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NBA Kicks Off With Two Nail-Biter Games At Disney

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NBA Kicks Off With Two Nail-Biter Games At Disney

2020-07-31 | CaptainGambling

The NBA kicked off their season Thursday with two games so close that they must have driven the bettors insane.

In the first game, the Utah Jazz scraped by a win over the New Orleans Pelicans 106 to 104. Try to beat the odds on that. Meanwhile, both Los Angeles teams – the Lakers and the Clippers faced each other. The Lakers snuck in a win at 103 to 101.

Both games could have gone either way which is good for bookmakers but hard for gamblers to predict. When one basket can make the difference in the game then all bets are off.

This is of course a predictable response. There hasn't been much training. There were no fans in the stands and neither team had a home-field advantage, making it was anyone's game.

The question is what happens next

Today we'll see the Brooklyn Nets face off against the Orlando Magic. Our money is on the Nets squeaking out a lead at the end of that game. There will also be a game with the Washington Wizards playing the Phoenix Suns. Our bet on that is a blowout for the Suns.

That said anything can happen. Over the next few weeks, we'll get a better sense of who is doing well. But at the start, it's hard to guess since nobody has ever experienced anything like this before.

What's also unclear is just how long this season will last. Players are tested for the coronavirus before each match. If enough players test positive, then the match will be canceled. Because all the teams are stuck in “the bubble” too many cases could nuke the entire season.

But for now, basketball is back, baby, and it's time to place your bets. Anyone can win, so bet with your heart and see how you do.

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