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Staying up to date with the latest goings on in the world of online betting was once a complicated process, requiring you to check multiple different sources at once. Now, those wishing to stay “in the know” should have no such concerns: you’ll be able to access all of the most important information right here at Our goal is to make sure that you know everything you need to know about changes, updates, and other goings-on; if it pertains to online betting and sports, then you can turn to us to provide the essential insights you need.



Aug 13

What will fall without football mean for betting?

So far the NFL has escaped the most damaging impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. As it stands, the regular football season is still scheduled to kick off on September 11. This would feature an opening game between Super Bowl winners Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. But with federal and state efforts proving ineffective in […]

Aug 04

June Betting Data Reveals A Surprising #1 Top Betting Sport In Colorado

Sports betting is a relatively new pursuit for the vast majority of Americans, what with the activity having been prohibited for much of the recent past. However, with recent legislative changes, a picture is now starting to emerge – a picture that could never fully come into focus before: we’re learning which sports are top […]

Jul 31

NBA Kicks Off With Two Nail-Biter Games At Disney

The NBA kicked off their season Thursday with two games so close that they must have driven the bettors insane. In the first game, the Utah Jazz scraped by a win over the New Orleans Pelicans 106 to 104. Try to beat the odds on that. Meanwhile, both Los Angeles teams – the Lakers and […]

Jul 29

Major League Baseball In Danger Of Being Canceled

Less than one week into the season, it looks like Major League Baseball may be canceled for the year as players test positive for the coronavirus and other players are balking at playing anymore. “There’s real fear, there’s real anxiety for me, for all my teammates,” Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun said Tuesday. “I think […]

Jul 27

People Should Be Able To Bet On College Sports

As online sportsbooks become more and more popular a question has come up – should people be able to bet on the results of college sports matches? The answer right now is “yes,” but the United States Senate began holding hearings Thursday about whether that should remain the case. At issue is the fact that […]

Jul 24

Former NFL Athletes To Learn About Problem Gambling

Being in the NFL is a unique experience reserved for only the most elite athletes. It’s so intense that, in a sense, you get addicted to helping your team win. And you’ve been in that situation through high school and college. But what happens after you leave the NFL and start living a normal life? […]

Jul 22

US Bookies Have No Clue How To Set The Odds

For years, the main job of the owners of sportsbooks has been to set the odds. That way they ensure they are going to walk away with a profit. But this year even the bookies themselves admit they have no clue how to set them. With American sports coming back soon that’s a bit of […]

Jul 14

19 NBA Players Test Positive For COVID-19 A Week Before Opening Game

The NBA announced today that in the past week 19 NBA players tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Two of those players were already locked inside the “bubble” at Disney when they tested positive. Of the 322 players tested for COVID-19 since arriving on the NBA Campus July 7, two have returned confirmed positive tests […]

Jul 13

Is Gambling Coming To Tulsa? Supreme Court Decision Makes It Likely

On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court rocked the country with a 5-4 decision in which they ruled that the United States had not honored their obligations to Native Americans in Oklahoma. Therefore, in essence, the case has given back the entire eastern side of the state to Native Americans. That includes the city of […]

Jul 10

Who Believes The NBA Season Will Resume This Month? Not Us!

At the end of July, the NBA season is supposed to resume. Players have already started to arrive in Florida to get ready for games. But we don’t believe those games will ever get played. And it’s time to admit it. The major reason is that Florida is the perfect storm for COVID 19. Just […]

Jul 08

When American Sports Come Back, Don't Count On Home Field Advantage

At this point, you can almost hear American gamblers screaming for sports to come back. They want to lay down bets, watch the game, and have a chance to win some money. And in the coming weeks, the NFL says it will be back on. But when you do start seeing sports again you are […]

Jul 06

America Fails Again – Miami Casinos Shut Down

On Sunday the city of Miami, FL announced that it was closing its casinos again because of spikes of coronavirus. They had only been reopened for a total of six weeks. During the last closure, they lost millions of dollars. One assumes that will happen again – particularly when the government gave no indication of […]

Jul 01

What Does New Jersey Governor Murphy Really Want?

