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Looking for an exciting deal with a great operator? Do you like daily fantasy sports? Then you can stop by Jock MKT and keep reading. Our team has found the Jock MKT welcome bonus, which will definitely tickle your fancy.

Here at CaptainGambling, we pride ourselves on providing you with accurate information on the latest offers from the top operators. Join us in this review of the Jock MKT bonus, where we’ll take you through the workings of the bonus and give you some tips. We’ll even answer some questions you may have and give you a real-world test.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
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Welcome bonus - is it a trap?

If there is one thing our experts are sure of, it is that operators all love bonuses. They love them so much that they will sometimes run multiple bonus offers and promotions at any given time. Why is it so popular? Easy really. To get you to play and use their platform. That’s the bottom line. Where does a welcome bonus fit in all of this? It’s the same principle but just applied to potential customers. They want to give new customers extra incentives to open an account and use the platform.

Today we’ll look at the 100% deposit Match bonus from Jock MKT. The team at Jock MKT promises to match your deposit 100% when you make your first deposit up to $100. We think it is a sweet deal, and we’ll tell you why in just a second.

How does the Jock MKT bonus work?

Now is the time to pay close attention, as we’ll tell you all you need to know about the welcome bonus from Jock MKT. In essence, it is a simple and straightforward bonus to activate and use, but there are one or two requirements. Our Pulsz bonus review also delves into the particulars of a welcome bonus on offer, so you might want to check that out too.

To start, we want to clarify that this Jock MKT bonus is only applicable to new customers as you have to open a new account with Jock MKT. During the signup process, you must enter a “referral code” found on the Jock MKT website to activate the bonus. Once you've entered the code and opened the new account, you can make your first deposit. One of the bonus requirements is that your first deposit must be at least $20. Jock MKT will then match your deposit, and your account will be credited with the amount immediately.

If you want to withdraw your funds, you must fulfill one more playthrough requirement. Jock MKT states that you need to wager 500% of your bonus. Once you have done so, you will be able to withdraw your funds within 24 hours. The amount is calculated in fees for contests that you enter or bids you make for shares in players. Our team found the requirements easy to understand and straightforward.

5 expert tips to remember when using this bonus

The team of experts here at GamblingGuy likes to throw some tips into our reviews. As in our Prophet Exchange bonus review, you’ll see that we love providing you with some expert knowledge to get ahead of the competition.

Don’t go overboard!

Always remember that even though gambling or playing DFS is a form of entertainment, you should always stay within certain limits to make your experience enjoyable and prevent nasty consequences. Just like everything else, you need to take it in moderate amounts. Too much could be detrimental to your health (and wallet), even if a welcome offer such as the Jock MKT bonus gives you something extra.  Make sure to set yourself a budget for playing DFS or wagering that you can afford. If you lose this amount, it shouldn't impact you or cause you to go into debt. Enjoy your hobby in moderation, and you will keep a healthy bank balance. Responsible gambling is crucial, and if you feel that you may have a problem, stop immediately and seek assistance. 

Check your games and contests!

Most bonuses have a wagering or playthrough requirement. The Jock MKT bonus is no different from other bonuses in this regard. However, some bonuses have certain time limits. If you don’t fulfill the wagering requirements within this time limit, the bonus amount will disappear. It can also happen that you run out of fixtures to fulfill the wagering requirement to keep your bonus. You should check and see when activating your bonus how many fixtures you have left before the time limit kicks in. You can prevent running out of time by placing reminders on your phone to ensure you wager in time. 

Never stop researching

When playing DFS, it is crucial to keep ahead of other competitors by doing your proper research. In a case where you receive extra credit, such as in the Jock MKT bonus case, you shouldn’t just throw the rule book out the window. See this as an opportunity to maximize your winnings. Do your daily reading on all your favorite sports sites to keep abreast of any player form, fitness, or performance changes. Educate yourself by following sports analysts on social media to get expert opinions on upcoming fixtures. Do proper research before wagering your extra bonus money instead of just using it to get it out of the way.  

Additional terms and conditions

You’ve decided you want to go for the Jock MKT bonus. You insert the referral code when signing up for your account. You deposit $15 into your account. Now you are sitting waiting for the bonus credits to arrive. However, you didn’t deposit the required amount of at least $20, meaning you cannot qualify for the bonus. The lesson here is that you should take a few minutes to read through the terms and conditions of a bonus. Here you will pick up all the requirements you must fulfill to qualify for the said bonus. We know it is tedious, but it will pay off in the long run. 

Join a community of players

When you're signing up as a new operator, and you get a welcome bonus such as the Jock MKT bonus, try to see if there is a community of DFS players you can join. Whether on the operator’s website or a forum such as Discord or Reddit, a DFS community can provide a wealth of information, especially for the beginner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  More experienced players love sharing wisdom and tips with novice players. Here you can learn to avoid silly mistakes or talk strategies with other players on how to best use your bonus credits.

The Jock MKT bonus - how, when, and where

You probably have a few questions about the Jock MKT bonus offer. As you can tell by our Hollywood Casino bonus review, we like answering questions about bonuses. We thought of a few, and maybe we can answer them for you in this quick FAQ section of our Jock MKT bonus offer review.

How can I make my first deposit?

We had this question from the get go as this is an essential part of activating the bonus. The terms and conditions of the Jock MKT bonus require you to deposit at least $20 to activate the bonus. The Jock MKT website doesn’t explicitly mention all the payment methods available for making deposits, but we did some digging into the fine print and found that they mention using credit cards in their terms and conditions. They also make mention of third-party provider PayPal on the website.

 When can I expect to receive the bonus?

