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Pennsylvania Lotteries 2022

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Established back in 1971, lottery in Pennsylvania is one of the oldest lotteries in the US. While the PA lottery itself was found by the General Assembly in 1971, very first lottery tickets were sold some months later, in March of 1972. Since then, the state lottery has gone from strength to strength adding new games and recently launching a fresh online site.

Players must be at least 18 years old to legally participate in lottery games offered by the Pennsylvania lottery. All proceeds from the sales of tickets and scratch cards are directed towards funds that help elderly citizens of the state. In several decades of its existence, the lottery has contributed in excess of USD 29 billion to these various funds and continues to do so year after year. Hence, like in many other states, the lottery plays an important role in helping fill the state budget. Read on to find out about the Pennsylvania Lotto online and how to buy Pennsylvania Lotto tickets.

Let us start with some very mouth-watering statistics about the PA Lottery Games and the implication on the State and its citizens. According to data from the 2018 fiscal year, the Pennsylvania Lottery Games have recorded $4,221,381,197 billion in gross sales, $1,093,645,976 billion in transfers to beneficiaries, $2,733,773,913 million worth of prizes paid to players, and 9,417 retailers for the Pennsylvania Lottery. Players from across the State have benefited immensely from Pennsylvania lottery draw games and several other offerings that the PA lottery games offer.

Pennsylvania Lottery: Playing Offline

Unlike some other forms of gambling, especially sports betting, state lotteries were never prohibited under the Wire Act. For this reason, there are many US states that took advantage of the fact and established their own lotteries, looking to use them as filler for their budgets, among other things. Pennsylvania is one of these states.

Retailers in the state offer a wide range of different games, from pretty much all multi-state draws and lotteries, over several state-specific lottery offerings, to a wide range of scratchers with various prizes depending on the costs of scratch cards. Overall, PA residents have a great range of options to choose from.

Pennsylvania Lottery: Playing Online

Although the PA lottery online site has been around for some time, it wasn’t until 2018 that Pennsylvania i lottery was launched. This was the first time that players were given a chance to actually buy different games from the Pennsylvania Lotto online using their cards or bank transfers.

Although the iLottery site provides some options, it is still quite limited as you can only purchase special games created specifically for online play. These games have jackpots capped at USD 250,000. So, Pennsylvania residents can’t buy tickets for major multi-state draws online (like in some other states) and there is no subscription service, either, at least not as of yet.

Pennsylvania Lottery Review: Product Overview

Overall, the PA state lottery offers a very solid range of games. In fact, this is one of the most versatile lotteries around when all things are considered. While the online section still has some catching up to do, the state residents certainly have access to a great variety of big and small drawings taking place all the time.

Pennsylvania lotteries 2022

When it comes to major draws available to PA residents, there are quite a few of these. As mentioned, pretty much all multi-state lotteries are available here so there are all the options anyone could possibly ask for. Alternatives to the Pennsylvania Lotto online.

Powerball is one of two major lotteries in the US. Like in other US states, PA players can purchase draw tickets for USD 2 with an additional Power Play option for USD 1 per play. Draws take place two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the jackpot seeds at USD 40,000,000. Pennsylvania is just one of 44 total states that participate in Powerball so this jackpot regularly reaches huge amounts.

Mega Millions is the second multi-state lottery draw also available in the state. PA lottery tickets for Mega Million draws are sold at USD 2 apiece with the additional option of the prize multiplier (Megaplier) for USD 1 a play. Draws take place twice a week as well, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the odds of winning the main jackpot are approximately 1 in 302,000,000. There are 46 states across the US participating in Mega Millions.

Cash4Life is also a very popular lottery taking place in about two dozen US states. This one offers a chance at winning the main jackpot of USD 1,000 every day for the rest of your life and the second prize of USD 1,000 weekly for the rest of the life. Tickets are also sold for USD 2 and draws are held on Mondays and Thursdays. Odds of winning the main prize are about 1 in 21.8 million while the odds of winning the second prize are about 1 in 7.2 million. This lottery is very popular due to its unique structure as players are drawn to the possibility of being set for life in this manner.

