to have a good time, but do not want to put money down. You can actually save money by doing this.

Social casinos are generally harder to find, as it is not truly gambling that you are doing since money is not involved. When it comes to choosing a casino to do this with, you have to consider where allows social casinos. Casinos in Florida that offer this usually can be found within the main floor of the casino.

Homes and other areas might also offer social casino fun and games, as well as groups or clubs that offer this type of gaming. This just brings these groups of people together to enjoy games that they like. It removes the need to add money to the game, allowing it to be completely legal.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Those that love sports might do well with daily fantasy sports. This is a great way to enjoy all that comes with the use of the teams that you can put together. If you have specific players that you prefer over others, then using them on your team is highly recommended.

Florida casinos do not offer daily fantasy sports, while some do offer sports betting. If you are looking to start a league and get a team together, then making use of the DFS that are offered through various websites online for players in Florida is highly recommended.

Daily Fantasy Sports is thought of as a skills-based game, making it legal because it is not thought of as a gambling type of gaming that can be done in the state. Due to this, those that like to play fantasy sports are able to do so without having to worry about whether it's legal.

You just have to be the Florida casino age of 18 in order to play within these online DFS leagues, as this is still a game where older individuals are expected to play and be smart about playing.

If you’re curious to know more about the Daily Fantasy Sports or fantasy sports in general, click through the link below to find out more. This is where you can learn even more information about DFS, how to play, and what to expect.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered? Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based Casinos Yes
Online Gambling No Playing in off-shore online casinos is allowed, but owning and operating your own online casino is not legal within the state.
Sports Betting No Horse betting and DFS are two sports betting options that are legal, all other sports betting is currently not regulated in the state.
Lottery Yes Both state-wide lottery options and multi-state options are available and legal to play.
Daily Fantasy Sports Yes
House Gambling No The only time that house gambling is allowed is if it is for a charitable event where money is being raised.
Minimum Gambling Age 18 or 21 18 for all gambling options besides some land-based casinos that offer alcohol within their establishments, where it is 21 years of age.