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  • Operating since 1976
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Latest Interbest Deposit Offers for 2021

Interbets is a straight-up OTB company and simply takes bets on horse races. They don't seem to see the need to offer an Interbets promo code or Interbets sign up offers for their general services.

Other online horse racing sites in America such as the Bet America sign up offers, the sign up offers , the Xpressbet promo code,  and the sign up offers are better suited, but there’s more to a bookmaker than promo codes. Read on to find the real value in Interbets.

Claim your Interbets Deposit Offer Now

To claim your Interbets sign up offer you need to register for their site using your phone or portable device. Do not do so through the browser on your device. Instead go to the app store for your device. Then download the Interbets app. Make sure you type in “Interbets” because there are sites with very similar names. Then download the app to your device and open it. Now you can register for the site.

Once you do so, make your first deposit. Then bet that deposit on horse races. Once you have made your deposit and bet it you will get matching funds up to $100. That's as good as the Interbets sign up offers get.

We want to remind you that there is no Interbets promo code. Should you see someone promoting an Interbets promo code they are wrong. They have simply mixed up Interbets with another online gambling site.

Remember, you can't claim the Interbets sign up offers if you sign up through your laptop or desktop. To get the Interbets sign up offers you must not only use your phone or other mobile devices, but you must also do it through their app. That's the way the Interbets sign up offers are designed and there is no way around it.

And also remember that there is no Interbets promo code at all. So, don't be fooled by sites that promise you an Interbets promo code. They are simply confused because of the name.

Interbets Is Not Interbet!

This is where the confusion over the Interbets promo code comes in. Interbets is an online gambling site in the United States that only offers bets on horse racing. Interbet, on the other hand, is an online gambling site in the UK that offers casino gambling and general sports betting.

Because neither one works in the other's market, the name similarity is not a big deal to either country. But it can be very confusing to people trying to place bets.

Many sites that offer promo codes accidentally claim to have an Interbets promo code when what they actually have is an Interbet promo code. The same goes for Interbets sign up offers. They miss the “s” at the end of the name and post about Interbet sign up offers, which are very different from Interbets sign up offers.

Please don't get confused. Both companies offer online gambling, but for different audiences and different types of games. Interbets is only for the United States. It only offers horse racing. Interbet is only for the UK and offers slot machines, blackjack, and other traditional casino offerings.

So do not get confused and think the Interbet promo code is actually an Interbets promo code. They are entirely different things. We wish that both companies did not have such similar names, but what can you do?

If you are an American and want to bet on horse racing, you need to go to Interbets. If you are in the UK and want to play slot machines you want to go to Interbet. And please remember that there are no Interbets sign up offers if you sign up from your desktop or laptop, and no Interbets promo code.

Interbets Does Let You Buy Gift Certificates For Your Friends

While not offering an Interbets promo code or Interbets sign up offers, Interbets does have an unusual thing going on. They will allow you to buy gift certificates for your friends.

We have not heard of any other horse racing site in the United States that does this. Most have refer-a-friend programs in place, but not Interbets. Instead they allow you to input the name of your friend, specify how much you want to send them and then charge your card. If your friend is not already a member of Interbets then they will have to sign up to claim their gift certificate.

They cannot use the funds from your gift certificate to claim any Interbets sign up bonus. They would have to register for Interbets on their own, make a deposit and then bet the deposit in order to get the Interbets sign up offers. We find this to be a very weird system but it is what it is.

Claim your Interbets Bonus now! Visit now
Claim your Interbets Bonus now! Visit now

History Of Interbets

Interbets is actually a part of the Catskills Off-Track Betting Corporation. It operates in New York and was created by the state in 1976. There are physical locations all over the state of New York – many of them on New York state lines, but located right next to the borders of New Jersey and Connecticut. They are popularly known in New York as “OTB.” You can see their physical locations everywhere and their ads on radio and television are very popular.

Interbets was launched as the online version of Catskills Off-Track Betting Corporation. It acts as an extension of their physical sites. It is not the primary business of OTB. That has always been and remains to be offering places where people can walk it the door, hand over cash, and make a bet.

That's why they don't get very big into online promotions. Their core business remains their little betting shops and they run them very well and have an excellent reputation in New York state as the place to go when you can't get to the track itself.

Why Interbets Does Not Offer A Promo Code Or A Welcome Bonus From Their Desktop Or Laptop Versions

At the end of the day online horse racing sites (and really any online gambling site) offers welcome bonuses and promo codes for one reason and one reason only – they are trying to promote their services and get the word out. They aren't doing it out of the generosity of their own heart. That doesn't mean you can't benefit from their promotions but always be aware of why they are in place.

