Lottery in Kentucky 2021

Lotto in Kentucky

The lottery in Kentucky was established in November of 1988 with the vote that saw 60 percent of people voting in favor of establishing the Kentucky lottery. The sale of first tickets started in April of the next year. The very first games offered by the lottery Kentucky lottery were actually lottery scratchers, with draw games only coming into the picture later.

Since 1999, all proceeds from the Kentucky lottery go towards the state’s education funds. Money goes towards scholarships and various grant programs and, to date, more than USD 3.3 billion was raised thanks to the lottery.

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Kentucky Lottery: Playing Offline

The lottery in Kentucky offers players a great range of major and smaller draw tickets as well as a variety of scratch cards. These are available at a great number of local retailers so residents of the state can easily participate in all the draws they’re interested in. All lottery games are fully regulated and completely legal in the state.

Like in most other states, players can purchase tickets for individual drawings or can buy bundles and systems, allowing them to secure their numbers for a several draws ahead. That way, you can relax on Kentucky lottery drawing days, knowing you are always in with a chance and not missing out just because you had a busy day at work and didn’t get a chance to buy a ticket.

Kentucky Lottery: Playing Online

The Kentucky site was launched in 2016, somewhat later than in other states. The launch followed on the 2011 Wire Act interpretation, which deemed that lotteries don’t fall under provisions of the Act, allowing each state to come up with its own laws, procedures, and everything else regarding the online setup. The site offers players a full scope of services and lets them buy various tickets and instant-win games online instead of using the more common subscription model.

Kentucky Lottery Review: Product Overview

The range of games offered to players by the Kentucky lottery corporation is a really good one. From pretty much all major draws, like Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball, over various smaller drawings, to a great range of online and classic scratch cards, there is something for everyone.

Kentucky Lotteries 2021

When it comes to major draws offered in Kentucky, there are several lotteries players from the state have access to. Tickets can be bought at retail locations and online alike, which makes things much simpler and easier. This is a quick overview of major games available in Kentucky.

Famous Mega Millions tickets are available in KY. Sold at USD 2 with the additional option of USD 1 per play to add a win multiplier (Megaplier), these tickets offer a shot at truly life-changing money. The jackpot seeds at USD 40,000,000 but routinely grows well over USD 100 million before there is a winner. Odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 302 million and draws take place twice a week. Kentucky lottery drawing times are the same as everywhere else, on the Tuesday and Friday evenings.

The Lucky for Life lottery is a popular multi-state drawing held two times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Tickets are available at USD 2 apiece. The main lottery jackpot is USD 1,000 a day for the rest of the winner’s life, with winning odds of about 1 in 31 million. The second prize is USD 25,000 every year for the rest of the winner’s life. The minimum guaranteed period is 20 years and winners can also opt to take the cash option instead of receiving their prize in smaller chunks.

Powerball is another multi-state lottery with the jackpot seeding at USD 40 million and growing over time. Residents of Kentucky can buy their tickets at USD 2 and they can also add an extra USD 1 per play to add a special multiplier to all non-jackpot winnings. Draws are held biweekly, every Wednesday and Saturday. Odds of winning the main jackpot, while still long, are slightly better than the ones offered by Mega Millions, standing at around 1 in 292,000,000.

Kentucky Lottery: Kentucky Cash Ball 225

Cash Ball 225 is the Kentucky state lotto available only to residents of the state. This special lotto Kentucky game offers a chance at big wins every day as draws are held nightly, without exceptions. Tickets are available at just USD 1 each and to win the jackpot, you need to correctly guess four white balls (between 1 and 35) and the Cash Ball number (between 1 and 25). You can pick your own numbers or use the Kentucky lottery generator to pick random numbers for the draw.

Odds of winning the main jackpot, which starts at USD 200,000, are 1 in 1,309,000. The jackpot grows with every new draw without a winner, but it can’t go over USD 1,000,000. In addition to the main game, players also have an option to pay an additional USD 1 per play to add EZmatch, giving them a chance to instantly win the prize between USD 2 and USD 500. Estimated odds of winning USD 500 with EZmatch are 1 in 84,000.