Pennsylvania Lottery: Match 6

Match 6 is a special Pennsylvania lotto drawing only available to residents of the state. Draws are held every night and players need to correctly guess all six numbers to win the main jackpot, which starts at USD 500,000 but frequently reaches into seven-figure territory, which makes it well worth playing for.

Odds of winning the main lottery jackpot in Match 6 are 1 in 4,661,000. All jackpot prizes are paid in one lump sum. Tickets are sold at USD 2 per play and the six numbers need to be selected from the total pool of 49 numbers. You can easily check lottery PA numbers at any time on the site or even watch all draws live as they happen.

Games & Scratch Cards

On top of all these various major draws, there are also numerous smaller drawings, scratch cards, as well as electronic games. Therefore, the variety of options is truly great and there is something for everyone whatever their goals or expectations may be.

  • Cash 5 is the biggest of the relatively smaller Pennsylvania lottery jackpots. With the jackpot starting at USD 125,000 and accumulating over time, tickets are sold at USD 1 a pop. To win the main prize, players need to correctly guess all five numbers drawn from the pool of 43 numbers in total. The odds of scoring the jackpot are 1 in 962,598.
  • Treasure Hunt is another lottery for Pennsylvania only and it is also the only draw that takes place in the middle of the day. This particular draw is done using animations instead of real lottery balls, which makes it very interesting to watch. Tickets are sold at USD 1 apiece and draws take place every day of the week.
  • Pick 2, 3, 4, and 5 – Pick games take place two times a day. Like the name suggests, players need to correctly guess two, three, four, or five numbers to win the jackpot. Maximum prizes are much smaller in these drawings but chances of winning are much better as well. These draws are a great way to have some fun while waiting for major lotteries.

On top of all this, there is also the Pennsylvania lottery ilottery, which offers special games only available online. In this section, players can access a whole range of scratch cards-like games with different bet levels and potential jackpots. As of right now, the biggest single amount that you can win playing games from this section is USD 250,000. Some of the more popular titles here include Cash Buster Extreme, Foxin’ Wins, Garden of Secrets, Super Gems, and Rainbow Fortunes.

Special Offers & Drawings

Pennsylvania is one of those states where players can also look forward to special drawings where they can take a shot at big money with increased odds of winning. Every year, there is Millionaire Raffle, which offers seven weekly draws as well as the main draw that takes place at the start of January each year.

Millionaire Raffle tickets are sold at USD 20 each and the maximum number of tickets in circulation for any particular cycle is 500,000. Weekly draws usually kick off in November, offering a chance of winning two USD 50,000 prizes each draw and leading up to the main draw at the beginning of a new year.

Of course, all tickets that win any of the weekly draws are still entered into the main raffle, which offers a chance at four USD 1,000,000 prizes. The odds of winning this jackpot are 1 in 125,000, so players have a pretty decent shot at becoming millionaires with the PA lottery USA. There are also four individual prizes of USD 100,000 as well as 100 prizes of USD 1,000 each.

What are the best Pennsylvania Lottery Games?

The success stories and testimonies of Pennsylvania Lottery winners is not myth or some far-fetched reality. Between May 22, 2018 and May 31, 2019, approximately $314 million has been won by lucky winners for the PA lottery games. The PA lottery games offer wide varieties of games and lottery from which players can engage and win significant prizes with so little. Furthermore, the fact that proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery is largely directly taking care of the elderly is another impressive and encouraging reason to get involved. A participation in the PA lottery games is a chance to win big while contributing one’s own quota to taking care of our elderly. Visit our Lottery Comparison page today, check out our operator comparison, and register for an operator. Or, you can venture further and take a look at the Philadelphia Lotteries, the West Virginia Lotto online, or the latest New Jersey Lotteries.

Conclusion: Is the Pennsylvania Lottery game worth it?

