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New Jersey Lotteries 2021

Buy New Jersey Lotto Tickets Online

There are few things as exciting as seeing your numbers come up during a lottery draw. If you enjoy New Jersey lotteries then this is the review for you as we give you all the lotto details of the Garden State. 

The New Jersey state lottery website has an excellent selection of lotto games that include favourites like Pick 3, Fast Play and Cash Pop. There is also an exceptional mobile app available to use which we will analyse in more detail with the rest of our review!

About: New Jersey lotteries

The New Jersey state lottery started way back in 1969 on the 20th of November. Since then, the state lottery has gone from strength to strength offering a variety of lotto games for state residents to take part in. The New Jersey lotto online has continued to adapt over the years allowing users to buy lottery tickets both online, through the mobile app and of course at our local lottery retailers. The state of New Jersey also has the world-famous Atlantic City lotteries as well.

Users can choose from a number of different lotto games that include Mega Millions, PowerBall, scratch offs and a number of different draw games. We will touch on the lotto games you can play in more detail later in our New Jersey lotto online review. The sale of lotto tickets are put back into the state of New Jersey. 50% of the sales will go back into the lotto to become prizes and jackpots but roughly 50% goes back into a variety of different state programs like education, senior citizen care and more.  

Creating a New Jersey lotto online account

When it comes to state-run lotteries in the US there are differences in which lotteries allow you to buy lotto tickets online. So, can you buy New Jersey lotto tickets online? The answer is yes! Before you can do this, you will need to create your account on the New Jersey lotto online website. All you need to do is fill in your name, surname, email address, preferred password, a security question and your date of birth. Once you have filled in this information you are ready to go. 

By creating an account on the New Jersey lotto online website you are now a part of the VIP club. The VIP club gets you exclusive access to sweepstakes games, 2nd chance draws and exclusive promotions and events. The real shining light here is that you don’t need to put any money down to become a VIP, it's completely free! There are some real benefits to signing up to the site and the fact that it costs money should mean that you don’t think twice about doing it if you already frequently play the lotto. 

New Jersey Lotteries: Selection of Games 

There is an excellent selection of New Jersey lotteries to choose from on the site. New Jersey is part of the 41 states that offer the national lottery in the PowerBall and Mega Millions. The jackpots for these games are generally significantly higher than any other lottery ranging in the hundreds of millions at times. You can check out the New Jersey online lotto website to see where the two jackpots currently stand. But you are probably already very familiar with these two lotteries as they are regularly televised. What you really want to know is what other games can you play through the New Jersey state lottery website.

Additional Lotto Game Options

You will find a number of different lotto games to play through the New Jersey online lotto website. With such a diverse field of lotto options it's easy to see why the New Jersey state lottery is considered to be one of the best in the country. Here is a list of some of the lotto games you can find on the site: 

  • Pick 3 
  • Pick 4
  • Jersey Cash 5
  • Pick 6
  • Quick Draw 
  • Cash Pop
  • Cash4Life
  • 5 Card Cash
  • Fast Play

And that is just the selection of draw games that are available, we haven’t even got to the extensive range of scratch offs yet. At the time of writing, we found over 73 different online scratch offs for users to choose from. This is an exceptional range of scratch offs for New Jersey residents to sink their teeth into. The range of lotto games is really something to behold on the New Jersey lotto online website. Check out our review for the Indiana lotto tickets or Delaware lotto online to compare the diversity of different state lotteries.

New Jersey Lotto Online: Mobile App

Another feature that not all state lotteries in the US offer is the chance to buy lotto tickets through a mobile app. You can buy New Jersey lotto tickets online through the use of the streamlined mobile app. There are a number of fantastic features on the mobile app that we want to touch on. 

There is a scanning feature on the mobile app that allows you to see what prizes remain for a specific scratch offs game. You can also find out if you have won by scanning your scratch offs and draw games tickets barcodes. A simple and effective way to get to your lotto results. You can even scan your non-winning scratch offs barcodes to get you straight into the second chance drawings. 

The next quality feature on the app is the accessibility of the ePlayslip. The ePlayslip will allow you to create your wager for Cash Pop and Quick draw with ease. Once you create your wager on the app all you need to do is show your barcode to your local lotto retailer with your payment for the next drawing.

