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Betfair Horse Racing 2021

An Exciting Pastime
  • Betfair Horse Racing Platform is simple to use
  • Players can lock in their own odds
  • Use your horse racing simulator for easier wagering
up to$200
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With many online horse racing platforms to choose from it can be overwhelming trying to decide on one, but the Betfair horse racing system stands out compared to many. This platform looks simple by design, and it’s very easy to use for everyone. The platform comes with some limitations, but also gives gamblers the ability to set their odds and a powerful simulator for more accurate wagering. Learn more about the Betfair Exchange below and how it’s ideal for horse racing enthusiasts.

Bet with Betfair Visit now
Bet with Betfair Visit now

Is Betfair Right for Horse Racing?

Serious horse racing enthusiasts will enjoy the Betfair horse racing exchange. That’s because the exchange makes it possible to place wagers on horse races all around the world while also selecting the odds that come with those wagers. As impossible as it sounds, the exchange is designed carefully to allow bettors to select their own odds when placing a wager. That’s precisely why many bettors come back to the platform again and again to continue playing on it.

How the Exchange Works

The Betfair exchange is a unique system that pairs up bettors on different sides of a position to play against one another. These players set pending wagers at the odds that they want, and when the wager amounts match up close enough they are paired against one another and the wager is formed. Using this system players can effectively lock in their wager values at a level they are comfortable with. The odds of the wager won’t change as the race approaches, which means that bettors always know what they stand to gain or lose. In the end Betfair takes a small cut from the winnings before paying them out to the winner and the loser doesn’t pay any fees at all.

Placing a Wager

The exchange is simple in design and placing a wager for or against a horse in a specific race takes only moments. To initialize the wager simply select the race you’re interested in wagering on, choose the horse to wager for or against, and choose the odds that you would like to have in place for your wager. Once that’s done, the system will try and match you up with another player. When the odds are close to the current level when placing a wager matchups occur quickly. When they are farther away from the current amount it can take time to get matched up to another player.

The only downside to using a system like the exchange for Betfair horse racing is that races can only be wagered on one day before they take place at the most. Often gamblers wager on the day of the event, while some will place wagers a single day before. That’s how the system works, and it’s only possible to locate and wager on races over the next two days. This keeps the system simple, but makes it a bit more limiting compared to racebooks that allow wagering on events more days in advance. To compare this offering to other horse betting providers, make your way over to our Watch and Wager review and DRF Bets reviews.

Finding Current Race Opportunities

All the upcoming races are displayed at the top of the screen by pressing the “Next Races” button at the top of the screen on the exchange website. This makes it easy to spot current betting opportunities and to get a wager in position quickly.

If a gambler is interested in wagering on an event that isn’t in the next races menu it still might be possible to do so. In order to do this the player must select “Full Schedule” and look through the current day and the Next Day tabs for the race. If it occurs in one of the supported regions within the next day or two it will appear in that list and can be wagered on. If it is farther off in the future it will likely appear on the future schedule, but will not be available for wagering just yet.

Using the wagering system on the Betfair Exchange is simple enough, but it’s also a bit limited. Gamblers that like to place wagers well in advance of an event will be disappointed with the system. Everyone else will enjoy being able to select odds, affordable wagering and the simplicity of the system.

See all the Stats in the Exchange Race Simulator

Any gamblers that are wondering about Betfair horse racing results, Betfair horse racing tips or stats that will help with wagering will enjoy the Exchange Race Simulator. This system gives gamblers a look at each of the horses in a race, all the different wagers placed on the horses, the most standard odds on those horses and other pertinent details about the race. All these different stats come together and create a useful picture to help with wagering.

Paying the Betfair Fee

In Betfair horse racing there is a small fee to pay to use the system. This fee is very tolerable though and many users find it to be smaller than other platforms they are used to. When a gambler wants to wager on a specific horse, that player is matched with another. The two gamblers come together and go against one another without realizing it. Betfair takes a small cut from the winner of the wager to cover its operating costs for the exchange. The winning have a 12% deduction before they are paid out, and the money that’s left over goes right to the winner. With this system it’s simple for everyone to get a cut and there is no worrying about paying fees or trying to calculate fees from a spread or anything like that. When playing on the exchange the fee always remains the same for every wager, which also makes it simple to calculate potential payouts for a wager.