The Pennsylvania Lottery through its PA lottery games and its numerous gaming offerings have given out more than $300 million in the past months alone to its players in forms of prizes to winners. Players can register for an account or already registered account holders can participate in Pennsylvania lottery online games and Instant games. There is also the option of visiting nearby Lottery retailers to play In-Store games. All proceeds from the PA lottery games are directly to funding programs that exclusively attend to the needs of the elderly in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Lotteries Games Offerings

As of the time of compiling this article, the Pennsylvania lottery online games have forty (40) online games. We’ve taken the time to list them out in the table below:


Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Lottery has a number of impressive promotions that it offers alongside its PA lottery games for players to enjoy the maximum gaming experience and satisfaction. As at the time of writing this article, the following are the promotions offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery:

  • First Deposit Match: where players earn a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100 Bonus Money on their first deposit.
  • Daily Promotions.
  • The Wizard of Oz Coupon Offer: where players get a free $5 Scratch-Off Coupon on every $25 they play on The Wizard of Oz iLottery game.
  • Halfway to the Holidays $5 Cashback: where players play $5 on Merry Multiplier and get $5 Cashback.
  • Grumpy Monday: that offers players 20% Cashback on Grumpy Cat, worth up to $100 Bonus Money.
  • Gold Fish Coupon Offer: where players can play $20 on Gold Fish and get a free $3 Scratch-Off coupon.
  • Pennsylvania Payout $75,000 Prize Draw: where players can claim and deposit to enter the PA iLottery $75,000 Pennsylvania Payout Prize Draw.
  • The Wizard of Oz Wednesday: offers players 20% Cashback, worth up to $100 Bonus Money.
  • Friday Fishin’: where players earn $5 Cashback for every $50 bet up to $50 bonus.
  • Sunday Tumble: also offers players 20% Cashback on Jungle Tumble up to $100 every Sunday in May 2019.

In a much broader classification, the PA lottery games have classifications and subclassifications. Among the broad classification of its games are Pennsylvania-only draw games, multi-state games offered in Pennsylvania, recurring games like Millionaire Raffle, discontinued drawing games, Instant games, and Fast Play. Notable Pennsylvania-only games are Pick 2, Pick 3, and Pick 4. Notable multi-state games offered in Pennsylvania are Mega Millions and Powerball. Among the discontinued drawing games in Pennsylvania are Super 7, Saturday/Million Dollar Spin, Hearts & Diamonds, Keystone Jackpot, Super 6, Lucky for Life, Mix & Match, and Monopoly Millionaires’ Club.

Pennsylvania Lotteries Online: Online Features & Services Under Review

As already mentioned, the fully functional online site for PA lotto and lottery drawings was only launched in 2018 but even then it didn’t include any options for purchasing classic draw tickets. Not only that players can’t buy their lottery tickets here but they also don’t have access to any subscriptions, which are offered by some states as an interim solution. Therefore, the Pennsylvania Lotto online falls short of the mark.

So, only games available for online play are games contained in the iLottery section, which are pretty much scratchers with various prizes on offers. While the number of scratch cards offered on the site is decent, it would be nice if players could also buy tickets or at least subscriptions for draws like Mega Millions or Cash4Life. Good news for those looking to enjoy the Pennsylvania Lotto online.

How to Use PA Lottery Site

Like with all lottery sites in the US, the first thing you’ll need to do to be able to access online services is going through the registration process. During this process, you’ll need to provide the standard information, like your name, surname, address, DOB, etc. You’ll also need to verify your account by sending in any documents required by the Pennsylvania state lottery law.

Once you create your account, you’ll be able to log in and deposit funds using several methods such as popular debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, PayNearMe, and ACH e-check. When you first join the site, you’ll receive USD 5 completely free as well as a 100 percent bonus on your very first deposit.

You can use the funds in your cashier to play any and all games located in the PA iLottery section. All your wins are added to your account but there are additional verifications required for all wins exceeding USD 600 as well as automated tax withholdings according to current federal and Pennsylvania lottery laws.

Pennsylvania Lottery: History

Established in 1971, the lottery in Pennsylvania has a long and rich history. The sales of first tickets started in 1972, with tickets selling at USD 0.50 apiece and the jackpot of USD 50,000 up for grabs. Occasionally, there were also USD 1,000,000 draws and in the first six months, Pennsylvania saw four lottery-made millionaires.

During the 1980s, the game called Pennsylvania Lotto, which was later discontinued, created as many as 400 millionaires. The game ended in 1988 and it was replaced with Wild Card Lotto. Then, in 1992, the Cash 5 game was launched and this one is still going strong.