What game exactly is New Jersey Governor Murphy playing in Atlantic City? Last week the state announced that the Atlantic City casinos would be able to open – as long as they kept to 25% capacity. The casinos then started making plans to reopen. Then in a statement released at 10 p.m. Monday night Murphy […]

Jun 30

New Jersey Governor Issues Draconian Order. Casinos Say No.

This week, physical casinos in Atlantic City New Jersey were supposed to open up. But now that’s changed. On Monday night, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued guidelines for the reopening. But they are so harsh that casinos have said they will not open under such conditions – even parts of the casinos that were […]

Jun 29

Shut Up And Let NFL Players Kneel

At some point, before the end of the decade, the NFL is going to come back. And there will be rejoicing all across the land. People will watch games. They will make bets! They will have fun. But there’s also going to be some controversy and you might as well get on the right side […]

Jun 26

The Failure: How Government Let Down Sports Teams & Fans

Take a look around. Football is back! If by football you mean soccer. So is rugby. Yes, they are playing in empty stadiums – but games are going on. People in different parts of the world can cheer on their favorite team. They can celebrate in victory, even hang out in pubs and bars to […]

Jun 25

The Idiot’s Guide To UK Sports For Americans

If you are an American sports fan, life pretty much sucks right now. There is nothing to watch. Nothing to bet on. Nobody to cheer for. And despite was league owners say there probably won’t be much for months to come. What can you do? If you like sports, there is only one solution – […]

Jun 25

Hard Rock Cafe May Open Casino In Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia recently announced that it will allow several cities to open up their own casinos. Now the process of applying to become one of those casinos has begun. And it looks like the Hard Rock Cafe will probably win the right to open a casino in the state. The five cities that […]

Jun 24

Louisiana Gets Closer To Allowing Sports Betting

Louisiana may be the next state to legalize online sports betting. For it to become legal it would have to be put up for a referendum on the November ballot. Legislators are now working to make that happen. Earlier this week a bill passed the lower house by a 73 to 23 vote. But at […]

Jun 23

Poker Rooms Coming Back To Vegas

There’s more good news for gamblers – poker rooms are coming back to Las Vegas. They will be under some restrictions but still, just the availability of them implies that Vegas is starting to get back to normal and do what they can to make gamblers happy. The Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace were the first […]

Jun 17

NFL Gets Ready To Open: Gamblers Rejoice!

As most sports remain affected by the coronavirus lockdown, gamblers have a reason to be happy – the NFL is coming back. In what form is still up for debate – but sitting as the most bet on sport in America football will be played in some form starting in August. Training camps will open […]

Jun 16

U.S. Casinos Push To Accept Cashless Payments

You know what it’s like at a casino: You hand over your money. You get your chips. You place your bets. If you win, you earn more chips. If you lose, you don’t. But what if there were no chips and no cash exchanged at all? That’s what the casino industry in America would like […]

Jun 15

NBA To Come Back July 31

After months of having nearly every sport shut down, sports gamblers can look forward to the NBA coming back at the end of July. That’s great news for people who like to bet on sports and should get everyone charged up. As it stands, it will be an odd season. It has been announced that […]

Jun 12

California Tribes Sue For More Time To Gather Signatures To Legalize Sports Betting

California is a beacon of democracy. To get things done you don’t have to go through the state legislator. Instead, if you want to change the law you can simply put it up to vote on a ballot, and if it passes you win. That’s what tribal leaders hoped to do in California. They wanted […]

Jun 10

Despite Arguments Between Feds And State, Oklahoma To Get Gambling For The First Time

While the state government still views gambling in their state to be illegal, the U.S. Department of the Interior agreed to allow the Otoe-Missouria Tribe and the Comanche Nation to offer sports betting and to build casinos in the state. It is unclear when this will happen, but both tribes have the funding and the […]

Jun 08

DraftKings To Expand Into Michigan

DraftKings is set to become the newest online sports betting site to open up in the state of Michigan. The announcement was made on Thursday that the company is partnering with the Bay Mills Resort & Casino, a tribal gaming venue, to bring the DraftKings mobile app to the Wolverine State. DraftKings is primarily a […]

Jun 04

Las Vegas To Reopen Tonight At Midnight!

