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Best Horse Betting Bookmaker Sites For Cash Out 2021

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Author: Stephen McAllen
Last update on: March 3rd, 2021
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The Best Online Bookmaker For Cash Out in the US

When looking at the best online bookmaker for cash out in the US we’ve looked at many different factors. Some sites excel at one part of the cashout process and are not as good at another. You'll find the best horse betting sites for cash out have a great balance in every area. With our #1 award winning cash out site, you can rest assured all aspects will be covered.

We are now going to take a look at what we look for in an award winning site for cash out. Elsewhere, we've awarded the best horse betting sites for sign up offers and the best horse racing betting exchanges. In the same vein, we’ll now present you with our #1 horse racing betting site for cash out.

How Many Ways You Can Cash Out?

When looking for the best horse betting sites for cash out, we always check out how many methods they have to withdraw money. In this case, the more options, the better, as an award winning site should always provide users with a wide range of quality choices. 

We look for sites that at the very least allow you to cash out through your credit cards and via wire transfer. If a site can't offer this bare minimum, then it doesn’t belong on our list of the best online bookmakers for cash out - and certainly doesn’t deserve an award. Next up, a really good site will also offer to send the money to your PayPal account, allowing near-instant access to your cash.

These are the “big three” when it comes to withdrawal options at the best horse betting sites for cash out. More traditional sites also allow you to go to their brick and mortar shops and cash out there should they have them. Additionally, others allow you to withdraw to your e-wallets. Our hotlist of award winning sites has all of these cash out options available and more.  Use your horse racing betting strategy and cash out whenever you please. 

Are There Any Fees To Cash Out?

This is a big one. When you win money on a horse race, you want to be able to collect that money right away without hassle. And perhaps more importantly, you want to get your hands on the entire amount. 

All of the online bookmakers shortlisted for our cash out award don't charge any fees - even the new gambling sites. However, you will find some sites out there that charge as much as 4.95% for a withdrawal to your credit card. We don’t believe this is how things should be run nowadays. So when looking for the best online bookmaker for cash out, we make sure that there are no fees at all attached to the money you are getting, even if you use a bookmaker free bet offer. 

How Much Time Does It Take For A Cash Out?

When you win big at horse racing you want to see the money in your bank account as soon as possible. Naturally, betting with our #1 award winning bookmakers for cash out means getting your hands on your winnings as quickly as is humanly (or digitally) possible.

We’ve thoroughly checked out the terms and conditions for each and every site we tested. On top of that, we’ve also taken a look at the individual times it takes for each method you may use to withdraw. Before the cashout process even starts, the horse racing software will always take some time to process your transaction. On our award winning sites this will take 24 hours or less. However, on some other sites it can take as long as 48 or even 72 hours.

Also, note that some sites will not process withdrawals on weekends or bank holidays. That can add two or three days to the process. Then once that has gone through each and every method you choose, it can take even more time. Some sites will tell you it takes as long as 5 business days to get the money back to your card. Some will say it can take up to 7 to 10 business days to send you a wire transfer. Pay close attention. The bookmakers ranked among best horse racing sites for cash out naturally always have faster processing times. To see our top-ranked bookmakers by state, check out our best Pennsylvania bookmakers and top Delaware betting sites reviews.

What Is The Minimum Cash Out Requirement?

This is very important. Some of us play big and when we win, we win big. That means minimum withdrawals don’t matter that much to us. But that is far from everyone, as some people make small bets. But even if you only win $10 that may matter to you and you want to withdraw it. (This is another reason to be wary of fees charged for withdrawals.)

There are some sites with minimums of $25 or $50 for you to make a withdrawal. That may be much too high for many people. If you are an elderly person betting from your retirement home you may just want to place a five-dollar bet and when you win $11.58, be able to claim your money. That's fine, and it should be your right to do so.

You want one of the best horse betting sites for cash out that will allow you to withdraw as low an amount as possible. That way no matter what you can always get your money sent directly to you and not have to worry about it. This is a very important part of the horse racing software.

That’s why our #1 award winning betting site for cash out has a nice low minimum withdrawal limit as well as a tasty maximum limit, which we’ll talk more about below. Looking for state-specific bookmakers? Then check out our top NY betting sites and best Florida bookmaker guides.

What Is The Maximum Withdrawal Amount?

This is just as important as the minimum withdrawal amount. If you bet on the horses long enough eventually you are going to be able to score a big win. Meaning you'll have lots of money in your account. You want to be able to withdraw that money to your own bank account. That's when you don't want a system that is going to limit the amount of money you can withdraw.

Think of it this way, there was a guy in Florida this year who managed to win over $500,000 on a fifty-cent bet. Imagine if he was told the most he could withdraw was $10,000. That wouldn't make him very happy, would it? And it shouldn't make you happy either because one day that guy could be you. Therefore you want the highest possible amount you can withdraw. Some online bookies don't place any limits at all on what you can withdraw. Some have very low maximum withdrawal amounts, while others place them higher.

Our award winning online bookies always have high withdrawal limits, while our #1 award winning site in this category has no limit at all.  Before we finish here, let’s look at another example. Imagine only being able to withdraw $10,000 a week and having to wait 50 weeks to get your full winnings. In other words, you want to look for the best bookmaker without limit on withdrawals.

Look If They Give You Time To Cancel Your Cash Out

This one is a little bit weird but important. When you start a cashout, you will have to wait at least a day or up to five if the online bookie doesn't do cashouts on weekends and bank holidays. If during that time you decide that you don't want to cash out and instead want to be with the money you have deposited you should have a way to do so. That gives you some flexibility.

With the best horse betting sites for cash out, you don't have to worry that your money is in limbo and not accessible to you. Instead you can shut down the cashout and immediately start betting with your money again. This is particularly important if it's going to take some time for you to be able to deposit money. You never know when you are going to get a hot tip that you need to bet on right away.

All of our award winning betting sites have instant cash out cancelation policies in place. That means that when you bet based on our award-winning recommendations for horse gambling sites, you can rest assured you have more control over your own money. Just take a look at our Unibet sports review or BetAmerica sportsbook review for a great example.

We Take All Of These Factors Into Account When Choosing Our #1 Best Horse Racing Site for Cash Out

These are the basic things we look for when choosing our #1 award winning betting site for cash out; fees, methods of cash out, time to cash out, minimum cashouts and maximum cashouts.

Some of these elements may be more important to you than others when it comes to choosing the best online bookmaker for cashout. However,  our #1 award winning  site incorporates all of these features and more. Overall we’re confident that our award winning site will work for your withdrawal needs, so go ahead and try it out! If you’re interested in checking out some of our other bookmaker awards here at, then why not check out our recommendations for the best horse betting sign up bonus offers and best horse racing app.  Plus, you can find a nifty guide on no risk betting explained which might help you adaprt your betting strategy.

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