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Best Horse Betting Sites For Sign Up Offers 2020

The Best Betting Sites for Bonuses in the US

When looking for the best horse betting sites for sign up offers, we’ve thought about what each different type of bettor looks for. Some people simply want matching funds, while some want free bets. Others want rewards when they've bet a certain amount. Thus the concept of the best bookmaker sign up offers will be different for each individual player.

Whether you want an awesome VIP program or want free cash to bet with is up to you. We’ve taken a look at all of the horse racing betting sites in the United States and ranked them based on their sign up offers. Ultimately we’ve crowned one single site as our ultimate #1 award winning online bonus bookie. 

Here are the guidelines we looked at for the best horse betting sites for sign up offers. Signing up with our award winning betting site means you can be confident you’re claiming the best sign up offers around. 

Make Sure A Horse Racing Site Has A Sign-Up Offer

It's hard to believe, but there are some horse racing sites out there without a sign-up offer. They may seem like they have a sign-up offer but when you look more closely you will see that the offer isn't available in most states. Or else you have to use the best horse racing app to claim the sign-up offer.

Obviously nobody can claim to have the best sign up offer if most people cannot claim it in any meaningful way. In our reviews of the best horse racing betting exchanges, we’ve shortlisted the top exchanges best on their sign up offer and other aspects. Here, our aim is to crown the ultimate award winning site based solely on their stellar sign up offer. 

The Best Horse Racing Sites For Matching Funds

Matching funds are offered by many of the best betting sites as bonus offers. The way they work is fairly simple. You deposit some money into your account. In most cases, it has to be your first deposit. Then the horse racing site matches those funds.

There is a limit on how much they will match. The better horse racing sites will match up to $150 or $200. Other sites set their limits at $25 or $50. This money is not cash that you can withdraw. Instead, it can be used to bet on the site.

When you bet matching funds if you win you win your bet minus the amount of bonus money you used. So if you bet $10 in bonus money on a three to one bet you would receive $20 in cash instead of the usual $30.

Most online betting sites only require you to play through the bonus money you get one time. Others, though, require that you bet your money through between two and four times, or bet a certain amount of money at the site before you can withdraw any bonus money. With our #1 award winning bonus site, you can be sure that they have the fairest and most flexible terms and conditions around. 

The Best Horse Racing Sites For Free Bets

Free bets are a different thing than matching funds. When looking at the best horse betting sites for sign up offers, free bets are always at the top of our list of criteria. The way that free bets work is fairly simple.

In general, you have to deposit some money and then you get your free bet. For example, you might be required to put $100 into your account. Then you'd have to bet that $100 on horse racing. At that point, you would get a $25 free betting voucher. That voucher must be bet on one horse in one race. You can't split it up into one $10 bet, and three $5 bets. Then if you win you get to keep all of the money you've won. If you lose you lose nothing except the betting voucher.

When we get free bets we like to bet them on races with higher odds than we'd be comfortable betting our own money on. You can check out our section on the best horse racing tips to decide what a good high odds bet would be. Obviously, you can't cash out a free bet, because it's not really "free." It has no real monetary value. It simply allows you to place a bet without risking any of your own money on it.

The Best Horse Racing Sites For No Deposit Bonuses

Fewer online bookies than casinos offer this as one of their best betting sites bonus but a few do. The way this one works is that you find a site that looks good and sign up. They will then immediately credit a bonus into your account. You don't have to deposit any of your own money at all.

You can use your laptop, desktop, or a horse racing app to register. Then once you have the money in your account you can bet it on horse races. It is usually a lot less money than you will receive in matching funds or as a free bet voucher but it does give you the chance to try out an online bookie without putting up any of your own money.

In general, the rules for matching funds apply. You have to play through the money at least once and then if you win you'll get your cash minus the amount of your bet. Some sites require you to play through your no deposit bonus more than once.

The Best Horse Racing Sites For Straight Deposit Bonus Money

This final type of online bookie bonus is very different from all the others. Yet it can still be considered part of the best betting sites bonus offered. In this method of getting a bonus on horse racing, you have to make a minimum deposit. This will be somewhere between $50 and $300. Then you will get bonus money put into your account. In some cases, you will have to email the site to get the money put in. In other cases, you will have to use a promo code.

Either way, once you do so you will have the money credited to your account. Then you have to bet your bonus money. You cannot withdraw it. Most places will only require you to bet through your money once. There are a couple that ask you to bet it through twice but they are generally not considered in our best horse racing sites for bonus money.

When you bet it you can use our best horse racing tips to bet on a higher odds bet than you would usually use. That way you can win the most money on your wager if you win but lose nothing if you lose. Be careful when making your bets so you bet your own money on lower odds bets and bet your free money on the higher odds bets.

You can usually use the bonus money at the best bookmaker without limit and just have fun with it. You can check out our horse race betting exchanges to figure out what the best bets are. These are among the best bookmaker sign up offers you can find.

The Best Horse Betting Sites For Sign Up Offers

As we said at the start, every bettor has different needs and tastes when it comes to the best betting sites bonus. What works for one person might not work for another. There are many people who simply want to try out the no deposit bonuses to get a feel for the race track,  while others like deposit bonuses just because they work well with their budget.

If you only have $50 a month of your own money to bet, getting $50 in bonus money is a really good deal. Then there are those who like to get a reward when they bet a bundle. Each view is fine for a best betting sites bonus. We’ve taken all of the above into account when testing sites for our awards scheme. 

That’s why our #1 award winning sign up bonus site has a range of offers to suit all manner of monetary and betting market needs. We've read through all the fine print and done the legwork so you don’t have to. All you have to do is go to our award winning bonus site, sign up and claim your offer. Of course, if you want to give the terms and conditions a once over yourself, we certainly wouldn’t discourage you. 

As a final note, always remember the main point of finding an online bookie, and the best betting sites bonus is to have fun. Our #1 award winning site allows you to make the bets you want and gives you a decent bonus for doing so. 

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