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Watch and Wager Horse Racing Reviews & Ratings US 2020

Watch and Wager
Watch and Wager
  • Reputable horse racing bookmaker
  • Decent Match25 bonus - but not the best
  • No mobile app - but good mobile site
100% up to$150
To Watch & Wager

Is Watch and Wager legit? Watch And Wager US is clearly one of the best places to bet on horse racing in the United States. That doesn't mean that Watch & Wager isn't totally without its flaws, but Watch and Wager safely lets you take your bets. The Watch And Wager reviews are decent overall, as are the Watch And Wager ratings.  However, overall,  Watch & Wager is a well-rounded betting site that is largely popular with its customers of all ages and backgrounds. So keep reading to see how to enjoy some Watch and Wager legal betting.

The Watch And Wager reviews and Watch And Wager's ratings do well to attract new customers to the betting site. While we are not saying that Watch & Wager are completely perfect, the way they conduct their business overall is pretty sound. There are many great horse racing sites online, and Watch & Wager is definitely one of them. Keep on reading to see what the Watch and Wager promo code deal is.

Try Watch and Wager Visit now
Try Watch and Wager Visit now

Is Watch and Wager Reliable & Secure? Highlights From Our Watch and Wager Review

Is Watch and Wager secure? Well, Watch & Wager uses high-end encryption to keep your data safe when it's sent to them and when it's sent back to you. In this way Watch And Wager is secure and Watch and Wager legitimately holds your data. We have heard no reports of anyone's information that was sent to Watch & Wager being compromised. Of course, any site is only as secure as both users but Watch and Wager legitimately has all of the right security in place. Therefore always make sure you run anti-virus scans on your computer before you contact Watch & Wager. Otherwise, you may be putting your data – and your money – at risk.

Now, is Watch And Wager reliable? Watch and Wager is a popular betting site here in the US that has been well established for years. They have a number of recognised affiliates and enjoy a decent reputation in the industry. While it may not be the biggest name in sports betting, they still enjoying a strong reputation. This shows that Watch and Wager legitimately will facilitate your bets.

With affiliates, other sites get paid a little bit of money if they mention the horse racing site and someone clicks over and signs up. It's one of the best ways to spread your name around the Internet. Watch And Wager has a program in place and many people have signed up for the site through this channel.

Why ask is Watch and Wager legit?

This is one of the reasons why Watch And Wager reviews have remained fairly solid. Many of the sites that review casinos do so as affiliate sites. Watch and Wager's ratings have in part remained fairly high thanks to their good relationship with their affiliates. This shows that Watch and Wager legitimately handles its business affairs.

Additionally, Watch and Wager customers tend to give good reviews regarding their withdrawal system and the punctuality of their payouts. We have not read any Watch And Wager reviews that complain about customers not getting their payouts. We've not seen any low Watch And Wager ratings related to this.

Watch And Wager's reviews indicate that if you win you will be able to withdraw your money. Watch And Wager's ratings indicate this also.  If you really like to gamble, then registering with Watch and Wager is a good shout. All of which shows that Watch and Wager legally allows you to make your deposits and withdrawals. If you're interested in checking out other sites, then take a look at our  Keeneland Select ratings for example.

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Watch And Wager US Bonus Programs - Is Watch and Wager Safe For Bonuses?

Watch & Wager has an average welcome bonus. Make a deposit of $25 and you will get a $25 free bet. Free bets are not cash. They are vouchers that you can use to make other bets. If you win that free bet you get your winnings minus the value of the free bet. This shows that Watch and Wager legally puts on some decent deals.

At Watch & Wager you cannot use your free bet for any place or show bets. They must be bet on a horse to win. You also have to bet your initial deposit and your free bet before you can withdraw any money. To get your $25 free bet you have to input the bonus code MATCH25 when you make your initial deposit. If you don't input the bonus code you will lose your chance at it forever.

We find this odd given that there are plenty of horse racing places that will simply give you a free bet just for signing up and don't demand the bells and whistles of a promo code. This may be part of the reason why Watch And Wager reviews and Watch And Wager ratings are mixed. Sure you get the bonus you deserve but you have to jump through a couple of hoops in order to claim it. But still, Watch and Wager legally gives you a decent way to win more.

All about the Watch and Wager legal bonuses

Watch & Wager also has a refer a friend bonus. Again it meets the minimum requirements as a referral program but also isn't that awesome. Despite this, it reveals the fact that Watch and Wager legally gives you chance to get some extra betting funds.

Here's how it works. Convince someone else to sign up and get them to use your name. Then once they have deposited and bet $500 at Watch And Wager US you'll get $50. We find that making them bet $500 on their online racing service is a bit much. Most sites will only require them to bet about $50. $500 is on the upside of things.

There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can get, so if you have friends who have an extra $500 sitting around you might as well bring them over. Obviously this offer will not work with any family members you may bring into Watch & Wager. You also cannot use it for any of your roommates if you have them. But on the whole it's a good Watch and Wager legal bonus.

