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Pennsylvania Lottery App 2022

The Pennsylvania Lottery App was developed to make enhance players’ participation and experience with the Pennsylvania Lottery games. The idea is to make sure lovers of Pennsylvania Lottery get the best in service and fun. The Pennsylvania Lottery made good sure that nobody is excluded as it made adequate provision for Pennsylvania lottery app for Android as well as Pennsylvania lottery app for iPhone. That way, players using Android devices and those using Apple mobile devices can download the Pennsylvania lottery mobile app and enjoy the PA Lottery games to the fullest. While iPhone users can download the mobile app from Apple App Store, Pennsylvania lottery app for Android Phone may not be downloaded from Google Play Store but on the PA Lottery official website.

Pennsylvania Lottery App: Tips on how to Use

For those who are already familiar with the Pennsylvania Lottery App, they will agree that the usage of the mobile app completely change player/user experience with Pennsylvania Lottery. For those of our readers who have not be able to familiarize themselves with the app, this article is meant to highlight the strengths, and some very few weaknesses, of the Pennsylvania lottery app, but most importantly, we discuss how players can get the best of fun and experience from PA Lottery games with this Pennsylvania lottery app. First off, as mentioned earlier, Android users need to head over to the Pennsylvania Lottery official website to download Pennsylvania Lottery App for Android. The Android version of the mobile app is not available in the Google PlayStore. Not to panic! This is an issue on Google side as Google does not allow in its Store apps with iLottery online gaming. Some other state lottery mobile app are not able to get their Android version into Play Store. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania lottery app for iPhone for iOS devices can be downloaded straight from Apple App Store.

While players using iOS devices can update their PA lottery app for iPhone straight from Apple App Store, Android users should endeavor to always check the Pennsylvania Lottery website for the latest version of PA mobile app to make sure players using the app are doing so safely and enjoying the best in functionality. The latest version of Pennsylvania lottery app for android is version 2.0.3, released on January 19, 2019, and can be downloaded from the Pennsylvania Lottery official website.

Installing Pennsylvania Lottery App

To successfully install the Pennsylvania lottery app, players must first uninstall any version or instance of the PA Lottery mobile app that may currently be running on the mobile devices. This is a best practice for installing any new app. After this condition is met, users must create a friendly app environment for the PA Lottery app on their mobile app. By this, we mean that players intending to install the latest version of Pennsylvania lottery app on their mobile phones must navigate to “Settings” on the android device, locate the “Lock screen and Security setting”, scroll to “Unknown sources” and must sure this option is checked, that is, set on, enabled. A dialog box will pop up. Accept or click Yes. Please note that this navigation will not be exactly the same on all mobile devices. Depending on your mobile device model, the ultimate goal is to locate “Unknown Sources” and put it on; it’s mostly under “Security” on Android devices. At this juncture, you must already be on the Pennsylvania Lottery official website and locate the download page for Android version of the Pennsylvania Lottery App. Download the app and install it and that’s the end of that.

Pennsylvania Lottery App Features

There are several activities that players of Pennsylvania Lottery can use the mobile app to perform. Let’s highlight some notable, prominent ones. You can use the app to register and make use of the Pennsylvania Lottery bonus code, 100DEP, which doubles your initial deposit up to $100. Other features of the Pennsylvania lottery app include, but are not limited to, a ticket checker which allows players of PA Lottery to scan lottery ticket barcodes to ascertain whether they are winners. With the Pennsylvania lottery app, players can also use those tickets to enter various second-chance drawings. With a latest version of Pennsylvania lottery app installed, players can view winning numbers of different games, current jackpot sizes, reliable information about the latest Scratch-Off and Fast Play games, and to keep abreast on remaining prizes available at PA Lottery retailers. In other cases, users of the Pennsylvania lottery app can watch Keno drawings as well as check Keno tickets from past drawings. With the launch of Xpress Sports virtual sports in 2018, users of the PA lottery app can view Xpress Sports simulations and previous results that are available to players through the app.

