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  • Generous $100 welcome bonus
  • Reputable horse racing bookmaker
  • Safe and very secure
100% up to$100

Is Reliable & Secure? US started out as a brick and mortar business in North Dakota. In that state and in surrounding states if opened up shops and people could come in with cash and place bets on horse racing. In this respect, it is similar to Interbets which started out in New York with similar operations.

At the time, Interbets was called OTB and it is likely that OffTrackBetting took their name from that. When the Internet became popular US was born. They started out just offering online horse racing betting in their own state and then later on expanded to cover the rest of the nation where betting on horse races is legal.

They set up a very simple site to navigate and have stuck with that ever since. You don't get a flashy site from US, but an old school site where placing bets is a simple process. They are a very conservative company and don't offer their welcome bonus in many states because they are concerned about regulations. They also charge fees to process credit cards which seems a bit old school.'s ratings and OffTrackBetting.coms reviews remain very positive. That means they are sticking to the tried and true method of being a simple online bookie. The customer service at is outstanding. That surely must also contribute to rating and reviews which are all excellent.

Overall this is the bookie to go to if you are conservative are not that interested in new things and just want to place a bet on a horse race and see if you win. They are very good at providing that service. Where they are lacking is in providing any type of loyalty program that you might want to join. That seems to be a part of their cost-cutting measures but it would be nice to see them fix that at some point in the future. Welcome Bonus - Claim Your $100

The sign up offers include a sort of dysfunctional welcome bonus. First, you have to sign up and make your deposit. Then you must bet $300 during your first month at the site. Then US will give you $100 to play with. But there's a catch. You cannot get this welcome bonus if you are wagering from California, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Oregon, and certain Florida zip codes. They claim this is due to state-by-state regulations.

We doubt that since our BetAmerica reviews, our reviews, our Xpressbet ratings, and our Twin Spires reviews all showed that these brands manage to have their welcome offers available in those states. Still, this has not affected's reviews or's ratings so the users of the site may not care that much about a welcome bonus.

Once you receive your $100 you can't cash it out. Instead, you have to bet it. You can bet in as small increments as you'd like. When you win at US you can cash out minus the amount of your bet. So if you bet $10 in bonus money at two-to-one you'd be able to cash out $10. That said if you make a bet with your bonus money and you lose nothing. So it ends up being a win/win for US and the players.

When comparing US with other providers they obviously come up short. Simply the fact that their welcome bonus is not available to the vast majority of people who bet with them demonstrates that. In addition, you have to bet $300 in a month to claim your $100.

We are much bigger fans of online bookies that offer matching funds. That way even the little players can get some free money to bet with's rating and's reviews have not gone down because of this, however. Perhaps this portends a future when other online bookies decide not to have welcome bonuses. If so then US is on the cutting edge. We suspect however that their unwillingness to provide their welcome bonuses everywhere is just part of the conservative nature of their business.

Unless the state has spelled out that welcome bonuses are allowed, US does not want to provide them and risk getting into legal trouble. It seems like this is not a huge issue for the majority of people who bet on US because ratings and reviews remain some of the highest in the business. That alone demonstrates that they know what they are doing.

Bonus & Requirements
Type Value
Bonus amount $100
Rollover $300 in one month to claim $100
Min. Payment $100
Max. Time 30 days
Cashable No

Does offer any other welcome bonus?

The other welcome bonus offered by US is a cashback program. That said it is only available to the high rollers. If you bet at least $1,000 a month you will get cashback. The amount of cashback you will receive varies widely and is based on the tracks you bet on and the specific races you bet on.

