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Illinois State lottery is the main lottery in Illinois and is operated by Camelot Illinois. The lottery was first founded in 1974 when the majority of lotteries were held in the Eastern states. The Il state lottery was broadcast via the WGN TV at first and moved to a general cable network in 2014.

The Illinois lottery history is a long and eventful one and today it is one of the 44 lotteries that are part of both Mega Millions and Powerball.

Bonus - No regular bonuses at the Illinois Lottery site

You won’t find any regular online gaming bonuses at the Illinois Lottery site, but we found plenty of other cool deals that’ll make your gaming a bit more interesting. We loved the Willy Wonka Second Chance promotion and there was also plenty of fun to be had with other second chance deals like the Monopoly and Route 66 promos. Just remember to check the small print of these promos first.

Illinois Lottery Online: Features & Services Under Review

Unlike some states which only offer limited access to the state lottery through their online website, the Lottery in Illinois actually gives players a chance to participate in all their games through the web portal both on desktop computers and via mobile devices. In order to participate, players must only register an account and they can start playing any of the above listed games. After which, you can enjoy the Illinois Lotto online.

Players in Illinois who sign up with the website can take part in local lottery games such as Pick 3, Pick 4 and Lotto as well as national lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions. Players can also manage subscriptions and subscribe to each of the Illinois Lotto online options for any time period they choose, depending on their personal preferences. The site also sells instant tickets of all types, which means players can purchase and scratch off their cards without having to leave their homes. One of the great advantages of the Illinois Lotto online.

How to Use the Illinois Online Lottery

Using the Illinois Lottery website is quite simple and intuitive so even the less tech savvy users can easily take part. The process starts with a registration which is obligatory in order to take part. Players must sign up with the site and provide the operator with some basic personal information in order to legally take part in the games. The minimum age for participation in the Illinois Lottery is 18.

Once registered, players can start purchasing tickets but must first load up their lottery wallet with real cash. The minimum amount of a deposit that can be made is USD 10 and deposits can be made using Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards issued by all major banks except Capital One. For any questions in this regard, players can contact the Illinois Lottery hotline or their bank for more information.

Once Illinois lotto tickets are purchased, players can follow the draw online and immediately find out if their tickets were winners after the draw. All winnings under USD 600 can be paid into the player’s online wallet while bigger winnings have to go through other Illinois Lottery payout options. In order to claim winnings greater than USD 600, players will have to contact the Illinois Lottery Claim Center or contact the Central Lottery Office located in Springfield. For the closest Illinois Lottery address, visit the website and find a list of all Claim Centers.

Players who end up winning major jackpots will have their names listed on the website for transparency reasons but the Illinois Lottery anonymous policies are pretty strict in a sense that they will never publish a winner’s address or other personal info. Another thing worth noting for online players is that even if they win through the online account, they will still have to pay the Lottery taxes in Illinois, which is why it is highly suggested to hire a tax attorney or specialist at this point.

Customer support - Professional support at the Illinois Lottery

The people behind the Illinois Lottery clearly care about their customers as the website has a great customer support team. You can simply call up the customer service team via the telephone number listed on the website, and it was nice to see that the email address is clearly listed too. We should also note that you can try and contact the Illinois Lottery via its Twitter and Facebook social media channels. Don’t forget to check the FAQ that offers a great way to get started here.

Legal Information Overview for Illinois

Illinois Lottery: Playing Offline

When it comes to playing IL lottery live, players in the state have plenty of options, all of which are fully legal and licensed by the state. Hundreds of retail locations are available throughout the state, with a different draw available every day of the week.

Lotto of Illinois is a popular option among live players and is drawn on Mondays with jackpots reaching into the millions of dollars. Daily draws include Pick 3 and Pick 4 with USD 500 and USD 5,000 jackpots, while Illinois Lottery live players can also take part in the LuckyDay lotto that guarantees a jackpot of USD 100,000.

Illinois Lottery: Playing Online

In 2009, the Illinois Lottery laws were changed to include a pilor program for Illinois Lotto online.  Illinois Lotto online became fully legal in 2011 when the Congress made it clear that lotteries were not subject to the Wire Act, which meant that the selling of lottery tickets through online sites was 100% allowed.

In 2012, the Lottery for Illinois was launched online in full and players could now purchase their tickets through the Illinois Lottery home page.  A simple Illinois Lottery login now gives players who have IL IP addresses to access the site and purchase tickets for all lottery games in Illinois without leaving their home. A mobile lottery app Illinois also allows mobile users to get their tickets from their phones, with a minimum amount of hassle and 100% legally. You're free to play to the Illinois Lotto online as you please.

