Michigan Lotto 47 2021

The Michigan lotto 47 takes winning chance and offering up a notch compared to other Michigan lottery games. The Michigan lotto 47 is a draw game but with instant win option. Players get to join the league of fortunate Michigan residents anytime they participate in the lottery 47 Michigan. Similar to the Mega Millions, tickets for the Michigan lottery 47 can be purchased both Online and In-Store. Apart from the original offering of the lottery, players also have a second chance to win each night with the Double Play option.

Michigan Lotto 47: How to Play

The Michigan lottery 47 is another lucrative offer that presents players with an awesome opportunity for them to win a starting jackpot of $1 million. All it costs to a partaker of this great chance is just $1 ticket. After interested players have made up their mind to play the Michigan lotto 47, they can purchase the ticket Online through the official website or the mobile app, or they can visit the nearest or their favorite Michigan Lottery retailer to get a ticket (in which case we call In-Store). With the Michigan lottery 47, there are specific times that players can purchase their lottery ticket. Purchase times include:

  • In-Store and online ticket sales for a current draw are available until 7:08 pm Michigan Time on the night of the drawing.
  • In-Store ticket sales resume for the next draw at 7:10 pm MT daily.
  • Online ticket sales for the next draw start after 7:08 pm MT daily.

How It Is Played

As mentioned earlier, players interested in playing the Michigan lotto 47 have two option of playing: they can play Online or they can play In-Store.

Playing Online: To play using the Online platform, players must first select from options of four how they would like to purchase their Michigan Lotto 47 tickets online. These four options include “Easy Pick”, “Pick My Numbers”, “Combo My Numbers”, and “Use Favorite Purchase”. Let’s explain what each of these options actually mean. The “Easy Pick” requires players to select $5 (five tickets), $10 (that’s 10 tickets), or $15 (15 tickets) in order for players to have their numbers randomly selected. The “Pick My Numbers” is option an where players get to take the matter into their own hands: players are required to create their own ticket by selecting 6 numbers from 1 to 47. With the “Combo My Numbers”, players get to select 7 to 10 numbers from 1 to 47 to generate tickets with every combination of the numbers they have selected. And the fourth option, “Use Favorite Purchase”, simply means that players populate their Shopping Cart with a previously saved set of tickets; simply reusing an already used format.

After players have selected which option of the four options that they want to play with, the next thing is to select the number of draws to play. It can go as high as 60. Players then review their Shopping Cart and they get the option of spicing things up like saving tickets to be automatically purchased each week, or adding tickets to Favorite Purchases. After all these have be attended to, the next thing is to Checkout in order to proceed to payment, or Continue Shopping to get some more tickets. Once players have completed the Online purchase of tickets, they can look up their tickets in the Upcoming Purchased Draws section of their account to review their numbers and the drawing times. For players who are fortunate enough to have their numbers selected same as those drawn, they will automatically receive winning alerts about any prizes that they’ve won.

Playing In-Store: Playing In-Store is just a little different from playing Online but not too different. Players interested in playing Michigan lottery 47 In-Store will first need to pick up a playslip at their favorite or nearby Michigan Lottery retailer. Upon getting a playslip, players will select 6 numbers from 1 to 47. There is also the option to mark “Easy Pick” and have the numbers selected randomly, just as obtained when playing Online. Furthermore, players can select Double Play to their selected numbers in a second drawing, which immediately follows the regular Lotto 47 drawing, for a chance to win additional prizes up to $1.5 million. However, it is important to mention that the Double Play option adds $1 more per panel, per draw. Besides the Double Play option, players can also select EZmatch for a chance to win up to $500 instantly.

To win these instant EZmatch prizes, players match any of their EZmatch numbers with any of their Lotto 47 numbers and they win the amount shown next to the EZmatch number instantly. It is important to know also that EZmatch adds $1 more per ticket. Similar to playing online, players playing the Michigan Lottery 47 In-Store also get to choose to play up to 60 consecutive drawings with their selected numbers by marking a number in the multiple draw wagers area. After all these conditions have be fulfil relative to players’ preference, players take their playslip to the retailer to get it printed. Then, players watch out for the Michigan lotto 47 winning numbers as will be made available in the drawing results on Television, the official website, or the mobile app.

 Prize Tables

Regular Drawing
6 of 61:10,737,573Jackpot
5 of 61:43,649$2,500
4 of 61:873$100
3 of 61:50$5
Overall Odds of Winning: 1 in 47
Double Play Drawing
6 of 61:10,737,573$1,500,000*
5 of 61:43,649$5,000
4 of 61:873$200
3 of 61:50$10
Overall Odds of Winning: 1 in 47
Overall Odds of Winning: 1 in 5

 Note: It is very important to know that for the Regular Drawing, anyone who matches all six numbers drawn wins the Jackpot. If no player wins the Jackpot, then it continues to increase until it is won. After jackpot is won, the jackpot resets and starts at $1 million at the next drawing.

The Two Method of Accepting Prizes

Winners of the Michigan lotto 47 have two options from which they can choose from to accept their prizes. They can either choose the cash option or an annuity payout over the next 30 years. These payment methods are only applicable to Lotto 47 Jackpot winners and Double Play top prize winners. Some Lotto 47 Jackpot winners and some Double Play top prize winners would prefer the Cash Option to the annuity option while some others would prefer the latter to the former. For those who selected the cash option, they will receive their share of the prize pool in a onetime, lump-sum payment. However, one important point to take note of is that top prize winners that will be requesting the Cash Option have 60 days from the date they claim their prize to request the cash option method of payment.

The concept of Shared Prizes also applied to the Michigan Lotto 47. In a situation where two or more persons match all six winning numbers, the Jackpot prize is shared equally among all these winning persons. In the event that more than two persons win the Double Play top prize, the prize is also shared among winning persons equally.

Is Michigan Lotto 47 Really Worth it?

With just $1 dollar, players stand a chance to win a starting Jackpot of $1 million with the Michigan Lotto 47. There are some other quite interesting options to spice things up and make well with one’s chance of winning, like the Double Play option and the EZmatch option. Interestingly also, for regular drawing, in the case that no player wins the jackpot, it means players stand to win even higher jackpot as the jackpot get increased until one lucky player eventually wins it. So, why will you let $1 stop you from being a partaker of this wonderful opportunity? Visit our Lottery Comparison Page today, check out our operator comparison and register for an operator.

Conclusion: Is Michigan Lotto 47 Really Worth it?

The Michigan Lotto 47 is a draw game with instant win option, with a starting jackpot of $1 million. Players are only required to select six numbers from 1 to 47. Ticket for Lotto 47 goes for $1 and interested players can purchase one Online or In-Store. It is important to know that drawings are made on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:29 pm Michigan Time, thus giving players ample opportunity to be that lucky person.

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