PA Lottery Match 6 2021

This is a type of lottery which involves lottery players, matching six numbers within the range of 1 to 49. This is often tagged as the hardest of the lotteries found and played only in Pennsylvania with Jackpot odds as high as 4, 661,272. The PA lottery match 6 is one of the most famous matches in Pennsylvania, because of what it has to offer. Just like the Powerball for Pennsylvania that altogether involves six numbers (five numbers for the white balls and one number for the red ball. Read on, to discover other details about this type of lottery; its advantages, how to play it, the chances of matching numbers from three to six and the odds.

Pennsylvania Lottery Match 6: How to Play

Pennsylvania lottery match 6 is a type of lottery exclusive to Pennsylvania alone. This lottery involves matching six numbers within the range of 1 to 49. This lottery is high in odds and definitely high in cash prizes for jackpot as well. The Pennsylvania lottery match 6 also involves picking six numbers and matching at least three of them. This is in contrast with the PA lottery Treasure hunt which requires that five numbers are picked likewise the PA cash five. The PA match 6 lottery is drawn on a nightly basis every day. It is played by picking six numbers from one to forty-nine for the first line. Then, the quick pick option, automatically selects twelve more numbers in two lines of six numbers each. The numbers are then compared with the drawn numbers to find out the number of matches. The PA match 6 can win in four different places. First, each of the three lines are individually compared to know how many of the numbers match and profit is made from each line matches individually. Then, all eighteen numbers are compared and the profit is calculated and paid. The money is however not paid out in isolation, the amount made from all four lines are calculated and paid all at once. An example of this will be given soon on it this article. For each number of matches, there is an expected amount of money to be paid as illustrated below;

PA Match 6 Single Line Prizes

All 6 numbersJackpot1 in 4, 661, 272
5 out of 6 numbers$ 10001 in 18, 067
4 out of 6 numbers$ 201 in 344.47
3 out of 6 numbers$21 in 19.22

PA Match 6 Combined Lines Matches

Over 10 out or 18 numbers$ 2, 5001 in 597,303
9 out of 18 numbers$ 1,0001 in 45,267
8 out of 18 numbers$501 in 4,440
7 out of 18 numbers$251 in 590.91
6 out of 18 numbers$101 in 106.74
5 out of 18 numbers$51 in 26.37
4 out of 18 numbers$21 in 9.07
Overall 1 in 5.90

How to Play PA Lottery Match 6

This lottery type is played once every day. Playing the PA match 6 is quite easy. After finding a good lottery retailer, get your PA match 6 ticket to fill. You fill in 6 numbers or you can pick the quick pick option. The next two lines are automatically filled with numbers by the quick pick options. Afterwards, the numbers are drawn in the evening and you get to see the numbers of matches you have.

Example of the PA Lottery Match 6

To illustrate, assuming a lottery player has picked six numbers and then the quick option selects six other numbers as follow;

9       11           15           25           32           46

6       10           15           21           37           41

2       9             11           23           32           41

The drawn numbers are;

9    11       15       21       32       41      

The profit will be calculated as thus;

Line 1 number of matches = 4, 4 matches is equal to $20

Line 2 number of matches = 3, 3 matches is equal to $2

Line 3 number of matches = 4, 4 matches is equal to $20

Three line number of matches = 4 + 3 + 4= 11, 11 matches is equal to $2,500

Total profit will be 2,500 + 20 + 20 + 2 = $2,542

Advantages of the PA Lottery Match 6

As illustrated above, the PA match 6 is a very profitable lottery. It gives the chance of winning in four places. For anyone who wins a jackpot, the money profited is usually huge. This is because calculations are made first for individual lines and then overall. At the end of the calculations, the total amount is enormous. Therefore, we can say that the PA match 6 is quite safe and reasonably low-risk.

The disadvantage of this lottery is that the chances’ winning the jackpot is very high and that makes it even harder to be won. In fact, it is the hardest Pennsylvania only lottery to be won.

Strategies for Winning the PA Lottery Match 6

  • Odd and Even numbers

In selecting PA match 6 lottery numbers, there should be an equal attention to the inclusion of both even and odd numbers such when there are 3 even numbers, there should be 3 odd numbers, when there are 2 even numbers, there should be 4 odd numbers and vice versa.

  • High and low numbers

Within the numbers 1 to 49, there is a range of high (1 to 25) and low numbers (26-49). In drawn numbers, there is rarely an occurrence of all high numbers or all low numbers. It is usually spread evenly.

  • Number group representation

In each of the winning numbers, there is usually a particular number group that is not represented. There are groups of single numbers, 10 to 19, twenties, thirties, forties. One of these groups may be omitted as in; 4 – 23 – 28 - 31 – 41 – 48.

  • Number sum

It is advised that you add the numbers that you have picked and make sure that they add up to a number that falls within the range of 115 to 185. This increases your chances of matching more numbers.

Where to Find the Best Deals of PA Lottery Match 6 Retailers

The PA lottery match 6 as discussed is a very profitable lottery and quite safe to play. Its odds are nice and the prizes to be won are generous. So what might be the potential catch for new and old players of the game? The catch is finding the best lottery retailers that offer the best twelve numbers, filled in by the quick pick option. The best lottery retailer offers you more profit, the higher your chances of leveraging on these numbers and making your profit. We have done a lot of research in finding the best lottery retailers out there, just visit our Lottery Comparison Page and choose your PA match 6 lottery retailers and start playing.

Conclusion: Tough Lottery with High Odds and Huge Jackpot

PA lottery match 6 allows for less than three matches in the six numbers at the drawing. Just like the Pennsylvania cash 5 in which there is a chance to win even if less than five numbers match. The fun part of the Pennsylvania match 6 is that after knowing how much you can earn from the first line, you move on to the second line, then the third, after which you then know the number of matches in all eighteen numbers. So, you have a chance to win four times in this game. Interestingly, each amount of number matches already has their stipulated prizes. Hence, next time you want to try a different lottery type from the one you have been doing, the PA lottery match 6 is a good choice.
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