In terms of scanning tickets, there are some specific steps that players should follow to scan their tickets and ascertain whether they are winners are not. These steps include the following:

  • Ticket should be placed on a flat surface.
  • Select the “Scan” button on the app while holding the device a few inches above the ticket.
  • Aiming the camera at the barcode section of the ticket, move the camera slowly and further away to focus on the barcode.
  • Give it some seconds, depending on devices specification and make, ticket number will show up automatically in the entry number boxes on the mobile app.
  • Attend to the disclaimer checkboxes and click “Submit Entry button”
  • Wait for a successful entry message and you are done!

Additionally, players looking to get access to the Pennsylvania Lottery VIP Players Club can now do so with the mobile app. Using the mobile app, it’s as easy as selecting the VIP Players Club icon on the Home Screen and logging in. For players who are yet to become members of the VIP Players Club, membership registration can also be done on the logging page; membership is free.

For those who have read some of our articles on some of the popular Pennsylvania Lottery games like Mega Millions in Pennsylvania and Powerball in Pennsylvania playing most of these games requires that one locate PA Lottery retailers first, where one can then pick up a playslip. This is where the Pennsylvania Lottery app comes in very handy. Users can easily utilize the mobile app to locate any one of the over 9,400

PA Lottery retailers across the state of Pennsylvania

Remember we mentioned “weaknesses” of the Pennsylvania Lottery app. In a very strict sense, these things don’t really fall under the category of weaknesses. As of the time of writing this article, players cannot buy traditional Scratch-Off, Fast Play, or Draw games on the Pennsylvania Lottery app. They must find PA Lottery retailer, and that, they can do conveniently on the mobile app. The Pennsylvania iLottery games that are currently available on the mobile app are the same ones available on the PA Lottery website. They include eleven (11) Instant Win games namely:

  • Foxin’ Wins Reveal -              Super CashBuster
  • Big Money Slingo -              Big Foot Reveal
  • Crossword Cash -              Cash in the Lamp
  • Super Gems -              Robin Hood Reveal
  • Volcano Reveal -              Monster Wins Reveal
  • CashBuster Towers.

It is important to mention that requirements for players to play real-money Pennsylvania iLottery games on the Pennsylvania Lottery app include successfully filling out a registration form and depositing money with the PA Lottery. As at the second quarter of 2019, there are 38 online lottery games in total available for players.

Troubleshooting Issues with Downloading/Installing App

Players may experience some difficulties while trying to download and/or install the Pennsylvania Lottery app. The following best practices and recommendations can be considered to rectify the issue:

  • Check mobile devices to ascertain that there is enough memory space.
  • Make sure you have moderate to strong internet connectivity, preferably Wi-Fi.
  • Try disabling data saver and clearing mobile device cache.
  • Android users can doublecheck that Download Manager is enabled.
  • Ensure that the latest available updates on the mobile device are installed.
  • Try restarting the mobile device.

Taking Full Advantage of the Pennsylvania Lottery App

While not all activities and business about playing Pennsylvania Lottery can be done on the Pennsylvania Lottery app, it is no doubt that the portion of the activities that the PA Lottery has enabled to be carried out on the mobile app makes the whole experience with PA Lottery more fun and pleasurable. Ticket scanning, playing iLottery games, checking Lottery prizes, winnings, and other important stats knowing that these details are gotten from the most reliable source and at players’ comfort zone, and above all, being able to locate PA Lottery retailers for other offline PA Lottery activities. These are all activities that can be performed on the Pennsylvania Lottery App. Visit our Lottery Comparison page today to check out our operator comparison and register for an operator to make the best use of winning potentials that the PA Lottery presents players.

Conclusion: Why use Pennsylvania Lottery App?

The Pennsylvania Lottery app is available for both Android and iOS device users. Android users must download Pennsylvania lottery app for android on the PA Lottery website while iOS users can download the Pennsylvania lottery app for iPhone from the Apple App Store. Players should register for a PA Lottery accounts and start to make the best use of the mobile app to have a pleasurable PA Lottery experience.

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