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At we bring you the latest information on the Atlantic City lottery and all the bells and whistles that come with it. There is an exceptional range of lotto games that include the likes of PowerBall, Mega Millions and Pick 6.

Atlantic City residents can also make use of the genuinely exciting mobile app that is available for both IOS and Android users alike. So, keep reading our review of the Atlantic City lotteries to find out more about how to buy Atlantic City lotto tickets.


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About: Atlantic City lotteries

Atlantic City started their lotteries back in 1969 and have since become one of the most famous places in the US not only for its lotteries but it’s overall gambling activities as well. Atlantic City has rightly become world-renowned but unfortunately, when it comes to their lotteries you will actually need to be in Atlantic City to take part.

There are a multitude of Atlantic City lotteries to choose from including the ever-popular Fast Plays, Pick 6, Quick Draw and many others. The Atlantic City lotteries of course include the most popular major lottery jackpots as well like the PowerBall and Mega Millions lotteries. Atlantic City residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to their lottos and it becomes more apparent why some many people like to pass through Atlantic City to get some lottery action in before they are on their way again.

Atlantic City Serving the Community

Atlantic City brings in some of the highest lotto sales in the US which means that there is more money to be given back to the city and to the state of New Jersey. The revenue from the lotto sales in Atlantic City go towards fine causes that aid the citizens of the city and state. The proceeds have been going towards improving the overall quality of public education and other public institutions of the state. More specifically, the Lottery's net revenue is used to improve New Jersey's public employee pension system for teachers, police and fire personnel. This is done in accordance with the Contribution Act.

As you can see, the lottery ticket sales are not falling into the wrong hands or further filling up the fat cat’s coffers but rather being used to good effect. The improvement of the city and the conditions of public workers is the number one priority as it stands and rightly so. It's great to see such investment going back into the city and as a lotto player, you can know that you are a part of that process. No matter how small.

Creating an Atlantic City Lotto Online Account

It is possible for residents to create an account to buy Atlantic City lotto tickets online. Creating your account is very straightforward as all you need to do is enter a few simple details. These details include things like your name, surname, date of birth, account password, email address and a security question.

As most of the residents just buy their Atlantic City lotto tickets at their local lottery retailers, is it really even worth it to create an account? The answer is unequivocally yes as there are several benefits to doing so. By creating an account you become a VIP club member which means you gain access to things like promotions, events, personalized notifications and access to more lotto games like sweepstakes. But your gut is telling you there is no such thing as a free lunch, right? Well, on this occasion your gut would be wrong as signing up is completely free! That’s right, no costs involved at all for you to get everything we mentioned. We should mention here that you can’t fully buy Atlantic City lotto tickets online but we will get to that in more detail with our FAQs section.

Atlantic City Lotteries: Variety of Games on Offer

As this is Atlantic City we are talking about, it's safe to assume that the selection of lotto games is probably strong. This is an accurate assumption as the lotto games on offer are exceptional in their quality and diversity. As Atlantic City falls under the state of New Jersey, it is a part of the 41 states who offer the national jackpots in PowerBall and Mega Millions. These are the most popular lotto games for a reason as the jackpots can reach fairly exorbitant heights which make the draw even more exciting. But nobody wants to be limited to just two different lottery games. So, what else do Atlantic City offer their residents in terms of lottery games?

Variety of lotto games on offer

Who doesn’t love a bit of variety when it comes to, well, anything? There’s no such thing as having too many options and the same can be said for lottery games. There are a number of different lotto games available for Atlantic City Residents that include fan favourites like Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6, Jersey Cash 5, 5 Card Cash, Fast Play and many more. You are genuinely spoilt for choice as an Atlantic City resident with your lotto gaming options.

This doesn’t even cover everything as you can also play a number of different scratch offs as well. At the time of writing, we found that there were around 70 different scratch offs to choose from all ranging from around $10 to $30. Atlantic City residents who have decided to join the VIP club will also have access to “opt-in” sweepstakes drawings. If you decide to opt-in you will be entered into a prize which is named in the email that Atlantic City lotto online will send to you.

You will never run out of fun lotto games to get stuck into with Atlantic City lotto online but if you are looking to compare their range of games to another state then we suggest taking a look at our guide on how to play lottery online to check out our reviews for a couple of the other state lotteries.

