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Current Status of US Gambling Regulations:

Welcome to our guide to the current US online gambling laws. Take a look below to see whether you can get top gambling bonuses like the BetMGM bonus in your US state!

Our guide explains whether it’s legal to bet online in your state, and we’ll recommend some awesome US sportsbooks and casino sites. This means that you can enjoy legal betting on your favorite sport or you could discover legal casino sites for slots gaming, roulette or blackjack. It’s never been easier to enjoy legal online gambling in the US!

The US Gambling Laws explained

When it comes to rules and regulations, the gambling law US isn’t the easiest minefield to negotiate, which is why many people don’t have a clear answer to a question is online gambling legal in the US. There seem to be many wrong theories and misconceptions about gambling floating out there, giving people completely wrong ideas. So, in this article, we’ll try to answer some of the burning questions about when and why is gambling legal, and when is gambling illegal in the US.

  • In the US, gambling laws are decided on a state level
  • Some states have legalized online gambling within their borders
  • The Wire Act prevents gambling between the states
  • There is no federal law addressing online gambling
  • Playing at offshore sites is treated differently by different states

After a slow start, things are starting to move quicker on this front in 2021. Some states have passed online gambling laws, such as New jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania,  and while many more are on the verge of doing so, with others expressing an interest. There are, however some conservative states with little-to-no interest in legal gambling, so, players in these states are out of luck if they want to play on a regulated online casino. It isn’t uncommon for laws with much bigger significance to drag out for years, collecting dust in drawers, so it is no surprise the online gambling legislation is treated this way in certain states.

Gambling Federal Law – The Wire Act

At the same time, the Wire Act prevents regulated states from taking action from players located in other states that don’t have these laws in place. While some states have entered compacts that allow them to mix their player pools (like Nevada and Delaware, for example), this is only possible between the states that have already established legal online gambling.

Online Gambling Laws & Offshore Operators

In this environment, some US players decide to give their action to offshore casino operators. These are gambling sites that decided to continue catering to the US market even after the passage of the UIGEA, knowingly acting against the federal rules and accepting the risk that comes with this decision.

While this may seem like a good idea in the situation where no alternatives are provided, we always emphasize that you should never play with offshore casinos. The fact they operate against the laws of the country they accept players from indicates their business priorities don’t necessarily correspond with what players expect from a gaming operator. Furthermore, should anything go sideways, there is no relevant body you can complain to since you’ve been playing with an unregulated site. So, if they go under or decided to shut down and simply take your money, there won’t be much you can do about it.

Beyond these considerations, there are also certain legal implications that come into play if you decide to take your chances with an offshore operator. Once again, these may vary differently depending on your particular state as these, like the rest of online gambling laws, are primarily addressed on the state level.

As already mentioned, some states are so anti-gambling that people have often wondered is gambling between friends illegal, let alone going at an obscure online site and depositing money from your bank account there. In other states, lawmakers have taken a different approach or the subject of online gambling isn’t particularly addressed at all.

The long and the short of it is that state laws on this topic vary greatly. With most states, players can’t really get in trouble for just playing as laws only address “facilitators” or “organizers,” meaning they’re primarily concerned with online casinos and they are the ones that can get in trouble.

However, don’t take this as a general rule. There are several states where you could potentially face criminal charges if you decided to play at an offshore casino. While there haven’t been any actual cases of someone being brought to court for gambling online, the fact that laws make it possible in certain jurisdiction means it could happen at some point.

The goal of this article isn’t to scare you away by citing possible legal problems. The number one reason you shouldn’t play with these offshore casinos is, as already explained, the fact that you can’t really trust them given all the circumstances. If you still decide to do so, it would be wise to first check out your local state laws addressing this topic and make sure you can’t get in any serious problems.

It is also worth mentioning here that even if you play on an unregulated site and happen to win, you’re still liable for taxes on your winnings. Just because money was won on a site that shouldn’t even be accepting players from the States it doesn’t mean the taxman won’t request its share of the pie. Whether you consider it fair or not is an entirely different topic but that’s how things are right now and you should be aware of it.

There are already several states that offer legal online gambling for US players and that number is set to grow in the future. So, if you want to really enjoy your gaming experience and rest assured your money is safe at all times, always stick to legal online casino operators. In addition to offering safe and regulated environments, these sites will also give you plenty of bonuses and excellent gaming libraries, so there won’t be anything missing! So is gambling legal? It can be – but it’s up to you to be safe!

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