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Lottery in Maryland 2021

Maryland Lottery
Maryland Lottery
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  • Mega Millions & Powerball available
  • Local state exclusive lotto draws
  • Dozens of available scratch-offs
  • Keno and Racetrax for instant action
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Operating since 1973, the MD Lottery is one of the longest standing and most popular lotteries in the country. The Lottery is run out of Baltimore headquarters and operates a number of state and nationwide lottery games, including the popular Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries.

The variety of games have produces many massive prizes over the years, with 60% of all ticket purchases in the state going towards the prize payouts. 30% of all ticket sales are used for state run programs that help various social classes while only 10% is allocated to retailers and the Maryland Lottery itself. In this review, we take a close look at the MD Lottery, its history, games and your odds of being the next jackpot winner.

Legal Information Overview for Maryland

MD Lottery: Playing Offline

The MD State Lottery was first started in 1973 with a single lotto game. Today, Maryland based players can enjoy a number of lottery draws every week with tickets for all games sold by hundreds of retailers. Games which players can purchase tickets for from live retailers include Pick 3, Pick 4, 5 Card Cash, Multi-Match, Powerball and Mega Millions.

In order to participate in lotto in Maryland, players must be at least 18 years of age, which is the minimum legal age one must be in order to purchase a ticket. The lottery is 100% legal and licensed by the state, so players should have no fear of the games being run improperly in any way.

MD Lottery: Playing Online

In 2011, the Congress made it abundantly clear that online lotteries were allowed under federal law and did not fall under the restrictions imposed by the Wire Act on other forms of online gambling. In accordance with this decision, the MD Lottery created a website of its own, which allows players of Maryland Lottery to buy online tickets and get involved with the draws without having to visit retailers.

The MD Lottery online website allows players to purchase tickets for all daily and weekly draws, including the nationwide games like Powerball and Mega Millions. Players can also get involved with local lotto games and play games like Keno and Racetrax which offer instant action with random number generator deciding on the outcomes.

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MD Lottery Review: Product Overview

Different state lotteries offer different products and Maryland is certainly among the states in which lottery players get their money’s worth of entertainment. Ranging from simple scratch offs to massive national lotto draws, Lottery Maryland offers many great options and plenty of winning chances for all its participants. We tested the MD Lottery in detail and we bring you a rundown of all the games available both through the live retailers and the web based lottery platform.

MD Lotteries 2021

Residents of some American states are not fortunate enough to be able to participate in all the big draws and change their lives overnight, but Maryland is one of the more liberal states when it comes to lotteries and its residents can participate in Powerball, Mega Millions as well as smaller state based lotto programs. Apart from these, the Lottery also runs daily draws that offers smaller prizes on a regular basis.

Mega Millions is easily one of the most popular national lotteries in the US and is world famous for producing more multimillionaires than any other gambling game out there. Residents of Maryland get to participate in Mega Millions draws on Tuesday and Friday nights, with tickets costing just USD 2 and potential jackpots often ranging into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The object of the game is to get all six numbers right, but the game has the potential to make you a millionaire even if you only get five of the six correct numbers.

Another major lottery game that Maryland players can take part in is the Powerball, which is another major draw that tends to change the lives of its jackpot winners upside down. One out of every 292 million tickets produces a jackpot winner, giving every player the potential to become one of the wealthiest people in the state overnight. Many previous Maryland lottery winners have changed their lives by playing the Powerball and weekly draws give you a chance to become the next instant millionaire every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Multi-Match: Weekly Lotto Draws

MD Lotto players with smaller dreams get to realize them by playing Multi-Match, a local lotto game that offers smaller and more frequent payouts. While the Maryland Lottery jackpot for this game usually ranges in the hundreds of thousands instead of millions, the game produces regular jackpot winners and gives players a chance to participate for just USD 1 per ticket.

On every ticket, players get to pick 18 out of 43 total numbers, with four ways to match the numbers. Apart from the major jackpot, players can win up to USD 2,000 and the jackpot itself starts at USD 500,000 which is a decent amount for a state exclusive lottery that offers much better odds than national lotteries like Powerball.

Games & Scratch Cards

Apart from the Maryland Lottery live draws that happen on a daily basis, the state Lottery provides plenty of other games that allow players to turn small investments into great profits. We take a look at some of the major games and scratch cards that MD players can enjoy on demand at the Maryland Lottery website.

