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Fortnite Invitation Announced With $2 Million Prize Pool

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Fortnite Invitation Announced With $2 Million Prize Pool

2020-04-30 | CaptainGambling

Esports are growing. And more and more online gamblers are betting on them. That's why they've become part of a $14 billion industry. And now the biggest Esports event in the world has been announced. It's an invitational with a prize pool of $2 million. The game is Fortnite – one of the most popular games in the world.

The Fortnite Champion Series Invitational will take place all across the world. The top 100 players from previous FNCS events will be invited back to participate, including 100 direct invites at the sole discretion of Epic Games.

There is still an opportunity to qualify for Champion ranked players. Open qualifiers will take place from May 1-2 (Middle East) and May 2-3 (all regions except the Middle East).

Scoring will be different from past tournaments. A Victory Royale will be worth 33 points. Eliminations will be four points each.

From the overall prize pool of $2 million, the top prize in Europe will be $120,000. The North America East champion will pocket $100,000, while the North America West winner will earn $40,000.

The FCSI issued a tweet reading "competitors will have an opportunity to qualify to compete against the best of the best from past FNCS Grand Finals for their share of the $2 million prize pool."

This is a great opportunity for people to bet on. You can look at the players' past performances to get an idea of how well they will play this time around. You can also place higher risk bets on newer players who have just qualified.

All of this is great news for people who like to bet on Esports. You'll get to cheer on your player, watch them as they mash buttons, and maybe give yourself a great payday. It shows just how much money there is to be won on Esports. And the international nature of the competition makes this an event where you can cheer on your local team. All in all exciting news for Esports enthusiasts everywhere.

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