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PA Pick 3 2022

It is an everyday game; seven days a week, two times a day and a win of over $500! The PA pick 3 is a smile to the bank game for lottery players. The PA Pick 3 lottery has to deal with lottery users picking just three numbers and hoping that these three numbers gets picked at the draw. For even more value, if you sign up now, you can take advantage of a Pennsylvania Lottery offer that will double your initial deposit up to $100. This article discusses further on the options that a lottery user has while playing the lottery and how much he stands to earn if his/her numbers are picked.

PA Pick 3 Lottery: How to Play

The PA pick 3 is a Pennsylvanian lottery type which involves lottery players, picking three random numbers, as it were, and playing with hopes that their picked numbers would win at the draw and they would become winning numbers. This means that the lottery players get to win simply by picking numbers. This is unlike the PA pick 2 or PA pick 4, which suggests that they would have to pick two and four numbers respectively. Lottery pick 3 players are expected to pick three numbers, that is, independent digits from 0 to 9, choose the type of PA pick 3 they want to play (straight or box), how many times they want to play it in a day (option of up to two times) and when you want to play it (options of afternoon; 1:10 pm and evening; 6:59 pm. These are the periods which the tickets are available as during the draw breaks, tickets are not available).

Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 3: How to play it

To play the Pennsylvania pick 3, lottery players, just need to:

  • Pick three numbers, that is, unpaired numbers from the range of 0 to 9 or they can decide to have their numbers picked for them by ticking the quick pick These numbers are usually in a certain arrangement when they are picked.
  • Then, they can go on to select how they want to play it.
  • The options are listed below:
  • Straight: this means that there is a win if the three digits at the draw and the numbers they picked matched. For example, if three numbers, 9 - 2 - 0 were picked, the player’s choice becomes a winning draw if the results is exactly 9 – 2 – 0. The payout is $500 for a dollar.
  • Boxed: That is, if a player picks three numbers 9-2-0, he would win the lottery if the draw comes as either 0 – 2 - 9, 2 – 0 - 9, 9 – 0 - 2, 2 – 9 - 0, or 0 – 9 - 2, it is a winning draw. As long as all three of the player’s numbers are in the draw, he wins the draw. The payout is $80 for a dollar.
  • Front pair: here, there is win if the first two digits in the picked numbers and the draw result match in their exact order. For example; the numbers 4 – 8 - 3 will be winning numbers if the draw results are 4-8-(any number). As long as the first two numbers are a match, then it’s a winning draw. The payout for this is $50 for a dollar.
  • Back Pair: there is a win if the last two digits’ match both when they are picked and at the draw. An example is the picked numbers 8 - 0 - 3, these numbers become winning numbers if the draw result is (any number from 0 to 9) – 0 - 3. The payout is also $50 for a dollar just like the front pair.
  • Super straight: this is a win of all the possible straight plays are combined. The payout for this type is $500 for one dollar.
  • If two of the digits are the same and the last one is different from it. As in the back pair or the front pair. It is a win as long as two out of the three numbers match regardless of the arrangement. The pay out for this is $160 for a dollar.
  • Afterwards, choose what time of the day that you want to play, whether afternoon or evening drawing. You can also opt for both.
  • The next step is to choose the amount to be played with. There are offers of either 50 cents or $1. Also, dates for playing can be chosen.
  • A good option is to play the wild ball. The wild ball works such that at every drawing, a one-digit wild ball number that applies to all four pick games is drawn. This doubles the amount used to play, 50 cents become $1 if the wild ball number is added.

Examples of PA pick 3 lottery

Below is an example of the PA lottery pick 3:

Let’s assume that a lottery player has chosen to play the PA pick 3 lotteries in the afternoon. He picks three random numbers as in; 9 – 0 – 7. And he chooses to play the boxed type. That means that his lottery wins if the draw results in all three numbers get picked in whatever arrangement they may come. Then, he drops a dollar on the game. This ticket is picked three days ahead of the game. On the third day, the draw is played and the result comes out with the three numbers picked in it although arranged as 0 – 7 – 9. Then, he wins 80 dollars.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the PA pick 3

The PA pick 3 lotteries offers a lot of options for its users. There is the choice of boxed, straight and others. Hence, the lottery player can decide what level of risk he can afford to take. Risk increases with payout amount. If an individual is willing to play the straight type, his pay out would be $500 if he drops a dollar on the lottery. Hence, there is a measure of assurance that it is possible to win this bet type, proof of this is the Pennsylvania big 3 win.

However, the catch is the risk factor. Even though the users of the straight PA pick 3 types can leverage on it to earn more, there is a high chance that the draw loses.

Which operator offers the best PA pick 3 lottery deals?

One of the causes of hesitation in playing the PA pick 3 is that there are no operators offering the deal. Another cause is that the probability deals being offered are not attractive enough. But we got you covered as regards finding great operators who offer these deals. All you have to do is visit out Lottery Comparison page to choose an operator of your choice and start playing! Players can also check out the PA Pick Lottery 5 as well.

Conclusion: Find Your Balance with PA pick 3

This article has explained in detail how the PA picks 3 lottery works. The question ‘why choose the PA pick 3 over other PICKS as the PA pick 2 and the PA pick 4?  Still remains though. The simple answer to the question is that in comparison to the other two, it is less risky than one and more profitable than the other. So, PA pick 3 is the most balanced out of the picks and it is safer than most. A plus is the fact that it allows from about six options from and the lottery player gets to choose his own ‘poison’ as it were. Hence, when you want to start playing the lottery you might want to start from the PA pick 3. And if you have been playing the lottery but have not yet tried out the PA pick 3, now is the time to start and begin to earn. Visit our operator comparison page to choose an operator and start playing the PA pick 3!

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