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Xpressbet Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

  • Get a free $10 betting bonus
  • All you need to do is register
  • No deposit required
  • Additional $10 bonus for every $100 deposited
  • Maximum bonus amount of $500
100% up to $500
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  • A popular and trusted US horse racing bookmaker
  • A rare no-deposit bonus available to new bettors
  • A good choice of deposit and withdrawal methods
100% on$500
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Claim your Xpressbet Deposit Welcome Bonus Offer Now

We found some great Xpressbet ratings and you'll want to see this site's deals. To claim your Xpressbet sign up bonus and offers all you have to do is register to open an account and input the Xpressbet promo code. It's really that simple. The deal is open to new Xpressbet customers who join the site. Once you enter the Xpressbet promo code SPORTOFKINGS you will immediately get $10 credited to your account as a joining bonus. Then you will get an additional $10 in credit for every $100 you wager, making it an attractive promotional offer for wagering.

The maximum new customers can claim in bonus credit is $500, and you must claim every wagering credit you receive from the Xpressbet welcome offers within 30 days. In terms of making a deposit, that's better than many online casinos and online horse racing sites that make you claim all of your welcome bonus with your first deposit, rather than giving you 30 days to use it. It means that you can get your first Xpressbet sign up sum of $10, bet with it, and then if you like the site come back and bet more and get more wagering credit within 30 days.

Just please remember to use the Xpressbet promo code when you first join and open an account. If you don't enter the offer number, you will not be eligible for the Xpressbet sign up offers and XB rewards. Contrast this with the TwinSpires promo code deal for new customers.

Xpressbet Introduction

Xpressbet, LLC can trace its roots back to 1983. That's when The Meadows, a horse racing track in Pennsylvania, started allowing people to call in bets on their live horse races rather than having to be at the track itself. The company that handled the calls was called Call-A-Bet. Call-A-Bet eventually was used by other horse racing tracks and expanded.

When the Internet started becoming big online horse racing wagers started being accepted. That's why Call-A-Bet renamed themselves Xpressbet. Since then they have accepted wagers from both existing and new customers on nearly every live horse racing event in the world and have become a multi-million-dollar company, with an impressive betting site to match. It now handles bets on nearly 200 horse racetracks in North America, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East in what is renowned as being one of the most exciting betting markets to master.

The Xpressbet Sign Up Offers - Is There An Xpressbet Promo Code?

The Xpressbet welcome offers do not payout real cash. It pays out in terms of betting credits. That means that if you bet $100 and get a $10 credit you can't withdraw that $10 right away. Instead, you must wager it on one of the live horse races being offered. In that way, it is more of a free bet than it is a cash reward. You also have to remember when you sign up to use the Xpressbet promo number or you will not be eligible for any part of the Xpressbet sign up offers. You only have to bet through the money once. That means that if you get a $10 credit, place it on a race and win you will get your winnings – minus the $10 credit – and be able to withdraw them from your account right away. See how this ranks with the latest PointsBet bonus code or Watch and Wager sign up offers to explore your betting options in detail.

The Xpressbet sign up offer is capped at $500 in total credits. And you have a month to use it. Given that you get $10 for every $100 bet that should be more than enough for most players.

Once you have entered the Xpressbet promo code, the bonus credits should come to you automatically. Simply check your available balance to see how much you have gotten from your offers for registering. Then see how it compares with the Keeneland Select promo code deal for online betting.

Bonus & Requirements

Type Value
Bonus amount $500
Min. Payment $10
Max. Time 30 days
Cashable No

Xpressbet Refer A Friend Bonus Offer

Xpressbet has another way for you to earn free betting credits. This, of course, is on top of your offers for registering on the platform. Better still, it doesn't require you to use an Xpressbet promo code. Instead, go to the Xpressbet homepage. You'll notice a link for XB Friends. Click on that link and you will be given an option to enroll in the program.

Once you read the terms and conditions and sign up for XB Friends the system will give you a code number. Now go on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel. Ask people to sign up for Xpressbet. Include the number in your code. You can even email people. Or you can write the code down on a card and hand it out to people in public. Every time someone uses your code to sign up for Xpressbet you will be on your way to a reward. Once they have joined and bet at least $100 you will be given $50 in credit. Like with the Xpressbet welcome offers you can bet that money on any race you like and keep any winnings you earn.

It's a great way for you to earn extra money to bet with and it's a great way to show people just how much fun it is to bet at Xpressbet. What really rocks is you don't have to remember a particular Xpressbet promo code to be a part of it. Just get your number, spread it around, and pretty soon you'll be earning a ton of money just by telling the world how great it is to bet at Xpressbet.

Xpressbet Seasonal Bonuses

In addition to the Xpressbet joining offers, with the Xpressbet promo code the company also has multiple seasonal offers throughout the year. In general, these are designed to bet people to place wagers on new types of races they have never tried before. They may also be designed to get you to try different types of betting on Xpressbet.

