Pennsylvania Lottery Treasure Hunt 2021

Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt is quite similar to the PA pick 5 in the sense that they both require that five numbers are picked, but while in the pick 5 all numbers have to match, in the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt, not all the numbers have to match. This is great news as this reduces the odds and risk of winning the desired cash prizes. The Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt numbers are picked from a range of number between one and thirty.

Pennsylvania Lottery Treasure Hunt: How to Play

The Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt has a jackpot that starts from $10, 000. It is drawn by mid- day every day with just $1. It involves picking any five numbers that fall between 1 and 30. There is a win if as low as two of the five numbers drawn, match. Matching five out of five numbers means a Jackpot. The payout is made on mutual betting or “Pari mutuel” basis. This means that it is until the entire pool is closed that the payout is calculated and the taxes and other deductions are collected, that the payment is made. The Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt is fun to watch as during the treasure hunt drawing, the numbers pop out of treasure chests.

Treasure Hunt Prizes







All five numbersJackpot1 in 142, 506
4 out of 5 numbers$1001 in 1,140
3 out of 5 numbers$61 in 47.50
2 out of 5 numbers$11 in 6.20
Overall 1 in 5.45

 How to Play the Pennsylvania Lottery Treasure Hunt

  • The first step is to pick a PA lottery treasure hunt play slip from your lottery retailer. Sales of the PA treasure hunt play slip ends at 1:05 pm every day since it is drawn by 1:35pm.
  • Each game costs $1 and you can play five panels or less on your play slip. On each panel, select your five numbers within the range of one to thirty. You can also select the quick pick option to select your numbers for you. It is possible to purchase one week treasure hunt drawings beforehand.
  • Thoroughly check your play slip to make sure that all the information on it is correct and it is clear enough to be read.
  • Afterwards, check the PA lottery treasure hunt results for the day. You could watch the result on the PA lottery treasure hunt by 1:35 in the afternoon, every day. Another choice is to sign up for emails and text messages at the lottery VIP players’ club to get lottery draw results for all PA lottery games including the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt.

Pros & Cons of the Pennsylvania Lottery Treasure Hunt

The Pennsylvania treasure hunt has a shorted variety of numbers to choose from as opposed to the PA match. Player of the PA lottery treasure hunt get to select their numbers from one to thirty, this makes their choice easier to make instead of having nineteen extra numbers to choose from, referring to the PA match 6 in which numbers are picked from one to forty nine.

Of the five numbers chosen, less than five can draw and there would be profit. Wins in the Pennsylvania treasure hunt starts if there is a match in two numbers out of five. It should however be noted that two out of five numbers does not give any profit, it only pays back the money used to play the game ($1), while 3 of 5 numbers gives a profit of just $6, which is equal to the amount used to play five panels on the play slip ($5) plus one extra dollar. For there to be real profit, there has to be a match of 4 0f 5 numbers or the jackpot. Jackpot is won if all five numbers are a match.

One disadvantage of the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt is that it has low odds; hence, the profits that could be earned from it are quite low. Even the jackpot could be as low as $10,000 which is quite low compared to other lotteries like the PA Match 6.

Strategies for Winning Pennsylvania Lottery Treasure Hunt

  • The chances of winning are increased if the Pennsylvania treasure hunt numbers are an even blend of even of odd numbers. That is from numbers between one to thirty, three even numbers and two odd numbers might be picked or vice versa. At least one of these blends of numbers will occur in about sixty six percent of the drawings.
  • There should also be an even blend of high and low numbers. Low numbers refer to numbers that fall between one and fifteen while numbers that fall between sixteen and twenty are high numbers. The chances that the numbers drawn will be either all high or all low are as low as three percent. Therefore, having three high numbers and two low numbers or three low numbers and two high numbers boosts the chances of winning as one of these number arrangements will occur in at least sixty seven percent of the drawings.
  • If closely observed we will notice that in all the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt winning numbers, one number group is usually not represented. That is why we could have an arrangement such as; 6 – 9 – 24 -28 – 30, where the tens are not represented.
  • Make sure you add all your five chosen numbers after you have made your choice. The point of adding them up is to make sure that they all add up to a number within the range number of sixty to hundred. This increases your chances of winning.
  • Usually, there is a repeat of past hit numbers. So, next time you are choosing your five Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt numbers, you might want to pay attention to the winning numbers and choose them in your selection. Below is a list of the most recent winning numbers;
June 21, 20192 3 6 15 16$10, 000
June 20, 20197 8 11 16 29$10, 000
June 19, 20191 9 17 25 26$43, 000
June 18, 20198 9 10 13 15$25,000
June 17, 20195 9 10 25 30$10,000
June 16, 20193 7 10 22 30$68,000
June 15, 201911 14 20 23 28$44,000
June 14, 20192 9 13 14 21$25, 000
June 13, 20193 4 7 17 30$10,000
June 12, 20197 8 15 18 24$10, 000
June 11, 20199 19 24 26 27$42, 000

The winning numbers have some numbers that are repeated at intervals, these numbers should be noted and you might include them in your Pennsylvania treasure hunt numbers next time you play.

Where to Find the Best Lottery Retailers with the PA Lottery Treasure Hunt

After reading this article, you may have noticed how cool and profitable the Pennsylvania treasure hunt is and you intend to try it out. Visit out Lottery Comparison page to choose from the best list of lottery retailers and start playing. The same also applies to the individuals who are entirely new to playing lotteries. Play the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt today and start earning today!

Conclusion: The Cash Filled World of Pennsylvania Lottery Treasure Hunt

Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt has been around for a long time and it keeps getting more famous. This is as a result of its high results of winnings. It is quite easy to win because of its low odds as opposed to the mega millions for Michigan or the PA lottery match 6 with huge odds and very high chances of winning. Hence, for lottery players who prefer the low risk lotteries, they might want to try out the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt and start. Visit out operator comparison page to choose a good lottery retailer and then you can start playing.

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