Games & Scratch Cards

Alongside these major Kentucky lottery jackpot games, there are also several smaller draws as well as a great variety of scratch cards available to players in the state. While offering somewhat lower jackpots, these games tend to also feature better winning odds as well.

  • Quick Bucks draws take place once a day and players can participate at USD 1 per play. To win the main jackpot of USD 50,000, players need to guess four numbers in the exact order as well as the number on the Kentucky Ball. Correctly guessing just four numbers in the exact order without the KY ball will net you USD 1,000.
  • 5 Card Cash is a state-only lottery offering the instant jackpot of USD 5,000 for getting the Royal Flush. Each ticket is valued at USD 2 and offers a chance at the instant-win as well as a chance to win in the Kentucky lottery Card Cash daily draw. The maximum jackpot for matching all five cards in the draw is USD 100,000 at the 1 in 2.6 million odds.
  • Pick 3 is a fast lottery drawing taking place two times a day. Like the name suggests, the goal is to try and correctly guess three drawn numbers in the correct order. Players can play at USD 0.50 or USD 1 per play, with the maximum win being 300 times the stake.
  • Pick 4 is a similar-style game but you need to guess four instead of three numbers. Odds are adjusted accordingly, awarding 2,500 times the stake for correctly guessing all four numbers in the exact order.

In addition to these draw games, there are also many scratch cards and instant-win games that players can purchase at retail stores as well as on the Kentucky lottery homepage. Scratch card prices range from USD 1 a card all the way up to USD 30. Currently, the most expensive scratcher on offer is Break Fort Knox, sold for USD 30 and offering a shot at the main jackpot of USD 3,000,000.

It is worth mentioning that Kentucky elk lottery isn’t actually part of the state lottery. The elk lottery in Kentucky is organized by a completely different body and is geared towards hunters during the season rather than gamblers and players looking for big jackpots. For that reason, we aren’t providing the information about Kentucky elk lottery odds and other details here.

Special Offers & Drawings

At the moment, there are no special offers or drawings offered by the lottery or any information about such drawings in the Kentucky lottery archives. Unlike some other state organizations, like Virginia lottery, Kentucky doesn’t have any occasional draws that would give players better odds of winning a big jackpot. If this changes in the future, we’ll make sure to update this page accordingly.

Kentucky Lottery Online: Online Features & Services

The Kentucky lottery online is one of the better, more advanced online lotteries in the States. If gives players a chance to participate in a great range of lottery draws such as Mega Millions, Power Ball, Lucky for Life, Cash Ball 225, and Keno. Players can actually purchase tickets at will and also participate in instant-win games, so it isn’t the subscription-type service. You can buy your tickets in real time.

Kentucky Lottery How to Play Online

The first thing you’ll need to do to be able to use online services is sign up and create your Kentucky lottery login. The registration process itself is easy to complete as long as you make sure to provide all the correct information as these are used to confirm your identity and verify your age. According to Kentucky lottery laws, you need to be at least 18 to participate in any games.

Once you join, you won’t just be able to purchase your draw tickets and scratch cards online but you’ll also automatically qualify for Kentucky lottery fun club rewards where you can redeem prizes and use various Kentucky lottery codes. On your very first deposit, you’ll get a nice welcome bonus of USD 25 if you deposit at least USD 75, which is a solid boost and will give you a few extra shots at the glory. Of course, you’ll also be able to check winning numbers on all KY lottery drawing days using the site or the mobile app.

You can fund your wallet using credit and debit cards, as well as iFunds and iGifts. All prizes under USD 600 are paid directly to your online account. Prizes between USD 600 and USD 49,999 can be claimed online but only after submitting the Kentucky lottery claim form. Prizes of USD 50,000 or more can only be claimed in person at the Kentucky lottery headquarters or at a regional office while wins in excess of USD 100,000 can only be accepted in person at the Kentucky lottery Louisville office.

Kentucky Lottery: History

Kentucky lottery history started in 1988 when the bill was passed to establish the state lottery. First tickets started being sold on April 4, 1989. Although the lottery started off selling just two instant-win (scratch-off) games, it generated USD 5,000,000 in the very first day of sales, clearly promising a great future for the operation. It is interesting to note the lottery was a thing in Kentucky long before the official law as the first authorized lottery took place back in 1792, with proceeds used to help build a church located in Lexington.

