Delaware Lotteries 2021

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First founded in 1974, Delaware Lottery is one of the longest standing gambling businesses in the country. The lottery is run by the state government and throws all sorts of competitions, including in-house lottery draws such as Play 3 and Play 4, multi-state lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions and even sports betting games.

Delaware Lottery was in fact one of the first to offer legal sports betting in the USA, since Delaware was one of only a handful of states where sports betting was legal before 2018.

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We take a closer look at all the offers players can take advantage of from Delaware State Lottery and all the games you can enjoy if you live in the state. We’ll also outline how to buy Delaware lotto tickets. Otherwise, take a look at the Illinois lotteries or how to go about buying Indiana lotto tickets.

Delaware Lottery: Playing Offline

As we already mentioned, Delaware was one of the first states to offer both lottery and sports betting. The lottery games have been on offer since 1974 and the same lottery also began offering sports betting to its customers as far back as 1976, when such activities were illegal in most other states. Today, players can access Delaware lotto from dozens of locations throughout the state and play all sorts of games with very little restrictions in place.

Delaware Lottery: Playing Online

By joining Delaware Lottery online, players can begin to purchase tickets for various lottery draws and participate in different interactive games right on the operator’s site. While the lottery is not fully web based, players can order their tickets via the internet which are then sent to the player’s address. Nevertheless, in 2019 the operator does not offer virtual tickets like many other states do, which makes playing the Delaware Lottery live a better and more convenient option.

Delaware State Lottery: Product Overview

Delaware, like most American states, offers a fairly wide range of services when it comes to lottery. We take a more detailed look at all the multi-state lottery games as well as local draws and other games offered to Delaware players through the lottery.

Delaware Lotteries 2021

Looking at the major draws available to Delaware citizens through the Delaware Lottery, we quickly noticed that several major games could be played. These include Mega Millions, Powerball and Lotto America, each of them carrying a multi-million dollar jackpot and a great opportunity for players to change their life in a blink of an eye.

Drawn on Wednesday and Saturday evening, Powerball is the biggest of all lottery games available to Delaware players. With jackpot often reaching over USD 100 Million and tickets costing USD 2 each or USD 3 each with the Power Play option, players get to enter one of the biggest draws in the world at a reasonable price. 69 numbers are used in the game in total, while players need to get 6 hits in order to win the jackpot. The jackpot in Powerball has a 1 in 292,000,000 chance of hitting and players can win other prizes in addition to the main jackpot.

Mega Millions is the second massive nationwide lottery that players in Delaware have full access to. With jackpots similar to those of the Powerball and plenty of massive wins paid out over the years, Mega Millions has become a true cultural phenomenon across America. The game costs USD 2 per combination to play, offers a seed jackpot of USD 40,000,000 and every combination has a 1 in 300,000,000 chance of being a winner. Mega Millions draws are available on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

The last of the big draws that Delaware Lottery players can enter is the Lotto America which is drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays at a price of USD 1 (or USD 2 with All-Star Bonus Multiplier) per ticket. Players need to score a winning combination of six numbers out of a total of 52. With a smaller number of total balls, the winnings odds go up. While the jackpot in Lotto America is smaller, it is also awarded more often and can be won more easily than Powerball or Major Millions.

Delaware Lotteries: Multi-Win Lotto

With regular draws on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:57 p.m. Multi-Win Lotto is a more realistic kind of lottery game. With 35 numbers in total, the jackpot is much easier to win, which makes Multi-Win Lotto one of the most popular Delaware Lottery games. Like the other games, this one requires the winner to get six numbers right for a certain draw and the jackpot starts at USD 50,000. The jackpot is awarded nearly every round, which makes your chances of winning a lot bigger.

Every ticket purchased for the Multi-Win Lotto costs USD 2 and gives the player three lines of numbers. Players can win different prizes for getting three, four, five or six matches on a single line or in a combination of lines, while a USD 2 reward is also paid for tickets that have 0 matches across all three lines. Players can choose their own numbers or go for Quick Pick option, giving them computer generated numbers to work with.

