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DRF Bets Horse Racing Reviews & Ratings US 2020

DRF Bets
DRF Bets
  • Bookie with over 50 years experience in horse racing
  • Nice $250 welcome bonus
  • Legal in all states that offer online horse racing
100% up to$250
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DRF Bets US is owned by the Daily Racing Form. For generations, the Daily Racing Form has been sold at racetracks from one coast to another. It is known for bringing people racing news every day. It also contains tips for the various races that are going to happen and explains them. This shows a deep understanding of the horse racing industry.

Over the past few years, they have moved to offer online betting on horse racing as an expansion of their brand. This leaves them an independent agency not connected to any major racetrack. It also means they are one of the companies that people who bet regularly on horse racing really trust. Take a look below to see the DRF Bets sign up offers.

Is DRF Bets Reliable & Secure?

When you've spent more than 50 years being people's source of information about what's going on at the race track you bring that trust to the table when you start taking sports bets. This is what DRF Bets US has done. And the excellent way they have done it is reflected in DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings.

People trust DRF Bets US. They have tens of thousands of users all across America. And their product is very good for people who want to bet on horse racing in America. They know the business; they know their potential customers and they know how to leverage the success of the Daily Racing Form.

All of this ends up being a great package that United States gamblers love. And they share that love in the DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings. Where they are lacking is in their VIP program which really doesn't provide regular gamblers with much of a reward. If you bet at least $500 in a month you can get cashback. That's about it. And their customer service is hard to get in contact with.

DRF Bets Welcome Bonus - Claim Your $250

DRF Bets US has a fairly straightforward welcome bonus. First, you have to sign up for the site. Then you have to deposit a minimum of $50. Then you have to enter the coupon code DOUBLE. At that point, you will receive matching funds up to $250.

This is not cash and cannot be withdrawn. You have to bet the money on the site. When you do, if you win, you will receive your winnings minus that amount of the bet. So, if you bet $10 on a two to one race you would get $10 in cash you could withdraw, not the $20 in cash you would get if you bet your own money.

If you lose with your DRF Bets US bonus money you don't lose any cash. That's what makes the DRF Bets US welcome bonus so attractive. You have the chance of winning big but no chance of losing anything. This has led to DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings to be quite high. You can't argue with getting free money to bet with that allows you to win real money. With bonus money, we tend to play longer shots than we would with our own cash. That way when we win, we get the maximum payout.

How the welcome bonus compares

DRF Bets US welcome bonus compares favorably with those offered by other online bookies. In fact, it is one of the largest welcome bonuses we've seen offered anywhere. This shows a commitment to the gamblers who use the site.

If you compare it to our BetAmerica reviews, our reviews, our Interbets reviews, and our reviews you'll find it looks pretty good. The only negative is the fact that at DRF Bets US you do have to use a bonus code. Other sites just give you your bonus money automatically. Not at DRF Bets US, where the coupon code is required.

Still, this has not turned off their customers and DRF Bets reviews and DRF bets ratings remain quite high. People simply like betting with the people who put out the Daily Racing Form. And DRF Bets US knows it and takes advantage of all the goodwill they've earned over the years. Having such a high welcome bonus doesn't hurt either.

Overall this represents a very good package offer from DRF Bets US.

  • Step One – Register for the site
  • Step Two – Deposit at least $50
  • Step Three – Enter bonus code DOUBLE
  • Step Four – Claim your bonus money

Does DRF Bets US offer any other welcome bonus?

DRF Bets US does not offer any other type of bonus offer. We think that they feel that their initial bonus offer is so strong that there is no need for anything else. And people seem to agree which is why the DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings are as high as they are. You don't want to add to perfection.

Is DRF Bets legal in the US?

DRF Bets is legal in any state where betting on online horse racing is legal. You can check with your state government officials to find out if it is legal in your state. More and more states are adding legalized horse racing bets. Currently, DRF Bets US is offered in:

• Alabama
• Arkansas
• California
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Florida
• Idaho
• Indiana
• Kansas
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• New Hampshire
• North Dakota
• Ohio
• Rhode Island
• South Dakota
• Tennessee
• Vermont
• Virginia
• Washington
• Wisconsin
• Wyoming

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DRF Bets Racetracks

DRF Bets US covers virtually every racetrack in the United States. If you can bet online at any other site on a track you can place your bet at DRF Bets US. They also cover a number of international tracks, particularly in the UK and Ireland. They go out of their way to offer as many races as possible on any given day. This is why DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings are as high as they are. If you want to make a bet DRF Bets US is the place to lay your money down.

DRF Bets Racing Markets

DRF Bets US offers nearly any and all racing markets. From the basic win, place, or show to the more exotic exacta and trifectas. You can even do an exacta box or a trifecta box. You can also bet on multiple horses winning multiple races on the same day. Pretty much any type of bet you can think of to make, DRF Bets US has you covered.

And why would you expect anything less from the guys who make the Daily Racing Form? They know their market and they know what types of bets people like to make.

