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Xpressbet Horse Racing Reviews & Ratings US 2021

4.1 / 5
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Xpressbet Highlights
  • One of the most popular US bookies
  • Great no-deposit welcome bonus
  • Lots of ways to deposit funds
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
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Author: Hannah Craven
Last update on: February 11th, 2021
Topic: Sports Betting Review
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Our Latest Xpressbet Review

Xpressbet US is a popular betting site, offering up a quality betting experience. After reading honest Xpressbet Review posts from players of the site, it seems that people like placing bets at Xpresssbet.

Xpressbet is a horse racing gambling website - with no other sports available. There are no casino or video slot machine sections, but that’s fine, as there are some strong Xpressbet sign up offers to be aware of. Overall, the user experience at Xpressbet is outstanding. Keep reading to find out how we came to this conclusion.



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Is Xpressbet Reliable & Secure?

Xpressbet is an extremely secure site. It uses the highest commercial encryption available to make sure your money remains secure when it reaches them and when they send it back to you. While no website has perfect security Xpressbet does as much as any other company to make sure your transactions with them are safe and secure. So is Xpressbet secure? Yes, it is.


  • A popular and trusted US horse racing bookmaker
  • A rare no-deposit bonus available to new bettors
  • A good choice of deposit and withdrawal methods


  • No other sports available - may be disappointing for some

Now, is Xpressbet reliable? Yes, we have to say that it is. All of the user reviews of Xpressbet stress just how reliable it is. Xpressbet reviews are universal in saying that when you place a bet it will be honored and you will be able to withdraw your money. This is why Xpressbet's ratings are as high as they are. You can trust that the site will be up and running when you need it. The odds are Xpressbet are fair. And if you win you can count on getting your return. This is like what we found in both our TwinSpires ratings and DRF Bets review.

Overall Xpressbet's ratings speak for themselves. The site is very secure. The site is very reliable. You could do far worse than place a bet at Xpressbet. The site simply works.

Xpressbet US Promotions And Offers

Xpressbet has a great welcome offer.

When you first sign up with Xpressbet you will be asked for a promo code. In this field enter the code SPORTOFKINGS. You will then be given an instant $10 of free credit to bet with. On top of that during your first 30 days of playing at Xpressbet you will also be given an additional $10 of free money to bet with for every $100 you bet. The maximum you can claim from this offer is $500 which should be more than enough for nearly any horse racing bettor.

Bonus & Requirements

Bonus amount$500
Min. Payment$10
Max. Time30 days

Xpressbet Customer Service

We have to admit we are fairly impressed with the Xpressbet customer service team. And once again we assume this has contributed to Xpressbet's reviews and Xpressbet's ratings.

You can contact Xpressbet via email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You do this by filling out a form online and then sending it out. They will generally bet back to you in an hour or two.

You can also contact Xpressbet via telephone. This is something that not every online horse racing place offers. That way if you have a unique problem you can talk to a real live human being about it.

The phone only works between 10:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Of course, we'd like it if it was available 24 hours a day. Still simply having some period of time when you can contact Xpressbet US and actually talk to a living person is a good deal.

We tested out both forms of communication with Xpressbet and found that we got the right answers from both of them. Therefore our Xpressbet review of their customer service is excellent. We have no doubt this is a major reason Xpressbet ratings are so high.

Xpressbet Telephone Betting

This one surprised us about Xpressbet US. While it is an online service they seem to understand that not everyone is up for the Internet revolution. Therefore they have a service where you can just call them up during the day and place your bets.

When you call up Xpressbet you simply tell them what you want to bet on and they record the bet. If you lose the money will be taken out of your account. If you win the money will be credited into your account.

While we cannot say how many horse racing bettors this will help it's nice to see that they are trying to accommodate everyone who wants to wager with them. Again this has to contribute to Xpressbet's ratings and Xpressbet's reviews. It would be particularly helpful to a blind person who still wanted to place a bet on horse racing.

Xpressbet FAQ Page

Xpressbet US has a fairly extensive FAQ page that will respond to the questions they get most often through email or on the phone. There are nine categories on the FAQ. You then select the one that most closely resembles your question.

Then inside each category are multiple questions. Find the one that matches what you are looking for. There will be an extensive explanation of how the site works and what you need to do.

This FAQ should answer 95% of the questions you'd otherwise email to them or ask them over the phone. It's very easy to access it. Just look for the FAQ symbol on the homepage, click on it and you'll be taken directly there.

It manages to explain everything from what Xpressbet is to details about the hardware and software they use. This is an excellent resource that should be your first go-to point.