The Watch and Wager safe VIP program

Watch & Wager also has a VIP program but getting into it is also odd. It's called the Premier Rewards Program. There is no indication on the site or on any other sites we could find what exactly you would get if you joined the program. Literally nobody has mentioned it.

The only indication that there is a VIP program is that the site says that if you bet at least $5,000 a month at their site to contact them and ask if you can be allowed to join. That strikes us as weird at best. Most online race tracks and online casinos track their customers. If someone is betting $5,000 a month they know it and reach out to the customer to offer them a reward. For Watch And Wager US to insist that you contact them just seems strange. Aren't they keeping track of what people are doing on their site?

And the requirement that you have to bet at least $5,000 a month also seems high. There are casinos and other race tracks that base their VIP program on what you bet over time not that you bet an insane amount per month. Loyalty programs are supposed to keep you on the site – not push you away. But it shows that Watch and Wager safely gives you a way to win more.Compare this with our Interbets reviews.

Try Watch and Wager Visit now
Try Watch and Wager Visit now

Watch And Wager US On The Go - Enjoy Watch and Wager Legal Mobile Betting

Watch & Wager has no apps. Instead, they tell you to simply log in to their site from your cell phone or other portable device's browser, which is a decent alternative. This allows you to use the Watch and Wager safe betting service on your mobile.

Mobile data is how most people go online these days. The era of sitting at your laptop or desktop and placing bets on horse racing or casinos is over with. Instead, you want to be able to place your bet anytime anywhere.

More people connect to the Internet using mobile devices than they do from home. And the easiest way to do that is by having an app. That way you just press one button and the site immediately launches.

No apps found in our Watch and Wager review

Launching apps for iOS and Android enabled devices is not that hard. That's why nearly every casino and online horse racing site has done so. However, Watch And Wager US has decided to run with the mobile site version instead. This still allows you to use the Watch and Wager safe online betting platform.

They claim that their site works just as well off your phone's browser as it would on your desktop or laptop. After testing it ourselves, we have to say that we agree. In this day and age, an actual downloadable app is expected. However, when the mobile version of the site works as well as the desktop, we can't see any issue here.

Would we like to see a Watch And Wager US app in the future? Sure. But the mobile version of the site is doing a fine job of filling in for the time being, so we can see why it's not at the top of their priority list. After all, Watch and Wager safely allows you to bet online, so why bother changing anything?

Our Conclusion On Watch And Wager US - Is Watch and Wager legit?

Watch And Wager US is a great site. They cover a lot of races, they accept deposits easily and they pay out very quickly as well. They have the same odds as the tracks where you place your bets. In summary, it all looks pretty good. For Watch and Wager safe betting is clearly a priority.

The Watch And Wager US welcome bonus is decent overall. It does require you to input a promo code rather than just giving it to you automatically, but that's not a major drawback. Additionally, you can grab an extra bonus by referring a friend to sign up with Watch and Wager. On top of that, there's the Watch and Wager VIP programme that all customers can enjoy. Once you reach the top tier, just remember you may have to inform them of your spending.

Some would argue that the lack of an app for iOS or Android enabled devices is a bit of a setback. However, as we've already mentioned the mobile version of site works seamlessly and enables you to do everything you can do on the desktop site.

Overall, Watch And Wager US is a site that we would recommend. However, if you're still interested in checking out some of our other reviews, check out our DRF Bets reviews.

Watch and Wager Review FAQ

❓ Are most Watch and Wager reviews good?

Like all online betting sites, you will find that there are plenty of conflicting opinions about Watch and Wager. Many people think that this is an excellent betting site, while some people think that its services could be improved. Take the time to read our Watch and Wager review where we will give you an honest and accurate picture of what this online bookmaker is all about.

📞 How do I reach the Watch and Wager customer service?

Watch and Wager has worked hard to make sure that it features a friendly and professional customer service team. This means that you should be able to get an efficient response to any query that you might have. Be sure to read our Watch and Wager betting guidewhere we will outline all of the best ways that you can reach the customer service agents of this betting site.

⚡ Will I need a Watch and Wager promo code?

Watch and Wager will always ask that its customers carry out a variety of specific tasks to access each of its special offers and promotions. Sometimes you just have to make a deposit, but at other times you may need to type in a promo code. Make sure that you read our Watch and Wager reviews where we’ll discuss how you can claim each of the brand’s sports betting bonuses.

📱 Is there a Watch and Wager app?

Like all of the best sports betting sites, Watch and Wager has made sure that its betting site is as mobile-friendly as possible. This means that you should be able to access the brand’s betting site from the browser of your smartphone or tablet. But make sure that you read our detailed Watch and Wager review where we’ll see whether the brand has taken the time to create its own betting apps yet.

🏇 How good are the Watch and Wager horse racing odds?

Many horse racing fans think that Watch and Wager has some of the best horse racing odds on the market. However, there are plenty of punters who insist on going to other sports betting sites for their racing odds. This is why our Watch and Wager review was keen to carry out an odds comparison test between this bookmaker and other sportsbooks to see who has the best horse racing odds.

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