Interbets doesn't see the need to have an Interbets bonus code or an Interbets deposit offer because they have been around forever. Going online is simply the newest thing for Interbets. Sure they have Interbets sign up offers if you try out their app, but that's just that, getting you to see what their app is like.

Interbets has been offering bets on horse racing from their physical OTB (Off Track betting) locations for years. That is the core of their business. Going online is simply branching out. For them the bulk of their money still comes from their brick and mortar locations. People walk in, hand them some cash, and place a bet. If they win they come back, give them their betting slip and collect their money.

For Interbets online bets on horse racing is just a way to bring in a little extra money. So they don't feel the need to suck you in with sign up offers and promo codes. The people who are going to use their services to bet online have mostly already used their physical locations so what would a welcome offer even mean for them.

The good news is that with more than 40 years of taking bets on horse races you know that Interbets is reliable. They have a great reputation and are not going anywhere. Other online horse racing sites are much newer. They will probably be around next year but you can't count on it. Interbets on the other hand is a huge company that is well-liked and has been a member of the community for years.

Their overall reputation makes having promotional offers to sign up for them seem redundant. They figure you can try out all the other online horse racing sites but will eventually come back to them.

We are not sure how this will play out as a long term strategy, but it is the way Interbets feels and they have enough experience in the market to be making the right play.

Interbets May Have Promotions From Time To Time

Interbets does partner with many of the race tracks they take bets for. That's just good business for both Interbets and the tracks themselves. That means that from time to time a given race track may want to run a promotion through Interbets. When they do so, they will set the terms.

Some of these promotions will be made available online for a limited amount of time. Some are only made available at their in-person brick and mortar locations. Some are available at both. It's really up to the track that is offering the promotion on Interbets.

In general if you look at the site online they will post schedules of their promotions. They will have names like $10 Yonkers Bet. Each one will have its own terms and conditions that you should read carefully. These bets are meant to promote the track itself and not Interbets. That Interbets makes some money off of it really isn't the point.

That said, if you can get a little bit of free money to bet with, why not go for it? Though to be honest you really aren't coming to Interbets for promotions. You are coming to them because you want to place your bets at somewhere with 40 years of experience in horse racing that is a large company that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The Interbets App

Interbets does have apps for both iOS and Android enabled devices. Simply go to your app store and download them. Once they have been installed you can register for the company. If this is your first time using the app make your deposit as large as possible – up to $100 – so you can claim as much free money as you can when you bet the money through.

The apps work exactly the way the site itself works. You can make deposits. You can make withdrawals. You can bet win, place, or show. You can bet exacta or trifectas. The apps are very well designed and well regarded. They work well and are a good way to place your horse racing bets if you can't get to a local Interbets brick and mortar location.

This all makes sense. It is 2020 after all. When people want to bet on horse racing online they will generally do so through their phone. That's where most Internet searching takes place these days. Therefore you have to have an app to make it as quick and easy as possible to make your bets and then wait for the race to start.

Interbets Deposit And Withdrawals

Interbets accepts cash as deposits at their physical OTB locations only. If you are using Interbets to bet online you can't use cash. Instead most people use their Visa or MasterCard.

You can also send them an ACH transfer directly from your bank account.

If you use your credit card $200 is the most you can deposit and you cannot make any more deposits during the next 60 days. After two months you can make a $500 deposit. At that point the most you can deposit is $2,500 per week and a total of $5,000 per month.

If you want to bet more with Interbets you will have to go to their physical location and hand them cash. When making withdrawals the amount of time to get your money back varies. It can take up to five business days to get your winnings credited to your card.

However, there is a way around this. If you win simply go to the Interbets physical OTB location and show them your winning slip. They will scan it and then be happy to pay you off in cash right at the counter.

This is because Interbets is still a physical location at heart and online gambling is just a sideline for them.

Interbets Customer Service

For a company that has been around since 1976 you would expect good customer service and you will get it at Interbets. Most people when they have a problem simply go into their local Interbets office where the staff is fully trained in solving problems. You explain your issue and they will be happy to talk you through it. It's really that simple.

If you don't happen to live near an Interbets office you can call up 1-888-FUN2BET and talk to a representative. We tested this out and they were all very helpful and offered the responses we wanted and did so in a reasonable amount of time. They are very well trained and know what they are doing.

You can also send Interbets an email to It will take an hour or so for you to get a response but once you do it will be as well thought out an extensive as what you get from the phone or talking to a guy in an Interbets shop in person.