In the years to come, the state has come up with a number of Kentucky lottery commercial solutions, attracting ever more players to try their luck. KY joined the Multi-State Lottery Association in 1991 and in 1992 they started offering Mega Million tickets. Almost two decades later, in 2010, Powerball was also added to the mix, followed by the addition of Lucky for Life in 2015.

Kentucky Lottery: Big Winners

Like with every other state, there’s been a fair share of big lottery winners in Kentucky. Interestingly enough, though, there haven’t been any Kentucky lottery winners to claim the main Mega Millions jackpot since the lottery launched in the state back in 2010.  Media have been joking for some time now that KY is overdue and that there should be a lucky Mega Millions from the state in the near future but, of course, that’s not how the odds work.

The biggest jackpot to be won in Kentucky happened in 2009. It came from a Powerball ticket that was printed by mistake, clearly showing that when your luck is in, it’s in. Rob Anderson, who was 39 at the time of the win, wanted to buy three separate Quick Pick tickets at USD 1 each but the clerk printed the USD 3 Powerball ticket by mistake with three set of numbers.

Anderson decided to keep it and forgot all about it until the morning after the draw that took place on December 26, 2009. This is when he realized that his misprinted ticket was actually the winning one, good for a USD 128 million jackpot. The lucky winner and his wife were uncertain about whether to take the lump-sum payment or the annuity option.  We don’t have any information as to what they ended up doing, but even with the cash payout, they were set to take home around USD 63 million after taxes.

Top Five Lottery Wins in Kentucky

RankLotteryDatePrize in USD1PowerballDec. 26, 2009128,000,0002PowerballJan. 24, 199689,300,0003PowerballSep. 05, 200761,500,0004Mega MillionsDec. 11, 201037,500,0005PowerballDec. 12, 200733,600,000

Chances: The Online Development of Kentucky Lottery

As of right now, the online site of the lottery Kentucky is among the better ones out there and we can only see things improving in the future. Players can already purchase tickets for all major draws in real time and have a great variety of options at their disposal so they can fully enjoy their gaming experience.

Moving forward, the state lottery is likely to add even more drawings into the mix and increase the number of available instant-play games on the site. This would be a smart move as it would certainly make the lottery even more popular among the players and increase the spending of the already existing members. The Players Club is also likely to get even better with time, offering improved rewards and making sure all players really feel at home and valued when purchasing their tickets and scratchers online.

Conclusion: Finding Top Online Lottery Sites

All true fans of lottery draws are definitely going to enjoy what Kentucky has to offer, both in terms of the classic selection of games and their online lottery site. With easy access to all major draws and the ability to buy all your tickets online, KY is one of the best states to participate in lotteries. So, if you feel lucky, why not go for it? You just might be one of the next big Kentucky lotto winners!

Kentucky Lottery Online FAQs

How to play lottery in Kentucky?

You can play lottery in Kentucky just like in any other state, by purchasing lottery tickets and picking your numbers. In KY, you can choose between buying your tickets in retail stores or online, using the state lottery website.

Can you buy lottery tickets in Kentucky online?

As a matter of fact, you can. Lottery tickets for all major draws like Powerball, Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, Cash Ball 225, and other games are available online. You can purchase tickets in real time, just as if you were buying them in a store and you don’t have to subscribe to a set range of numbers ahead of time. You can also watch KY lottery drawing tonight and any other night on the site.

Where are KY lottery headquarters located?

The Kentucky lottery address is displayed clearly on the site. The headquarters are located in Louisville, at 101 West Main Street. Operating hours are between Monday and Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM, EST.

Have there been any Mega Millions winners from Kentucky?

Although Kentucky started selling Mega Millions tickets back in 2010, there hasn’t been a single jackpot winner from the state to this day. Of course, there have been numerous players who took home smaller prizes from the draws but there’s never been a Kentucky resident walking away with the main score.

Are lottery winners anonymous in Kentucky?

There are only six US states where lottery winners can stay anonymous and Kentucky isn’t one of them. The only way to stay anonymous after a big lottery win in KY is if you claim your prize through a trust.

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