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Indianapolis Lotteries 2022

Buy Indianapolis Lotto Tickets Online

Looking to find out how to buy Indianapolis lotto tickets at the home of Hoosier Lottery headquarters, then we’ve got all of the information you need. We’re happy to tell you that you’re in good hands here, for a variety of reasons.

Not only does the Indianapolis lotto online offer you the chance to enter eight lottery draws, play countless scratch cards and other skill game types - it's also one of the most transparent lotteries in the country when it comes to telling you how the surplus funds serve the community.

Indianapolis Lottery - What You Need to Know

Indianapolis is home to the headquarters of the Hoosier Lottery, the official name used for the state Indiana lotteries. Fun fact - the Hoosier Lottery is, to date, the only US lottery to use the state nickname as the official name of the lottery. The Hoosier Lottery is one of the most well put together lotteries in the country that offers you the chance to buy Indianapolis lotto tickets, scratch-off cards and fast play games. Additionally, there is a way to play lottery online of sorts with the Indianapolis lotteries - it’s not as straightforward as simply picking your numbers and buying tickets online, but it’s pretty close. We’ll explain more about the excellent Indianapolis lotto online service a little further down this page.

How to Play the Indianapolis Lotteries

The main reason most of you are here is to find out how to play the lottery in Indianapolis. Playing lotteries is completely legal across the state of Indiana, so whilst you won't find an Indianapolis legal casino list, most lotteries are exempt from the current gambling laws. There are a few ways to play the Indianapolis lottery, as well as multiple games to be played. At the most basic level, however, Indianapolis lotto tickets are no different to your average US lottery games. You select your numbers, pay for your ticket and wait for the draw to take place, hoping that some or all of your numbers ultimately come up in the end.

As you may or may not know, however, every US state lottery is slightly different, and each offers its own unique functions and features in relation to how you can play. With the Hoosier Lottery, the Indianapolis lotto online service is something that really stands out - thanks to the fun website and excellent features that are designed to ease and enhance your lottery experience in equal measures. Below, we’ll take a look at how the Hoosier and Indianapolis lotteries differ from other state lotteries in the US.

Indianapolis Lotto Online - Finding the Right Games for you

Lottery Draws

First and foremost, you’ll need to find the right lottery game for you - which is made very easy on the Hoosier Lottery website. It’s not the 1990s anymore, therefore there are a whole lot of different lottery games to be played in the state of Indiana these days. As well as your classic in-house state draw that takes place weekly, there are also two multi-state draws and no less than five daily draws - which offer smaller prizes, but much better odds of winning.

Weekly and Daily Draws

The Hoosier Lotto, which is the basic draw, often has eight-figure jackpots and is drawn every Wednesday. The multi-state lottery draws available to Indianapolis citizens via the website are the two you would most likely expect to find - the Mega Millions and the Powerball. The Daily 3 and the Daily 4 both take place twice daily and offer cheap ticket prices in exchange for access to $500 and $5,000 prize pots respectively. Of the other remaining daily draws, we think you’ll like the sound of the Cash4Life draw the most, as it offers you the chance to win $1000 every day for the rest of your life!

Other Indianapolis Lottery Games


In addition to the actual classic lottery draws, there are also several other games that Hoosiers can play in 2022. Scratch-offs are immensely popular in Indianapolis and in the state of Indiana as a whole. As a result, there are over 70 different scratch-off games made available to you throughout the year via the Hoosier Lottery throughout the year - including holiday special games at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

Fast Play Games

As far as we can tell, fast play games are pretty unique to the Indianapolis lotteries and actually include games that require a bit of skill level from you as a player. Another big advantage of these fast play games is that they don’t require any form of playslip, advance effort and you don’t have to wait for a draw. The fast play games available include crosswords and other puzzles. You can figure out which of these games suits you best by taking the “Which Hoosier Lottery Game Are You?” quiz with Indianapolis lotto online - you don’t have to sign up or create a myLottery account in order to make use of this feature.

How to Buy Indianapolis Lotto Tickets

You can buy lotto tickets quickly and easily in the state of Indianapolis by visiting your local lottery retailer - of which there are many in Railroad City. From delis to quick stops, convenience stores and even some food takeaways, there are several types of shops that can become a licensed lottery retailer quickly and easily - hint, hint, nudge, nudge for any small business owners out there!

How to Find your Local Lottery Retailer in Indianapolis

If you were born and bred in the Crossroads of American, or you’ve lived there for some time, then chances are you probably go to one or more of your local lottery retailers in the city every day - even if you don’t realize it yet! The quickest and easiest way to find the nearest place you can buy Indianapolis lotto tickets is to use the store locator tool on the Hoosier Lottery website or in the Lottery App. If you're in the city, chances are it’ll be right around the corner.

Can You Buy Indianapolis Lotto Tickets Online?

