New Hampshire Lotteries 2021

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Established back in 1964, Lottery New Hampshire is one of the second-oldest lottery organization in the US, right behind the Puerto Rico Lottery, which launched first in 1934. New Hampshire Lotteries is part of the MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association), which they joined in 1995. They also participate in Tri-State lottery offerings, together with Vermont and Maine.

According to current laws, NH residents must be at least 18 years old to participate. Almost all proceeds generated by the lottery go towards New Hampshire schools (25 percent), while six percent is taken for administrative expenses and other fees. This leaves 63 percent of total money going towards prize pools. To date, the state lottery has generated more than USD 2 billion for the education and continues to go strong.

New Hampshire Lotteries: Playing Offline

In New Hampshire, players can buy a variety of tickets for different draws at numerous retail locations as well as different scratch cards. Lottery tickets New Hampshire are available for several major draws that take in people from across the US as well as draws that are limited only to the state or the Tri-State area.

Alongside these, there are many scratch cards sold across many retail locations at different prices and offering various jackpots. So, overall, residents of NH have access to a very solid selection of lottery games and can pick the ones they like most.

New Hampshire Lotteries: Playing Online

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission took its time with the New Hampshire Lotto online. Although the new interpretation of the Wire Act from 2011 made it clear that lotteries weren’t covered and were fine to offer over the internet, it wasn’t before 2018 that NH lottery tickets became available online, and even then only to a limited extent.

Namely, players can buy tickets for a couple of major draws on the site but you’ll still need to go to a physical store for a majority of draws and scratch cards. Thus, while the site is useful, there is definitely room for improvement here and things could be made much easier and player-friendly with regards of what’s actually available when it comes to the New Hampshire Lotto online.

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Lottery New Hampshire Review: Product Overview

Between its online and land-based offering, NH state lottery features a decent selection of drawings and scratchers that players can take their chances with. Being part of the Tri-State area, NH is able to offer access to some draws that aren’t available in a majority of US states, which does create some extra value for the players.

New Hampshire Lotteries 2021

When it comes to major draws with substantial, massive lottery jackpot amounts, there are quite a few available in New Hampshire. These are lotteries with jackpots that seed at big amounts right from the get go and only increase over time, eventually producing truly life-changing wins every so often.

Powerball is one of the two major drawings in the US, offered in 44 states. Draws take place two times a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets are worth USD 2 each, with an additional option of paying USD 1 to get a win multiplier between 2x and 10x. The online lottery New Hampshire offers players a chance to buy Powerball tickets right on the site and make sure they never miss a draw this way. The main jackpot, which seeds at USD 40 million but frequently goes overs USD 100 million, is won by matching all five numbers on the ticket to the numbers in the draw plus the Powerball number. The odds for winning the jackpot are 1 in 292 million.

Mega Millions is another interstate lottery, with 46 US states participating in the draws taking place on Tuesdays and Sundays every week. Players can get their tickets at USD 2 a pop and the jackpot seeds at USD 40,000,000 as well. An additional USD 1 for each combination played will get you a win multiplier up to 5x. You can get New Hampshire lottery subscription for Mega Millions draws ahead of time, ensuring you’re always in with the chance. The odds of winning the main jackpot are slightly worse than 1 in 302 million.

Lucky For Life lottery is available in 25 states. The top prize on offer is USD 1,000 every day for the rest of your life, while the second prize features USD 25,000 every year for the rest of your life. In order to win, players need to guess all five numbers plus the Lucky Ball number and the odds are slightly better than 1 in 31 million. Draws take place twice a week, on Monday and Thursday nights.

Megabucks is a popular lottery draw available to the residents in the Tri-State area, namely New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Megabucks drawings are held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturdays and tickets are sold for USD 2. Odds of winning the main jackpot, which starts at USD 1,000,000 and grows with every new draw, are about 1 in 4.5 million.

New Hampshire Lotteries: Keno 603

Residents of New Hampshire who are seeking for some fast-paced action will find exactly that with Keno 603 games. Draws take place every five minutes so you can pretty much play as many as you like in a day. You can buy tickets for different amounts, starting at USD 1 and going up to USD 25. More expensive the ticket, bigger the potential prize.

