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Best Odds In Horse Racing 2021

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Author: Jamie Clark
Last update on: March 3rd, 2021
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Best Horse Racing Odds in the US

If you place bets then you want to find the best odds in horse racing at the best US gambling websites. That's just simple logic. If the odds are better, then you stand to win more at horse race betting sites by using the best betting strategy. And if you lose, you still lose the same amount of money. So where do you find the horse racing best odds?

That depends on what you want to bet on and which site you are comfortable with. It's like finding the best bottle of wine at a store – it not only has to be good; it also has to be your taste. After all betting is supposed to be fun, and if a site is a pain to use, then even if it has the horse racing best odds, then it's never going to be all that much fun for you. That being said, our #1 award winning best odds betting site is guaranteed to suit you, no matter what your needs and betting tastes may be. 

You also need to be aware of the best horse betting sites for cash out. If they end up hitting you with a bunch of fees that could wipe out any advantage you gain from getting better odds. With our award winning site, you’ll have the horse racing best odds guaranteed, meaning you can just kick back and have a good time making your wagers.

General Odds

To find the site with the best general odds, we compared the odds of several of the most high profile online betting sites in the country. The site with the  horse racing best odds we found was ultimately named as our #1 award winning site. Placing your bets with this site, means you can be comfortable in the knowledge you’ll be giving yourself the chance to cash in on a higher payday than you’d be able to anywhere else. 

How this works is fairly basic; the higher the odds the more money you get when you win. And it's not like you stand to lose any more money as your stakes are still the same. Therefore, an award winning site for the best odds should really suit almost every type of bettor. 

Place And Show Bets

Not everyone wants to bet on a horse to win. That can feel too reckless for a lot of people. Instead they want to bet on a place or show. Place means the horse can come in first or second. Show means the horse comes in either first, second, or third.

Of course, you make less money for a place or show bet if they come in, but they are a lot safer. This is why we’ve drilled down into the sites and taken a look at what they will pay off for place and show bets. Lots of sites have great odds if you pick a winner, but worse odds if you go for a place and show bet. That’s why we looked at the odds for each and every bet type when selecting our #1 award winning betting site for horse racing odds. 

Exacta And Trifecta Bets

This gets a little bit more advanced. An exacta is when you bet on which horse is going to come in first and which horse is going to come in second. You can “box” your bets by betting on them coming in either first or second. A trifecta works the same way, but you are betting on the three horses to come in first, second and third.

Once again you can box your bets so that the three horses can come in in any order you want as long as it's those three horses coming in first, second, or third. Exacta and trifecta bets are hard to pick correctly. The odds of winning them should be high. Otherwise, they are not worth the effort - even with the best horse racing sign up bonus.

We took a close look at all the payouts being offered for exacta and trifecta bets to see which sites offered the best odds. And also to see which ones shy away from giving you a decent payout. Finding the best site for exacta and trifecta odds is perhaps one of the most tricky things to go out and discover on your own. Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work and name our ultimate #1 betting site for odds on exotic bets. 

Accumulator Bets

Finding the best bookmaker for horse racing accumulators can be a bit tough. But here is where you really want the best odds you can find. Otherwise they are completely pointless. An accumulator is when you bet on the winners of multiple races on the same day. Most people bet on at least four races but you can add as many as you'd like. With each one, you add your odds should go up. And they should increase significantly.

This is where you can really win big at a racetrack. It will be one of the hardest bets you will ever make so the payout should be huge if you win. If you have an idea for an accumulator bet then you should normally check out the odds on multiple sites. Never settle for less when you are making an accumulator bet. If you win one you should win very big, which is why it’s important to place your accumulator on a site with good odds. It’s with this in mind that we’ve presented you with our top picks and ultimate award winning site for best odds bookmaker online. 

Don't Pay Too Much To Cash Out

This is where they can really squeeze you if you are a casual bettor. Which is why we look closely to see if there are any fees for making deposits and withdrawals on all of the betting sites we test. As well as having the best odds, our #1 award winning betting site also has no fees and favourable deposit and withdrawal conditions. Both when it comes to funding your account, and flipping your winnings into real money. 

Unfortunately, there are sites that try to lure you in with promises of great odds but then take the money back when you take it out. If you are just making five-dollar bets and there is a $4.99 fee whenever you are withdrawing that's going to eat up most of your profits. And the sites know this. By using our #1 award winning best odds site, you can avoid such fees and potential money losses completely.

Take A Look At The Withdrawal Times

When you win a bet, you want to be able to claim your money right away. That's the point of winning. You don't want the track holding onto your winnings. Yet the track would like to keep your cash. They are earning interest on it from the bank. So you are both working at cross purposes.

That’s why we carefully scrutinize the terms and conditions of each site we test to find the withdrawal times for all available payment methods. Some sites can delay paying you for as long as two or three weeks. That's a time when you could be enjoying your winnings. You don't want to miss out on that at all. With that in mind, it’s best to do the smart thing and place your bets with one of our award winnings sites.

Be Aware Of Withdrawal Limits

Imagine this: You have an incredible idea for an accumulator. You place your bet – on seven races you are sure are going to win. And they do and you have a once in a lifetime win of $200,000. Then you go to take your money out and find out you can only withdraw $10,000 a month. You'll be waiting for years to collect what the bookmaker owes you.

That's not good at all. Therefore we take a very close look at the withdrawal limits and make sure that they’re either sufficiently high in our best bookmaker without limit awards. Or better yet, not there at all. We also take a look at whether or not you can take money out via the best horse racing app that the bookmaker has available. You don't want to have to wait until you get to your laptop to be able to take your money out. Finally, if you are betting with any bonus money, we look to ensure that you can use the best horse betting sites for sign up offers to make your bet.

Now Go And Find The Best Places For You To Make Your Bets!

So now that you’ve read through all of the criteria we use when reviewing and testing all of the best odds betting sites, it’s time to go out and start placing your bets at the best odds! Playing your bets with our #1 award winning site in the best odds category means you’re guaranteed to increase your amount of potential winnings without increasing your potential losses. We think it’s fair to say this is something each and every type of bettor can enjoy! 

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