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West Virginia Lotteries 2021

Buy West Virginia Lotto Tickets Online

If you are a West Virginia local who wants to know more about West Virginia lotto tickets then you have come to the right place. The West Virginia state lottery offers players a number of different lottery games to choose from.

Whether you are interested in the plethora of scratch offs available or the always extinct Daily 3 and Daily 4 you will certainly find something to your liking on the The West Virginia lotto online website. Keep reading our West Virginia lotto online review to find out more about the latest jackpots and daily prizes!

West Virginia Lotteries

The Mountain state had lotteries legalized in 1984 after a voter referendum. Since then it has offered a sophisticated and exciting range of West Virginia lotto tickets for its residents to choose from. Since 1986, the West Virginia state lottery has given more than $3.4 billion to education improving the overall quality of public education in the Mountain state. We’ll touch on that more later. 

The state lottery of West Virginia offers games like Daily 3, Daily 4, Keno GO and many more. It is arguably one of the USA’s best state lotteries for how professionally it is run. Now, as we mentioned before, there is a significant sum of money that goes to aiding different sectors of West Virginia from the state lottery fund. Why does this happen and where else does this money go?

West Virginia Lotteries: Where does the money go?

CaptainGambling is happy to inform you that with the West Virginia state lottery everyone in the state is a winner. This is because for all the West Virginia lotto tickets that are sold, a massive percentage of that goes towards things like improving public education, helping senior citizens by improving senior centres, transportation needs, caregiving and matching Medicaid funding for senior services. Furthermore, the money from lotto sales also contributes towards tourism and the national parks of West Virginia. All in all, the money from sales is going to places where it is needed within the great state of West Virginia.

The total percentage from the lotto sales in West Virginia that is essentially put back into improving the state is roughly 45%. The total amount that the state lottery of West Virginia has put back into improving the state currently numbers around $8.5 billion dollars. This is a staggering amount which is why we say that even when you don’t win any of the daily or annual lotteries your home state is still reaping the benefits from sales and as a result so are you. The New Jersey lotteries work much the same way. 

West Virginia Lotteries: Selection of games 

At CaptainGambling we found a number of different lottery games for West Virginia locals to enjoy. It may not offer quite the same range as the Illinois lotteries but we were still really impressed nonetheless.  Let’s take a look at some of the different lotto games you can enter with the West Virginia state lottery. 

The Big Jackpots

West Virginia naturally includes the most popular lotteries available in the PowerBall, the Mega Millions and LottoAmerica. These are by far the biggest jackpots you can potentially win. At the time of writing the jackpot for Mega Millions is $96,000,000, the jackpot for PowerBall is $66,000,000 and the jackpot for LottoAmerica is $3,000,000. As these are national jackpots the draws for PowerBall are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays while the draw for the Mega Millions jackpot is held every Tuesday and Friday. 

In order to play the MegaMillions jackpot, you will need to pay a minimum of $2 to buy one slip containing 5 plays. You can of course buy more but that’s what one ticket will set you back. The price for a PowerBall ticket is exactly the same. So, while the odds may be stacked against you, the current jackpot for each of these games has reached a significant number and it might just be you that takes the ultimate prize home. 

Additional Lotto Game Options

There are several daily draws for you to choose from on the West Virginia lotto online site as well that include the famous Daily 3 and Daily 4. The draws for these lottery are as the name suggests, held every day from Monday through to Sunday. The current prize for the Daily 3 is $500 and the Daily 4 is $5,000. 

The West Virginia lotteries don’t stop there though as you can also get involved with Cash 25 which has its draws taking place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. As it stands, you can take home $25,000 if you hit the lucky numbers. If players fancy even more options they can take a stab at Keno GO.

Lastly, there is a plentiful supply of scratch offs for players to choose from all including a different range of prices. Starting from $1 and capping out at $20, players can try their luck with the scratch offs too. The beauty of the scratch off here is that you can use them on your mobile device or on your computer. Of course, nothing beats the excitement of a real-life scratchcard but you still have that option available to you as well, as you can purchase them at your local West Virginia lottery retailer.  

West Virginia Lottery Quick Facts

If you are new to trying your hand at the West Virginia state lotto games then chances are you have asked yourself one of these questions. Much like residents do for the Delaware lotto online as well. Here is a list of the most frequently asked question about the West Virginia state lottery and their answers:

Are there any West Virginia lottery promotions on?