Overall Interbets has the gold standard when it comes to customer service. Their years of experience in offering gambling on horse races have taught them how to treat customers and it comes through in spades.

Other companies should look at how Interbets customer service works and do what they can to mimic it. It is one of the reasons why without Interbets promo codes, Interbets is still the place that many gamblers want to go when they want to play the ponies.

Interbets Allows Catskills OTB Access Outside Of New York State

The main reason Interbets exists is to expand the reach of their parent company outside of state lines. For generations they always had OTB locations right on the borders of New Jersey and Connecticut and people would simply pop over the border to make their bets. Now with Interbets those people can simply go online and place their bet.

It also gives them access to other states, like Pennsylvania that otherwise would not be able to bet with OTB. It expands their brand outward and as more states legalize online gambling Interbets will expand along with them. It's easy to see a day when their online bets end up bringing in more money than their bets from physical locations. We haven't hit that point yet but we seem to be inching forward.

They are doing this without Interbets promo codes or Interbets sign up bonuses other than the one for trying out the app. Their strategy seems to be that as the longest-running legal place to bet on horse racing that people will flock to them without any of those flashy promotions. And they may be right.

Also even if they are not able to expand they can still make a good deal of money off of their brick and mortar shops. They have and should expect to maintain a great reputation in the New York gambling community.

Should You Use Interbets Or A Newer Online Horse Racing Site?

The question of whether or not to use Interbets or another online horse racing site can go either way. It all depends on what type of gambler you are. If you are a more conservative gambler you'll probably want to use Interbets. Its history of offering fair bets in New York dating back to the 70s speaks for itself. Its odds are good and they pay very quickly.

Yes, when you first sign up you can only bet so much during the first 60 days but that shouldn't be a problem for most people. And yes, even as an established gambler you will have limits placed on how much you can bet. But those limits are reasonable for most people. And of course, if you live in New York, being able to walk into one of their shops and collect your winnings instantly is a big plus.

If on the other hand you are into bonus offers then you might want to try a different online horse racing site. They can give you a lot of free money and free bets. They will work hard to get you as a customer. They will also have loyalty programs to keep you coming back to bet more. And most other online horse racing bookies don't put limits on how much you can bet. That won't affect most people but if you are a high roller could become an issue. And if that's you, try a different online horse racing site.

So whether to use Interbets or another site is really one of personal preference. Many people are drawn to the experience and old school charm of Interbets. Other people like the flashy new features of other online horse racing bookies. It's really up to you. You can read our other horse betting reviews, such as the DRF Bets legit guide or Watch and Wager legal review to help make up your mind.

Interbets And Responsible Gambling

Whenever you bet on horse racing you should be aware of what you are doing and keep your funds safe while online. You should ensure your betting experience is both safe and secure.

For one, you can set a budget and stick to it. It doesn't matter if your budget is daily, weekly, or monthly. As long as you figure out what you can lose and don't bet any more than that you will be fine. You can also protect your account from scammers and fraudsters by changing your passwords frequently. Our suggestion would ideally be once every 1-2 months.

When it comes to choosing where you place your bets, there are a couple of things you can look out for to ensure the site is safe and secure. Firstly, you can check if they are regulated and/or licensed by an official body by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage to check the stamps. If you don't recognize their credentials, then we recommend doing a little bit of further research. This goes for all sites; you can find out more in our "is DraftKings legit?" and "is Casumo legit?" guides.

Interbets Frequently Asked Questions

In all states that allow Interbets to operate you have to be at least 18 years old. Some states or counties may insist that you be at least 19 or 21 years old. You don't want to mess around with this. If you are found to be betting underage Interbets will freeze your account. In some areas they might also notify authorities about your actions.

An exacta is when you bet on one horse to win and another to place in the same race. Both have to come in for you to win. You can place an exacta box so that either can win or place for you to win. A trifecta is when you place a bet on three horses to win, place, and show in the same race. Like with the exacta you can get a box so that the three horses can come in in any order.

Winning is easy. You pick the horse that will win the race. Place means you are betting that the horse will either win or come in second. Either way you win. Placing a show bet means that you are betting the horse will come in first, second, or third. In all three cases you win. A win pays more than a place bet and a place bet pays more than a show bet.

Interbets or the Catskills Off-Track Betting Corporation can only place brick and mortar shops in the State Of New York. If you are not in New York they lack the legal ability to be able to open up such shops.

Probably not. They are a very old school company and like doing business the way they do business.