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2 By 2 Lottery US 2024

Publish Date: 30/05/2021
Fact checked by: Drew the DFS Guy

What can 22,000 dollars get you? Well before your mind writes an endless list; permit me to give you the masterplan to make you 22,000 dollars richer. Did you know that 22,000 dollars are the ultimate prize for the 2 by 2 lottery? This could make you richer. The 2by2 lottery is a lottery played in three states of Nebraska, North Dakota, and Kansas. Kansas and Nebraska first offered 2 by 2 to players in 2002, and North Dakota became inclusive in 2006. There are different versions of the game in Arizona, Minnesota, and Iowa but have since been stopped.

Players normally play the game by choosing two numbers between 1 and 26 in each of two fields provide which is red and white. To win, only one match is needed in either of the two fields. The highest prize was formerly $20,000, but now it is $22,000.

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Highlights of 2 by 2 Lotteries

  • Ultimate prize is $22,000
  • It's played in Kansas, Nebraska and North Dakota
  • Ultimate prize can be doubled on special occasions

2 by 2 Lotteries: How to Win and How It Works

It's easy to play. Pick two red numbers between 1 and 26 and two white numbers between 1 and 26, or let the lottery terminal randomly choose your numbers.

Below is a simple step by step outline of how you can play 2 by 2 lottery:

  • Pick 2 red numbers between one and twenty six, and 2 white numbers between one and twenty six
  • Each play costs $1.
  • You can develop to five completely different sets of numbers on every play slip. You can purchase identical numbers for up to twenty-eight consecutive drawings (4 weeks’ worth) after you use the multi-draw box on the play slip. Multi-draws can be purchased for up to 12 weeks.
  • The top prize of $22,000, originally $20,000 is won by matching all four numbers i.e. matching the 2 by 2 winning numbers.
  • Players United Nations agency obtain a price tag smart for seven consecutive drawings square measure eligible for a doubling of the highest prize (to $44,000) if the highest prize is won on a Tuesday.
  • As of Gregorian calendar month twenty six, 2011, tickets can be purchased from 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. (Central Time) any day of the week except from 9:00 p.m. to 9:03 p.m.

Drawing Days/Time for 2 by 2 Lotteries

The 2 by 2 draws consisting of seven Drawings a Week are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Drawings are conducted by the Multi-State Lottery Association.

The 2 by 2 winning numbers are announced Monday through Sunday in time for the ten o’clock news. You can get two by two lottery numbers from American state, Kansas and ND lottery websites, on your favorite radio or station, or Lottery beano distributer, your local newspaper or USA Today

Winning Options for 2 by 2 Lotteries

2 by 2 winning options varies with level of accuracy with which you predict the outcome. Of course a correct perfect prediction earns you the juicy cash prize of $22,000. Below is a table showing you the full winning options available to you as a player:

Correct Numbers Matched                                 Prize Amount in $ Tuesday Prize Amount in $
4 Match (2 Red, 2 White) $22,000 Ultimate prize $44,000 Ultimate prize
3 Match  (2 Red, 1 White) $100 $200
3 Match  (1 Red, 2 White) $100 $200
2 Match  (2 Red) $3 $6
2 Match  (2 White) $3 $6
2 Match  (1 Red, 1 White) $3 $6
1 Match  (1 Red) Free 2by2 Ticket 2 Free 2by2 Tickets
1 Match  (1 White) Free 2by2 Ticket 2 Free 2by2 Tickets

2 by 2 Winning Odds

For each 2 by 2 prizes outlined, there are varying odds of winning a prize. The odds are outlined in the table below. Obviously, the odd of winning the ultimate prize is going to be the greatest.

Correct Numbers Matched                               Prize Amount in $ Tuesday Prize Amount in $ Winning Odds
4 Match (2 Red, 2 White) $22,000 Ultimate prize $44,000 Ultimate prize 1 to 105,625
3 Match  (2 Red, 1 White) $100 $200 1 to 2,200
3 Match  (1 Red, 2 White) $100 $200 1 to 2,200
2 Match  (2 Red) $3 $6 1 to 382
2 Match  (2 White) $3 $6 1 to 382
2 Match  (1 Red, 1 White) $3 $6 1 to 45
1 Match  (1 Red) Free 2by2 Ticket 2 Free 2by2 Tickets 1 to 8
1 Match  (1 White) Free 2by2 Ticket 2 Free 2by2 Tickets 1 to 8

2 by 2 Lotteries payout

A player only has a certain limited time to claim his prize irrespective of the prize that has been won. In the States of North Dakota and Nebraska, a player has a time limit of 180 days after the drawing date while the state of Kansas gives period of 365 days.