The Exchange Club

Regular members at the Betfair Exchange can get some of their lost wagers back over time through the Exchange Club. This is a membership program that offers gamblers $10 back in credit to wager with over the weekend when they wager $50 or more throughout the week. Being a member of the program is as simple as joining and wagering the proper amount during the week. This program offers credits that are usable for all standard wagers. It’s important to note that the credits given out aren’t cashable and they must be used to wager with. Any wins using the credits also come with small playthrough requirements. This is similar to the latest XpressBet promo code that offers bettors a free $10 bet - you can find out more in our XpressBet review.

Getting Help: Working with Customer Support

Gamblers on the Betfair Exchange can get help with answers for questions like how to win Betfair horse racing, how to place wagers, what fees are taken and more through the customer support system. There is ample customer service provided to gamblers that are in need of some answers. If you end up with questions that you want resolved, take a moment to talk with customer support for help. It’s simple to ask for help once you know what tools you want to make use of.

Get Help through Email

One of the simplest ways to ask for help is to use the dedicated support email address. Send over an email to support describing your problem and ask for the help that you need. After sending the email it should only take a day or so to get an answer back. While email support is one of the slower support tools available, it is simple and reliable and doesn’t require calling for help at all.

Make a Phone Call

For answers immediately New Jersey natives can call in to the Betfair customer support service instead. There is a dedicated toll-free phone number that players can dial in to. Call the system and ask for help regarding whatever the issue is. Support will help with account issues, promotion issues and most other problems that players get stuck with.

Use the FAQ System

Players that wish to help themselves can get answers to most of their questions using the FAQ section. There are in-depth questions and answers about the horse racing system and how to make the most of it. This system is good for getting fast answers without relying on the customer support staff at all. For even more information about the platform, see our full Betfair exchange review to learn everything there is to know.

The Betfair horse racing system is a powerful tool for wagering on different horse races around the world. It’s simple to use, provides useful data points to help with wagering, and gives gamblers the chance to choose their own odds. Between all these different features it’s easy to see why many gamblers prefer the exchange to other systems.

Bet with Betfair Visit now
Bet with Betfair Visit now

Try out the Advanced Exchange System

Gamblers interested in finding a new way to wager should test out the Betfair horse racing exchange system. It’s basic to use, offers a good blend of features and gives players the chance to set their own odds while still earning promotions. Join today and begin unlocking bonus credits from the very first day you place wagers.

Betfair Reviews FAQ 

🤝 Is Betfair reliable?

Betfair is a globally recognized gambling company for sports betting that's available in certain states in the US. In our Betfair reviews here at CaptainGambling.com, we take a close look at all of their platforms as well as their security and reliability. As well as their flagship sportsbook, Betfair also operates online casino and poker platforms. If you’re interested in betting online then take a look at our honest reviews to help ensure your experience is safe & secure.

🏇 Do Betfair do best odds guaranteed?

'Best odds guaranteed’ is a popular promotion among online sports betting sites and bookmakers. More often than not, it applies to horse racing and greyhound racing. Basically, how it works is that if you take early or fixed odds and the start price turns out to be larger, you’ll be paid out at the largest odds. In our fair and honest Betfair reviews, our experts set out to find if they have such a promotion or something similar.

⏳ How long does Betfair take to verify?

Betfair is a reputable and reliable global gambling company that offers sports betting, an online casino, poker and more. In order to keep their platform and their clients data & money secure, they have strict safety protocols in place. This includes account verification for all newly signed up clients. You can find out how long this process is likely to take for you in our Betfair reviews.

🥇Do Betfair close winning accounts?

Closing winning betting accounts is something that’s not common practice in the online gambling world. Moreover doing such a thing would be frowned upon by legit sites. And therefore any site doing such a thing could likely be deemed as a scam operator. Would Betfair do such a thing? Seems unlikely, but we sent our team of experts out on a Betfair Review mission to find out.

✌ Can you have 2 Betfair accounts?

Generally speaking, most online sports betting sites, online casinos and other such gambling sites will restrict you to just one account per person. This is to prevent things such as fraud, scams and bonus abuse. It is often the case that you’re allowed more than one account per IP address or household. However, bonuses are usually restricted to one per household. There are often exceptions to the rule though. To find out Betfair’s stance check out our review at CaptainGambling.com.

Conclusion: Betfair’s Horse Racing System is Comprehensive
Even though there are many different online systems designed for betting on horse races, the Betfair Exchange stands out in a few different ways. The system is designed to give gamblers the ability to choose their own odds, it’s simple and fast by design, and offers an excellent simulator system for improving the wagering experience.

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