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Watch and Wager Horse Racing Reviews & Ratings US 2020

Watch and Wager
Watch and Wager
  • Reputable horse racing bookmaker
  • Decent Match25 bonus - but not the best
  • No mobile app - but good mobile site
100% up to$150
To Watch & Wager

Watch & Wager has a mixed rating. The Watch And Wager reviews are stuck at about three out of five stars. The Watch And Wager ratings from users all tend to stay in that part of the curve.

Watch And Wager US is clearly not one of the best places to bet on horse racing in the United States. That doesn't mean that Watch & Wager is bad, simply that you could probably do better.

The Watch And Wager reviews trouble us. The Watch And Wager ratings cause us even more discontent. There's no one thing we can point our finger at when we talk about Watch And Wager's ratings, but for a gambling site to have such a mixed response we have to assume there are problems. Watch & Wager just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Watch And Wager reviews and Watch And Wager's ratings seem like a giant red flag for people to go somewhere else. While we are not saying that Watch & Wager will rip you off we do have deep concerns about their business practices and honesty. There are many great horse racing sites online. Watch & Wager does not seem to be one of them. But keep reading to see what the Watch and Wager promo code deal is.

Try Watch and Wager Visit now
Try Watch and Wager Visit now

Is Watch and Wager Reliable & Secure?

Is Watch and Wager secure? Well, Watch & Wager uses high-end encryption to keep your data safe when it's sent to them and when it's sent back to you. In this way Watch And Wager is secure. We have heard no reports of anyone's information that was sent to Watch & Wager being compromised. Of course, any site is only as secure as both users. Therefore always make sure you run anti-virus scans on your computer before you contact Watch & Wager. Otherwise, you may be putting your data – and your money – at risk.

Now, is Watch And Wager reliable? Of this, we are less than sure. The biggest red flag out there is that Watch & Wager recently abruptly dropped all of their affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are systems that online casinos and other sites use to promote themselves.

Other sites get paid a little bit of money if they mention the horse racing site and someone clicks over and signs up. It's one of the best ways to spread your name around the Internet. Watch And Wager had a program in place and many people signed up for it. Then it was stopped with no warning and it looks like no final payments will be made. That is unheard of in the online gambling industry.

This is one of the reasons why Wach And Wager reviews have gone down quite a bit. Many of the sites that review casinos do so as affiliate sites. If they are no longer going to get any revenue from the site, they will simply close reviews for it. Watch and Wager's ratings may have slipped a bit due to this problem.

We have no idea when or if the Watch And Wager affiliate program will come back. But it is not a good sign at all when a program is shut down without warning. It says something about either the financial situation of the online betting company or something going on with management.

That said, we have not read any Watch And Wager reviews that complain about customers not getting their payouts. We've not seen any low Watch And Wager ratings related to this. What we have seen are mid-level ratings across the board. Given that most online gambling sites in America get high ratings this really makes us wonder what exactly is going on with Watch & Wager.

Still, as of today, Watch And Wager's reviews indicate that if you win you will be able to withdraw your money. Watch And Wager's ratings indicate this also. We are just letting you know about the problem with the affiliate program so that you understand what you are getting into when you register at Watch & Wager. If you really like to gamble it might be a good idea to register. On the other hand, if you are worried about being able to get your money out you can probably find another site to bet at. Check out our Keeneland Select ratings for example.

Watch And Wager US Bonus Programs

Watch & Wager has an average welcome bonus. Make a deposit of $25 and you will get a $25 free bet. Free bets are not cash. They are vouchers that you can use to make other bets. If you win that free bet you get your winnings minus the value of the free bet.

At Watch & Wager you cannot use your free bet for any place or show bets. They must be bet on a horse to win. You also have to bet your initial deposit and your free bet before you can withdraw any money. To get your $25 free bet you have to input the bonus code MATCH25 when you make your initial deposit. If you don't input the bonus code you will lose your chance at it forever.

We find this odd given that there are plenty of horse racing places that will simply give you a free bet just for signing up and don't demand the bells and whistles of a promo code. This may be part of the reason why Watch And Wager reviews and Watch And Wager ratings are mixed. Sure you get the bonus you deserve but you have to jump through a couple of hoops in order to claim it.

