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Philadelphia Lotteries 2022

Buy Philadelphia Lotto Tickets Online

Did you know that you can play the Philadelphia lotto online? It’s one of the few state lotteries in the US that actually has the means for you to do so!

From the Mega Millions to the in-house draws, scratch offs, fast plays keno and more - the Philadelphia lottery quite literally has it all to offer you. Additionally, it’s one of the few lotteries in the country to have a live chat support service.

Why Are the Philadelphia Lotteries So Awesome?

The Pennsylvania lotteries were legalized in their current form back in 1971, with the first draw taking place in 1972 - making it one of the earliest state lotteries to come into being. The state of Pennsylvania has carried forward this theme of being an early adopter into the 21st century - Philadelphia lotto tickets are among the few state l lottery tickets in the country that can legally be purchased online.

In addition to that, the website is more high tech than almost any other state lottery that you’ll find in the US today. As well as offering you the capability to play lottery online, you can also use the live chat support service, download the app and play a multitude of other games - all of which we’ll tell you about in more detail below.

Playing the Philadelphia Lotto Online

While most state lotteries have some form of online service in 2022, very few of them offer the level of service and capabilities that the Philadelphia lotto online does. As an example, the Pennsylvania state lottery has a great website and there is even a Pennsylvania lotto app, but you can't actually purchase online lottery tickets from either.

So in Philadelphia you are very lucky indeed. You can purchase straightforward Philadelphia lotto tickets and play the multi-state lotteries including the Mega Millions and the Powerball - the online service with the PA Lottery offers you a lot. To play the iLottery, you will need to create a VIP account and have it verified, which is quick, easy and absolutely free - we’ve explained it all for you below!

Can I Buy Philadelphia Lotto Tickets Online?

The Philadelphia lotto online allows you to buy tickets over the internet for the Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4life and other multi-site and in-house draws. In addition, you can also play other games and get your hands on a sign up bonus. In order to buy Philelpdia lotto tickets over the internet, you’ll first need to create your VIP/iLottery account and have it fully verified. Once that’s done, you can use a range of payment methods to buy lotto tickets and play games online, including credit/debit card, PayPal, WebCash and plenty more. This is by far one of the most progressive and fully comprehensive online state lotto services in the US - if you’ve just moved to Philly and loved the lotto, you’re one lucky son of a gun!

Buying your Philadelphia Lotto Tickets Online - Step by Step

1. Create Your iLottery Account

First of all, you need to head to the PA Lottery website or download the app and click on the “Sign Up” button and complete the form with your details. The form is quick and easy to fill out, and best of all - it’s completely free. Better still, when you sign up and use the Pennsylvania Lottery bonus code 100DEP, your initial deposit will be doubled, up to the value of $100.

2. Get VIP Verified

Once that’s finished, you then need to have your account fully verified so that you can become a VIP member. Simply log into your iLottery account complete the process to get this going - it only takes moments.

3. Purchase your Philadelphia Lotto Tickets!

Log into your account and purchase your tickets using one of the many payment methods available with the Philadelphia lotteries - of which there are many. Given that many other states don’t even accept in-store card payments for lotto tickets, we think it’s pretty impressive that you can pay for your lotto tickets with PA iLottery Online using PayPal, WebCash, Play+ and a whole lot more. The range of payments makes this look more like an online casino or betting site than a lottery!

The Philadelphia Lottery Welcome Bonus

Nope, you’re not on a casino site - the Philadelphia lotto online actually does give you a welcome bonus when you sign up to the PA iLottery for the first time! To make matters better this is a no deposit bonus that appears in your PA iLottery as soon as you sign up. Once your account has been created and verified, log in and you should find a $5 bonus waiting for you.

What Can I Use the PA iLottery Bonus On?

You can use this $5 bonus to play a number of the most popular games available with the Philadelphia lotto online, including titles such as Monster Wins, Prospector's Gold, Lucky You and Jungle Tumble. You don’t have to stake your $5 bonus all on one game either - you can spread it across multiple plays if you so please!

Can I Withdraw My Bonus Winnings?

Oh yes, you can, but there’s one little thing that you gotta do first. Your PA Lottery bonus has a one-time playthrough condition, which means that you’ve got to play through your $5 bonus amount one time with your real money cash before you can withdraw your winnings. We must say though, this is a pretty fair condition for a no deposit bonus!

Where Can I Find My Bonus?

You can locate your PA iLottery Bonus, and/or any other bonus you may have as a result of the Philadelphia lotteries’ promotions, by checking the “My Bonuses” tab in your iLottery account. We’ll take a look at some of the other promotions and bonuses available with the PA iLottery below.