Atlantic City Lotto Online: Mobile App

In the name of convenience, it's always a pleasure to have access to a streamlined and easy to use mobile app to help you with your lottery games. Our Atlantic City lotto online review found that there is in fact a mobile app available to be used. The app can be downloaded for IOS and for Android so no one in Atlantic City is left out from using it.

The app provides a few handy tools for Atlantic City residents with things like the scanner and the ePayslips. The scanner can make your life easier by letting you know exactly how many prizes are left in your scratch offs. It can also give you immediate information on whether you have won or not. You can also scan your losing scratch offs to immediately be eligible for the 2nd chance drawing.

You can also get the winning numbers sent straight to you with the mobile app by enabling push notifications. This feature is for all of the lotto games available on the site and not just for scratch offs. Whatever you slice it, the mobile app is a great way to conveniently stay on top of your lotto games and their results.

Atlantic City Lottery FAQs

Whether you are new to lottery games in Atlantic City or if you are a seasoned pro, there are always going to be times where you run into some questions that need answering. That is why we have put together the most frequently asked questions about the Atlantic City lotto online:

Atlantic City lotto online is 100% legal. You need not worry about any illegality when it comes to playing the lotto games available on the site. You must, however, be at least 18 years of age to legally play any of the Atlantic City lotteries available but other than that there is nothing for you to worry about with regards to legality.

How do I buy Atlantic City lotto tickets online? 

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Atlantic City lotto tickets online in the full sense of the idea. However, you can use the mobile app or the website to make the process of purchasing your Atlantic City lotto tickets go much faster. You can use the ePlayslip which will let you pick your numbers in advance. The price of your Atlantic City lotto tickets will then come up on the virtual slip which you can then take to your local lotto retailer to have it checked out and paid for in person.

Are my Atlantic City lottery winnings taxed by the state? 

There is unfortunately no way around this fact. This is no different for any other state lottery in the US. You can expect to be taxed by 25% if your maximum winnings reach above $5,000. There are a few minor differences depending on the amounts and whether or not it will be federal tax or not. You can check these details out in more detail on the Atlantic City lotto online site.

Can I stay anonymous after winning any lottery game?

Yes, you most certainly can. This can be an important aspect especially if you strike absolute gold and take home a massive jackpot. It's always better to keep that under wraps so you can ask the lottery to keep your personal information out of the public eye.

Is it mandatory to create an account on the Atlantic City lotto online site?

No, you do not have to create an account with the Atlantic City lottery if you don’t want to. However, the benefits of joining the VIP club far outweigh the minor amount of effort you need to put in to create your account.

Our Conclusion to the Atlantic City Lottery

The Atlantic City lottery is one of the finest in the US. With an exceptional range of lottery games and a streamlined mobile app it's easy to see why. The mobile app is easy to use and is available for both IOS and Android downloads making it altogether accessible. Furthermore, the VIP club is an excellent way for you to enhance the overall quality of your Atlantic City lottery experience.

There is a lot to like about the Atlantic City lottery and we are sure that residents who have yet to try their hand at any of the games will enjoy their experience. Check out our review for the greater state of New Jersey lotteries to see what other lottery games you can find. Or, take a look at some of our other guides to online gambling sites in the US.

Atlantic City Lotteries FAQ

✍Are there any Atlantic City lotto promotions to use ?

At we want to make sure that we give you all the latest information on any potential promotions that might be running with regards to the Atlantic City lotteries. There have been plenty in the past so we’ll be sure to keep you clued up about online lottery offers any that are currently available or that are coming up on the horizon.

🎲Are there other lotto games beside Mega Millions & PowerBall?

Looking to buy lotto tickets online? While Mega Millions and PowerBall are by far the most popular national lottery games, there are plenty of other games available for Atlantic City residents to enjoy. That is why our review covers every game that you can find on the Atlantic City lottery website.

⛔Can I play the Atlantic City lotto outside the state of New Jersey?

There are certainly a couple of geographical restrictions for you to keep in mind before you decide that you want to buy Atlantic City lotto tickets. At we give you the breakdown on where you can play the Atlantic City lotteries from and whether some of the restrictions will prevent you from playing these lottos or not.


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