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Best Horse Betting Odds 2021

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Author: Bart Calendar
Last update on: March 11th, 2021
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When you bet on horse racing, you want the best horse betting odds. That's just simple math. Finding the top gambling websites with the best horse betting odds, and using your horse racing betting strategy, should be one of your goals as someone who bets on horses online. But a lot of factors go into determining what makes the horse racing odds better on one site than on another. It's not all about the advertised odds. You have to take a lot of other factors into account, but our horse racing odds comparison is here to help!

Compare Horse Racing Odds in the US

Looking to compare horse racing odds? Horse betting odds don't exist in a vacuum. Every site wants to maximize their return on investment. How they do so varies from site to site. Betting odds on horse races is just a small part of that puzzle.

A site can advertise attractive horse racing odds but then make up for the money in fees they charge you. They can claim to have the best horse betting odds but hold onto your money in order to collect interest on it. Or they may offer great odds on obvious bets but terrible odds on anything other than a bet to win.

Always Check Out The Terms And Conditions

This one is very important. We are all always hit with so many terms and conditions whenever we go to any site. Most of us just click the “I agree” button without really looking at them. But they are important – particularly when it comes to horse racing sites. You can't really know how good their odds are until you know what terms come with them - this goes for the top NY betting sites and top Florida betting sites.

When we reviewed all of our sites we checked out all of the terms. And you can read our reviews to get a sense of what they are offering. That said terms and conditions are always subject to change. That means you need to look at them yourself and figure out which site really has the best odds for you at any given site. They could always slip in a new trick that would turn the odds into their favor.

Consider Trying Out A Horse Racing Exchange Site

One way to ensure you get the best horse betting odds is to simply go to a horse racing exchange. On these sites people log in and post the bet they want to make and the odds they want to get for them. Then if somebody is interested they will take them up on that bet.

Of course, getting the right odds on a horse racing exchange site depends on if you can interest someone in your bet. In general, that's not a problem except if you are asking for ridiculous odds. The problem with using a horse racing exchange site is that the site itself will charge you a fee for your winnings. That can be as low as 5% or as high as 15%. You always have to ask yourself, “Is the fee going to subtract enough from my winnings so as to make it not worth it?”

Always Look Out For Hidden Fees

One of the ways online bookies can get you is by offering fantastic odds and then eating them up with fees. They can claim to offer better odds than any other site but then hammer you with hidden fees. These can be fees placed on your deposit when you use your card. They can charge you fees when you make your bet. And they can charge you fees when you withdraw.

All of these fees add up and take away from what you actually win on a bet. Remember, odds are only in your favor if they actually pay out the amount you expect to win. If they hit you with a ton more fees than other sites then you are getting a worse deal than on a site that offers lower odds.

Your best bet is to find a site that offers no fees at all. They shouldn't charge you for deposits. They shouldn't charge you to bet. They shouldn't charge you to withdraw. They should make their money off the bets you make and lose. But not all sites operate like that. This is why you have to pay very close attention to the terms and conditions of the sites you bet on.

Pay Attention To How Long Withdrawals Will Take

Another trick that operators like to employ is while they offer decent odds, they hold onto your money for a while. This allows them to collect interest on the funds that you have paid them and what you have won before they payout to you.

That may not seem like all that much money but when spread over thousands of accounts, it can add up to a lot of money for the online bookies themselves. And it deprives you for a while of the money you've earned.

The best horse betting odds are only as good as how quickly you can get your money. Your odds should be just as good if you want your money credited to your bank card in five days as they are if the site insists on holding the money for a week or more.

Are you getting your money in a timely fashion or is the online bookie holding onto your money and claiming the interest on it for days at a time? That can make all the difference when you place your wager.

Take A Look At Their Advertised Odd Versus Their Real Odds

This is a bait and switch that can end up costing you a great deal of money over the long term. A site places an ad for a big match that everyone wants to bet on. The odds look about par, so you decide to place a bet with them. Then if you win, you'll be tempted to keep betting with them over and over again.

But what you may have missed is that those odds were simply a promotional event. When you look at their odds overall you'll find that they are not in your favor at all. You can easily find odds at any number of other sites. You simply got hooked into the site by the very specific horse racing odds they were offering for that one big event. Anything else you bet on will have far worse odds for you.

Be Careful About Withdrawal Limits

Another way that online bookies can collect interest on your money is by imposing withdrawal limits. This puts a further wait on the funds you are owed before you can collect them. Every day you have to wait to get your money is another day that the company can collect interest on them.

Some bookies have withdrawal limits as low as $1,500. That may seem like a lot, but if you bet an accumulator you could win a lot more money than that. Remember, there is always a chance of a big win.

