Horse Racing Betting Sites 2021

The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites USA

Check out our comparison of the best horse betting sites in the US. Here you’ll find awesome odds and get top promos like the BetMGM bonus. Keep reading to enjoy legal, safe and fun horse betting in the US!

We’ve reviewed each horse betting site in the US to make sure it gives you unbeatable odds for top races like the Kentucky Derby. Plus each online racebook featured here will have full US regulation. Perfect for safe betting on any race from Santa Anita to Belmont Park. Take a look below to find the best US horse betting sites!

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In this article, we'll discuss what the best online horse racing sites are and tell you what to look for when you are looking for a place to go to bet the ponies. Plus we can reveal the top horse racing betting promotionsIs legit? Find out here. Let's get started with the best horse betting sites and their range of horse races.

Horse Racing Bonuses at The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse Racing Betting SitesBefore we ask 'Is horse race betting online legal?', it's worth thinking about bonuses. The first thing you have to look for when you are looking at horse race betting is to consider what special promotions horse gambling websites have. This is generally in the form of welcome offers on certain horse races. There are several types of horse racing betting offers offered by horse racing betting sites USA, including some attractive deposit bonus deals. The best horse race betting online experiences are often accompanied by a bonus.

The first is the no deposit bonus offer. This allows you to register for horse gambling websites, get some bonus money, and try betting on horse races before you make a deposit. You can't simply withdraw the money; you need to bet it on the races. Then if you win the bet you get your winnings minus the amount of free money you bet with.

The second type of welcome offer is matching funds. In this case, when you want to try out horse betting online, the horse betting sites provide you with bonus money up to your first deposit. There is usually a limit – between $100 and $1,000 – that they are willing to give you. Like with the no deposit offer you can't withdraw the money. You have to bet it through at least once.

The third type of offer is a free bet. Either when you first sign up or when you make your first deposit at horse gambling websites, you are given a voucher for a free bet. You have to bet the entire voucher on one race. Once again if you lose in these races, you lose nothing. And if you win you get the value of your winnings minus the amount of your voucher.

Then there is the welcome offer for if you are willing to try out their app. By doing so they will deposit a certain amount of bonus money that you can allocate to particular games. Then you get to bet it.

Finally, there are offers tied to you betting a minimum amount. Once you have bet this minimum amount, they will credit you with this bonus cash. Once again you have to wager the money before you can collect it and withdraw it.

All of these welcome bonuses work differently and one that might be right for you won't be the one another bettor wants to make. So look at the terms of the offer carefully and then decide which one is right for you. Just make sure that you know how to bet on horses.

Horse Racing Odds

Different bookies offer different odds. When you try horse betting online you generally want to find the website with the best chance of winning. But you also have to look at the bigger picture and do your own comparisons.

Some sites seem to offer great odds, but when you look at the terms and conditions for the website you may find that they charge you fees to make a deposit. Or they charge fees when you want to make a withdrawal. These take money from your account so therefore you might think you are winning more at a given website only to find out that your winnings are diminished to the point where the odds are worse.

This is something to pay close attention to when you are considering the best horse racing betting sites. Remember every website tries to make money in its way. Better odds are not always in your favor and you have to be very careful when you are picking the best place to try out horse race betting.

Horse Racing Tips

Many sites offer horse racing tips as a way to get you to come to the website. These tips can be a great way to up your chances of winning. They can also be just random guesses. You need to know the difference. Horse race betting is a skill as well as a form of luck.

The sites with the best horse betting online tips will take a lot of different ideas into consideration. They will look at how the horse has been doing lately – because momentum is a big thing in horse racing. They will look at the pedigree of the horses involved because genetics can have a lot to do with horses perform in races. They may look at how the horse has run in similar weather and track conditions for comparable races. They will look at how the trainer has been doing.

Finally, they will pay close attention to how that jockey has been doing with that horse and other horses lately. All of these factors help you figure out how a given horse is going to perform in races on a given day via the updates on the site. When it comes to horse betting online and placing a wager on the best horses, you need to know all of this information if you are going to make a rock-solid bet.

Horse Racing News

Horse betting sites may offer you news about the horses involved and the tracks they are running on. We have our news page where you can keep up on what's going on in the world of horse racing. This horse racing news can help you with horse betting online.

But you have to make sure that they are giving you reliable information. Some sites run with a lot of rumors. Rumors don't help you. They can lead you to make the wrong type of bets. What you need for the best horse race betting online experience is website that culls the news for you and only shows you what is likely to have an impact on your bet. Otherwise, you are just dealing with whispers that will lead you in the wrong direction.

At our website, we have tried to cull the news we provide to only verifiable news that has a direct effect on how you want to make your bets. Other sites may be completely unreliable. Or they may be right on the money. As you begin to bet more you should be able to tell the sites that have good information from the sites that have bad information. This is a crucial distinction to make when you go to horse racing betting online USA websites. Just don't forget to get the best horse betting odds.

Horse Racing Strategies

Many sites offer tips on horse racing strategies and publish guides on the best ways to bet. You don't always want to bet on a horse to win. Sometimes a place or a show bet is the better wager. Sometimes you might want to make an exacta or a trifecta. Still, other times you might want to bet on a high stakes accumulator. All of which are some of the best horse betting strategies.

