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Best Michigan Lottery Promo Code 2022

Grab yourself some amazing offers from Michigan Lottery

It is as easy as it gets. To grab your free promo with Michigan Lottery you don't need to add a specific bonus code. All you have to do is sign-up with Michigan Lottery through the link in the box below and your amazing promos will be applied once you deposit funds into your account. At the time of publishing, Michigan Lottery offers up to 40 Wheel of Fortune & 40 Michigan Cash Drop free games for your first deposit. Make sure to head to their promotions section to find all the promos they hold in store for you!

What Is The Michigan Lottery Promo Code?

Or should we say, “promo codes” - as you’ll most likely get the use of more than one if you have an active Michigan Lottery account. The first Michigan Lottery promo code you’re likely to use and claim is the one which gets you the free games sign up offer. You’ll also be able to use a promo code to claim other promotions and bonuses, including the daily spin to win, giveaways and other offers on selected games. If you’re not yet a lottery online player, you can sign up today or benefit from in-store coupons, and the instant game offers.

The Michigan Deposit Promo Code

Use the right Michigan Lottery promo code when signing up and creating your brand new account, and you can enjoy an awesome welcome bonus. Depending on the code that you have available to use, you can claim up to 50 free games of keno when signing up, or even a small cash bonus. The Michigan Lottery welcome offers available via the codes are constantly updated and changing - that’s why we’ve provided you with the currency lists of codes and offers that show what you can get right now in 2022.

As for the processes and how you can sign up and claim your welcome offer by entering the right code satays the same. We’ve therefore detailed the process for you below in our step by step guide. 

How to Claim Your Michigan Lottery Promo Code - Step by Step

The process of how you can claim your Michigan Lottery promo code differs slightly depending on whether you’re a brand new player to the Michigan Lottery or you’re an existing account holder who happens to have never claimed a promo code offer before. We’ve detailed the process for both situations below - so simply scroll down and read through that which is applicable to you.

Claiming Your Promo Code for the First Time

1. Create an Account

First of all, head to the Michigan Lottery homepage or download the app and create an account. The form can be filled out quickly and easily and the verification process takes no time at all.

2. Sign In and Enter Your Code

Now that your account’s been created and registered, sign in using your email address, password and the Michigan Lottery promo code that you have obtained. Double check the information and click on the “Next” button to proceed to the following stage.

3. Complete the Form

By clicking on the “Next” button in step 2, you will be taken to the online form which you will have to complete with the required information. Once you’ve filled everything out and all of the information looks correct, hit the “Submit” button to proceed to the next step and claim your offer!

4. Confirmation

If your registration has been successful and you entered a promo code that is still valid and in date (remember we said they change them fairly frequently before!), you should then receive a confirmation banner to let you know everything is A-OK.

5. Claim Your Offer!

The confirmation banner should contain a ste of steps and/or instructions - simply follow these to claim your offer and you’re all set!

Claiming as an Existing Michigan Lottery Account Holder

1. Sign In

Head to the website or app and sign in using your email address and password.

2. Navigate

Head to the deposit area of your account by clicking on the relevant button - trust us, it’s easy to find.

3. Select Payment Method

Choose the payment method that you’ll ultimately be using to make your deposit - you have the choice between Visa, Mastercard, ACH and PayPal when using the online service. Please note - checks are only accepted over the phone.

4. Enter Your Code

When entering your payment details and deposit amount, you’ll find a box where you can put in your valid Michigan Lottery promo code. 

5. Verify

Proceeded to the next step in order to verify that the promo code you have entered and used is still valid and in date.

6. Complete Your Deposit and Claim Your Offer

If everything’s in order and your code is definitely valid, then all you need to do is click to complete your deposit payment. Once the payment goes through, your offer should appear in your account alongside your real money deposit. Simple as that. 

Finding a Promo Code on the Back of Your Ticket

Online isn’t the only place to find Michigan lottery promo codes - you can also find them on the back of selected game tickets in store. To find these codes, all you have to to is buy one of the qualifying game tickets at your local Michigan Lottery retailer and check the back of your ticket for the bonus code. Then you have to register an online account to get the full benefit of the code, which we’ll explain below.

Registering for In-Store Instant Game Offers

Now that you have the code found on the back of your qualifying instant game ticket that you’ve bought in store, you’ll need to register a Michigan Lottery account online in order to sue it. To do this simply head to the Michigan Lottery website or download the app and fill out the form to register and verify your brand new account, entering the promo code found on the back of your ticket.

What Do You Get with the In-Store Ticket Promo Code?

When your register an account and enter the promo code found on the back of your store-bought ticket, you’ll  first of all get 10 free online games. Once you make your first $10 real money deposit into your online Michigan Lottery account, you’ll get a $10 instant game coupon.

Michigan Lottery In Store Coupons

As well as the Michigan promo codes, you can also use your online account  to coupons which you can then use in store. Simply log into your Michigan Lottery account and head to there My Coupons section. These coupon can take up to 72 hours to appear in your account, so don’t fret if you’re expecting a coupon that hasn’t appeared yet. These coupons may appear in your online account, however they are for use in store.

What Can You Use the In-Store Coupons On?

You can use these in store coupons by giving your code to the cashier or using the QR code founds in your Michigan Lottery account. The offers that you can claim in store using these coupons are mostly free plays.

How Can I Get An In-Store Coupons?

You can get yourself in-store coupons regularly in two ways using your Michigan Lottery Online Account. Firstly, you can play the Daily Spin to Win game, which includes these in store coupons as potential prizes. Additionally, you can sign up for the email service and check your in box regularly - as coupons are sometimes sent out to loyal lottery customers.

Conclusion - How Good is the Promo Code

Overall the Michigan Lottery promo code has a lot to offer you as a lottery player in the Great Lakes State. Promo codes used to be solely the preserve of online casinos, so the Michigan Lottery is something of a trailblazing organization here - and we think it’s been a resounding success thus far. Unlike with casinos, the promo codes and coupons with the lottery get you more valuable prizes that benefit both parties. Lotteries are not for profit, so you always know they are going to be fairer.

Michigan Lottery Promo Code FAQ

🔞 How old do you have to be to play the Michigan state lottery?

This may be a surprising fact for you, but there is no federal law detailing the minimum legal lottery age. In stead it’s decided on a state by state basis, and differ greatly. In some status its 18, some its 21, while in some even minors can claim prizes through their parent or guardian - crazy right? Find out where the Great Lakes State stands on this issue right here.

📍 Where can I find the most up to date promo codes for the Michigan lotto?

The Michigan Lottery is one of the few to offer promo codes and in store coupon offers. One of the ways to find codes is on the back of winning tickets. The best and most valuable promo codes for the Michigan lottery, however, are to be found online. Where you ask? We always have an updated list here at

How Can I Play the Michigan Lottery for free?

Or is it even possible? The Michigan lottery online is one of the best int eh US maybe even the world - but how can you get your hands on promos or free tickets. Our experts decided to help you to find out, because we’re cool like that - click here!

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