They are all fun options for wagering. Some may offer you additional bonus credits. Some may offer you increased loyalty points. Just keep checking the Xpressbet promos page to keep up to date on what is being offered and then decide for yourself whether or not you want to try out any of their promotions. They are all good additions to the Xpressbet bonus offer and on par with the Interbets promo code offer.

Claim your Xpressbet Bonus now! Visit now
Claim your Xpressbet Bonus now! Visit now

Xpressbet's Loyalty Program

In addition to the Xpressbet offers for new players and the Xpressbet bonus code there is also a rewards program in place at the site that rewards its loyal, longstanding customers. It is called XP Rewards. The goal is to keep you on the site betting more and more money. It incentivizes you to stick with Xpressbet, gain rewards and not place your wager on other sites. It does this fairly well.

No other horse racing site we've found has a program that rewards its most loyal customers quite like this one. It is based on the loyalty and rewards programs offered by the major online casinos. We think it works very well and should be emulated across the online horse racing industry. Here's how this horse betting site works.

For every dollar you wager through Xpressbet you will receive at least two loyalty points. First, there are four levels to the horse betting program for existing customers with different sums for reaching each level. They are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Once you have accumulated a number of points they can be converted into free bets or physical items. Here is a list of their current catalog:

Reward Points
DRF Classic PP 3,800
Thoro-Graph Sheets 6,500
F.A.S.T Sheets 12,000
$10 Wagering Credit 15,000
XB Grades - Upgrades & Downgrades Report 15,000
Golden Gate Fields – Two (2) Turf Club Passes 25,000
Santa Anita Park – Two Club House Passes 25,000
The Meadows - $25 Dining Gift Certificate 27,000
$25 Wagering Credit 30,000
Santa Anita Park – Club House Passes & Lunch for Two 36,000
Laurel Park - $50 Dining Gift Certificate 45,000
Pimlico – $50 Dining Gift Certificate 45,000
$50 Wagering Credit 50,000
$75 Wagering Credit 65,000
Laurel Park – $100 Dining Gift Certificate 72,000
Pimlico - $100 Dining Gift Certificate 72,000
$100 Wagering Credit 80,000
Apple iPad Mini 349,000
Apple iPad 373,000
Apple iPad Air 557,000
Apple iPad Pro (12.9 in) 995,000

The offers in this catalog are subject to change. But they give a good overall picture of what is being offered by Xpressbet. When you think about the Xpressbet joining offers with the Xpressbet promo code this adds up to a fairly decent offer.

There are events where you can win up to 10 times the amount of VIP points for placing a bet. For example, currently, if you bet on races in the Hong Kong market you will receive 20 points for every dollar bet, which can go a long way towards you earning an Apple iPad Pro or other rewards that may interest you.

Xpressbet On Twitter

Xpressbet has another way for you to learn about any new promotions they may have going at the moment and the corresponding rewards on offer. Simply add Xpressbet as a friend on Twitter. Then on a nearly daily basis, they will send you information about important races going on on that day. Every so often they will also tell you about a new promotion they are offering. Very often these will include an Xpressbet promo code for you to use to claim the offer.

This is probably the fastest way possible to connect with Xpressbet and find out exactly what's going on. It means you don't have to check their promo page very often and can just find out what is going on at Xpressbet simply by checking your Twitter feed – which you'd do anyway – every day.

Social media is the wave of the future and we are glad Xpressbet has that covered.

Xpressbet Customer Service

Xpressbet excels when it comes to customer service. Should you have any questions about your balance, your Xpressbet welcome offers, your Xpressbet promo code or anything at all simply contact them and let them know about it.

You can contact Xpressbet in one of two different ways. The first is through email. Simply go to the Xpressbet homepage. Look at the bottom of the screen. Click on Contact Us. Then you will be taken to a page with a form on it. Fill out the form with your name, your email address, and your question. They should then get back to you in an hour or two.

Or you can call up Xpressbet and talk to a real person about your problem. The phone number is on the same page as the Email form. Please note however that you can only call them up between 10:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We would like to see them make their support available 24 hours a day seven days a week but that is not yet offered. The same time frame applies to responses from your emails to the company.

That said the quality of the customer service we got when we tested out Xpressbet was excellent. They were quick to respond, understood our questions, and gave us the correct response.

They all seem well trained and very happy to help us out. We feel that when there is a problem with Xpressbet you will be able to find a solution without too much hassle from their excellent customer service staff.

Xpressbet Deposit And Withdrawal Fees

Many online horse racing betting services charge you fees. Some simply charge you to withdraw your money. Some charge you fees to make deposits. Some charge for both ends of the transaction.

Not Xpressbet. When you deposit $100, that's how much deposit money appears in your account. When you withdraw $100 that's how much you get. They don't charge you any fees at all.