Games & Scratch Cards

We have listed out the main lottery games offered by the Delaware Lotteries, but this is not the end of the operator’s offer. In fact, players can enjoy entertainment on a more regular basis as well, through some of the following games offered both live and online by the Delaware Lotteries:

  • Play 3: A daily draw game in which players pick 3 favorite numbers and have to pay a minimum of USD 0.50 per ticket. Two daily draws are available, with several different winning options possible.
  • Play 4: Similar to Play 3, Play 4 is a draw game that is thrown by the lottery 2 times per day and awards players who pick the right four numbers. Box, straight and combination wins can be made for varying levels of prizes.
  • Keno: The Delaware Lottery Keno is a game thrown by the operator every 4 minutes that can be played and tracked at dozens of locations across the state. The game gives players an opportunity to play instantly and win big prizes by hitting their lottery numbers on the spot.
  • Lucky for Life: A popular lottery games around the country, Lucky for Life is another draw game that gives players a shot at winning USD 1,000 every day for the rest of their lives. Pick the right 6 numbers and be set for life.
  • Video Lottery: Offered in the state’s three casinos, Video Lottery is a game available on terminals which players can play for instant wins.
  • Scratch Cards: Ranging between USD 1 and USD 25 in cost, scratch cards available in Delaware Lottery shops give players a quick shot at some cash jackpots with various cool themes and reward styles in place.

Special Offers & Drawings

Like most other state lotteries, the Delaware Lottery throws several special Delaware Lotto draws every year. These can be expected for major holidays or at times when jackpots in various games get really high. Make sure to keep an eye out for special drawings for a chance at one part of a big prize pool with better odds than you get during normal drawings. All you need to do is buy Delaware lotto tickets.

Delaware Online Lottery: Features & Services Review

When it comes to the Delaware online lottery, things are a bit more disappointing than one would hope. While the operator does offer a website with detailed information about all the games, winning numbers and all the rules, players cannot actually play via their online accounts.

Players can sign up for the players club, which provides some perks such as receiving winning numbers directly to one’s email address, but the ability to purchase tickets online or have a running balance with the lottery is not available. While many other states have allowed players to purchase tickets, buy scratch cards and play instant games through online services, Delaware Lottery lags behind in this sense.

What’s Available at Delaware Lottery Online?

As we already mentioned, players who wish to play lottery games in Delaware will have to make their way to one of the operator’s shops and actually purchase their tickets face to face. The tickets are sold at many different venues and other games such as Video Lottery can be played at these venues as well. This includes the three state sponsored casinos in Delaware.

However, the disappointing part is the fact that one cannot purchase any tickets online or play any real money games at all. It’s clear that the Delaware lotto online While membership in the players club does provide some perks such as participation in special games and receiving winning numbers directly to email, online players don’t get the full convenience that online lottery in some states provides.

Using the Delaware Lottery app, players can track winning numbers and other features of the lottery through their mobile devices. A downloadable app is available for both iOS and Android users, which means most mobile devices support the Delaware Lottery app in some way. However, you cannot play the Delaware lotto online to the full extent.

Delaware Lottery: History

Run by the state government, the Delaware Lottery was one of the first to appear in USA. It was established in 1974 and has included games like Play 3, Play 4 and Lotto America for some years. The lottery was one of only four to offer sports betting before 2018, which was an impressive fact back in the day before sports betting became legal in most parts of the country. Sports betting changed even in Delaware however after the Supreme Court found PASPA (the law that prohibited sports betting) to be unconstitutional.

The state lottery runs three “racinos” (racetrack casinos) as well. The legislation that allowed the opening of these casinos was passed in 2010 and the lottery has been running table games and other games of chance in these three casinos ever since.