Players can choose between different games, from 1-spot to 12-spot draws. The jackpot for the 12-spot game is USD 1,000,000, which will require you to correctly mark 12 numbers on your Keno slip. While odds of this happening are quite slim, overall chances of winning something when playing a 12-spot game are slightly better than 1 in 16.

Games & Scratch Cards – New Hampshire Lotto tickets

In addition to everything described above, there are several other options available to lottery NH players. There are a few more drawings that take place regularly alongside a great range of scratch cards and fast play games offered at physical retail locations.

  • Gimme 5 is a NH lotto style game available in the Tri-State area. Draws take place three times a week and the main jackpot, awarded for correctly guessing all five numbers is USD 100,000. Gimme 5 tickets cost only USD 1 each and players have an option to buy a ticket that’s valid for up to 30 upcoming draws. Odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 575,000.
  • Pick 3 and Pick 4 are also Tri-State area draws happening two times a day, every day of the week. Players have an option to pay between USD 0.50 and USD 5 for the ticket, with prizes growing exponentially. Jackpot wins are 500x and 5,000x the bet, respectively.
  • Fast Play games are similar to scratch cards but without any scratching taking place. Players can print these tickets at lottery terminals, buying them for USD 1, 2, or 5, depending on the game. Every ticket contains exact instructions on how the game is played and what is the maximum you stand to win when you buy it.

New Hampshire lottery also offers a variety of scratch cards that can be bought at retail locations. Prices of these scratchers range from USD 1 to USD 25, with all of them offering different graphics and, of course, various jackpots. The most expensive ones, such as Granite State and Granite State Gold offer an opportunity to win as much as USD 200,000 in an instant.

Special Offers & Draws

While many state lotteries have special draws and raffles that take place once or twice a year, giving their players an extra shot or two at big money, this isn’t the case in New Hampshire. The NH state lottery sticks to regular draws and doesn’t offer any special drawings for the residents. Of course, this isn’t to say that something won’t change in the future as state lotteries have a lot of freedom in terms of planning their games. Historically speaking, however, there have been no such drawings up to this point in time.

Lottery New Hampshire Online: Online Features & Services Under Review

As far as traditional draws are concerned, you’ll only be able to buy New Hampshire Lotto tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions using the New Hampshire Lotto online. All other draw tickets and scratch cards are only available in physical stores and you won’t be able to buy as New Hampshire Lotto tickets.

On the other hand, there is a whole iLottery section featured on the site, which is completely geared towards online users and you’ll be able to play from your computer or using the mobile app. These lotteries are more like scratch cards but there are some nice prizes up for grabs so the NH lottery offers a solid number of options for virtual players.

Using the New Hampshire Lottery Site And Buying New Hampshire Lotto Tickets

The very first thing you’ll need to do is, as always, register with the New Hampshire Lotto online. You can do this from your computer or your phone, using the app. Fill in the required personal details and you’ll be able to get started in no time. The whole registration process is very straightforward and you’ll have no problems whatsoever with this step.

Next, you’ll need to fund your iLottery account. You can deposit using several methods, namely credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Simply select the one you’re most comfortable with, transfer funds to your wallet, and you’ll be able to spend that money to purchase your Mega Millions and Powerball tickets and play all games in the iLottery section. This enhances your experience when it comes to the New Hampshire Lotto online and makes it easier to purchase New Hampshire Lotto tickets.

When it comes to withdrawals, all winnings below USD 600 are automatically transferred to your account and you can withdraw them with no fuss. For winnings between USD 600 and USD 10,000, you’ll need to fill in an online form before winnings are released. Finally, all wins of USD 10,000 or more can’t be claimed online and you’ll need to claim them personally at the lottery headquarters. But, you can still embrace the latest New Hampshire Lotto tickets.

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New Hampshire Lottery: History

Established in 1963, the NH Lottery is one of the oldest in the US. In officially launched in August of 1963, under the name the New Hampshire Sweepstakes. In March of the following year, all citiesand towns in the state had an opportunity to vote for or against sweepstakes tickets being sold in their cities and only 12 out of 224 voted against.

It is interesting that during the early years, lottery drawings weren’t held using standard numbered balls as the state was trying to avoid federal anti-lottery laws. Instead, they used numbers of horses running in races at Rockingham Park. During these early years, lottery tickets were predominantly sold in liquor stores across the state. Of course, a lot has changed over the decades and now tickets are available at thousands of retail locations. The first online lottery site in the state was launched in September of 2018.

