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TVG.com Horse Racing Reviews & Ratings US 2021

3.7 / 5
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TVG.com Highlights
  • Very comprehensive horse racing system
  • First bet refunded if you lose
  • Nearly every horse racing match covered
  • Live streaming is available
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Author: Hannah Craven
Last update on: February 11th, 2021
Topic: Sports Betting Review
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Read Our TVG.com Rating Based On 10 Categories

TVG.com is a very secure online gambling site. It uses high-end encryption to handle your bets and your money, meaning TVG.com US is one of the most reliable online horse racing sites in America.

One minor complaint about TVG.com US is that they do put some limits on how much you can deposit each and every day. That shouldn't be a problem for most people and if you do need your limit increased you can contact customer service. See how this site compares with our Watch and Wager reviews.


Table of Contents


Carry on reading for our full review on TVG.com US, or click on one of this buttons below to get the latest on Bet365 in your state.

Is TVG.com Reliable & Secure?

TVG.com is a very secure online gambling site. It uses high-end encryption to handle your bets and your money. Therefore you don't have to worry about your banking information being leaked to the world. TVG.com US is one of the most reliable online horse racing sites in America. Of course on days when there are really big races being run the site may slow down a little bit. But other than that TVG.com is one of the leading horse racing sites online. People trust TVG.com because they can confidently say yes to the question, is TVG.com secure?

Any site is only as secure as the site that is connecting with it. TVG.com is no different. If your computer is compromised in any way you could end up sending out your personal information and bank details. Therefore make sure you run ant-virus software regularly and scan your computer to make sure you are not the one causing the leak.


  • Easy to deposit money to bet with
  • Great platform for experienced bettors
  • Risk-free bet offer


  • Fees can eat into your profits
  • Slows down on big horse racing days

Other than that TVG.com is one of the safest sites around where you can bet on horse racing. It is up there with Keenland Select as one of the best and most safe sites you can find a race, pick your horse and see just how well you will do.

One minor complaint about TVG.com US is that they do put some limits on how much you can deposit each and every day. That shouldn't be a problem for most people and if you do need your limit increased you can contact customer service and explain to them what your issue is and why you need to deposit more money at TVG.com. See how this site compares with our Watch and Wager reviews.

TVG.com Reviews

When it comes to reviews TVG.com is right at the top of the list. Nearly all of the TVG.com reviews are excellent. People praise TVG.com in reviews for being very fast-acting, posting honest odds, and giving players exactly what they are expecting when it comes to horse racing. This is important when you compare it with our Keeneland Select ratings. 

When you look at rating sites TVG.com's ratings are generally in the 87% to 91% percent favorable category. That's fair. No matter how great a site you are running there will always be some people around who will complain about it.

TVG.com has worked hard to make sure that their reviews are top-notch. TVG.coms reviews reflect this hard work and what they are willing to do to earn it. TVG.com reviews show that the people at the site listen to what players want and go out of their way to deliver it to them.

TVG.com's reviews for their television sports experts are also extremely favourable. People comment in TVG.com's reviews that their advice is decent and could even help you to win if heeded.

Always remember people say in the TVG.com reviews to listen to the experts but also to rely on your own instincts and research. Anyone can appear in a nice suit on television and make predictions on horse racing. When it comes down to it it's up to you to look at all the facts at your disposal, including the experts, before you make your own decision.

Another point that has come up in TVG.com reviews is that if you cancel your membership you can always go back. Several people in TVG.com reviews have noted that they found another horse racing site for a while, canceled their membership in TVG.com, and then managed to re-sign up with relative ease when they returned to TVG.com.

How Does TVG.com Fare In Ratings?

As you might expect from their excellent review TVG.com's ratings are also very good. When you look at TVG.com's ratings you will notice that they seem to get mostly four and five-star reviews.

These TVG.com ratings are to be expected from a site that makes so much effort to constantly be excellent. A site can get a three-star rating and that will be looked at as positive. But TVG.com's ratings are constantly at least four stars and more often than not five stars. Looking the TVG.com's ratings it clear that they are better than the average site and really work hard to make their players happy.

TVG.com's ratings are consistently above what similar sites receive. That's because of their simple interface and easy to make bets.

When it comes to TVG.com's ratings there's just one spot where they fall short. According to TVG.coms ratings the first one is betting on trifecta or exacta boxes. An exacta box is where you bet on what horse is going to win and what horse is going to come in second, but you bet on both possible outcomes. A trifecta box is when you bet on what horses are going to win, place, or show and you bet on all of the possible outcomes with those three horses.

According to TVG.com's ratings, you have to manually check off all the possibilities for win or place or win, place, or show rather than having the system do it for you. That may seem like a minor quibble but it has had some effect on TVG.com's ratings. Or you can just plan on putting in a little bit of extra effort and input it yourself.