  • Pick 3/Pick 4: With two daily draws for each game, the Pick 3 and Pick 4 are simple lotto games that give players a chance to win USD 500 or USD 5,000 jackpots on a more regular basis. These games are based on the classic lotto drawing system and offer midday and evening draws every day of the week. These games create the largest numbers of MD Lottery winners.
  • 5 Card Cash: 5 Card Cash is a simple terminal based game which uses a deck of playing cards as its reference. Every ticket is worth USD 2 and gives players two chances to win. First, the ticket is worth between USD 2 and USD 10,000 if it shows a poker hand with a value of pair of jacks or better. Secondly, a daily draw is organized and all players who match at least 2 of the five cards drawn in the draw win between USD 3 and USD 100,000.
  • Cash4Life: With a new draw organized every day and six winning balls needed to win the jackpot, Cash4Life is an extremely exciting lottery game that gives players a chance to win USD 1,000 every day for the rest of their lives. A daily Maryland lottery drawing is organized with jackpot winners getting the main prize and players who come up just short winning the consolation prize of USD 1,000 per week for the rest of their lives.
  • Keno: Players who enjoy some instant action can get it from MD Lottery by playing the popular numbers game of Keno. Players get to play Keno whenever they choose and get their results immediately, with a single game costing between USD 1 and USD 20 and prizes ranging up to USD 100,000. Additional Keno Bonus and Keno Super Bonus options give players even more chances to win on every single ticket.
  • Racetrax: Fans of sports betting who want some instant action can play the MD Lottery powered Racetrax game, which is a simulation of a horse race betting event. Bet on one of the virtual horses and win real money prizes if your horse comes first or places in the computer simulated race.

While there is no doubt that the biggest lottery winners in Maryland all come from games like Powerball and Mega Millions, there is something to be said for Scratch Cards as well, which are another form of lottery powered games that make plenty of millionaires every year. At MD Lottery, players can enjoy dozens of different scratch off games with prices ranging between USD 1 and USD 30 and prizes going all the way up to USD 20,000,000 for the most lucrative scratch cards out there.

Special Offers and Drawings

While the Lottery does not organize special drawings on a regular basis, the popular Maryland Lottery rewards program adds plenty of value to the lotto players in the state. Through the program, players can enter draws using their losing scratch cards, exchange points for cash and other rewards and win gadgets and appliances in special games reserved for the most loyal lottery players. Overall, the Maryland Lottery rewards program is one of the most rewarding in the country with plenty of added value for all frequent players.

MD Lottery Online: Features & Services under Review

The MD Lottery has been available online for a long time now and it features one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive online lottery platforms in the country. Available on desktop devices and mobile phones/tablets, the MD online lottery allows players full control of their lotto gameplay.

The online platform provides full access to all the lottery powered games, including Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash4Life, Powerball and Mega Millions. Players can purchase all the tickets after making their Maryland Lottery login in their accounts and even play instant win games such as Keno, Racetrax and Scratch Cards without ever going to visit a retailer again.

How to Use the MD Online Lottery

The first step in playing the Lottery for Maryland online is to sign up at the MD Lottery website. All Maryland citizens are allowed to sign up to the site and can do so by providing some basic personal information to the operator through the online platform or the mobile apps.

Once signed up for a player account, players can fund the account by using their debit or credit card, including Visa and MasterCard. Once the deposit is in place, players can check out the Games section of the site and choose the game they wish to play. Purchasing tickets is easy with the balance one has in their online wallet and a few clicks is all it takes to enter any of the lotto drawings. The major upside of playing online is that there is absolutely no need to be around at the Maryland Lottery drawing time as winning numbers are easily checked on the platform at any time after the draw.

Apart from purchasing tickets one by one, players can also choose to opt for a Maryland Lottery subscription, which allows for recurring participation in all the major draws. Players can enter draws for local and national lotteries through their online accounts, making them a one stop shop for all of the players’ lottery needs and wants.

The Maryland Lottery payout process is quite a simple one, especially for players who win under USD 600. In such cases, you can simply visit any retailer and redeem your ticket on the spot. Tickets with bigger wins will have to be claimed at either the Baltimore Office or one of the live casinos throughout Maryland. Winnings over USD 25,000 that players get from their online tickets can only be redeemed by visiting the Baltimore office. If you happen to become a Lottery winner in Maryland, remember that you will have to pay your taxes, while taxes on big wins will be immediately deducted by the Lottery itself.