Watch & Wager also has a refer a friend bonus. Again it meets the minimum requirements as a referral program but also isn't that awesome.

Here's how it works. Convince someone else to sign up and get them to use your name. Then once they have deposited and bet $500 at Watch And Wager US you'll get $50. We find that making them bet $500 on their online racing service is a bit much. Most sites will only require them to bet about $50. $500 is on the upside of things.

There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can get, so if you have friends who have an extra $500 sitting around you might as well bring them over. Obviously this offer will not work with any family members you may bring into Watch & Wager. You also cannot use it for any of your roommates if you have them.

Watch & Wager also has a VIP program but getting into it is also odd. It's called the Premier Rewards Program. There is no indication on the site or on any other sites we could find what exactly you would get if you joined the program. Literally nobody has mentioned it.

The only indication that there is a VIP program is that the site says that if you bet at least $5,000 a month at their site to contact them and ask if you can be allowed to join. That strikes us as weird at best. Most online race tracks and online casinos track their customers. If someone is betting $5,000 a month they know it and reach out to the customer to offer them a reward. For Watch And Wager US to insist that you contact them just seems strange. Aren't they keeping track of what people are doing on their site?

And the requirement that you have to bet at least $5,000 a month also seems high. There are casinos and other race tracks that base their VIP program on what you bet over time not that you bet an insane amount per month. Loyalty programs are supposed to keep you on the site – not push you away. Compare this with our Interbets reviews.

Try Watch and Wager Visit now
Try Watch and Wager Visit now

Watch And Wager US On The Go

Watch & Wager has no apps. Instead, they tell you to simply log in to their site from your cell phone or other portable device's browser. This is point blank unacceptable to us.

Mobile data is how most people go online these days. The era of sitting at your laptop or desktop and placing bets on horse racing or casinos is over with. Instead, you want to be able to place your bet anytime anywhere.

More people connect to the Internet using mobile devices than they do from home. And the easiest way to do that is by having an app. That way you just press one button and the site immediately launches.

Launching apps for iOS and Android enabled devices is not that hard. That's why nearly every casino and online horse racing site has done so. We cannot imagine why Watch And Wager US is not doing it.

They claim that their site works just as well off your phone's browser as it would on your desktop or laptop. And yes all of the items that we tried seemed to reformat themselves for our phone.

But this isn't 2004. That's simply not good enough. In this day and age apps are expected. They are a part of doing business and you should simply have one for any company you want to connect with.

Like with the bonus programs there are so many simple ways they can make their mobile device experience much better and they simply don't seem to put the effort in to make that happen.

We have to wonder if this indicates a sort of disdain for their customers on Watch And Wager US's part.

Our Conclusion On Watch And Wager US

Watch And Wager US could be a great site. They cover a lot of races. They accept deposits easily. Reportedly they pay out very quickly as well. They have the same odds as the tracks where you place your bets. From a superficial angle, it all looks good.

But then you look at the reviews and ratings and notice that they are not as great as those for other online horse racing sites. So you decide to dig a little bit deeper. That's when you find out that not everything is as it seems.

The first red flag for Watch And Wager US was their shut down of their affiliate program. That quite simply shouldn't happen and certainly caused a wave of backlash from the online world. Check out our DRF Bets reviews for a contrast. 

Next up when you check out their bonus programs they are not quite up to snuff. The welcome bonus is at best average. And it does require you to input a promo code rather than just giving it to you automatically. Then you check out their refer a friend offer and realize your friend has to bet $500 before you get any money. Again, not good.

Finally, you realize that to get into their VIP program you have to not only bet $5,000 a month but you have to contact them and let them know you are betting that much. It's unbelievable.

Then you have the lack of apps for iOS or Android enabled devices. This is 2020. Apps should be a basic part of any online gambling site. There really is no reason other than a lack of effort on the part of Watch And Wager for them not to have an app. We don't know what to say about this.

At the end of the day, you can probably find a better site to bet on horses than Watch And Wager US. While there is no evidence yet that they rip you off they just leave a bad taste in our mouths.

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