Deposit & Withdrawal - A Range of Deposit Options

Xpressbet is unique in that you can make deposits in a number of ways, including online, by phone, by mail, and even in person. Naturally, it's probably easier and quicker to go with online deposits, but it's nice to have a range of options available to you. When it comes to accepted payment methods, XpressBet accepts VISA/MasterCard debit and credit cards, PayPal, MoneyPak, PayNearMe, and Xpressfund.

Usability - What Sets XpressBet Apart?

The Xpressbet website is easy to navigate, and provides you with plenty of options for betting and reading the latest horse betting news. But what sets it apart from its competitors?

Xpressbet will provide you with daily tips on what to bet on. While these are far from sure things they will give you a general overview of what is happening in racing action on a given day.

For people who are new to horse racing, they provide a leg up and allow them to bet on an even keel with more experienced wagerers. Overall it provides a nice service from Xpressbet. A little help can go a long way as was seen in our Keeneland Select ratings. The Xpressbet betting tips are fairly logical. They aren't going to point you at any long shots but they will show you why sometimes it's not the best idea to wager on the favorite.

Overall the Xpressbet Daily Picks are well thought out and a useful tool for when you are trying to figure out where to place your wager. They certainly contribute to Xpressbet's ratings and reviews.

XpressBet Apps - What Is The App Like?

Xpressbet has an app for both iOS and Android enabled devices. Both work exactly the same way the laptop and desktop versions of the site operate. Currently, both of the apps from Xpressbet have five-star reviews on their app stores. Xpressbet's ratings cannot get any higher than that. And the Xpressbet reviews on the apps are just as good. Compare this with our Watch and Wager reviews.

This shows that Xpressbet is dedicated to making sure their apps are up to standard. It shows that Xpressbet understands where the market is going.

In 2005 most people made their online bets on their laptops and desktops. But this is 2020 and things have changed. Most people now access the internet from their phones or other portable devices. And apps make accessing the Internet much easier. Transitioning to an app-based format is what the users want. And Xpressbet is there to give it to them.

The Xpressbet apps perform all of the functions of the browser-based versions. You can claim your welcome bonus. You can earn points for their loyalty program. You can deposit money. And you can withdraw money from Xpressbet. Overall the Xpressbet apps simply work very well and enhance your experience betting on horse racing in America. So as you watch and wager Xpressbet is a good place to do it at.

  • Download the Xpressbet app to your device
  • Install and sign up for a free account
  • Deposit cash and start making mobile bets
App Review Registration Image

Additional Offers - What Else Is Available At Xpressbet?

If you play at Xpressbet and like it, you can get rewarded for referring your friends to the site. For every friend that signs up based on your recommendation, you will receive $50 in credit to play with at the site. That's a very good deal and one of the reasons Xpressbet's ratings are so high.

Xpressbet is also one of the only online horse racing firms to have a loyalty program. As you bet you will accumulate points in the program. Those points can eventually be exchanged for either free bets or physical items. You can also get free admission and lunch to various race tracks. The highest reward of the VIP program is an Apple iPad Pro. This is a welcome addition to the world of online horse racing and we hope others will bring the same idea to the table in the future. It's a system that has worked at casinos so why not at XpressBet and other online racing forums.

Xpressbet Review

When you bet on races in Hong Kong you will receive 10 times your normal number of points for the VIP program, our Xpressbet Review has noted.

Perhaps the best promotion Xpressbet has is that they do not charge you any fees at all. Make your deposit and the entire deposit will be credited to your account. Make a withdrawal from Xpressbet and you will receive the full amount of your money into your bank account. With many other online horse racing operations charging fees for deposits and withdrawals it's nice to see that Xpressbet is not. That in and of itself may lead to Xpressbet's reviews and Xpressbet's ratings being as high as they are.

Xpressbet also offers various seasonal promotions. You can take a look at them simply by clicking on the “Promos” link on the homepage and see what they are currently offering.

Overall Xpressbet has top of the line offers that you will want to check out and use to your advantage.

Xpressbet Reviews And Ratings Conclusion
Xpressbet is a rock-solid site. That's why the Xpressbet reviews are so good. Xpressbet's ratings are among the highest in the horse racing industry. Be sure to compare this with our Interbets reviews.

Overall, we have to give Xpressbet our highest marks. Many sites yearn for the culture of excellence that Xpressbet is offering to their players. Xpressbet US simply delivers them as though it is a matter of course. They are one of the best places online to bet on horse racing.

They have our respect and we can recommend them to anyone without any doubts or concerns at all. They simply get it right.

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Bonus Amount Sign up with XpressBet using the bonus code 'SPORTOFKINGS' to receive an instant $10 bonus bet.
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Min. Odds
Expiration time 30 days
Bonus Type No Deposit Bonus
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T&Cs apply, 18+