PA Lottery Pick 5 2021

The PA lottery pick 5 is one of the PA ‘Picks’. It involves picking five numbers from 1 to 9 on the PA pick five tickets. The numbers then become winning numbers if they are a match with the numbers after they are drawn. The odds are high as all five numbers have to match, but the huge winnings compensate for your sacrifice and risk. This article will discuss further on the details of the PA lottery pick five including how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, its prizes and other details.

PA Lottery Pick 5: How to Play

The PA pick 5 is one of the famous ‘picks’ in Pennsylvania among other picks as the pick 4, pick, 3, and the pick 2. It is played by picking five numbers (quick pick or self pick) from zero to nine and then matching all five numbers in a certain order, an order that has been chosen since the pick 5 ticket was being filled. The PA pick 5 ticket is drawn twice every day. The wild ball feature is applicable to all the picks and it is quite easy to and has its own advantages as would be explained shortly.

How to play the PA Lottery Pick 5

This is quite simple to play. Just get a ticket from a lottery retailer and fill it in the steps highlighted in bullet points below;

  • Pick your five numbers from zero to nine by yourself or you could also choose the quick pick option in which your five numbers are chosen for you
  • Next, you choose in which arrangement you want to pick the numbers. There are about five options applicable all ‘Pick’ lotteries. These options are listed below;
  • Straight; this means that there is a win if the six digits at the draw and the numbers they picked matched. For example, if five numbers, 1 - 2 – 0 – 3 – 5 were picked, the player’s choice becomes a winning draw if the results are exactly match with the numbers he picked and the arrangement of the numbers is the same, as 1 - 2 – 0 – 3 – 5. The prize for this is $50, 000 and the chances of winning is 1 in 100, 000.
  • Any order; That is, if a player picks five numbers; 1 - 2 – 0 – 3 – 5, he would win the lottery if the draw comes as either 0 – 2 – 1 – 5- 3, 2 – 0 – 5 – 3 - 1, 1 – 0 – 2 – 3 - 5, 5 – 2 – 0 – 3 - 1, 0 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 3 or any other arrangement possible, it is a winning draw. As long as all five of the player’s picked numbers are in the draw, he wins the draw. The prize for this is $10, 000, while the chances of winning it is 1 in 20, 000.

The Any order or Box option has other features such as; four of the numbers are the same while one is distinct as in (2 – 2- 2 – 2), three of the numbers are the same while the last two are a distinct pair, three of the numbers are the same with two separate digits, two different pair of digits plus one distinct digit and a single pair of digits plus three distinct digits.

  • Front Four: here, there is winning if the first four digits in the picked numbers and the draw result match in their exact order. For example; the numbers; 1 - 2 – 0 – 3 – 5 will be winning numbers if the draw results is 1 – 2 – 0 – 3 - (any number). As long as the first four numbers are a match, then it’s a winning draw. The prize for winning this is $5,000, while the chances of winning it is 1 in 10, 000.
  • Back Four: there is a win if the last four digits match both when they are picked and at the draw. An example is the picked numbers; 1 - 2 – 0 – 3 – 5, these numbers become winning numbers if the draw result is (any number from 0 to 9) – 2 – 0 – 3 - 5. The payout is also $5, 000 for a dollar just like the front four, and the chances of winning it is 1 in 10, 000.

Other options include the back three, back pair, front pair and the front three. Just like the kicker ball in the PA cash f5 lottery, there is the Wild ball feature. The wild ball gives the opportunity to exchange one of the already picked numbers with the wild number, thereby resulting in a match. In order to use this feature, an extra $1 has to be paid.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PA Lottery Pick 5

It has a lot of advantages. One of these advantages is that among all the PA Picks, it offers the highest number of options as to number arrangement. There is a level of risk to each of these options. The straight option for instance has a high risk compared to other options such as the different categories of the Box option. Hence, the lottery players get to choose which of the risk he or she can take. So, we can say that the PA pick 5 gives the liberty to choose, based on individual’s preference. It would have been quite tough if only the Straight option was made available.

Another advantage is that the higher the risk taken in the PA picks lottery, the higher the payout. While some individuals prefer to take the low risk options, those who choose to go high risk are often rewarded with a prize of $50, 000, which happens to be the highest pay out as far as the PA pick five is concerned.

However, the PA pick 5 also has a disadvantage and that is the fact that all the five numbers in the pick has to be a match with the numbers drawn. This lessens the possibility of winning it. Unlike the PA match 6 that that allows for a match in less than six numbers, the PA pick 5 insists on five number matches. Hence, some individuals prefer to play other Picks that are less risky or other PA lotteries that do not require all number matches before they can start to make profits.

Where are the Best Deals of PA Lottery Pick 5 Lottery Retailers

PA lottery pick five is a very famous lottery and especially in places like Pennsylvania, it is know by most, but only a few play it. Having learnt about it from this article, you must have noticed that it is very profitable and quite easy to play. If you would like to start playing this lottery but have worries about where to find the best lottery retailers offering these deals, you can visit our Lottery Comparison Page to choose one according to your tastes and requirement and then, start playing!

Conclusion: PA Lottery Pick 5; Your Risk is Worth It

The PA lottery pick five is unique in its own way, but even at that it is very similar to the Pennsylvania lottery treasure hunt as well as the Pennsylvania cash 5. This is because they all involve picking five numbers. Interestingly, only the PA pick 5 requires that all five numbers drawn be a match. The PA pick five is the top pick among other picks because it brings in more profit as a result of a rise in its odds. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all lottery lovers to try out the PA lottery pick five and stand a chance to win lots and lots of money. Choose a PA lottery pick 5 retailers from our operator comparison page today!
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