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Shut Up And Let NFL Players Kneel

At some point, before the end of the decade, the NFL is going to come back. And there will be rejoicing all across the land. People will watch games. They will make bets! They will have fun. But there's also going to be some controversy and you might as well get on the right side of history right now.

Way back in 2016 Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the singing of the National Anthem. He did so to protest systemic racism in the United States and the way cops were often brutalizing and killing black men.

Given that he did this right after Donald J. Trump became president this was not received well. At the end of that year, he became a free agent, and nobody has been willing to sign him. This, despite the fact that whatever you do during the National Anthem has zero to do with how you will play on the field.

But now it's four years later and things have changed in the world. After three months of being in lockdown Americans emerged from it angry as hell. They'd apparently spent those months online and discovered that yes, racism is everywhere in America and the police are as brutal as Kaepernick said they were.

This had led to tons of Black Lives Matter protests in all 50 states. Trump, the man of the people that he is, actually put razor wire in front of the White House and hid in a bunker. Go figure.

Anyway, now that awareness has hit a certain level multiple NFL figures have announced that they are going to take the knee during the National Anthem when it's played. And you know what? They should.

Peaceful protest has always been welcomed in America. As long as it doesn't affect the way they play on the field who really cares whether or not they kneel before the game. Beyond that they are right.

Someone has to stand up for the lives of black people in America. And the single best place to do that in on TV during an NFL game. It will get people talking. It will get people thinking. And it might just move us in the right direction.

Will it make some people uncomfortable? Undoubtedly it will. Will it make other people sit down and think about what is going on in America? Yes, it will.

Beyond that, the NFL should not be about pledging allegiance to Trump or the right-wing. It should be a fun game. What the players do before the game is their own business. And let's face it they have a better eye on what's going on in America than the white people who sit at home watching the sport on their televisions.

Let them kneel.

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