In a word, no - but don’t go running away just yet, as you can use the online service to make your in-store purchase faster. If you have a myLotto account with Hoosier Lottery, you can use the myPayslip service to pick your numbers in advance. Then, when you go into your local lottery retailer in Indy, you can simply hand your phone to the cashier, pay and have your ticket printer there and then - no fooling around at the counter with the world’s tiniest pen!

How to Claim Winning Indianapolis Lotto Tickets

Despite the sleek and innovative modernity offered by the Indianapolis lotto online, the ways in which you are encouraged to claim your prizes are somewhat entrenched in the old school, but for good reason. How you claim your prizes depends on the size, as there are three categories based on sizes - we’ve explained how to claim each one in step-by-step detail below.

Small Prizes - Under $600

The quickest and easiest way to redeem small prizes from Indianapolis lotteries, scratch-offs or games is to go into your local retailer. You should check up with them in advance, as some smaller stores will only put up to just $25, while others will give you cash prizes of up to the full $600 over the counter. You can also claim small prizes by mail but as that’s more common with bigger prizes, we’ll explain that below.

Medium prizes - $600 - $49,999

Medium prizes can be paid to you directly if you visit one of the Prize Payment Centers in Indianapolis. This includes the Hoosier Lottery Headquarters on Meridian Street. Elsewhere in the state of Indiana, you can find Prize Payment Centers in Mishawaka and Evansville. If you live more rurally, you can also claim by mail, which, as promised, we will explain below.

BIG Prizes - $50,000 and UP

If you’re lucky enough to win one of the big prizes with your Indianapolis lotto tickets, then you need to call up the Hoosier Lottery HQ directly to arrange an in-person appointment. This is, of course, fine if you live in the city, however, if you live rurally you will have to make a big trip as you can’t claim a top prize by mail unless you have exceptional circumstances.

Claiming Winning Indianapolis Lotto Tickets by Mail

Mail claims used to only be a necessary and popular channel for claiming Hoosier Lottery winnings in rural communities within the state of Indiana. However, since March 2020, mail claims have increased in popularity, even from Hoosiers who live within the Indy city limits. We’ve therefore provided a step by step guide to claiming a winning prize below by mail. You can also find a helpful video via Indianapolis lotto online.

Mail Claims Step by Step:

  • Sign the Ticket

Firstly, sign the back of your ticket and complete the information where required

  • Fill Out the Form

Download the PDFs claims form via Indianapolis lotto online and complete it by hand - the old school way. Just remember to leave lines 1-6 blank. If you have multiple small prize-winning tickers (under $600) you can claim them all on one single form. Make sure you get the form right before you mail it though, as it will be sent back to you if something’s not right.

  • IRS

If more than one person is claiming the prize, you’ll need to complete the IRS form 5754.

  • Make Your Copies

Before mailing everything off, you need to make a copy of your completed winner claims form, your winning ticket, front and back and your valid government ID card.

  • Get it Together

Now staple your original winning ticket to the copy of your government ID and your original completed claims form and put it in an envelope.

  • Mail It!

Now you can mail it to the Hoosier Lottery HQ in Indianapolis - for larger prize claims, they recommend using a more secure carrier, such as UPS or FedEx.

When Can You Expect to Receive Your Winnings?

Of course, if you claim any small or medium prizes in person, you will be paid in cash or by check right there and then (cash for small prizes in retailers, check at a Prize Payment Center for medium prizes). For mail winnings, you can expect to receive your check within 7-10 days from the time you send off your winner’s application.

Verdict on the Indianapolis Lotteries

Overall, the Hoosier Lottery is a real doozy as state lotteries go - there are plenty of games on offer, the website is excellent and they are super transparent. On the website, you can find everything from the odds of winning on each and every game to a county-by-county breakdown of how the lottery net returns are spent and given back to the community - and we think that’s pretty darn cool!

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Indianapolis Lotteries FAQ

🏆 Which Hoosier scratch off lottery has the best odds?

Do you know how many different types of Hoosier scratch off games there are as of 2022? More than 70, that’s how many! Therefore, with so much choice there are a great many that offer great odds and prizes - there’s simply no real way of crowning one the best. Find out expert online lotto ranking at CaptainGambling.

📍 Where can I find the winning Indiana lottery results?

There are three different weekly draws and five different daily draws that take place in Indiana every single week of the year - two of those are drawn twice daily. That’s a lot of draws and numbers to keep up with, but thankfully it’s 2022 so you have a lot of options here - the best of which you can find out right here in our Indianapolis Review of the Lotto at CaptainGambling.

💳 Can you buy lottery tickets with debit cards in Indianapolis?

Even in 2022 some states don’t like accepting payments for lotto tickets with card payments - they offer strict cash-only payment options. Why? Different states have different reasons. You can find which states accept card payments for lottery tickets, which states don’t accept them, right here at - the best site for lotteries and more.


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