Ever since the early days, the Delaware Lottery age has been 18 and players over this age can purchase tickets for lottery games in the state to this day. When it comes to gambling at the racinos and playing Video Lottery games, players must be 21 years or older to take part.

Delaware Lottery Review: Biggest Wins

As one would expect, the Delaware Lottery has produced many proud winners over the years. Some of these players won tens of thousands of dollars while others became instant millionaires overnight. The lottery has made many fantasies come true and some of the players who have won have had fascinating tales to tell. As such, many buy Delaware lotto tickets.

As recently as 2018, a group of 13 Newark based coworkers purchased a Powerball ticked and managed to match all five of the white numbers on their ticket. They walked away with a cool USD 1,000,000, each taking home a massive payday. In an interview, group members said that they had been playing the lottery together for about 15 years before they scored this amazing payday. Although this wasn’t through the Delaware lotto online, it’s a great win for anyone!

This of course was not the first time that someone made millions playing the Delaware Lottery. Back in 2012, a Dover based couple by the name of Greenwood, bought Delaware lotto tickets, and won a Million dollars playing Mega Millions, the other big drawing game available via Delaware Lottery. The Greenwoods had not realized the value of their prize until they went down to the lottery headquarters, where they were told they had both won the jackpot and the Megaplier which meant their USD 250,000 win would be quadrupled. They were a couple of the countless people that had the Delaware Lottery change their lives over the years.

Chances: The Online Development of Delaware Lottery

Currently, the lottery in Delaware is not fully available via the internet. The website and lottery apps which are available provide players with a chance to check the winning numbers, see what games are available and find out details about upcoming draws, recent winners and similar.

However, whether or not the lottery will become fully available as the Delaware lotto online to the extent of players being able to purchase tickets and actually play online remains to be seen. Certain legislative changes that are coming into power may actually hinder this from happening for some years to come, but it is likely that the lottery will remain available via regular purchase methods for a long time. On the other hand, the Delaware Lottery website will likely remain in place for players to use for information and updates. Thus, the Delaware lotto online might not materialize any time soon. We also cover the Iowa lotteries online or the latest Nevada lotteries.

Conclusion: Play Small to Win Big

The appeal of lottery games is great because they offer a chance to win big for a tiny investment. If you live in Delaware and are looking to test your luck, there is no better way than visiting a Delaware Lottery stand and purchasing some tickets for the next upcoming draw. Pick your numbers and your draw and let lady luck decide if you can become the next lucky winner of a multi-million life changing jackpot in one of the major nationwide drawings offered or play smaller games and look for a win that will make your day or your week look a lot better.

Delaware Lottery FAQs

What games can I play in Delaware Lottery?

Delaware Lottery provides access to a great number of games for its players. These include massive interstate drawings such as Powerball and Mega Millions, local lotto and daily games such as Play 3 and Play 4. Instant games such a s Keno and scratch cards are also on offer for the action junkies.

Can I purchase my tickets online?

Unfortunately no, you cannot access the Delaware lotto online. At this moment, the Delaware Lottery website allows players to sign up for the players club and access relevant information and updates about the games, but not purchase cards to play the Delaware lotto online. Whether such an option will be introduced in the future remains to be seen.

Who can play the Delaware Lottery?

You can’t play the the Delaware lotto online. But, Delaware Lottery games are available to all players who are above the age of 18. This is the case with all the drawing and lotto games. In order to play games such as the Video Lottery at the state-owned racinos, players will need to be over the age of 21, which is the legal gambling age.

How do I find out the results?

The Delaware Lottery results are available through many means. You can watch the live drawings of all the games or simply visit the Delaware Lottery website and find the recent winning numbers. Additionally, you can join the players club and receive all the winning numbers to your email inbox.

How much can I win?

This depends heavily on the game you choose from the lottery portfolio. Daily drawing games award jackpots in the thousands of dollars, while some scratch cards may award winners in the tens of thousands. Major national games like Powerball award jackpots that often grow to over USD 100,000,000.

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