The best horse racing betting sites USA will offer you some guidance on how to make the right bet at the right time. Making more complex bets is difficult but will help you make more money over time than simply placing win bets on every race.

This is particularly true when it comes to making accumulator bets that can pay off a fortune. The website must have people who understand horse racing making their suggestions. Over time you should be able to figure out what website really knows what they are doing, and which sites are just making their best guesses.

Horse Racing Awards - The Best Horse Race Betting Online Sites

Believe it or not, just like every other industry, horse racing bookie sites have their awards. And a website that has gotten a lot of awards is probably a good place to go when you want to try horse racing betting. In our reviews of the various bookie sites, we will always note if a horse racing betting site has gotten an award. We will then explain what the award means.

In general, these awards go to horse betting websites that are affiliated with a given track. That's because those horse betting websites tend to be much more well-known than others and therefore can make their case more strongly for getting an award.

That said, it's a good idea to take these awards with a grain of salt. They are not given out because people like these horse betting websites. They are awarded because the industry as a whole likes them. And the truth is the industry as a whole is not on the side of the players. So, consider awards but trust your guy on whether or not horse racing betting sites USA are right for you or simply a misdirection. We can also advise you on the best betting sites for each state - such as our top West Virginia online betting sites guide.

Other Horse Racing Offers at Horse Race Betting Sites

Horse racing sites tend to have other offers beyond their welcome offer. The most common is a VIP program. Under these programs, you are awarded points for every dollar you bet. As your points build up with your bets, you can trade them in for rewards at horse betting websites where you can wager on your favorite horses.

This can be as simple as getting a bit of bonus money. On the higher end, you can get invitations to special occasions like the Kentucky Derby, which takes place annually, or you can earn physical prizes. It varies widely from website to website and if you play relatively frequently you should compare and contrast and ask yourself which of these offers you are likely to use. Whether you are a fan of the Kentucky Derby or horses in general there really is something for everyone!

Along with special events like the Kentucky Derby, horse racing betting sites also tend to have seasonal offers. These tend to be tied to a specific event or specific track and offer a better chance of winning, refunds if you lose or additional points for their VIP program. It's a good idea to compare these various offers from horse betting websites and see if one of them is right for you. Overall these seasonal offers are not as good as the welcome bonus or VIP program, but they do offer some additional reasons to stay on the best horse race betting site online or attend their special events, such as the famous Kentucky Derby.

So is horse race betting online legal? When placing bets online, it’s important to make sure that you take steps to protect yourself from online fraud at horse betting websites. Here are our top three tips for staying stay while betting online and then should answer the question of 'Is horse race betting online legal?':

Horse race betting sites with valid licenses are subject to strict regulations and are frequently monitored for fair play. You can usually find out which licenses a provider holds at the bottom of the webpage.

Check for SSL certificates at horse gambling sites

Horse race betting sites with SSL certificates will display a lockbox symbol next to the URL in your browser. SSL encryption ensures that any sensitive data, such as your card details and personal info are protected against online fraudsters.

Change your password regularly at horse race betting sites

As with any online platform, it’s important to change your password to your betting account at horse race betting sites regularly. This will help to prevent scammers from accessing your account; which is likely to contain your payment details, along with any deposited funds.

Think about how you use your account at horse betting websites

It’s also best practice to have a different password for every account you have at horse race betting sites; using the same one for multiple websites puts you at a higher risk of being hacked in the future.

Horse Betting Apps

This is 2020 and by now you should know the answer to the question of 'Is horse race betting online legal?'. Honestly, all horse race betting sites should have an app at this point. Long gone are the days when people bet on horse racing from their laptops or desktops. Most of the time spent online is spent on our phones. And you don't want to have to use your phone's browser – because all of those are awful. When you are looking for the best horse racing sites we implore you to find one that has one of the top rated betting apps and make sure the app is compatible with your phone or other mobile devices.

Horse Betting USA FAQs

🇺🇸 Is Bet America legal?

BetAmerica is a well known and established betting site in the USA. However, online gambling is currently only legal in a handful of states. This potentially means that there are complications regarding the use of the Bet America website where you are. You can find out the legal horse race betting status of your state by visiting CaptainGambling for your betting needs. At our experts aim to ensure you’re the first to know about any betting updates in your state before you bet on horse races.

💵 What horse bet pays the most?

There are multiple different types of horse bet that you can choose to place. Often, the most complex bet types can be the most valuable, however, they also hold a higher risk. Therefore sometimes they are not recommended for beginners. To help find the right and most valuable sports betting type for you, consult the Horse Betting USA guide at

🐎 What is the best horse racing betting site?

In most states where betting is legal in the United States, there are quite a number of sports betting sites to choose from. However, some offer betting or more focussed horse betting options. Our Horse Betting USA guide at CaptainGambling can help you find the best horse racing betting online USA sites where you are.

🏇 What states allow online horse betting?

Since the federal ban on sports betting was lifted in 2018, many states have legalized sport betting in some way or are planning to do so. This means that the legality of horse betting is rapidly changing in states across the country. You can keep up to date and be the first to find out when horse betting is legal in your state by consulting the map at

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