Rewards - Lack of loyalty scheme here

The Illinois Lottery site doesn’t have any kind of reward program. This isn’t too much of a surprise as it’s not like a casino site. However, you’ll find plenty of cool special offers for existing customers here with the second chance deals being particularly impressive. So be sure to see what you can find on the Promotions page when looking to play Illinois lottery online

Illinois Lottery Lotto

Illinois Lottery Review: Product Overview

When it's time to play Illinois lottery online, players in this state have quite a wide option of games that they can play. Ranging from small daily draws for the residents of the state to large nation-wide lotteries with massive life changing jackpots, the state lottery offers it all. Let's take a close look at all the different games that players can participate in and the Illinois Lotteries rules that apply to each of them, one by one. You'll be well-equipped to play the Illinois Lotto online.


Illinois Lotteries 2022

Illinois residents are fortunate enough to be living in one of the states that takes part in the two biggest nation-wide lotteries, the Powerball and Mega Millions. Being a part of the draw is simple, as a massive number of live retail locations sell the tickets for these and all other available draws. With these, players can play for massive jackpots the kind of which make national news on a regular basis.

Powerball is easily one of the most popular lotteries in USA and residents of Illinois can take part in the draws by purchasing the tickets in live retail stores or online. Each Powerball ticket costs USD 2 and offers players a chance to pick five out of the 69 available main numbers plus one Powerball number which all must be drawn in order to claim the jackpot. While the chances of hitting the Powerball are only 1 in 292 Million, the jackpots are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, making the game extremely appealing to the wide audience.

Next up on the list of major lotteries which players can take part in if they are playing from Illinois is the Mega Millions lottery. The game plays similar to the Powerball, with USD 2 tickets and an extra USD 1 per ticket for players who wish to add a Megaplier to their ticket. Mega Millions is extremely appealing as it offers players a chance to win a million dollars without getting the sixth Powerball number right, which means just five numbers lands you a cool million. Lottery Illinois drawing for Mega Millions happens every Tuesday and Friday night.

Illinois Lottery: The Local Lotto

Aside from being able to take part in national lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions, Illinois residents may also test their lucky by playing the local Lotto Extra Shot, with Illinois Lottery evening happening every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The game features a total of 52 numbers and 6 balls can be selected on each ticket worth USD 1, while the Extra Shot adds another ball and costs another USD 1 per ticket. The game features multi-million dollar jackpots and is drawn using the Illinois lottery generator, which means the entire process is computerized and completely fair. In its current format, the Illinois Lotto odds stand at just over 1:20.000.000 and with tickets costing just a dollar, the Lotto certainly seems very appealing. The Illinois Lotto jackpots starts and USD 2.000.000 and grows gradually with every draw that does not produce a jackpot winner.

Syndicate - Try group play at the Illinois Lottery site

The Illinois Lottery site has a great section that’s devoted to group play. This is where you play the lottery with groups of people and increase your odds of winning. You’ll find lots of tips about how you can increase the number of tickets purchased as a group and there’ll even be plenty of advice about how you can collect and split any winnings that your syndicate makes.

Games & Scratch Cards

Apart from giving players a chance to participate in major national lotteries and the local Lotto game, the Illinois Lottery also organizes a number of other games, which produce many Lottery winners in Illinois on a weekly basis. Some of these games include the following:

  • Pick 3: Launched in 1980, Pick 3 offers 13 weekly drawings and jackpots worth just USD 500, with each player having to pick three out of ten available numbers. Each ticket costs USD 1 per draw, with the option to purchase tickets for all weekly draws at once as well as add the Plus Fireball for double the price. Pick 3 is a fun game with many winners and one that is not nearly as difficult to win at as other lottery games.
  • Pick 4: Just like Pick 3, is another game in which players only get to choose from 10 numbers and which is drawn 13 times a week, along with the midday draws. The price of each ticket stands at USD 1, with the option of purchasing the extra Plus Fireball on each ticket. The game offers jackpots of USD 5,000 and gives players a chance for thrills every day of the week unlike the major lotteries.
  • LuckyDay Lotto: Another local lottery that happens twice every day of the week is LuckyDay Lotto. LuckyDay is a 5/45 Lotto game which features a minimum jackpot of USD 100,000 on a daily basis. This gives players a chance at some real money every single day and some quick Illinois Lottery analysis will tell you that this game offers pretty good odds for a Lotto game of any kind.

While these lottery games are certainly the main products of the Lottery in Illinois, the company also sells numerous instant win tickets, which include Red Ribbon Cash, Deal or No Deal, Diamond Quest, Vegas Money, Millionaire Club and many others, with main prizes ranging between USD 1,000 and USD 30,000,000 and prices ranging between USD 1 and USD 25 per ticket. To participate in any of the games organized by the Lottery, players must meet the minimum Illinois Lottery age of 18.