Other Promotions with Philadelphia Lotto Online

Daily Promotions

One of our favorite things, and soon to be yours, about having a PA iLottery is the various daily promotions that are available. To find these every day, simply log into your account and head to the “promotions” tab. The daily promotions include things such as $5 cashback bonuses on certain games, loss bonuses and the weekend email special - so be sure to check your inbox on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!

Refer a Friend

If you’ve got a lotto loving friends here in Philly, then you can hook both them and yourself up with this fantastic little bonus right here. If your friend signs up using the bonus code “FRIEND” and you fill out the relevant form with their email you each get a bonus!

First of all, they get a $20 bonus just for signing up with the code, which they can use straight away. Then, if they deposit and play $10 of real money on lotto games within 30 days of creating their account you get a $50 bonus. And what’s better? This isn’t limited to being a one-time thing - you can have all your friends hop on board!

Where to Buy Philadelphia Lotto Tickets Offline

It’s great that the Philadelphia lotteries are trailblazers when it comes to online ticket sales and playable games, however, some of you might quite like kicking it old school and buying from your local retailer. On top of that, some draws don’t make their tickets available to be sold through the Philadelphia lotto online. The good news here is that there are no less than 121 licensed official lottery retailers in downtown Philly as of 2022. These take the forms of newsstands, 7-Elevens, gas stations and just about every other type of local convenience store you can think of.

Finding your Local lottery Retailer in Philadelphia

Finding the closest lottery retailer to you in Philly is super easy - in fact, we’d say you’ve probably even already visited it this week, even if you did so without even realizing. To find your local store, simply head to the PA iLottery website or download the app and use the store locator to find your nearest retailers by entering your zip code or street name. This process works the same if you live elsewhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Lotteries - Draw Games

There are four different lottery draws that you can buy tickets for with the PA Lottery - two weekly multi-state lotteries and two daily in-state lotteries. A modest selection buys some standards, but it makes up for that in quality.

Multi-State Draws

If you're already familiar with the US multi-state lotteries, then we’re giving out no prizes for guessing the two weekly draws that are available here. That’s right - the Powerball and the Mega Millions! The Powerball is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, while the Mega Millions is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays. Both of these draws have multi-million dollar prizes, sometimes searching over a billion dollars, and the tickets can be bought online here in Philly.

In-House Draws

You can buy Philadelphia lotto tickets for two in-state draws using your iLottery account - the Treasure Hunt and Cash4Life. The Treasure Hunt is drawn every single day and give you the chance to win a $30,000 prize. The Cash4Life is the Pennsylvania favorite of this classic US lottery draw which has been replicated by most state lotteries across the country. With this draw, you can play every day for the chance to win $1,000 for the rest of your life!

Philadelphia Lotteries - Other Games

As well as being able to buy your classic Philadelphia lotto tickets with your iLottery account, you can also play a number of fun little fast play games online for real cash. Wanna know what makes things even better? You can try out each and every one of these online games for free using the demo versions - you don’t have to have an account either. In fact, you don’t need to be in Philly, or even the state of Pennsylvania to try ‘em out! Head to the PA iLottery website no matter where in the world you are, and you’ll be able to play demo versions for all of their available games completely free!

Our Conclusion on the Philadelphia Lottery

Overall, the lottery in the state of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest in the country, and definitely remains one of the most golden. The PA iLottery is just one of a handful of easter state lotteries that allows you to buy tickets online - over in California they haven’t even mastered lotto debit card payments yet! We did even get to touch on the fact that the money made from the PA state lotto benefits the community immensely, especially the senior citizens and other people in need in the city of Philadelphia and other towns and cities in the state of PA.

Interested in casinos and sports betting? Then check out our list of the best online gambling sites in the US right here!

Philadelphia Lotteries FAQ

🤑 Can I play the lotto online in PA?

Looking to play the Philadelphia lotto online? Very few states actually allow and facilitate the purchase of lotto tickets online, however, the few that do tend to be located on the easter seaboard. Why is this? Basically, because the oldest and most progressive lotteries in the US are generally found here - it’s in our DNA. To discover more, and find out if you’re able to buy Mega Millions tickets online where you are, visit our latest online lotto guide.

💰 Which scratch off games win the most in Philadelphia?

Sheesh, what a question - head to the PA iLottery website and you’ll see what we mean. There are loads and loads of scratch off games that you can play both online and offline in the state of PA - it’s great, but it makes finding the best tough. That’s why we’re recommending that you check out our top scratch off ranking here at

🕵️ Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in PA?

Surprisingly few states allow you to keep your privacy completely if you win the lottery, there actually only seven states that do. Find out where Pennsylvania falls into this by visiting our Pennsylvania lotto guide. Many people want the money without the fame which is understandable, however, some states actually prevent you from remaining private, which isn’t cool, but it’s the way it is - we hold out hope it will change.


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