The wait is over! For weeks the Las Vegas strip has been dark. There has been no place anywhere for people to go and gamble in person. This has caused a huge uptick for online gambling – but it doesn’t really scratch the itch for people who want to be social and gamble in person. […]

Jun 01

When Will Major League Baseball Be Back For Betting?

One of the biggest sporting events to bet on in the United States is Major League Baseball. Not only is it American’s pastime, but it also offers more games than any other sport, which gives people more chances to wager. Over the last few weeks, there have been talks to re-open baseball, and people can’t […]

May 28

Stanley Ho, International Gambling Leader, Dies

Stanley Ho, who was known as the “King of Gambling,” died in his sleep at age 98, family members confirmed. For more than four decades Ho ran various casinos in and around China. He maintained his empire even after foreign casinos were allowed into the country starting in 2002. Living in Macao he was thought […]

May 22

First Casino In The United States Reopens: Is This The Future?

Idaho recently became the first state to reopen a casino in the wake of massive closures caused by the coronavirus. The Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel was the first to go and this Native American run tribal casino may give us the clearest view possible of what is to come in Atlantic City and Las […]

May 22

PGA Golf First Major Sport To Return To Play

For months most sports around the world have been canceled. While that’s a good idea to help contain the coronavirus, it’s a bad move for people who like to watch and bet on sports. Luckily it looks like sports are thinking about coming back. The first to take the chance will be the PGA. If […]

May 18

Guidelines Released For The Reopening Of Casino Restaurants In Nevada

If you are used to eating in casino restaurants in Las Vegas or other cites in Nevada, you may be able to do so soon! But there are a number of regulations that have been put into effect that may make it a much different experience then you are used to. The Nevada Gaming Control […]

May 15

Carousel Group Makes First Launch In The United States

Carousel Group, a private company that offers online sports gambling in many countries, today announced that it is going to make its first public website available in America. The site, called, will launch in Colorado. It will not be available in any other state at this point. The company recently got a license to […]

May 13

Portuguese Online Gambling Market Sets New Revenue Record For The First Quarter

Portugal has set a new online gambling revenue record for the first quarter (Q1) despite all land-based casinos being shut down in March to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is the first time ever that online gambling revenue has surpassed that of land-based casinos. According to figures released by the Serviço Regulação e Inspeção […]

May 12

New Jersey Betting Revenue Way Down In March

Gambling revenue for casinos in New Jersey tanked hard in March. This was mainly due to the coronavirus, experts said. The question is whether or not once the lockdown is lifted whether or not the casinos will be able to bounce back. Atlantic City casino gaming March revenue was down to $163 million, a 44% […]

May 12

Online Gambling Firms Rule The Stock Market

The stock market has been fairly hard hit lately. Most stocks are down. One type of stock, however, has been on the rise. What stocks you may ask? Online gambling stocks are the answer. DraftKings was one of the stocks that recently went public. The company itself estimated that it would raise $3.3 billion with […]

May 01

Hillary Endorses Joe Biden – Book Makers Don't Care

In the old days, getting the endorsement of your party’s leaders was very important when you were running for president of the United States Of America. You wanted former presidents to endorse you. You looked for people who had already run for president to endorse you. So you would think that Joe Biden getting an […]

May 01

Virtual Sports: Core Offering of Casinos into the Future

When you think of sports gambling, most people imagine putting $50 down on the Giants or the Cowboys. That still happens but there is another type of offering that is becoming more and more popular. It’s called virtual sports and nearly all casino operators agree that it is here to stay. Virtual sports have seen […]