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Lottery in Maryland: History

Having first launched in 1973 after the citizens of Maryland approved the amendment to allow for its existence, the MD Lottery has never stopped operating. The Lottery started with a single lotto draw per week and today it offers daily drawings of many different games, including the major national lottery drawings.

In 1976, the MD Lottery introduced scratch-offs, which are today the bestselling products of the Lottery. The operator started introducing even more games over the years, with Pick 3 appearing in 1976, Pick 4 in 1983 and Keno in 1993. The Bonus Match 5 game was introduced in 1995 and Maryland also assisted in the creation of The Big Game, one of America’s largest national lotteries of all time. In 2012, a Maryland player won his share of the then biggest lottery jackpot in American history, worth USD 656 Million.

Maryland is also one of the states in which the lottery decided to go digital by introducing 15,000 lottery terminals in five locations in the state. Later, a referendum was passed and in 2010 the state opened three casinos, which still operate and generate massive revenues for the state budget along with the lottery terminals.

MD Lottery: Biggest Winnings

Maryland Lottery has been around for a very long time and in that time it has produced some amazing wins and created multimillionaires out of many different players. The biggest success story when it comes to Maryland and lottery certainly came in 2012, when one player shared in a USD 656 Mega Millions jackpot, winning a total of USD 218,600,000. The amazing win was the biggest lottery jackpot in the world at the time and the lucky winner shared the spoils with two other players from Illinois and Kansas.

This was not the only time that MD Lottery players got lucky for over USD 200 Million, as another winning ticket was purchased in March 2014, netting a lucky Maryland player a total of USD 207,000,000, one half of yet another massive Mega Millions jackpot.

Perhaps less impressive in size, but equally valuable for the lucky winners was the 2011 Powerball win that went to a lucky couple from Abingdon, Maryland. The couple won a whopping Powerball jackpot worth USD 108,000,000 which remains an absurdly large win even by today’s standard. Maryland was the scene of many other big lottery wins and you can find the list of the biggest ones ever recorded below.

RankLotteryDatePrize in USD
1Mega MillionsMar. 30 2012218,600,000
2Mega MillionsMar. 18 2014207,000,000
3Mega MillionsOct. 1 2013189,000,000
4Mega MillionsJune 20 2003183,000,000
5PowerballDec. 24 2011128,800,000

Chances: The Online Development of MD Lottery

While just several years ago most players were still asking can you play MD Lottery online, today a large portion of the players have online accounts and use them to buy tickets and check winning numbers on a regular basis. The Maryland online lottery is thriving and there is no doubt that it is one of the most advanced online lottery products in USA.

Currently, the MD Lottery has very little space to improve its online offering, considering the legal confines that it operates within. The Lottery offers all the games it possibly can, including a number of instant win games for players who are not patient enough to wait for the draws.

The online lottery in Maryland also allows players to take part in all the massive national draws, which means the offer is truly complete. However, this does not mean that their online platform will not continue to evolve and add even more exciting products to the overall portfolio. The only thing that is left for the players to do is sit back and enjoy the show as one of the largest online lotteries in the country continues to run the show and improve in every way possible.

MD Lottery Online FAQs

All players who purchase tickets can participate. In order to purchase a ticket, a player must be 18 years old. Players who are not Maryland residents can still participate in the lottery draws.

MD Lottery tickets are available both live and online. Players can visit live retailers or purchase their tickets through the online platform available for PC and mobile device users.

Yes! The MD Lottery is a part of both Powerball and Mega Millions and tickets for both can be bought online. Maryland players have won many massive jackpots in the national lotteries throughout the years.

Yes! Players who win money in Maryland Lottery will have to pay their taxes and taxes on larger wins will be automatically taken out of the prize by the Lottery.

Depending on the game in question, jackpot winners may be offered a lump sum or annuities, all of which is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the draw in question.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Maryland Lottery Online
The Maryland Lottery is one of the most comprehensive ones in USA and one that has produced a large number of massive jackpot winners. If you are looking to become the next one, simply visit their online website and become a member for your chance to become the next Mega Millions, Powerball or local lottery jackpot winner. Don’t miss your chance to shine and change your life around in the next draw of a massive national lottery.

CaptainGambling Lottery
CaptainGambling Lottery

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  • Mega Millions & Powerball available
  • Local state exclusive lotto draws
  • Dozens of available scratch-offs
  • Keno and Racetrax for instant action
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