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NFL Gets Ready To Open: Gamblers Rejoice!

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NFL Gets Ready To Open: Gamblers Rejoice!

2020-06-17 | CaptainGambling

As most sports remain affected by the coronavirus lockdown, gamblers have a reason to be happy – the NFL is coming back. In what form is still up for debate – but sitting as the most bet on sport in America football will be played in some form starting in August.

Training camps will open in mid-July. The pre-season should launch on August 6. There is some talk about shortening the preseason to two games instead of the usual four games.

When the games return there will be medical staff at every game to certify that the players are not infected with the coronavirus. If there does seem like an infection has occurred a game will be canceled. These games can be made up in Week 17 of play. Every team will share the same buy week as their week 2 opponent.

The Super Bowl is tentatively scheduled for February 7, 2021. But the Big Game could always be pushed back if there are enough delays in the regular season.

Coaches and team personnel will be “separated into three tiers,” with access to various areas of team facilities limited only to the most essential employees. These tiers will have their own entrances to, and dedicated times to enter, the facilities.

In addition, all players and club employees with access to restricted areas will undergo daily testing before entering those facilities. Such screening includes a five-part questionnaire that asks if they have experienced vomiting or diarrhea during the previous 24 hours.

The regular season is set to launch on September 10 assuming no medical issues get in the way. And then football will be back!

This comes as good news for gamblers. For weeks whether or not NFL action would come back was debatable. Now we know for sure that games will be played and people will be able to bet on them. The mystery of whether any games will have to be canceled and when the Super Bowl itself will be is still up in the air but at least we know that games will be played and we will be able to bet.

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