May 01

Colorado Sports Betting Goes Live This Weekend

Back in the day, Colorado and other western states were the lands you went to gamble. Who hasn’t seen a movie about the old west and noticed the people playing cards for money? But that time is long past. In recent years it’s been east coast states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania that have offered […]

May 01

Virginia Finally Approves Online Sports Betting

It’s been an uphill fight – and one that looked like it was never going to happen. But in the final innings, the Virginia legislator and governor’s office finally approved online sports betting in the commonwealth. Now comes the time to integrate the law and approve sites to offer online gambling. While the law states […]

May 01

Super High Roller Bowl poker tournament goes online

The high stakes Super High Roller Bowl poker tournament is due to return in May. But the card game contest will be taking place in an online environment in a bid to cater to social distancing guidelines. The Super High Roller Bowl will now take place on 27 May on the PartyPoker online gaming site. […]

May 01

Light at the end of the tunnel for the Gauselmann Group

Angela Merkel is slowly moving Germany into the right direction during the COVID-19 pandemic, with positive changes to the social distancing practices being implemented at present. In turn, this is motivating the Gauselmann Group to look forward to a time after the pandemic where business can resume to some form of normalcy. The Gauselmann Group […]

May 01

MGM Resorts Casinos Target ‘Drive-in Traffic’ after Lockdown is Lifted

Casino operator MGM Resorts has revealed that it will mainly rely on ‘drive-in traffic’ once restrictions relating to the Covid-19 outbreak have been relaxed. The casino giant released its first quarter financial report earlier this week, and it made for startling reading. Revenue was revealed to be down 30%, while earnings had had a massive […]

May 01

Secretariat Named as Favourite for Virtual Kentucky Derby

While the actual Kentucky Derby has been postponed until September, keen punters can still bet on a version of the iconic race on May 2. A virtual version of the race that pits the 13 winners of the Triple Crown against each other on a computer generated version of the Churchill Downs track will be […]

May 01

Nevada casinos see revenue drop in March

The State Control Gaming Board of Nevada, the home of Las Vegas, announced on Wednesday that revenues are down almost 40% compared to the same month last year. The state is home to a combined total of 440 licensed casinos who raked in combined winnings of $618 million in March this year, having won a […]

May 01

Macau’s Casino Revenue Takes a Plunge

As the gambling industry as whole, and the global economy in general, is feeling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Asia’s gambling capital Macau takes a massive hit. Data released today has reported that revenue generated by Macau’s casinos in April has plummeted by 96.8% when compared with the same month last year. The month-to-month […]

May 01

How Covid-19 has affected the global gambling industry

Covid-19 has affected people the world over, with businesses in every sector closing day by day, but what has been the economic knock on effect on the gambling industry? In some cases the impact has been catastrophic, and in other cases less so. What can commonly be concluded, to varying degrees of severity, is that […]

May 01

Which US State is most likely to legalize sports betting next?

Recently we have seen a wave of US states legalizing sports betting. In 2019 alone, nine states paved the way for regulation of sports betting. Recent converts have included states such as Montana, Michigan, Illinois and New Hampshire. As it stands, 17 US states have full-scale legalized sports betting. But with as many as 30 […]

Apr 30

Hong Kong Police Bust $1.8 Million Dollar Gambling Ring

This is one of the strangest stories we’ve ever covered. A gang in Hong Kong was using outdated arcade machines to run an illegal gambling ring bringing in $1.8 million. The gang members bought a bunch of fishing simulator arcade games. Yes, you read that right, fishing simulators. They then gave gamblers cards that would […]

Apr 30

Fortnite Invitation Announced With $2 Million Prize Pool

Esports are growing. And more and more online gamblers are betting on them. That’s why they’ve become part of a $14 billion industry. And now the biggest Esports event in the world has been announced. It’s an invitational with a prize pool of $2 million. The game is Fortnite – one of the most popular […]

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