In 1997, the Pennsylvania lottery celebrated two important milestones: 25 years of existence and USD 10 billion in contributions to state funds. Then, in June of 2002, the state started selling Powerball tickets, adding another exciting multi-state game to the mix. With many more exciting events in between, Pennsylvania finally launched its iLottery site in 2018, marking the start of a new era.

Pennsylvania Lottery: Big Wins

Many players have dreamt of winning lottery in Pennsylvania and, over the course of several decades, quite a few have seen this dream come true. The state has certainly had a fair number of big winners in many major draws, with the biggest one coming relatively recently. Thus, many look to buy Pennsylvania Lotto tickets

Namely, in the March 17, 2018 Powerball drawing, a player from Pennsylvania won the biggest jackpot in lottery’s history, banking USD 456.7 million. Later, it was discovered that the prize wasn’t won by a single player but rather the Emerald Legacy Trust. Regardless of the fact, this was by far the largest jackpot won in the state. The winner opted for the cash option instead of the annuity, netting USD 273.9 million before taxes.

In July of 2015, Steven Peloquin, a truck driver from Virginia, was passing through Pennsylvania and during his stop, decided to purchase a Mega Millions ticket. It turned out to be probably the best decision he’s ever made as it turned out to be the winner, worth USD 92,000,000. Peloquin wasn’t aware he had the winning ticket until he went online and checked his numbers, realizing he won almost USD 100,000,000 – a truly life-changing amount for almost anyone.

These are just a couple of stories selected from many similar ones. Pennsylvania has sold a great number of big winning Pennsylvania Lotto tickets over the years and we’re quite certain this will continue to be the case moving forward as the state lottery has gone from strength to strength year over year.

Top Five Lottery Wins in Pennsylvania

RankLotteryDatePrize in USD
1PowerballMarch 17, 2018456,700,000
2Mega MillionsMay 20, 2014149,000,000
3PowerballJune 20, 2013131,500,00
4PowerballApril 25, 2012107,500,000
5Mega MillionsJuly 21, 201592,800,000

How Exactly Are PA Lottery’s Proceeds Managed?

As with any Lottery program, there is always a clearly-defined scheme for how proceeds are to be shared. According to the provision of the Pennsylvania Law, nothing less than 40 percent of Lottery proceeds is required to be paid as prizes, and another 27 percent is to be used to fund programs. However, what is currently obtained with the PA lottery games proceeds deviates a little from this. As at the time of writing this article, 60.9% of every dollar in the PA lottery games is paid as prizes, 29.9 percent is directed to programs, 6.7 percent is paid as retailer and vendor commissions, and another 2.5 percent is consumed as operating and administrative expenses. While the Michigan Lottery targets a significant percentage of its proceeds to education in the State, the Pennsylvania Lottery targets all its proceeds to programs for its elderly residents. In fact, throughout the United States, the Pennsylvania Lottery is the only Lottery that spend that much percentage of its proceeds on its elderly residents.

Chances: The Online Development of Pennsylvania Lottery

Pennsylvania Lotto online: As of right now, there is certainly a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the online segment of the PA lottery. While the site itself is quite nice and useful, as far as you can check the winning numbers and even watch draws live, you can’t actually play lottery online PA. There is also a Pennsylvania lottery app available for iOS and Android devices. Although you can check your numbers here, again there is no facility to purchase standard lottery tickets or scratchcards from the app. Online options are currently limited to just purchasing special iLottery games, which is definitely not something all players are happy about.

Moving forward, we expect to see all this change and the site actually introduce an opportunity of buying lottery tickets for all major draws with the Pennsylvania Lotto online. This would be very convenient for the players and would probably increase Pennsylvania Lotto tickets as well, so there is every incentive for the state to do it. Seeing how the Pennsylvania lottery site is still very young, it is likely these and other improvements will be introduced moving forward and players from the state will have access to all the benefits available to players from other US states that offer a lottery. Making the Pennsylvania Lotto online a go-to attraction.