Lottery New Hampshire: Big Wins

As the second-oldest lottery organizations in the US, New Hampshire has had more than a few big NH lottery winners over the years. The state has also experienced quite a bit of controversy in the recent years as well around the issue of anonymity for big winners. You’ll also find to be the case with the West Virginia Lotto online and the New Jersey Lotteries.

Namely, a resident of New Hampshire bought the sole winning ticket for the January 6, 2018 Powerball draw, which netted her the prize of USD 559.7 million. While pretty much anyone would be over the moon with this huge windfall, the winner soon filed with the court, requesting for her identity to be kept private.

Jane Doe didn’t want to claim her prize until she was certain she could remain anonymous and continue her normal life in New Hampshire without the constant hassle of being recognized as the winner of the single biggest jackpot ever awarded in the state. In the end, the court sided with Jane Doe and overruled the lottery’s decision to make her name public. According to statements of her lawyers, the woman was thrilled with the outcome as she would be able to continue her normal life. A strange story for sure but not everyone wants the fame and nuisance that comes with being the biggest New Hampshire lottery winner ever.

RankLotteryDatePrize in USD
1PowerballJan. 6, 2018559,700,000
2PowerballJuly 30, 2016341,700,000
3PowerballAug. 30, 200370,000,000
4PowerballDec. 17, 199766,000,000
5PowerballMarch 30, 199651,000,000

Chances: The Online Development of NH Lottery

New Hampshire officials clearly see the potential of their online lottery site, which is visible from the brand new iLottery section that offers a great range of games custom-tailored for online play. In this department, we’re likely to see much more progress and new gaming options added to the portfolio. After all, making new and entertaining offerings takes just a bit of imagination so there is no reason for this area not to expand and grow. Thus, the New Hampshire Lotto online is set to take-off.

At the same time, we’re hoping lottery officials will also look into adding more traditional options to the New Hampshire Lotto online. Players should be able to purchase their draw tickets and scratch cards straight on the site with no limitations and it is probably one of the options they’re currently working on. Keeping in mind the site is still pretty young, we’re likely to see some serious improvements in this department in the near future – making the New Hampshire Lotto online even more enticing and allowing you to freely buy New Hampshire Lotto tickets. Head on over to our coverage of the Pennsylvania Lotteries or snatch up some Rhode Island Lotto tickets

Lottery New Hampshire Online FAQs

How to play New Hampshire lottery online?

You can register for the New Hampshire lottery on the official site and you can purchase tickets for several big draws like Powerball and Mega Millions. You can also participate in their brand new iLottery games. However, a large majority of games and draw tickets are still only available in physical stores.

What is the biggest single lottery win in New Hampshire?

The biggest win in the long history of the NH lottery happened in 2018, when a lucky player bought the sole winning Powerball ticket worth just shy of USD 560 million. Despite this being the biggest ever win, the winner fought to keep her anonymity and eventually succeeded so to this day we don’t know her identity.

What are the biggest draws offered by the New Hampshire lottery?

Residents of New Hampshire can participate in two major draws, namely Mega Millions and Powerball, as well as Lucky For Life, which is available in 22 states in total. There are also several draws available only in the Tri-State area.

What’s the situation with lottery tax New Hampshire, how much will I have to pay if I win?

At the moment, there is no state tax on lottery winnings in New Hampshire. Thus, you’ll only have to pay federal taxes but the exact amount will depend on the amount won as well as other circumstance in your life.

Can New Hampshire lottery winners remain anonymous?

According to current laws in place, the lottery will disclosed the name and the town of all lottery winners. However, the case of the biggest winner who managed to keep her anonymity indicates that players could have their identities kept private if they were really adamant about it.

Conclusion: Many Winning Opportunities

All in all, if you’re from New Hampshire, you certainly have a fair amount of options available to you. From traditional draws to numerous games available via the iLottery site, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re after huge, multi-million jackpots, or smaller but still life-changing prizes, you can easily find a draw or a game for you. So, head on over to the NH lottery site to see what jackpots are hot and start your chase for the glory!
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