Most bonuses, including welcome bonuses such as the Jock MKT bonus, will credit you with an amount into your account. It varies from operator to operator how long it takes them to process the bonus activation, which will have an impact on when you will actually receive the bonus in your account. In the case of this specific welcome bonus, Jock MKT does not mention any period you have to wait to receive your bonus funds. When you make the qualifying deposit, you will be credited with the bonus amount. This is good to hear, as you can immediately start using the bonus amount on fixtures.

I already have a Jock MKT account. Can I still get the welcome offer?

Some of you may already have started playing on the Jock MKT platform. It makes sense that an existing user would ask this question. Unfortunately, the code used to activate the Jock MKT bonus is a “referral code,” meaning it can only be used when you create a new account. Users are only allowed one account per user. Existing users cannot participate in this bonus offer as it is restricted to new customers opening their first account. We were not surprised about this as it is designed as a welcome bonus for new customers. It is standard practice that only new customers will be eligible.

Does the offer expire at any time?

Most bonuses have a specific time that they will run. Or they will only be valid on certain days of the month. However, some bonuses run perpetually without a set end date. The Jock MKT bonus is one such offer. The team at Jock MKT has not set a date for this offer to expire, so we expect it to run for the foreseeable future. Make sure to check their website for any changes in this policy as these could come at short notice, and you want to ensure that you have enough time to sign up to enjoy the bonus.

What happens if I forget to insert the referral code?

You’ve signed up for your first account at Jock MKT and made your deposit. You’ve just realized that you forgot to insert the referral code to activate the bonus. What are your options? You can try and contact customer support by email and ask them if you can qualify for the Jock MKT bonus in another way. However, we would advise that you always take the signup process slow and ensure you insert the code as the customer service assistants will most likely be unable to help you in this regard.

“Beginner Events” for more novice users

Upon a closer look at the rest of the Jock MKT website, we couldn’t find mention of another welcome bonus or any other promotions. The Jock MKT bonus is the only one they are running. We did find something interesting, though. Jock MKT calls it “Beginner Events.” A user on the platform can only enter these events if they have entered 50 or fewer events. We like the idea of these beginner events as it provides the novice player who may be new to DFS with a level playing field.

Jock MKT Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

Bonus intro

You already know that there is a wonderful Jock MKT bonus and our team decided to take it for a test drive. The team at Jock MKT decided to include a welcome bonus offer for users signing up for the first time. The bonus requires you to use a code when opening your account at Jock MKT. When you deposit, Jock MKT will match your deposit 100% up to the amount of $100. The minimum deposit required is $20. Only first-time customers are eligible for this bonus. As with most welcome offers, you cannot withdraw the bonus immediately. Only after fulfilling certain requirements are you allowed to withdraw the bonus.

Reality test

This Jock MKT bonus is for customers opening an account for the first time. So that’s what our team did. During our signup process, we were allowed to insert a special “referral code,” which we did. This action initially activates the bonus. We then funded our account by depositing via credit card. We deposited $20 as this is the minimum amount required for the bonus to work. We could see that we received another $20 immediately as it showed as credit in our account. The process to activate the Jock MKT bonus is simple and easy.

Bonus withdrawal

As you may have guessed, we couldn’t withdraw the Jock MKT bonus amount immediately after receiving it. This is standard procedure, so we had a look to see what the wagering or playthrough requirement for withdrawal was. The terms and conditions of the bonus state that you can withdraw all your funds, including the credit, within 24 hours providing that you have fulfilled the criteria i.e. you need to wager 500% of the bonus amount. We then placed at least $100 in contest fees and bids on shares for players. Sure enough, within 24 hours of us doing this, we could withdraw all our funds. You can also withdraw the whole amount, not just winnings from the credit.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus

After going through the process, we were impressed by how simple it is to activate, wager, and withdraw. We only picked up a few potential issues that may come up when using or activating the bonus. Always remember to insert the “referral code” during the signup process. The Jock MKT bonus is only activated if you insert the code, and you cannot go back. The next problem is that users can forget to deposit at least $20 for their first deposit. This is crucial as a requirement of the bonus. Make sure that you remember to deposit this amount.

Verdict on bonus

As welcome bonuses go, our team of experts liked the offer from the Jock MKT team. The bonus only requires two things from the user to activate. The first is to insert the code, and the second is to deposit at least $20. It’s simple to activate and get the benefit. The playthrough requirement is easy to understand and apply. After you have fulfilled this, you can withdraw within 24 hours. There are no hidden terms and conditions – no massive pitfalls to report on here. We were impressed by this Jock MKT bonus, which did exactly as it said on the box.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get Jock MKT Bonus

Overall conclusion - well worth it to join

We hoped you enjoyed this exploration of the Jock MKT bonus offer, as we sure did. It has a lot going for it. It is simple and easy to understand, as it should be for a welcome offer. Welcome offers are geared toward new customers that most likely could be beginners. The Jock MKT team kept activation simple, and the deposit required to activate is reasonable. You receive your bonus funds immediately. No waiting time at Jock MKT. We do feel that the playthrough requirement is a bit on the high side at 500%, but after this is done, you can withdraw all your funds. Overall, we think that this is a special welcome offer.

Jock MKT bonus FAQ 

👊How can I activate a bonus?

Each bonus is activated differently. It could be by opting in or inserting a bonus code. There could also be deposit requirements, and we discuss this at length in our bonus reviews.

💪How big is the bonus from Jock MKT?

Jock MKT offers a generous Jock MKT welcome bonus. The bonus depends on certain factors that we look at in the Jock MKT bonus review.

💁Who is eligible for the Jock MKT 100% deposit match bonus?

Jock MKT offers a 100% deposit match bonus when inserting a referral code. Not all customers are eligible for the bonus, and you can read about the requirements in more detail in our Jock MKT bonus review.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
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