New Jersey Lottery Quick Facts

You may be a stalwart of the lotto industry in New Jersey in which case you are probably well-versed in the ways of New Jersey lotteries. However, there are plenty of new lotto players who may run into a couple of queries and problems that they need to be cleared up. You can always access the New Jersey lotto online website to check out their extensive range of FAQs. With that being said, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by newer New Jersey lotto players:

Can anyone buy New Jersey lotto tickets?

No, you need to be 18 years and older in order to legally buy New Jersey lotto tickets online. However, you also don’t need to be a New Jersey resident to purchase a lotto ticket. If you are just passing through the state or are there on holiday you are well within your rights to purchase a ticket so long as it was done within the borders of New Jersey. 

Do I have to create an account on the New Jersey lotto online site?

In truth, no you do not need to create an account on the New Jersey website. You can still easily purchase your tickets at your local lotto retailer. However, once you create an account you become a part of the VIP club which has an extensive range of benefits like exclusive promotions and events, winnings numbers notifications sent to your phone or email and much more. 

How can I check if my ticket has won?

There are a few ways for you to access the winning numbers from the specific New Jersey lotteries. You can simply navigate to the New Jersey state lottery website. From there make your way to the main page of whatever draw game you bought a ticket for. You should see a search bar where you can search the specific numbers or the date of the lottery. If you are a VIP member you can have these winning numbers immediately sent to your phone once the draw has been completed. 

Where do I collect my winnings?

Where you collect your ticket winnings will depend solely on how much you won off of a specific lottery. For example, if you won less than $600, you can easily collect your winnings at your local lottery retailer by showing them your winning ticket. If you have won more than $600 you will need to make your way to the New Jersey headquarters. The processing times for wins bigger than $600 generally take about 3 weeks to complete before you can receive your winnings. 

Can my winning ticket expire?

Yes! Be sure to stay on top of your winning ticket and always check to see if your numbers have won. There have been some nightmare stories in the past about people who have had the tickets expire. Your winning ticket will expire one year after the date of the actual lottery draw. Always check up on those numbers to confirm whether you won or not!

Conclusion - Final Words on New Jersey Lotteries

At this point of our review hopefully, you feel a little more clued up about the New Jersey lotteries available to you. We are very impressed with the range of lottery games available on the website but we are even more impressed by the VIP club that users can sign up to for free. No tricks, no strings attached, just added benefits for a simple sign up process.

Remember, in order to buy New Jersey online lottery tickets you do need to be within the borders of the state itself. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you happen to get lucky and win one of the bigger lottery tickets over $600 that you will need to fill out a New Jersey lottery form and take it to the headquarters with your winning ticket. 

If ever find yourself out of New Jersey then be sure to check out our reviews for Illinois lotteries and California lotto tickets.

New Jersey Lotteries FAQ

❓How do I know if I can buy New Jersey lotto tickets?

There are a couple of things for you to keep in mind when buying New Jersey lotto tickets. At CaptainGambling, we keep you up to date with the restrictions on who can buy New Jersey lottery tickets. You won’t ever have to doubt whether you can buy New Jersey lotto tickets or not after reading our review.

🗺️How can I buy New Jersey lotto tickets?

There are a couple of ways for you to get your hands on some New Jersey lottery tickets. Our review of the New Jersey lotteries will have you clued up on where and how you can procure some lottery tickets for your favourite games. At CaptainGambling we never miss a beat, as we want our readers to stay on top of all the important information.

Looking to buy lottery tickets online? The New Jersey state lottery has a solid range of lottery games for state residents to play. Some you will know well and others may be quite new to you. Either way, we cover every aspect of the lotto games available on the site so you know exactly what your options are.

Looking for online lottery games? There is nothing better than having a mobile app to make your New Jersey lottery experience that much simpler. At CaptainGambling we let you know if there is such an app available and what features it may have for you to simplify your lottery experience.

✍Can I access a VIP club?

Many of the lotteries in the US offer their users a chance to sign up to a VIP club. These VIP clubs can give you excellent incentives and bonus offers which is why our review makes sure to comb through the New Jersey state lottery website to see if they have such a feature available for their players.