Best Horse Racing Betting App 2021

The Best Horse Racing App in the US

Finding the best horse racing app is as important as it ever was. Long gone are the days when people did most of their web searching on their desktops and laptops. These days the web is mostly used from our phones or other portable devices. Therefore you want the best horse racing betting app you can find.

Apps can be great, but when they fail, they often fail horribly. And that can ruin your experience. A lot of factors go into determining what the best horse racing app is. We’ve looked at each one and short listed the best for our horse racing app awards. Ultimately our aim is to crown the #1 award winning horse racing betting app. At, we’re aware that many of you will do most of your betting via an app. That’s why our award for the best horse racing betting app is perhaps the most prestigious of all.

Choose An App That Doesn't Drop Out Too Much

An online bookie app can look great and can have a ton of features. None of that is going to help you though if the dropout rate is really high. Dropouts occur when an app suddenly stops working or for some reason randomly won't load. This is generally the fault of poorly designed APIs.

APIs are like a waiter in a restaurant. They take information back and forth. In a restaurant, you don't deal directly with the kitchen and the kitchen doesn't deal directly with you. Instead you place your order, the waiter goes to the kitchen, relays your order, and then comes back to you with your food.

So, take a look at the reviews of online bookie apps and check out the dropout rate. You don't want to be trying to make a great bet and suddenly find out that you can't do so because the app has dropped out and stopped working.

Naturally you’ll find that our #1 award winning betting app has an excellently low drop out rate as well as a top class API. Take a look at our best Pennsylvania bookies and best Delaware betting sites to see the top bookmakers with apps for these states.

Find An App That Is “Light” For Cell Phone Data

Different apps use different amounts of data. If you are always in a high data environment you might not even notice this at all. However most of us are not. Instead as we move around we move from high data areas to low data areas and back again. An app can be wonderful but eat up a lot of data and, more importantly, does not work at all when you are in a low data environment.

Since you don't want to have to sit in one place with your phone, you want an app that won't eat up too much data while you are moving around. Instead you want one that uses as little data as possible and therefore keeps you connected even when your signal isn't that great. Otherwise you can be left out in the cold just because you sat down in the wrong cafe to have coffee and place your bets. In our search for our #1 award winning app, we’ve sifted through all of the most data friendly apps available in the US.

Make Sure The App Is Like The Site

Let’s picture the scene. You go to an online bookie on your desktop or laptop and you love it. You are making exacta and trifecta bets. You are using the best bookmaker for horse racing accumulators. You are having a great time. Then you see an ad for their app. Since you'd like to be able to place bets while you are out and about, you download it. Then you try it out only to find that it doesn't have all of the features that you are used to using on the desktop or laptop version.

This is extremely frustrating and you should not have to put up with it. Instead you should be able to do everything just as easily on your app as you do on their desktop version. But some companies think that they can cheap out on the horse racing software for their apps. Each and every app shortlisted for our award exactly mirrors, or even exceeds, the desktop site that it’s parented by.

Check Out If You Can Collect The Bonus Offers From Their Site

When we go to a new online bookie, we are used to getting some form of bonus. This is actually more important than the best horse racing betting exchanges. Sometimes it comes in the form of matching cash. It can also be in the form of free bets. Or it could be that once you've bet a certain amount you get free cash. No matter what, those bonus offers can lead to really big wins when you bet them properly.

That's why you want to make sure that you can also claim the bonus offers off of the app. After all the app is supposed to do everything that the regular website can do. If the offers are not available on the app, that's a flaw in the design that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Therefore, part of our award winning criteria dictates that any gambling sites online in consideration should have equal offers on their desktop and mobile app versions.

Make Sure The App Is Updated Regularly

This is something most people don't think of, but apps need to be updated regularly. Your phone's system is always upgraded. They do that for a variety of reasons. If your app doesn't update regularly as well the functionality will degrade. Each update to your phone causes it to change the way it operates with all of your apps. If your apps don't update as well they will fall behind. Many if not most of them won't be able to play at all. Others will play at reduced capacity.

Neither is good. So take a look at the logs for a given app and see when it was last updated. For an app to be considered as having award winning potential by us, it should be updated every three to six months at least. Apps that don’t will fall behind, go out of date and eventually stop working altogether.

Check Out How Good Their Odds And Tips Are

A good online bookie will have the best horse racing tips for you to take advantage of. Nearly all of them have this on their sites, however some of them don't extend that to their apps. We make sure that if the site gives tips, the app does as well. We also check out the odds they offer. Nearly all sites aim to offer the best odds in horse racing on their apps as they do on their site. However, our award winning apps guarantee all of this and more. You'll also be able to use the best horse betting strategies on these apps.

Ensure It Isn't Draining Your Battery Power

Have you ever played Pokemon Go? Have you noticed how in just a half-hour of play it can drain your battery to about half full? That's a real fault in the game and has forced players to carry around portable chargers with them. No app should do that and certainly your gambling app should avoid this. That’s why we check the power ratings for each and every app we test. So you can rest assured that you won’t run out of battery when using our # award winning app! Curious to see what's available in your state? Head on over to our best New York sportsbook and top Florida betting sites guides!

Now Go Out And Use Our Best Horse Racing App

We’ve now explained all of the  criteria we look for when testing horse racing betting apps that we believe have award winning potential. And so to summarize, betting with our carefully selected award winning app guarantees a number of things. Firstly, it mirrors the desktop version and even surpasses it. Secondly, it will work smoothly and never leave you short of battery. And lastly all of the best odds, offers and rewards are available on the app just as they are on the desktop version!

Got horse race betting online legal concerns? Check out our in-depth guide for peace of mind. We've also got all the latest info on the top bookmaker free bet offers and horse betting offers currently available.

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Best Horse Racing Betting App FAQ 

🔔What is the best horse racing betting app?

Nowadays, the top online horse betting betting sites have designed apps to go along with their standard betting websites. This allows punters to access their betting accounts on the go, whenever they wish to place a bet. All you need is an internet connection. To find out which betting apps are best for horse racing, check out and our extensive horse racing coverage.

📲How do I download the best horse racing betting app?

Downloading a horse racing betting app is fairly easy. Most online providers will make their apps compatible with iOS, Android, and in some cases Windows devices. Our analysis of these apps will also highlight how to go about downloading the app. For your convenience, brings you a a number of fantastic resources for horse betting purposes.

💵Does the best horse racing betting app cost money?

Creating an account with a betting provider is free of charge. All you need to do is provide the correct documents and verify your identity. However, you will need to deposit funds in order to place real money wagers. Our coverage of the best horse betting apps will outline whether you’ll incur a cost and how to go about getting your chosen app. There’s no need to do all the research on your own - use for all your betting queries and needs.

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