Pennsylvania Lottery Games: How to Play

A little about the history of the PA lottery games to get a bearing on the subject matter. In an effort to improve the economy of the state and generate more revenue internally, the Legislature established the Pennsylvania Lottery in August 1971. Ticket sales for the PA lottery did not begin until March 7, 1972. The ticket sales began with a $0.50 passive game that featured weekly drawings a $1 million grand prize for lucky winner. The PA lottery games did more than was projected positively in terms of generating revenue for the State of Pennsylvania. During the end of the first fiscal year, the PA lottery games had already generated $57.7 million in revenues to the state. This was way beyond the original projection conceived during its establishment by the Legislature; almost double the original projection. The PA lottery games introduced the first Pennsylvania lottery instant games in May 1975. By this time, more revenue would be generated with the sales of Pennsylvania lottery instant tickets. In about two years later, the 3-digit The Daily Number was sold in March 1977. In November 1980, Big 4 joined the show. The Lottery evolved in April 1982 when the weekly passive games was brought to a glorious end, marking the introduction of the Pennsylvania Lotto.

The PA lottery games recorded a tremendous success in its path with its Super 7.  This game happened to be the first of its kind in the country when it was introduced in 1986. To win the Super 7 jackpot, players would have to match seven of eleven numbers, a jackpot that reached $115.5 million in 1989; it’s still a state record for a Pennsylvania-only game. The underlining goal for creating the Pennsylvania Lottery was to generate funds that will benefit programs for the Commonwealth’s older residents, while serving another distinguished purpose of becoming the only lottery in the country that exclusively benefits seniors. The Pennsylvania Lottery continues to play a very vital role in the state economy and help relieve financial burdens on its citizen. The proceeds made from the PA lottery games provided property tax relief for Pennsylvania seniors. Many other programs in the state are largely funded by proceeds and revenues from the PA lottery games. Among these programs are rent rebates, free and reduced-fare transit, the low-cost prescription drug program PACE and PACENET, long-term living services, the 52 Area Agencies on Aging, without excluding more than six hundred (600) full-time and part-time senior centers across the State of Pennsylvania. The PA lottery games under the administration of the Pennsylvania Lottery is supervised by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, as its parent agency. If you enjoy buying tickets and find yourself outside of Pennsylvania, remember the Rhode Island Lotto tickets and the California Lotto tickets.

Pennsylvania Lottery Online FAQs

Where to buy Pennsylvania Lotto tickets?

You can purchase lottery tickets in Pennsylvania at various retail locations across the state. All of these stores offer tickets for all draws available in the state, from multi-state lotteries to Pennsylvania-only lotto and lottery drawings and various scratch cards.

How to play the lottery in Pennsylvania online?

While the lottery site will let you watch any lottery PA drawing live and check your numbers, you can’t actually purchase any lottery tickets online. At the moment, you can only use the site to play special iLottery games while all traditional lottery and lotto draw tickets can only be bought at various physical stores.

What lottery is only played in Pennsylvania?

There are several lotteries that are only played in Pennsylvania. The most popular ones are Match 6 and Cash 5, both of which offer generous jackpot prizes and decent winning odds when compared to other major lotteries out there.

Are lottery winnings taxable in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania taxes its lottery winners. All wins over USD 600 are liable for taxation and you’ll need to pay the 24 percent federal tax as well as 3.07 percent for the state lottery tax in Pennsylvania. Whether you win online or playing traditional lottery, your wins will be reported to the IRS and you’ll need to pay the taxes accordingly. It's still really fun buying Pennsylvania Lotto tickets.

Can lottery winners remain anonymous in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania isn’t one of six US states where lottery winners are allowed to stay anonymous if they so choose. Thus, you can expect your basic information to become public record if you have a significant lottery win in PA. Find out how to buy Pennsylvania Lotto tickets with us.

Conclusion: Heaven for Lottery Players

If you reside in Pennsylvania and enjoy playing lottery, you’re in good shape. The state offers access to pretty much all major draws you can think of so you’ll be able to chase any and all jackpots out there. This article is an extensive Pennsylvania lottery how to play guide so now you know all you need to know to get started. All that remains is to pick your numbers and keep your fingers crossed for the next big draw!

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