Is legal in the US? US is licensed in North Dakota. It is legal to use the site in any state where betting online on horse races is legal. More and more states are legalizing online bookies every day. You should check with your state to see if it is legal at this time. As of now the states where US operates are:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Certificates Box BG Race Tracks US covers every race track in the United States. They also cover many overseas races as well, particularly in the UK and Ireland. Most major races in other nations are covered and US has introduced American bettors to all sorts of horse racing in all sorts of countries. This is one of the reasons that's ratings and's reviews have remained as high as they have. If you want to bet on it US will have you covered. Racing Markets US covers all major racing markets. If you can think of a bet they will have it covered. Obviously, you can place bets for win, place, or show. You can also bet on exacts and trifectas. You can even box both your exactas and trifectas at US. They also allow you to bet on the winners of multiple horses on the same day for increased odds. That means that if you can pick the winners of four races you can make big money. Of course, if any of those horses lose you lose all of your bet. This kind of expansive racing market has a lot to do with's ratings and's reviews. The reviews and ratings are always among the highest found anywhere. That's because they do one thing – provide bets on horse racing – and do that one thing very well. This just goes to show you that a site can try to cut it's expenses and still do well as long as they are catering to their main customer base. You don't need to have all sorts of bonus offers and VIP programs to be a great online bookie. US proves this very basic fact. Customer Support has two methods of customer support. You can contact them on the phone or through email. Both are excellent. We called US several times with complex questions and found them to be very friendly. They took the time to respond to every question we had and were very well informed. The training they must go through must be very good and very extensive.

We also tried out the email support offered by It took an hour or two for our questions to get answered but once they were they showed the same commitment to customer service as their telephone counterparts did. All in all US has the best customer support of any place we've checked out.

OffTrackBetting Banking Methods

Like you would expect from an online bookie with a long brick and mortar history US has mastered the art of being able to accept money. You can make deposits with Visa, MasterCard, Green Dot, ACH direct checking account transfer, PayNearMe, Dwolla, or direct wire transfer. You can also go into their brick and mortar shops and make deposits with cash or a check. They will charge you 4.5% with a five-dollar minimum if you use Visa or MasterCard.

Withdrawal times will depend on the method of your withdrawal. Sending cashback to your credit or debit card will take up to five days. Sending money via wire transfer will take up to seven days. You can always go into one of their brick and mortar shops and claim your balance instantly.

Deposit Methods:

  • Visa – $25 minimum
  • MasterCard - $25 minimum
  • Green Dot $20 minimum
  • ACH – $25 minimum
  • PayNearMe – No minimum
  • Dwolla – No minimum
  • Cash – No minimum


  • Visa – $25 minimum
  • MasterCard - $25 minimum
  • Green Dot – $20 minimum
  • ACH – $25 minimum
  • PayNearMe – No minimum
  • Dwolla – No minimum
  • Cash – No minimum

Does Have an App?

OffTrackBetting US has developed apps for both Android enabled devices an iOS. You simply have to your preferred app store, search for OffTrackBetting, and download them. You can then install them and start betting using your phone.

Both apps work exactly the same way as the laptop and desktop versions. Most importantly they are just as easy to use as the main website. This easy of use explains why OffTrackBetting.coms ratings and's reviews for their apps are as high as they are. Nearly all of the reviews are four or five stars. which are rare for an online bookie site.

They all have the security features you expect from US and are as secure as your phone is. So if you regularly run anti-virus software on your phone or portable device you should be good to go. Using OffTrackBetting US's apps is as easy as it can be. You just have to load them up and as long as you can get a wireless signal they will work flawlessly. They have put a lot of thought into their mobile apps and it shows in their execution. Nobody, not even a first-time mobile phone user, should have any problems figuring out how their apps work.

This makes sense. The time now is 2020, not 2001. It used to be that people only went online with their laptops or desktops. Now that has changed. Today most people search the web through their phone or portable device. Therefore you need to have an app no matter what type of site you are offering. US clearly understands this and has put in the time and effort to make an app they can be proud of. This time and effort have paid off with two of the best online gambling apps we have ever seen.

This is where the simplicity of the US website really sticks out. Many apps for other sites are very complex to use. We cannot say that about the US's apps They are beautiful to look at. They load up quickly. What you need to do to make your bet is logical and very well explained. Everything comes together in a beautiful package. Taking the time to develop these apps was a wise move by US. They could have stayed conservative and just gotten by with their laptop and desktop versions. They did not and the results are excellent.

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