The steps needed to claim your cash prize are outlined below

  • A player should immediately sign the ticket and complete the information provided at the back of the ticket.
  • For prizes up to $599: Simply present your winning ticket to your favorite lottery retailer or mail the signed/completed ticket to the lottery office of the State.
  • A prize of $600 or more must be paid by the Lottery. A player may also present the player’s prize winning ticket in person at the Lottery’s office located at North Dakota, Kansas or Nebraska between the provided hours of 8 a.m. – 12 noon and 1pm– 5pm, Monday through to Friday (apart from holidays). A player should arrive at the lottery on or before 4:30pm to allow for adequate time of processing.
  • A player may also need to download and print out what is known as the Prize Claim Form available on the State’s Lottery Website.
  • A player should also include a copy of his Identification document.
  • Mailing of tickets is at owner risk and so registered mail is highly recommended.

In the event that there are more than 10 winners of the grand prize in a single drawing, then the prizes will be shared on a Pari-Mutuel basis. By implication, this could affect the cash value of the top prize.

Tax on Payout

US Federal Law necessitates the players to report Lottery winnings in excess of $600 of the IRS. The States law also has provision for their deductions percentage of the winnings. This is in addition to other regulations by the IRS.

2 by 2 Lotteries Ticket Cost

The cost of a 2 by 2 lotteries ticket is $1 per line just like the daily 3. Multi-draw ticket can be purchased for seven consecutive draws which can qualify you for the 2by2 Tuesday feature in which all prizes automatically double in value! The price is the same in all 3 states (if the lottery can be played in several states).

2 by 2 Recent Ultimate Prize Winners Stories

Here’s a story of the last lucky 2 by 2 lottery jackpot winner

Lincoln, NE – Charles Kalkowski of lynch won the grand prize of $22,000 from 2by2 lottery from Nebraska.

Kalkowski bought his winning ticket from lynch town Market at 416 West Hoffman Street in lynch. The ticket contained the winning Red ball numbers (05, 14) and White ball numbers (15, 26) from the March twenty-three drawing on a free ticket.

When Kalkowski went to claim his prize on May 29, he said he’d been checking his numbers on a Sunday morning when he discovered he won.

 “I threw my hands straight in the air,” he said. “I got it! I knew I had the jackpot!”

The win came at a good time for Kalkowsi, he said, because a couple of months ago his house was under about five feet of water after the Ponca Creek flooded.

Fortunate winners abound frequently. Below is a table with the 5 latest wins.





Prize in USD


Number of winners


Nebraska May 31, 2019 $22,000 1 (Charles Kalkowski)
Kansas City January 29, 2019 $22,000 1 (Louis V. Kronawitter,  Jr.)
Kansas City October 18, 2018 $22,000 1 (Robert   Scwhartz)
North Dakota July 30, 2018 $22,000 1 (John)
Kansas City July 19, 2018 $22,000 1 (Lee McNorton)


Available 2 by 2 Operator/States

2 by 2 lottery is available in Nebraska, Kansas and North Dakota. Kansas has not yet made legal the sale of Lottery tickets by any other means than in person from a licensed Kansas Lottery retailer and likewise Nebraska and North Dakota. So purchasing 2 by 2 lottery tickets over the internet is not advisable or possible. Prizes might not be paid if a ticket was purchased online. Check our sports betting comparison page to get concrete information on licensed lottery operators.

So quickly go to the nearest licensed Kansas Lottery retailer and purchase your tickets to be part of the 2 by 2 lottery success stories. Check out our Trixie betting strategy for something a little different.

2 by 2 Lotteries FAQs

Where Can I find the 2 by 2 numbers of the latest drawings?

The lottery office in each state, newspapers, and popular lottery sites are some of the places to find results of latest draws.

Can I Buy Tickets Over the Internet?

No, state law in three states prohibits the sale of Lottery tickets by any other means than in person from a licensed Lottery retailer.

How Do I Tell If I Have a Winning Ticket?

Draw and instant tickets can be validated at Lottery retailers or at the Lottery office in each state. They can also be checked in a Check-A-Ticket at Lottery retailer locations.

What Should I Do If I Have a Winning Ticket?

What a player should do as soon as he realizes he has won is to sign at the back of the ticket immediately. This is because lottery tickets are very similar to bearer instruments, which means that the person who bears the ticket can only claim the prize, irrespective of who purchased the ticket.

How Do I Get Paid If I Ever Have a Winning Ticket?

Claim Prizes that are up to $599 can be claimed by players at the Kansas Lottery retail locations. They may be claimed at the Lottery office located at Topeka. However, for prizes that are more than $600, they must necessarily be claimed at the Kansas Lottery office, in person or by mail. For this purpose, a claim form must also be completed.

Is the Lottery Only for U.S. Citizen?

You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to play or to claim a prize. Non-residents will be required to provide an address outside of the U.S. But tax on winnings still apply irrespective of nationalization.

At what Age Am I Eligible to Play?

You must be 18 years of age and above, persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from claiming a lottery prize in the US.

Conclusion: Let’s Make Some Cool Cash with 2 by 2 Lottery

In this article, we have gone through the nitty-gritty of 2 by 2 lotteries, how you can purchase your tickets, win the ultimate prize and definitely claim that cash you played smart to get. The draws are daily and so you don’t have to wait long to play again and win some more. So rush down to the nearest licensed lottery office to get that ticket that would make you a lucky winner!

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