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TwinSpires Horse Racing Reviews & Ratings US 2020

  • Awesome range of horse betting odds
  • Play from most States
  • Great welcome offer
100% up to$100
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Is TwinSpires Reliable & Secure?

TwinSpires is one of the most popular online bookie sites in the United States. It is owned by the same company that operates the Churchill Downs racetrack. Because of that reputation TwinSpires US has attracted tens of thousands of people from around the country to bet there.

This is supported by the TwinSpires reviews and Twinspires ratings that are all very high. People tend to like betting at TwinSpires and are willing to spread the word to other people. They cover nearly every race track in America and quite a few overseas. They are responsible for introducing Irish, UK, and Asian horse racing to the American market.

TwinSpires has new promotions every day to entice people to bet at tracks that they may be less familiar with. This in turn spreads their betting market out. People from all parts of life – from rich to poor – come to TwinSpires when they have a few extra bucks they would like to wager.

The company does everything it can to try to attract and keep customers. That is one of the reasons TwinSpires is as popular as it is. There are a lot of new online bookies on the market but they would have to work very hard to come close to the veneration that TwinSpires gets from their regular customers. TwinSpires has put a lot of work into making one of the best online bookie sites in America. Keep reading to see the TwinSpires sign up offers.

Try TwinSpires Visit now
Try TwinSpires Visit now

TwinSpires Welcome Bonus - Claim Your $100

The TwinSpires US welcome offer is fairly simple. You have to log in and register for the site. Then you have to deposit money. Next you start betting. Once you have bet at least $500 in one month you will get $100 in bonus money. You cannot withdraw the bonus money. Instead you have to bet it. Once you place your bet if you win you will get your winnings minus the amount of your bet. Therefore if you bet $100 at two to one odds you would be able to withdraw $100.

That is pretty consistent with nearly every other betting site such as what we found in our  Watch and Wager reviews, our Keeneland ratings, our DRFbets reviews, and our Interbets reviews. While this does not seem like that great an offer TwinSpires reviews and TwinSpires ratings have not suffered for it at all. That may mean that TwinSpires may understand its betting market better than we do.

TwinSpires seems to be targeting the high rollers with the welcome offer. That may be because they have such a good reputation they don't really have to invest in finding bettors. Bettors find them. This would explain why the Twinspires reviews and TwinSpires ratings remain so high. Once you have earned a great reputation you don't have to put that much effort into your mousetrap.

When you compare TwinSpires offers to other sites they come in at the low end with their welcome offer. The best sites offer matching funds. That's a better way of doing things because it allows lower end bettors to get something from the company.

If you are retired and only have $20 or $30 a month to spend on betting it's a good thing if you get some kind of reward from the online bookie. But TwinSpires does not seem to offer any kind of reward to this type of player. That hasn't hurt the TwinSpires reviews or TwinSpires ratings however so they may be onto something.

TwinSpires clearly knows how to handle customers and offer them what they are looking for. That may in the long run be better than enticing people who will only come on once or twice a year to place low-end bets. TwinSpires has certainly been around long enough to know exactly how to get the customers they are looking for. They've worked hard at that. They say that if a cart is not broken you don't fix it. That may be the attitude that TwinSpires is taking when it comes to their bonus offer.

How To Claim Your Bonus Offer In Four Easy Steps

  • Step One – Register
  • Step Two – Make Your Deposit
  • Step Three – Bet $500
  • Step Four – Claim Your Money

Does TwinSpires offer any other welcome bonus?

TwinSpires also offers a loyalty program. Every time you make a bet you earn TSC Elite Points. These points build up over time. You can exchange them for everything from short-term small promotions to free tickets to watch the Kentucky Derby. If you are a small-time bettor you can find something from the program. If you are a heavy bettor you can earn great rewards that will create a lifetime of memories.

Is TwinSpires legal in the US?

TwinSpires is legal in any US state where online bookies are legal. This is on a state by state basis. In the following states, TwinSpires is not legal and they do not offer their services:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah

TwinSpires Race Tracks

TwinSpires covers every racing track in America. If there is a race you can bet on TwinSpires has you covered. They also handle tons of racing in Ireland and the UK. Asian race tracks are also well represented. The only racing you cannot participate in is greyhound racing. But to be fair not a lot of race tracks cover that as part of their offerings.

TwinSpires Racing Markets

TwinSpires gives you access to every racing market imaginable. This may be why TwinSpires reviews and TwinSpires ratings are as high as they are. You can place bets on win, place, or show. You can make exacta or trifecta bets. You can make high odds accumulator bets and win big if all of your horses come in.

