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Indiana Lotteries 2022

Buy Indiana Lotto Tickets Online

If you’ve come here because you wanna find out all about the Indiana lotto online, then you’re most definitely in the right place! As well as eight daily draws, you can also play over 70 scratch-offs as well as 23 fast play games.

When you play to win the Indiana Lottery, scratch offs and other games, you can do so happily in the knowledge that you’re helping to fund the state police, firefighters’ pensions and other public services.

The Hoosier Lottery 

The Indiana lotto online is actually officially known as the Hoosier Lottery - making it the only lotto in the country to use the state’s nickname as its official lottery name - fun fact huh. With the Indianapolis lotteries forming headquarters, there are additional regional offices in Mishawaka and Evansville. There are three weekly draws available with the Indiana lotteries as well as five different daily draws. When it comes to the weekly Indiana lotto tickets, there is one in house state draw, the Hoosier Lotto Plus, as well as the two most popular multi-state draws - the Powerball and the Mega Millions.

More Than Just a Lotto!

The daily draws include prizes ranging from three to six figures, and the Cash 4 Life draw, which gets you $1000 a day for the rest of your life should you win - now ain’t that somethin?! As well as the Indiana lotto tickets, you’ll also realise just how much the Hoosier State loves its scratchers, with over 70 different scratch-off games available! Unlike Iowa lotto tickets and the Nevada lotto online - the Hoosier Lottery doesn’t stop here with the games it has to offer you. The Indiana lotto online also offers you a range of unique Fast Play games - which are a whole lot of fun and can’t be found or played in any other US state!

Indiana Lotteries - What Games Can I Play

We’ve briefly skimmed over all of the available games above, however below we’ll go into a little bit more detail. Here you can find a breakdown of all the different Indiana lotto tickets available, as well as the scratch-offs and the unique fast play games. Simply scroll on down to those that interest you the most!

Weekly Draws

There are three weekly draws for which you can buy tickets in Indiana - the Hoosier Lotto, Powerball and Mega Millions, The Hoosier Lotto, as the very name tells you, is the only of the three weekly draws that’s in-state only. This means that the odds of you winning are significantly better, however the jackpot is lower than it is with the multi-state lotteries (only seven figures, jeez!). The Mega Millions offers the biggest potential jackpot, sometimes surpassing $100million, while the Powerball is usually around eight figures.

Daily Draws

The five daily draws available with the Hoosier Lottery are probably among the best state dailies in the US - and we’re not just saying that. At the smaller end of the scale you have the Daily 3 and Daily 4 - just like you’ll find with the New Hampshire lotteries and most other states. These two are drawn twice daily and offer respective top prizes of $500 and $5,000. The Quick Draw and the Cash five offer five and six figures prizes, while the Cash 4 Life draw is perhaps our personal favorite of the Indiana lotto tickets here at, as it offers you a top prize of $1,000 a day for the rest of your life.

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Beyond the Lotteries - Scratch-Offs and Fast Play Games


If you’ve just moved to Indiana, you’re about to discover that hoosiers really do love a good scratch-off - and you can find details of all 73 available scratch off games with Indiana lotto online. As well as a bunch of year-round scratch off games, there are also seasonal titles that are rolled out at certain times of the year, such as the Merry Multiplier at Christmas time. The prices of the scratch-off games range between $1 and $10 per card, with prizes varying from $50 all the way up to multi million dollars.

Fast Play Games

You won’t find these with your Pennsylvania lotto tickets, as they’re pretty unique to the Hoosier State. Fast play Games can be printed out directly at the lottery terminal and be played by you right there and then. If you win, there’s no need to fill out a payslip, and of course, unlike the lottery - you don’t need to wait around for the numbers to be drawn. The Fast Play Games are differently the most fun games to play with the Indiana Lotteries, as they come in the form of popular games such as crossword puzzles and sudoku, with prizes reaching six figures.

Which Indiana Lottery Game is Right for You?

You might very well already know yourself which of the above games appeal to you already - after all, you do know yourself pretty well we imagine. However, if you’re indecisive, or are completely new to lotteries and games - heck, you might just have reached the legal age! - then the Indiana lotto online has a super fun way to help you find the right game for you.

Indiana Lotto Online - Your State of Play

The homepage of the Hoosier Lottery website contains a feature called “Which Hoosier Lottery Game Are You?” With this, you can fill out a quick and easy questionnaire with fun, image-driven questions. At the end of the questionnaire, the site will then display their suggested Fast Play Games and scratch-offs based on your needs and tastes.

