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Best Tips for Horse Racing US

Many sites claim to have the best tips for horse racing, and they like to pass them on to the people who bet on their sites. It is a nice little advantage a site can offer their players and make them keep coming back to bet again and again.

But what goes into the best tips for horse racing? That's a bit more complex - and it certainly goes above and beyond simply finding the best horse racing sign up bonus. The best horse racing tips contain a mix of multiple elements. There is not any one thing that will lead you to get the best horse racing tips. When selecting our award winnings tips sites, we pay careful attention to the biases that are built into any given site. That shows us where their tips are likely to go right and where they will fail again and again.

As experts here at, we understand the best tips and where they come from. If you choose to take your tips from our #1 award winning site, we’re confident you’ll find they come up more often than not.

The Last Race Matters

This is what most of the US gambling sites base their main tips on. They don't look at the horse's total career when they are creating tips. Instead, they look at how the horse performed the last time they raced. If they had a poor career but did exceptionally well, then they will tip them for the following race. If they have had a great career but stumbled the last time out, they will advise you not to bet on them.

It's a superficial way of looking at things, but more often than not it plays out. You can spot upcoming trends by how the horse did most recently. If the horse has had a bad career overall but recently did great, it may be offered at high odds on bookmaker free bet offers and the best horse betting sites for sign up offers.

How Has The Horse Performed On This Track?

Horses are living creatures. They are not machines. As such they have preferences. Some do well at one track and far less well on another. Yet just looking at how the horse has performed in the past doesn't give you that full picture. All of our award listed bookie sites for horse betting tips look at how the horse has performed at the track it's racing on today. Did it do particularly well last time or did it falter?

This is much like looking at how a baseball batter does at different stadiums in the world. Each place a horse or a baseball player performs at will quite often give different results.

Is The Horse Improving?

This is a key thing to look at. Lots of horses start off not doing very well, but with the right trainer, they keep getting better and better. While their overall record might not be that great, the time might be right for you to bet on them at long odds when they have just started improving.

The odds might still be fairly high but there is a good chance they are about to deliver on all of their training and finally go for the gold and deliver a rock-solid win that other players are not expecting. At our #1 award winning sites, you can expect to find the occasional long odds tip that comes good. Be sure to put your best betting strategy to the test.

Always Take A Look At The Jockeys

A great jockey can take a mid-level horse and bring him home in first place. A bad jockey can ride a great horse and have him come in fifth or sixth place. And then there are jockeys who are great on some horses and poor on others.

Our award winnings sites for horse racing tips will look at that day's jockey and see how he or she has performed on that horse in the past. And they will also look to see if your horse has always won with one jockey but always lost with any other jockey. This all goes into their mind when they are setting up betting tips.

Track Conditions Matter

This is one of the most important points that go into making racing tips. The condition of the track makes a huge difference in who is likely to win. Some track conditions reward endurance. Some are great for stamina. Some favor horses that can just run straight out. Some are better for the workhorses.

Knowing how a given horse performs in a given condition is key to understanding how they are going to perform today. A horse that wins most of its races but always performs poorly in the rain is not a good bet if it happens to be raining on the day you are going to make your bet at New York bookmakers or the best Florida bookies.

Always Pay Attention To How The Trainer Is Doing

Just like everyone else, trainers go through good periods and bad periods. There can be several months where every horse they send out is going to win. Then there can be other months where no matter how hard they try they keep producing losers.

Understanding how a given trainer is doing in his or her streak is a very important part of making a good horse racing tip. If his horses are on a winning streak and he's putting out a horse that has high odds the chances are it's going to win and that's where you are going to want to place your money to bet. This is where you can cashout big with our award winning tip sites.

How The Horse Is Feeling On A Given Day

Horses have good days and bad days. And there is no way to control that. You just have to be understanding of how a horse is doing on a given day. Our award winning tipsters talk to people who have seen that horse on a given day. Is it twitchy? Does it seem off its feed? Did it get a poor night's sleep?

All of these things go into the mix when you are trying to figure out how a given horse is going to do on a given day. And they are very important. If you are making horse racing tips it's very important to know what's going on in a given horse's mind on a given day.

If A Horse Is New, Take A Look At Its Pedigree

Newer horses almost always go off at higher odds. But they may be the ones to bet on, particularly if you are looking for the best odds in horse racing. Our award winning horse racing sites for tips always look at who the mother and father of a given horse were. This gives a pretty good idea in what ways the horse will be good and in what ways it will be lacking.

Genetics works. By looking at its breeding record you can often spot a young horse that is destined for greatness. And collect big winnings on what would otherwise be a long-shot bet. Our #1 award winning tipster site is always aware of this and keeps it in mind when creating tips.

Use Horse Racing Tips When Setting Up Your Accumulators

Horse racing tips are particularly helpful when you want to use the best bookmaker for horse racing accumulators. That way you succeed at the best horse betting sites for cash out (obviously if you do so, pick the best bookmaker without limit). Pick the favorites in three races. Then use your horse racing tips to pick a long shot in the fourth race. If all of them come in you can take home big winnings.

This is one of the main reasons why using our #1 award winning horse racing tipster is very important. They will likely have insights that you lack and be able to point you in the right direction. And that's the path to winning big at the track.

Find The Site With The Horse Racing Tips That Serve You Well

Different tips work better for different people. And not everyone is comfortable enough with the same level of risk. Different strokes for different folks. A tip that will be great for you might be a little bit too risky for someone else. And that's fine. That is why our award winning tips site guarantees to have a range of tips to suit each and every type of bettor.

Horse racing is all about risk. Your risk level has a lot to do with what tips will really help you and which ones will cause you to make bets you are not that comfortable with. Why go out and risk your own money using trial and error when you can go ahead and bet with a certified and award winning betting sites horse racing tipster?

Naturally, you always need to have a bit of luck on your side to win big, but you can always put the odds in your favour. So why not go out and use our #1 award winning betting tips site today? Or, you could check out bookies by state, using our top Pennsylvania betting sites and best Delaware sports betting site guides!

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