Bonus Offers at TVG.com

The current welcome offer at TVG.com is a standard deposit bonus. This 50% matched deposit bonus allows you to enjoy up to $200 in extra betting credits - not bad!

Bonus & Requirements

Type Value
Bonus amount $200
Bonus Type Welcome Bonus
Min. Payment 10
Max. Time 30 days
Cashable No

Customer Service: A Choice of Support Options

TVG.com offers a choice of customer support options, including the ever-useful live chat. This is open seven days a week - 7am to 8:30pm Pacific Time / 10am to 11:30pm Eastern Time. For less-immediate concerns, you can send them an email using Support@TVG.com.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Payment Options at TVG

TVG.com has a range of deposit and withdrawal options available to their punters, including debit card, PayPal, prepaid card, and PayNearMe.

Usability: What Sets TVG Apart From Competitors?

TVG.com US doesn't only offer domestic horse racing; you can also make bets on horse racing around the world. This gives you the chance to see how other tracks operate and get the chance to bet even when horse racing isn't in season at your local track. You can also follow individual horses if they travel internationally. This gives you a good scope of horse racing events to bet on each and every day at TVG.com. It is as comprehensive as you can get when it comes to horse racing.

Devices & App: Bet On The Go With TVG

TVG.com is vigilant at updating their site. Every couple of months they make tweaks, most of which you will not notice. They are designed to make the site run faster, combat new risks that present themselves online, and generally make the site run more smoothly.

TVG.com also has apps for both Android enabled devices and iOS operating systems. These apps from TVG.com US are free to download from their respective app stores. They tend to run exactly like playing the games from your desktop or laptop.

These TVG.com apps are also updated regularly. They won't make changes that you will necessarily notice but in general make your app safer. Because more and more people are going online with their phones or portable devices apps are the future of online horse racing. Therefore as time goes on more and more people will rely on apps when they want to make their bets.

We think it's great that TVG.com is making the effort to ensure that their apps are as safe and secure as possible for their players. It shows a commitment to making sure people betting at TVG.com are secure. Contrast this with our Xpressbet reviews

  • Download the TVG app to your device
  • Install and sign up for a free account
  • Deposit cash and start making mobile bets
App Review Registration Image

Addtional TVG.com Offers

TVG.com has two additional main offers for people who want to bet on racehorses on their site.

The first comes after you register and make a deposit. Then place your first bet. If the bet is $200 or less it will be a risk-free bet. That means that if you win you'll get your full winnings handed right back to you. If you lose at TVG.com US you won't lose anything. They will just credit it as a practice bet. Click here to see what you get with a TVG.com promo code

This is when you should make your largest bet possible and then watch while you wager.

Think about it. With your first bet at TVG.com, you risk nothing and if you win you will collect all the rewards. So take a good look at TVG.com and see if you can find that great bet that will put money into your pocket.

The other offer available from TVG.com is the refer a friend bonus package. Simply get someone you know to sign up for TVG.com. When they register and make their first deposit you will get $25 credited to your account. You can then use this money to place further bets. Note: you can not withdraw this money. It must be bet on horse racing. But if you win that bet TVG.com will allow you to withdraw it right away.

Conclusion: A Great Place for Horse Betting
TVG.com is a very good place to gamble on horse racing. No, you can't bet on any other sport. No there is no casino or video poker. But if you are a horse racing enthusiast you don't need that. You want a site that is dedicated to horse racing and will provide you with all of the excitement and fun you deserve. TVG.com US is one of the sites that will deliver that for you.

Of course, no site is perfect and TVG.com is no different. Placing exacta and trifecta boxes can be difficult and you'll probably have to input those bets manually. The advice from their experts is not great and you'll want to do your own research and trust your own opinions.

On the other hand, they provide streaming for the majority of the horse racing they have on offer. That allows you to watch the races in real-time and see for yourself if you've won or not.

They will charge you some banking fees. This means that you want to deposit or withdraw in the largest amounts possible. Their welcome bonus – a free bet – is great and can allow you to win real money. Their refer a friend bonus is also rock solid. Take a look at our TwinSpires ratings for a quick comparison.

The TVG.com reviews and ratings reflect this level of excellence. Overall it is a great site that allows you to dive into horse racing, make your bets, and hopefully walk away a little bit richer. If you want to bet on other sports or in the casino you can go elsewhere.

New Jersey

Bonus Amount 50% Deposit Bonus
Example Enjoy a 50% deposit bonus up to $200
Min. Odds
Expiration time 30 days
Bonus Type Deposit Bonus
Min. Payment 10
Cashable No
Bonuscode ***** CLAIM TVG.com NJ
T&Cs apply, 18+