Limits - The sky’s the limit at the Illinois Lottery

You can win millions at the Illinois Lottery and the precise amount that you can win varies each time that the game is played. Just bear in mind the fact that you’ll have to withdraw in different manners depending on how much you win. But all of which should prove that you can make some big winnings at the Illinois Lottery site.

Illinois Lotteries

Lottery players in Illinois are blessed with one of the most comprehensive online lottery experiences in the country, with the Lottery website selling tickets for all draws as well as a dozen different instant win tickets. If you are looking to play Lottery online, simply visit the Illinois Lottery website and enjoy dozens of draws every week or try winning one of the instant jackpots available through scratch cards sold by the Lottery online. It's worth noting that online sports betting has recently been legalized as well, although you won't find a legal real money online casino Illinois right now, but that could be due to change soon.

Illinois Lottery Online FAQs

Which Illinois lotto tickets can I buy online for the Illinois lotteries?

Illinois Lottery players can use the website to purchase tickets for local Lotto as well as all other Lottery games as well as Powerball and Mega Millions draws.

Can I purchase scratch cards online in Illinois?

Yes! The Illinois Lottery online website sells all sorts of scratch cards on its website, with prices ranging between USD 1 and USD 25.

Can I access Illinois Lotteries online from my phone?

Yes! Illinois online Lottery is available through mobile apps which can be downloaded on Android and iOS powered devices.

How is Illinois Lotto paid out?

If you win under USD 600, you can claim your winnings into your online lottery wallet. If you win more than that, you will need to visit an Illinois Lottery claims center in order to get your prize money.

Can I win a massive jackpot from Illinois?

The Illinois Lottery is one of 44 state lotteries that take part in Powerball and Mega Millions, the two largest nationwide lotteries, with jackpots regularly worth over USD 100,000,000.

Conclusion - Have fun and enjoy when you play Illinois Lottery Online

The Lottery in Illinois was one of the very first to introduce the online option and it is no wonder that today it offers one of the most complete online lottery systems in the country. With all local and national lottery competitions available for play through the website, the Lottery truly gives players every chance to play without ever visiting a retailer again.

In addition to offering players an opportunity to use their website to play lottery games online, the Illinois Lottery also offers mobile apps for both Android and iPhone users, which means that the vast majority of all players get to play even without having to turn their computers on. If you don't come from Illinois, take a look at the Chicago Lotteries, purchase Indiana Lotto tickets, or find out more about the Iowa Lotto online.

The site also offers a wide selection of instant win games and when all things are taken into consideration, there are very few improvements that the Lottery could make in the near future. We expect the Illinois Lottery to keep going strong with its online offer and only add more games and different models of gameplay to their online offer in the years to come. As such, more Illinois lotto tickets will be bought.

Illinois Lottery FAQ

📱Is there an Illinois Lottery app?

Read our guide to the Illinois Lottery to see the best ways to play from your mobile device. We’ll reveal whether you have to pick your lottery numbers from within the browser of your mobile, or whether the Illinois Lottery has taken the time to create its own app. After all, plenty of online sportsbooks in the US have successfully created their own apps, so we can’t see why a lottery site can’t do the same!

❓What are the latest Illinois lottery results

Check out our Illinois Lottery review to see how you can find out the latest results for all of the lotteries featured on this site. This means that you’ll instantly be able to tell whether you’ve predicted correctly or will need to try your luck again. Don’t forget that we can even show you the best online casinos in the US so that you get plenty more chances to get lucky with your gaming.

✅What is the Illinois Lottery age requirement?

The legal age for online gambling in the US depends on which state you are resident in and what kind of gambling you are involved in. So make sure that you read our guide to playing the Illinois Lottery to see what age you have to be to play here. We’ll also highlight some of the best games on the site and reveal the key reasons why you should trust the Illinois Lottery for your online gaming.

💪What is the best Illinois Lottery lotto game?

It depends on what you are looking for from your lotto games. After all, some people prefer lotto games that are easier to win, while other people like lotto games where the wins are less frequent but way larger. Make sure that you read our guide to the Illinois Lottery site to see what kinds of games you can play here. All of which should reveal just why this site could easily be one of the best online lottery sites in the US.

👀Are there any Illinois Lottery Powerball games?

PowerBall is easily one of the biggest and best lottery games you can play, and everyone will want to know whether you can play this game at this Illinois Lottery. So check out our Illinois Lottery review and see whether you can play Powerball here. Don’t forget to check out our US legal gambling news to get the latest information on all other games coming to the Prairie State.

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