As it stands there is no West Virginia lottery promotion for residents to take advantage of. However, they have been known to have many contests and promotions in the past so be sure to keep your eyes on the horizon for any exciting contests that the West Virginia state lottery holds in the near future. 

Can anyone play West Virginia lotteries?

There are a few things to consider before you can answer this question. Firstly, you have to be 18 years or older to take part in the state lottery so if you’re younger than that unfortunately you don’t make the grade. Furthermore, anyone within the borders of West Virginia can win the state lotto. So, this means that you don’t actually have to be a West Virginia resident to win the state lottery. 

What do West Virginia lotto tickets cost?

This will depend entirely on the West Virginia lotteries that you want to take part in. The prices for the slips can vary but are generally between $0.5 and $2 per slips. The West Virginia lotto online website is very clear about these ticket prices and how the lottery games work so you should never be out of your depth in this regard. And while you may not be able to buy West Virginia lotto tickets online, you can easily find them at your local lottery retailer.

Are my West Virginia Lottery winnings taxable?

Unfortunately, yes. This is just the name of the game when it comes to winning lotto prizes but the tax is fair in our eyes. If you win more than $5,000 you are subject to 24% for federal taxes and 6.5% for West Virginia state taxes. It may seem like a hefty amount but at the end of the day you are still walking away with a big profit should you come away with a decent sized lotto win. 

How do I claim my winnings?

Again, this depends entirely on the amount that you actually win. So, if you win less than $601 then you can actually claim the amount by mail if you like. Or you can simply go to your nearest lottery retailer to pick up your prize. 

If the amount is much larger than $601 you will need to go into the West Virginia state lottery headquarters to pick up your prize. You can also ask that the state lottery keep your name anonymous to avoid any unwanted attention after winning a large sum of money. 

Our Verdict on the VA Lottery

There are so many different lotto ticket options for residents of West Virginia you may even struggle to pick one. That is a fantastic problem to have. The real big draws are the PowerBall and Mega Millions lotteries, at least by numbers but be sure to check out the plethora of scratch offs and daily draws that are also available. And while it's a little disappointing that you can’t buy West Virginia lotto tickets online this shouldn't be a problem with the amount of local lottery retailers around.

It's also great to see just how much of the lotto ticket sales get put back into the state of West Virginia to aid tourism, national parks, senior citizens and public education. With over $8.5 billion put back into the communities, you’ve come to know and love you can feel a lot better about the fact that you didn’t win the PowerBall jackpot. 

If you ever find yourself in California you can always pick up a few California lotto tickets as well to try your luck in a different state!

West Virginia Lotteries FAQ

❓Can a non-West Virginia resident with the lottery?

It can at times be a little tricky to understand the rules for who can actually win the West Virginia state lottery. However, CaptainGambling is here to make your life a lot clearer in this matter. We take a closer look at some of the regulations and let you know exactly who can win the West Virginia state lottery.

💲Where does the money from lotto sales go?

The amount of money brought in by lotto ticket sales is an extraordinary amount. So, where does all this money go? There is a clear path for where all of this money is funnelled and at CaptainGambling we tell you exactly how this money is used and what sectors it is contributing towards in the Mountain State of West Virginia.

🎲What lotto games can I play with the West Virginia state lottery?

Looking for online lotto games? While PowerBall and Mega Millions are generally the main attraction for the West Virginia state lotto residents enjoy some good old fashioned diversity in their lotto games. Our West Virginia lotto online review takes a closer look at some of the other lotto games you can find on their site and what some of the prize pools are for these additional games.

💻Can I play scratch offs on my PC or mobile phone?

Looking to buy scratch offs and lotto tickets online? Who doesn’t love a good scratchcard? The excitement of revealing what lies beneath with a coin or a key is genuinely thrilling. But can you enjoy this thrill on your computer or mobile phone as well? We take a detailed look at whether or not you can access the online version of the scratch offs with The West Virginia lotto online website.

✍Do I need an account on the West Virginia lotto online site to play?

While you know you can buy West Virginia lotto tickets in person you may not be sure about whether you can do the same on The West Virginia lotto online website. At CaptainGambling we make sure to give you the rundown on whether or not you can buy West Virginia lotto tickets on the website.