Best Horse Racing System

Ever wondered what the best horse racing system ever is for betting? Well, let’s just say you are dealing in relative terms. What is best for one bettor may not suit another. The old adage that the best horse racing system is free is right, though. This page is all about different approaches you can take to horse racing betting in your bid to beat the odds and turn a profit on your wagers at good gambling sites.

  • The best horse racing system for you depends on how you like to bet.
  • It may prove useful to keep an open mind while you try out different techniques.
  • A horse racing betting system that works is one that makes money from your gambling.
  • Once you find a system you like, there is no harm in refining your approach further.
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Free Horse Racing System 2021

We are going to level with you right from the start. Even the best horse racing system ever cannot guarantee you will get the winner of each and every event in the sport. In other words, what we are trying to say is that no system is perfect. The thing about sport is that it can throw up unpredictable outcomes that all the preparation and research before betting cannot account for.

Just because you don’t turn a profit the first time you use a horse racing betting system doesn’t mean it is no good. If you can’t make it work after a few tries, then it is at that point that you may want to think about adopting a new approach. There is no right or wrong in this highly subjective area. What we are going to do now is highlight the absolute best horse racing system for you to consider.

Studying from the best horse racing system ever?

The sport of horse racing is one where there are very few shortcuts from a betting perspective. Sure, the way the market is shaping up on a big race gives you a basic guide, but the simple fact is there is no substitute for knowing and studying the form for yourself. If you’re aware of how a racehorse performed when it was last on the track or ran at this particular course, then chances are you are better informed than most bettors.

Remember the old saying horses for courses? You would be surprised how true this cliche actually is! Certain race tracks suit different types of horses. One with a long home stretch can bring stamina into play, especially if the horses have got racing on the bend. It’s the same when there is an uphill finish. Flat, tight tracks where horses are always on the turn can suit a speedier type of horse, so you have to have some idea of whether the course plays to their strengths.

They say form is temporary but class permanent. There is also some truth to this. Racehorses can lose their form. It becomes harder to maintain as they get older. The best horse racing system for free should highlight when horses are vulnerable to younger, unexposed, and improving rivals. It is easy to get sentimental, especially when you have backed a horse before and it has won. Logic needs to be your guiding principle in betting on horse racing and try to keep your judgment from being clouded.

It’s perfectly fair to be impressed by a horse’s past performances. The best horse racing system will ask this question, though. Has it ever backed up a win or eye-catching display before by running well again?

How to assess a juvenile form

Sometimes, especially with young horses, there won’t be much data or past form to go on. This makes things trickier for you as a bettor, because there is a greater margin for error. Juvenile racehorses – namely two-year-olds on the Flat or three and four-year-olds over jumps – develop and mature at different rates.

A precocious talent may win races early on in its career, but have they peaked too soon? In this scenario, it is always worth your while looking at the horses they have beaten and looking at what they have done since. This can give you a much better indicator of what juvenile form is worth.

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Make sure your horse is going places on the ground

Whatever type of horse racing you are into – all-weather surfaces, dirt or turf – the conditions have an impact. This is another factor the best horse racing system for free should include in its calculations. Certain racehorses handle particular conditions better than others.

A sound surface to race on is seen as ideal during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. The going on turf or dirt needs is usually good or good-to-firm. Some race tracks will even water the course to maintain optimum conditions during dry spells. They are well within their rights to do so in the interests of attracting as many horses to race as possible.

Even a racehorse with winning form at a particular track may be worth opposing if the ground is against it. Say it is a speedy type that acts on good going, but wet weather has turned the turf track soft or the dirt course sloppy. You cannot solely rely on its past form, because it needs to act in the conditions.

The heavier, sloppier, or slower the going is, then the greater the emphasis on stamina becomes. Good ground horses can become bogged down in the mud, while others relish such a test. The lesson here is simple. Always lookout to see what type of going a horse has acted on best when studying the previous form.

Staying the distance – will your horse get the trip?

From Flat spirits over about 1,000 meters (five furlongs) right up to epic races like the Grand National in the UK that has a marathon distance of around 6,900 meters (four-and-a-quarter miles), how far a race is tells you plenty. It follows that the greater the distance, the more stamina a horse needs.

This gives one other question that the best horse racing system must answer – is the trip suitable? Some racehorses are incredibly versatile and have the necessary mix of speed and stamina to win events over different distances. However, they are all going to have an optimum distance – like conditions – which will see them to best effect.

A racehorse’s pedigree can give you further potential insight into this when there is much past form to go on. If horses are related to others that excelled as sprinters or were more useful over further, then that may be an indicator they are suited to the task and demands being asked of them. Pedigrees are not foolproof, however. Sometimes, a racehorse can belie its own breeding and excel in areas that weren’t thought possible.

Don’t forget about trainers and jockeys

The best horse racing systems ever won’t just look at the horses, but the people training and riding them. If the same stable has sent out several recent winners, then that too can be a good indicator that it is worthwhile betting on a horse.

Another old saying that proves its worth is that good horses make good jockeys. The equine athletes cannot win horse races on their own, though. If a top pro rider is booked to partner your horse, then that is another positive.

As with the horses, trainers and jockeys go through periods where they don’t have winners. They also have far more opportunities to put a below-par performance right, because there is always another race to enter and ride other horses in.

Some specific horse racing betting strategies to bear in mind

While we have focused on a general horse racing system for free on this page, there are specific and detailed betting strategies on the sport that exist for you to try out for yourself. The greater number of runners there are in a race, then the more difficult it is to get a handle on the form. It’s at this point, say in a big field handicap, that you may want to know how to hedge bets and back more than one horse.

Alternatively, why back a racehorse just to win when you could also potentially turn a profit from it placing second or third? Smart bettors know that an each way bet can give them a return even in the event that their fancied runner doesn’t come first! This is definitely something to be on the lookout for.

Accumulators have their place in horse racing. One of the most popular multiples you can place trackside and stateside is the pick 6 horse racing with the Tote. You need a sound betting strategy for taking on this challenge of finding six consecutive winners with a tidy jackpot in the offing.

You can even try in play betting horse racing now via betting exchanges and utilise the best horse betting system. Getting a bet in on running can create even more excitement, but you need all the knowhow about this as it works differently to regular fixed odds sportsbook betting. With our help, you can make an in play strategy pay on the horses.

A recap of the best horse racing system for free

We finish with a quick refresher of what the best horse racing system ever should include. There are a number of factors that you need to consider. Horse and track form is important, but so are things like the conditions and distance of the race. Trainers and jockeys and their recent performances must also be considered by the best horse racing system, so anything that can tie all of these things together should definitely help you find winners.

Even with all that information and data on your side, remember that top horse racing betting systems cannot account for shock results. This is what makes the sport so wonderful. Whatever betting system you are using for the horse, remember that gambling is meant to be a bit of fun and make sure you test the waters in a responsible manner.

Be sure to check out our guides to horse racing bet offers and betting sites horse racing for more helpful tips and tricks!

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