This is yet another reason why DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings are as high as they are. They simply understand their market perhaps better than anyone. And that level of expertise is appreciated. It shows that they truly get what gamblers are looking for. The number of bets you can place is honestly staggering and that is how it should be.

You will also get fair odds which isn't the case at every online horse racing betting service. All in all an excellent service that covers a lot of ground. Taken together with their welcome offer and you won't find better coverage anywhere else.

DRF Bets Customer Support

This is where DRF Bets US is lacking. Just finding a way on their site to contact customer support is nearly impossible. You have to click through so many different menus. Eventually, you'll find out about a customer support email address [email protected], which is hardly easy to remember. We could not find any live chat or any phone number on the site at all.

When we contacted customer support through their email address it took an hour or two to hear from them. And we only got answers during regular business hours.

Overall this is not a good look for what is an otherwise excellent site. We hope that DRF Bets US does better in the future. We should not however that this has not impacted DRF Bets ratings or DRF Bets reviews which may mean that there are very few questions people have with the site.

• No phone
[email protected]
• No live chat
• No way to mail them a letter we could find

DRF Bets Banking Methods

DRF Bets US offers most of the deposit and withdrawal methods you would expect. The only real difference between them and other online horse racing sites relates to PayPal. You cannot use PayPal to make your initial deposit. You can also not use it to claim your welcome bonus. You can use it to make additional deposits. Other than that it's business as usual.

You can make a deposit with your Visa or MasterCard. Please note that some banks do not allow their cards to be used for gambling. You should contact your bank and find out if you can use it. You can make an ACH transfer. You can make a wire transfer. PayNearMe and Green Dot are also accepted.

The amount of time it will take you to make withdrawals depends on the method you use. If you want to withdraw to Visa or MasterCard it can take up to five business days. If you want to withdraw via a wire transfer that can take up to seven business days.

Deposit Method

• ACH – No limit
• Credit Cards - $500 limit at first that can be increased
• PayPal – Cannot be used for the first deposit
• Wire Transfer – No limit
• Pay Near Me – Limit may be set by the company
• Green Dot – No limit

Withdrawal Method

• ACH – No limit
• Credit Cards – Limits may be set by your bank
• PayPay – Limits may be set by PayPal itself
• Wire Transfer – No Limit
• Pay Near Me – Limit may be set by the company

Does DRF Bets Have an App?

DRF Bets US has apps for both iOS and Android enabled devices. To grab the iOS version simply go to the app store you prefer to use, search for DRF Bets, and download the app.

Once you launch the app it should be available for you to use. For Android, because Google is sketchy about allowing gambling apps, you instead have to go to You'll see a prompt asking you to download the AFK file with the app in it. Once you download this you should be able to easily run the app and the button for it will appear on your screen.

Both of the DRF Bets US apps have received high reviews from users. They seem to appreciate the ease of use of both of them. There is also live streaming of races directly from the apps which people seem to like using the apps seems just as easy as using the desktop or laptop version of the site. The integration is clearly well done. This is what we would expect from DRF Bets US. They have so many years helping people bet at racetracks that this level of excellence is appreciated. They have clearly put a lot of work into it.

The apps themselves work exactly like the desktop and laptop versions. The only difference is the screen size is smaller. DRF Bets US easily migrated their initial site over to the apps. There is no confusion at all which again is related is DRF Bets reviews and DRF Bets ratings. You can make deposits. You can make withdrawals. You can claim the welcome bonus. And you can make all of the varied bets you are used to making when you are dealing with a horse racing bookie site.

This is to be expected. We are living in 2020. These days most people search the web from their phones or other portable devices. Long gone are the days of the internet being confined to desktops or laptops. People have come to expect apps simply because using the browser on your phone is a pain in the neck. It's far easier to simply tap a button and have a web site show up. DRF Bets US seems to have done a good job of making this happen. We are glad to see the DRF Bets US has made such a commitment to their apps. They make the site better.

DRF Bets reviews FAQ

⚖️ Is DRF Bets Legit?

DRF Bets is a betting site based right here in the USA. With this sports betting site, you can bet on horse racing and other popular team sports. Here at our team of experts have conducted a fair and thorough DRF Bets review. In it, we’ll answer questions surrounding the legitimacy and reliability of the betting site and more.

🔒Is DRF Bets reliable and secure?

DRF Bets is a well known horse betting site here in the USA. But does that mean that it’s 100% safe and reliable? At we sent out our team of gambling experts to find out the answer to this question and more.

🏇 What is the best horse racing bet with DRF Bets?

The amount of horse racing bet types available, both with DRF Bets and elsewhere is extremely extensive these days. Therefore giving a definitive answer to this question is quite difficult. That’s why our experts here at have done it for you. We’ve ranked and explained all of the different bet types available so you can find the one that’s right for you.


To summarize, we rate DRF Bets very highly. Aside from having a strong reputation that's be built up over 50 years, they also have an excellent range of betting markets. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, they have services available in a vast number of states. The customer support is a small drawback, but that's perhaps just down to them being a more traditional operator, and we're completely sure they'll get up to stopped with the more modern operators soon. To conclude, we wouldn't hesitate in recommending DRF Bets as your sports betting provider.

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