We tried to search through all of their racing markets and couldn't find one thing that we might want to bet on but that we couldn't. Their software is set up so that you can literally bet on anything that you want to bet on and feel good about it. They have set up a system at TwinSpires that makes it easy to search for exactly the racing market you are looking for and then place a bet on it. Contrast this with our Watch and Wager reviews.

TwinSpires reviews and TwinSpires ratings reflect this in their overwhelmingly positive support for the bookie site. This is why even though the welcome offer isn't that great, people like TwinSpires. They have spent years placing bets at the site and have learned to trust it. You can play any market you like at TwinSpires US and have a good time doing so.

Try TwinSpires Visit now
Try TwinSpires Visit now

TwinSpires Customer Support

TwinSpires US offers exceptional customer support. They are available through live chat, email, telephone, and snail-mail. You can contact them between 9 a.m. and midnight. We tried out all of their customer support options and they were all great. No matter how complex a question we were able to come up with they were able to give us the right answer.

Live Chat and telephone support are obviously the quickest ways to get in touch but email and snail mail work as well even if they take a bit longer to respond. See how this ranks alongside our Keeneland Select ratings.

  • Phone: 1.877.774.7371
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Post: PO Box 8510, Lexington, Kentucky 40533

TwinSpires Banking Methods

TwinSpires US offers many varied methods to deposit and withdraw money. Some of these come with a fee and some without a fee. We are surprised that the fees do not reflect negatively on TwinSpires' reputation. You can use credit cards, debit cards, online banking, direct wire transfers, MoneyGram, or Green Dot. There does not seem to be a PayPal option at this time.

For most methods of deposit at TwinSpires US the minimum deposit is $1. The exception is Green Dot which requires a minimum of $20. Debit and credit cards incur a $5 fee per use. Bank transfer and online banking are free. The maximum you can deposit through bank transfer is $1,000. The most you can put in through a debit or credit card is $500.

Overall TwinSpires seems to have a deposit method for just about everyone. You should note that withdrawing to your credit or debit card can take up to five days. Withdrawing via bank transfer can take up to seven business days. This is similar to what we found in our Interbets reviews.

Deposit Methods

  • Bank Transfer – Maximum of $1,000
  • Online Banking – Maximum of $500
  • MoneyGram – Maximum of $899
  • Green Dot – Maximum of $500
  • Credit Card – Maximum of $500
  • Debit Card – Maximum of $500

Withdrawal Methods

  • Bank Transfer – Maximum of $2,500 a day
  • Online Banking - Maximum of $2,500 a day
  • Credit Card – Maximum of $2,500 a day
  • Debit Card – Maximum of $2,500 a day

Does TwinSpires Have an App?

TwinSpires US has apps they have developed for iOS and Android-based operating systems. Getting access to them is easy. Simply go to your favorite app store and search for TwinSpires. Then download the app, wait a few minutes for it to be ready, and launch the app.

It has all of the features of the regular laptop and desktop site. You can deposit money. You can withdraw money. You can earn loyalty points. You can also take advantage of their welcome offer. It is well designed and all of the choices and bets you can make are easy to see and take advantage of.

Both apps are regularly updated so you should be able to rely on the security of their services. They seem to have taken a good deal of time and effort to integrate everything you could possibly want into their apps. The apps themselves are free of charge. Navigating through the options on the apps are intuitive and seem to work well. See how this compares with the DRF Bets reviews.

This all makes sense in this day and age. More and more often people are going to their phones when they want to do stuff on the Internet. Betting at TwinSpires US is no different. In fact most Internet activity including betting on racehorses online is done through cell phones and other portable devices. So any serious online bookie is going to have apps for both Apple and Android-based phones.

TwinSpires US is as serious an online bookmaker as you can get so it's not surprising they put a lot of effort into developing and releasing an app for their services. The high level of quality is also no great shock. TwinSpires US spent years developing its reputation.

They have put a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the app and with each update, it gets better and better. Overall these are some of the best online bookie apps we have ever seen. This is the kind of quality we have come to expect from TwinSpires US and could be why people don't seem to mind the rather lackluster welcome bonus.

Try TwinSpires Visit now
Try TwinSpires Visit now

Conclusion and Rating

TwinSpires US is the online racing component of the Churchill Downs racetrack. That means it has the experience of handling horse racing that you are looking for when you want to find an online bookie.

TwinSpires US offers a total of $100 in free money to bet with once you have bet a certain amount of money. They are very experienced and know what they are doing.

They also offer a well-organized VIP program in order to keep people coming back for more. They certainly understand the needs of bettors. It would be nice if they had greyhound racing available but the fact that they stick to horse racing is fine.

Overall a good offer that generally compares favorably to other online bookies. It would be nice however if their offer came in the form of matching funds instead of a reward for betting.

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