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Pennsylvania Lottery Bonus Code 2022

In most cases, when you search online, you may find the word iLottery featuring in your search results more often than Pennsylvania lottery bonus code, which let’s assume you originally searched for. This is because iLottery is a product of a very intelligent collaboration between two strong parties; a new online gaming site brought to players by Scientific Games and Pennsylvania Lottery. Players now get to enjoy Pennsylvania lottery coupons on PA Lottery. Included in iLottery are selection of games that are available to players who are located in Pennsylvania only.

Pennsylvania Lottery Bonus Code Explained

For more than four decades, the good people of Pennsylvania have continued to show their love and devotion to the Pennsylvania Lottery games by taking their time to visit their preferred or nearby Pennsylvania Lottery retailers to purchase lottery games for favorite PA Lottery games. That has changed recently, as players now enjoy the privilege do just that conveniently and in their comfort zone. In what some people will call the evolution of Lottery in the United States, not to long ago, a landmark gambling package was passed by lawmakers, which brought a whole new face to gambling in the United States.

Some very powerful improvements and revolutionary breakthroughs that the package brought about included legalizing online casinos and a large number of satellite gambling venues, and most of all, permitting the state to offer lottery games over the Internet. With this bill, the State of Pennsylvania emerged the sixth state, and most populous, in the United State to pass iLotto legislation to date. In Pennsylvania, iLotto went live officially on May 29, 2018 with 11 instant win games. iLotto gain more massive support and acceptance from the public and went live even ahead of online casino/poker games and sports wagering.

Inspired by online casinos subculture of offering new players some no-deposit offer, the Pennsylvania Lottery embarked on offering its player a bonus that aim at easing their burden while attracting them to the PA Lottery system by offering a no-deposit offer. In much clearer sense, the offer stipulated that new player receives $5 free as a bonus. To be eligible for this bonus, all players need do is register successfully for an account. This works charmingly at attracting new customers to PA Lottery and player population grew steadily. Upon successful registration of a PA Lottery account, player can then use this $5 to play any Pennsylvania iLotto game. Players will need to turn over this bonus just once after which it can be withdraw as cash or players could decide to have more fun and play more.


There is another offering that we’ll like to mention under the Pennsylvania lottery bonus code. As at the time of writing this article, the PA Lottery offers another lucrative offer, wherein players make an initial deposit of nothing less than $10 using the bonus code 100DEP. Upon using this bonus code, the system recognizes it as Pennsylvania lottery bonus code offering and multiply such deposit by 100%. This is applicable to all initial deposited funds of $100 and below. Anything higher than $100 initial deposit, players only get $100 deposit bonus. One condition applies though. The match bonuses need to be played through 10x; a much higher requirement compared to the no-deposit bonus.

Apart from these aforementioned Pennsylvania lottery bonus code, players of PA Lottery can also benefit from some daily promotional schedule that occur in the week. Some of these promotions are in forms of small cashback on specific highlighted games or a bonus free-play dollar on Fridays.

Requirements to play Pennsylvania iLottery

While these benefits and advantages exists for players to enjoy, there are three specific requirements that each must be met before a player can play the Pennsylvania. There include the following:

  • Player must be 18 years of age and above: In the same requirements with games players at PA Lottery retailers’ shops, players interested in playing Pennsylvania iLottery must not be less than 18 years. That is, they must be 18 or above. With online casinos, players must be nothing less than 21.
  • Physically in Pennsylvania: Another very important requirement that the PA Lottery don’t joke with at all is the fact that intended players must be physically located inside the state of Pennsylvania at time of play. The Pennsylvania lottery app makes sure of verifying this with special geolocation software designed to pinpoint a player’s exact location.
  • Intending Players cannot be relatives to lottery officials: To avoid any potential role conflicts and other related complications, family members of high-level lottery employees or high-ranking lottery officials are not eligible to play.

Depending on perspective, some consider this one part of the PA Lottery regulations as a loop whole. The part that didn’t explicitly specific that players must be residents of Pennsylvania to participate in the game. This means that even visitors passing through Pennsylvania can pause their travel, open an account, register, play the game, and win big. As far as the PA laws and regulations are concerned, such player is cleared provided s/he is above 18 years of age and not a relative of lottery officials. As for the third requirement, s/he is physically present in Pennsylvania, even though S/he was just passing through.

To sign up for a Pennsylvania Online lottery account, players must be prepared to supply more accurate personal information that they ordinarily would with some other online registration. There are six major important personal information that a player looking to sign up for a Pennsylvania iLottery account must be ready to supply. They include:

  1. Valid email address that will be used for logging in;
  2. Full name and address;
  • Date of birth;
  1. Valid phone number;
  2. Answers to two security questions; and
  3. Social Security Number, actually the last 4 digits.

It is important to point out at this juncture the reason for requesting last four digits of Social Security Number as some people may have some reservation to give out their Social Security Number. First, players must know that this process is requesting the last four digits of Social Security Number is actually one required and backed by law. The goal of this is to be able to fight and curb fraudulent activity in their own capacity as government will crosscheck these details supplied during registration with government databases to ascertain that the identity the person is claiming is actually himself or herself. The regulators get to check these details across any found profile in government databases and confirm name, age and any report or filing of fraudulent activity.

Now, there is a funny part to the “physically-inside-Pennsylvania” requirement to play PA iLottery. Recall that the essence is that players be residents of Pennsylvania, but the identified loophole made it so that outside can play as long as they are physically in Pennsylvania at the time of play. Conversely, if residents of Pennsylvania should travel outside of Pennsylvania, no matter how deep their residency is, they are not allowed participate in Pennsylvania iLottery or use any Pennsylvania lottery bonus code. As long as residents are outside the Pennsylvania borders, they cannot enjoy Pennsylvania lottery coupons.

Taking Full Advantage Of The PA Lottery Bonus Code

Contrary to the ‘convenient’ hardship that players did play PA Lottery games with then such that they could have really play important PA Lottery games until they arrived at PA Lottery retailer shops, the PA iLottery brought about a new era. The collaboration brought about an infrastructure where players can fully harness the potential of the PA iLottery, thus increasing their chances of winning as players can now play PA iLottery games in their comfort zone. Coupled with the comfortability that comes with the new experience, players are now presented with sweet offers and deals through the Pennsylvania lottery bonus code. Visit our Lottery Comparison today, check out our operator comparison and register for an operator. There is a lot to be won in Pennsylvania lottery bonus code.

Conclusion: Why Try Pennsylvania Lottery Bonus Code?

The Pennsylvania lottery bonus code is an interesting offering that players can enjoy with the PA iLottery. There is no-deposit bonus, welcome bonus, 100% deposit bonus up to $100, and other small cashback and bonus free-play dollar on Fridays. Players must register for a PA iLottery account. To be eligible to play PA iLottery and benefit from the Pennsylvania lottery bonus code, players must be 18 years and above, must be physically in Pennsylvania at time of play, and must not be relation to lottery officials.

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