That said some credit card companies and some banks do charge fees on the money you use to gamble with. This is a different set of fees than those charged by Xpressbet themselves. You should contact your credit card company or bank and ask them what the fees will be when you withdraw money from Xpressbet to your account. Some will charge no fees at all but some may charge you quite a bit. Xpressbet has no control over this. It's simply a banking decision.

You can make your fee-free deposits in the following ways:

  • Xpressfund® (Electronic Funds Transfer or ACH)
  • VISA and MasterCard Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Green Dot® MoneyPak®
  • Green Dot® @ the Register
  • PayNearMe™ with cash at 7-Eleven® and CVS
  • Check/money order
  • Wire transfer

Xpressbet Tournaments

Xpressbet offers tournaments seasonally. These tournaments give out cash prizes for the people who make the most amounts of correct guesses at a given track in a given time. Some are run by Xpressbet and some are run by their partner companies. The prizes can be very high. In all, they have given out millions of dollars through their tournaments over the years.

While most tournaments are pretty tough to win for experienced gamblers they are the ultimate challenge and pay off with the ultimate rewards. Of course, when you are playing a tournament you still win what you would have normally won. You just get the chance at extra cash should you move up the tournament ladder and a lot of cash should you win the entire tournament.

Check out their Tournaments” page to find out what they currently have to offer. This makes the race fun whenever you want to watch and wager.

Xpressbet And Safe Gambling

Xpressbet takes gambling safety very seriously. To make sure you stay safe while gambling online, here are our top tips.

  • Set a budget and stick to it. It's important to set a daily weekly or monthly budget and stick to it. It can be sometimes tempting to stick more money in once you've gone over budget and lost. However, it's important to be strict with yourself and stick to your guns to prevent a gambling problem from arising.
  • Change your passwords regularly. Changing your passwords regularly makes it more difficult for hackers to get into your account and therefore makes it more secure. This is a general bit of sound advice for all of your online accounts, as well as casinos and sports betting sites.
  • Make sure you bet with a licensed provider. Always play and bet with a provider that is licensed and regulated by a top regulatory body. Such websites are more closely and regularly monitored and you're less likely to encounter any problems. You can find a site's licenses stamped at the bottom of the page.
  • Check for SSL certificates. SSL encryption certificates are there to ensure all of your data and sensitive information is protected from scammers and fraudsters. You can see if a site has an SSL certificate as they'll display a lockbox system next to the URL in your browser when you're on the site.

Xpressbet Apps

Apps are the way of the future. And Xpressbet understands this. This is why they have built an Xpressbet mobile app for iOS and Android enabled devices. You can simply go to your regular app store, search for the Xpressbet mobile apps, and then download each app to your phone. The apps are free of charge.

They perform exactly the same functions as the desktop and laptop versions of Xpressbet. You can claim your Xpressbet welcome offers using your Xpressbet promo code on the app. You can refer a friend. You can deposit or withdraw money. It all works seamlessly on the Xpressbet app.

The apps have high ratings on the app stores and seem to be updated regularly. As more and more people start spending less of their online time on their desktops or laptops and more time surfing the Internet through their phones, apps are going to become more and more important.

Xpressbet clearly understands this and is fully committed to offering apps that work just as well as their website, with the iconic Xpressbet app offering a great example of these principles in practice. That's great for people who want to be able to place wagers on sports on the go and receive Xpressbet rewards while they travel via the Xpressbet app. If you are trying to kill time in an airport being able to go online, find some horses to bet on, and then watch your chosen horse race, then using the app can be a great way to do it.

We applaud Xpressbet for their commitment to making their apps as good as they can be and the range of Xpressbet rewards available for betting.

Xpressbet Overall Review

Xpressbet is overall a very good site to use to bet on live horse racing in America. Its Xpressbet offers for new joiners are outstanding when you use it with the Xpressbet promo code. Xpressbet runs a great refer a friend service. And we are really positive about their program of perks for loyal horse racing aficionados – especially since there are ways account holders can get 10 times the usual number of loyalty points. Their customer service is excellent – although we'd like to see them offering some sort of 24-hour-a-day access. We are also very impressed by the quality of their apps.

Reports from people working at Xpressbet that the working situation isn't ideal do trouble us. After all, there are a lot of places to make bets online and we'd rather do so at a place where the workers are taken care of.

That said, Xpressbet has been responsive to the problem and seems to have replaced the former management. They say that the new management is replacing old policies that did not work. We hope that is the case and that Xpressbet's employees’ complaints will stop in the near future. Given the otherwise excellent quality of the service Xpressbet offers, we imagine this will be the case.

We found Xpressbet to be an excellent place to wager on live horse racing events. For horse racing enthusiasts, it's a richly rewarding experience. We were particularly fond of the fact that they don't charge any fees at all for deposits and withdrawals. We found this to be an excellent site where people can have a lot of fun, while resting assured that their account with Xpressbet is fully protected from the outset.