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New Jersey And Pennsylvania Set Online Gambling Records In March

Bart Calendar

Bart Calendar spent 10 years as a journalist for Gannett covering murder trials and rock and roll. Since then he has traveled the Earth and gambled in the best casinos in the world.


2020-04-28 | CaptainGambling

Online gambling records were smashed in March in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This shows just how much the market is growing and is good news for any company that offers online gambling in either state.

In New Jersey online gambling brought in $64.8 million in revenue in March. This was the first time that online gambling brought in more than $60 million. It was also up to $13 million over the revenue brought in in February.

On a month to month basis March 2020 was up 65.5% over March 2019. Online poker in the state reached $3.6 million in revenue. That's up 101% over the amount bet on online poker in February of this year. In fact, it's the first time online poker revenue has broken $3 million in a month since October 2016.

In Pennsylvania, online gambling accounted for $24.3 million in revenues. That's up 24.5% from February. Ever since December revenue has been going up an average of 31% per month. That's great news as it means more and more people are learning about online gambling and checking it out.

If these trends in both states continue then you can expect a lot more money to be flowing into online casinos. That could result in those casinos offering bigger bonuses and prizes to attract players. Which could in itself bring in more people to place bets.

This all seems to play into projections that brick and mortar is not the only place to gamble anymore. People are discovering online gambling and it sure looks like the future.

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