The best horse betting odds won't do you much good if you have to wait weeks or months to get it all out. If you win big but then are limited to getting your money paid to you over a long period of time then that's actually costing you money that you could be making yourself. It's also a hassle to know that you are owed money but are not getting it.

Their limits should be so high that you don't have to worry about them or else they should have no limits at all. You can find out what their limits are by reading our reviews of the sites themselves.

Look At The Odds For All Of Their Bets

Offering unbeatable odds on horses you bet to win is wonderful if that's all you want to do. But most of us like to place other types of bets. We like exactas. We like trifectas. We like accumulators. One thing a site can do is offer tempting odds but only if you are willing to bet the horse to win. They then offer much lower odds if you bet to place or show.

Even worse are the odds they offer for exactas, trifectas, and accumulators. This is how they make their money. They sucker you in with their most obvious bets having great odds. Then they cut down on those odds for every other type of bet you make. And what they are counting on is that you won't go to another site and notice how much better their odds are.

It's another form of the bait and switch they can get you stuck on betting on one site even though the amount of money you'd win betting at a different site is much higher. Always compare what they are offering for more complex bets against what other sites have to offer.

Know What The Odds Should Be

One thing that can give you a lot of power is to understand what the odds on any given race should be. That way, you can tell in a couple of seconds if the online bookie is trying to rip you off.

Pick a horse and a race. Then go to several different bookie sites. You'll notice that while some are better than others they are all close to the same. If you find a site with much worse odds then you know that something is going on. Do this for a few horses a day for a few days and you'll suddenly see what sites always have worse odds than others. And you'll be able to simply ignore those sites – because they are never going to have the best odds.

Having a sense of what the approximate odds should be will put you in a position where you know if odds are off for some reason. Then you can simply walk away from the sites that offer crappy odds and call it a day. Those sites don't have your best interests at heart - check out our best Pennsylvania bookmakers or top Delaware betting sites guides for our top choices in these states.

Find A Site That Offers Odds But Not Gambling - Horse Racing Odds Comparison

There are several reputable sites out there that are not online bookies. Instead, what they post every day are the odds they think tracks and online bookies should offer for every race. This is often contained in the horse racing news section of sites. They sometimes get it wrong but in general, they have the right kind of odds for you to use as a reference point.

Check out these sites so you get a good sense of what the odds for a given race should be. Then check out a few online bookies. Are their odds similar? Or are they considerably less? If you find out that a site you like consistently offers worse odds than independent oddsmakers than that's a sign of a problem you are going to have to address by finding other horse racing bookmakers.

The independent oddsmakers can get it wrong once in a while. If on the other hand they always seem wrong, that instead indicates a problem with the online bookie you are dealing with. At that point, it's much better to find another one.

Online Bookies That Represent Race Tracks Tend To Have Fair Odds

Some online bookies are simply the internet-friendly version of a given race track. They work for the track and simply post track odds online. Those track odds are determined by not only what the experts think will happen but also by the betting patterns of the people at the race track themselves.

Because the online site has no input in putting up the odds at all, this can make betting at these online bookies a fairly safe bet when you are thinking in terms of odds. Getting the same odds as the people sitting in the stands at the racetrack themselves is a fairly good deal and not one to be passed up. Just make sure that you know how to bet on horses first.

That said, you do have to be a little bit careful when dealing with online bookies associated with a given race track. Their odds for that track's races will be fair. On the other hand, the odds they post for other tracks may not be as equitable. It's still a good idea to take a close look at their terms and conditions and make sure that you can feel comfortable with them before you make a bet. Common sense says, “trust by verify.”

Bet With Logic, Not Passion

When searching for the best odds you need to be objective. It's easy to see what seems like interesting odds posted and just go with your passion and place a bet - or get drawn in with the latest horse racing sign up bonus offers or bookmaker free bet promos.

Don't do that. Professional gamblers know that logic beats passion every single time. So take a close look at what the online bookie is really offering. Is it a good deal or are there a lot of conditions attached that make it a bad deal?

Opening up your eyes and seeing what they are really offering is very important. It can mean the difference between a good bet and a bad bet. We know that when it comes to horse racing odds it's easy to let your passion take over. Don't give into that.

Grab The Best Odds You Can Find!

Now you have the information you need to really find the best horse racing odds at any online bookie. Look at everything we have provided you with. You can even check out our horse racing betting guide. Apply it when you visit a new bookie site.

Ask yourself what they aren't telling you. Compare several sites. And then only place your bet when you are sure you've found the best odds at any online bookie.

Then kick back, watch the races, and see if you've won! If you do you'll know you'll cash in the most money possible. And that is one of the points of betting on horse racing – to win sweet cash you can put into your pocket. Is Sportsbook.ag legit? Find out here. Or, check out our in-depth Unibet sports review.

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