How to Play the Indiana Lotteries

Playing the Hoosier Lottery is pretty much the same as anywhere else in the US, and the world as a whole - only the online service and app enhances this experience, we’ll explain more about that later. In essence, however, you pick your numbers, wait for the draw and check your ticket to see if you’ve won. Like the California state lottery, you also get 2nd Chance promotions on certain losing tickets.

How and Where to Buy Indiana Lotto Tickets

As is the case with most state lotteries you can buy Indiana lotto tickets from licensed lottery retailers. These can be found anywhere and everywhere all over the state, and can be everything from convenience stores, to shortstops, delis and other food outlets. You can find the nearest Hoosier Lottery retailer to you by using the locator tool on the Hoosier Lottery website or inside the excellent downloadable app for Apple and Android devices.

Can I Buy Indiana Lotto Tickets Online?

Strictly speaking, no, as you can’t make the actual purchase online - however you can use your Hoosier Lottery online account or the app to partly complete the process. You can build a digital payslip online using the site or app to select your numbers then simply take it to your local lottery retailer so that you can get your lottery ticket faster than you otherwise would. The most common way to pay for Indiana lotto tickets is in cash, however retailers can accept credit/debit cards at their own discretion.

Using Your Indiana Lotto Online Account

You can create a Hoosier myLottery account by completing the 4 step process online - and it’s 100% worthwhile if you like playing the lottery even casually. To fully enhance your experience, we definitely recommend downloading the Hoosier Lottery app as well. You can use your online account to pick your numbers in advance, check your tickets, use your 2nd Chance promo codes and much, much more. Setting alters on the apps really ensures that you never miss a beat, so we’ve kindly let you know more about that directly below. Overall, the Indiana Lotto Online perhaps has the most fun and best put together website out of all the US lotto sites we’ve literally reviewed every US lottery site there is!

The Hoosier Lottery App

The Hoosier Lottery App lets you truly get the best out of your myLottery account. For starters, the myPayslip service lets you pick your numbers in advance, so that you can get your actual lotto ticket faster by the time you're in store. Additionally, you can check your numbers instantly, as soon as the draw has been made. You can go one step further and personalize this process by setting customized alerts.

Additionally, while you can’t actually play any games online or through the app, you can find every single important detail about all available draws, scratch-offs and fast play games. From how to play, to your real odds of winning the potential prizes - they literally cover it all for you.

Indiana Lotteries - Giving Back to the Community

Although the Hoosier Lottery in its current form has only been around since 1989, with voters choosing to legalize it the year before in 1988, Indiana State was among the first in the US to organize a lottery to raise funds for public facilities way back in 1807. The Hoosier Lottery still sticks true to those principals to this day, as do most other US state lotteries. The mission of the Hoosier Lottery is to use as much of its net income as possible in a “socially responsible manner” by returning it to the state.

Where the Hoosier Lottery Funds Go

The majority of surplus income made from Hoosier lottery games has gone to the Build Indiana Fund, to help construction in the state. The rest has gone to the Teachers’ Retirement Fund and police and firefighter state pensions. The Hoosier Lottery is more transparent than perhaps any other here - head to the website or app today and you can even click on your county on the interactive map to see how the lottery money has been spent where you are. On top of that, you can download a PDF which details exactly how the money has been spent from the Hoosier Lottery’s foundation in 1989, right up until now in 2022.

A Summary of the Indiana Lotteries

Overall, if you’re an Indiana resident and like playing lottery draws and games, you should not only be pleased with what’s on offer - but also extremely proud about how the state lottery funds have been used. It is, of course, common practice for all state lotteries to return at least a portion of its funds back to the state. However no one’s done it better than Indiana - and certainly no one sle is as transparent. If you’re not from Indiana, you might find yourself feeling a little jealous here, and rightly so - the state lottery is great here!

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Indiana Lotteries FAQ

👤 Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Indiana?

Anonymity laws for lottery winners vary from state to state in the US - there’s no federal law that guarantees you the right to privacy here. This can be a bit of an upset for some folks, as they want the fortune without the fame - a lot of people come crawling out the woodwork when ordinary folks suddenly strike gold - believe that. To find out how this works with the Hoosier Lottery check out our review and details here at

❓ When is the Hoosier Lottery drawn?

The answer to that depends on which game you are referring to actually, as there are eight different weekly and daily draws with the Indiana State lottery. You can find the details of each and every game and draw, including when they’re draws  right here. In our latest lotto guide, you’ll also find out about the scratch offs and fast play games too.

🎫 Can I buy a Hoosier lottery ticket online?

You’d think that this should be common practice with online lotteries here in the US and in developed countries across the whole wide world.However, it’s not as common as you think. In fact, only a handful of US states currently actually offer online lotto ticket purchasing. You can find out which states do, don’t and why by visiting our latest guide.

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