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Is Online Poker Legal 2020

Is online poker legal in the United States? That depends on where in the US you are. Multiple states have legalized online poker. More are in the process of it. We fully expect that in the next several years, online poker will be legal in the entire US. It’s taken a long time to happen […]

Online Poker Strategy 2020

If you are reading this then online poker is legal in your state. That’s great! You’ll have a good time and possibly be able to make some money off of it. But video poker isn’t like playing a slot machine. There is an element of skill involved with it as well. That means that by […]

Fixed Bet & Staking Strategy 2020

There are many different types of staking strategies used by different sports bettors today, and there are some strategies that players prefer over others. Some rely on a fixed bet staking strategy, while others prefer more dynamic strategies rather than simple fixed bet methods. Some bettors wager the same amount each time regardless of their […]

Can I Play in an Online Casino from another State 2020

While the online gambling scene in the US has changed quite significantly in the recent years, there are certain problems that prevent things from going to the next level and the Wire Act is certainly one of the major factors. Initially created to prevent sports betting activities using telephones, the Act now stands in a […]

Are Offshore Online Casinos Legal in the US 2020?

The question of legality of offshore online casinos in the US has been asked by many players over the years and it remains a burning topic even to this day. While it is clear these sites don’t operate in line with laws and regulations, it is often unclear just how legal it all is. In […]

What Is the Minimum Age for Online Gambling 2020

While gambling in general and online gambling in particular may be fun, unless you’re of the legal gambling age when you join a casino, you’re pretty much setting yourself up for a failure right from the start. In the United States, the minimum legal gambling age is set at 21 with a few states exempt […]

Do I Have to Pay Tax on My Online Casino Winnings 2020

Whether you play once or twice a year or you’re someone who frequents a casino quite often, you have an obligation to pay gambling winnings tax. While the house always wins and you’re never actually up money gambling, the US taxman will gladly take its share whenever you get lucky to win. In the following […]

Bankroll & Money Management in Online Casinos 2020

While online gambling is mostly connected to luck, casino bankroll management is a very important aspect of the whole picture that all players should be aware of. This concept entails different concepts beyond just determining how much money you can afford to spend on gambling. You should also think about properly choosing casino games that […]

Online Slot Strategy 2020

It’s a common and understandable mistake to think that slots are there just to let you push a button like a robot, and expect the machine to give away money randomly. Although there might be some truth to that, why are professional slots players making more money than inexperienced gamblers? How come are people playing […]

Video Poker Strategy 2020

Welcome back to captaingambling. Are you a fan of Video Poker machines? Or are you exploring new opportunities and options to have a good time playing online? Either way, you definitely should check out this piece, and also our article on online casino strategies (Are there Online Casino Strategies and can they help?) You’ll end […]

Craps Strategy 2020

If you ever find yourself lost inside a land-based casino and you feel like hitting the Craps table, just follow the screams and the yelling and you’ll get there in a minute. The kind of emotions raised by this classic thrills every player on board at every roll of the dices. Make sure you’re holding […]

Baccarat Strategy 2020

It is said that Baccarat has been around for more than five centuries now. It’s one of the most popular classic games in both online and brick and mortar casinos, after the roulette and blackjack, and it’s always drawing attention around it. At captaingambling, we’re proud to let you know a few secrets about how […]

Roulette Strategy 2020

There’s so much to say about the intelligence behind every spin of the wheel, that it’s going to be hard for us to choose the basics for you! At captaingambling we don’t want to miss any details that might lead you to overcome casinos and enjoy outsmarting them. If you feel more of like a […]

Blackjack Strategy 2020

What was your age back when you played your first hand of Blackjack? Most of us were teenagers or kids. The fact is that it has become part of our culture and we can confirm that in many books and movie references. We think some of the reasons this game became so popular are: It’s […]

Are There Online Casino Strategies And Can They Help 2020

In a context where casinos are businesses, and the service they offer is entertainment in the form of giving players a chance to win money, they always watch their backs when it comes to statistics. Until now, there are no games that present any losses to any casino in this $50 Billion market. Nevertheless, mathematicians […]

13 Powerful Casino Tips That Actually Work 2020

These 13 powerful casino tips that actually work represent the kind of information that we most enjoy sharing with you. What we’re going to share with you is the result of years of experience of our staff at captaingambling. We genuinely hope you’ll find these casino tips for beginners valuable in your gambling experience. But […]

Online Gambling Odds Explained 2020

Knowing the function and purpose of odds is the first step every player must take to achieve success in online gambling. Odds contain the information you need to evaluate when it is convenient for you to place a bet. It’s not as difficult as most people would think, and here at captaingambling, we’re glad you […]

Everything You Need To Know About Social Casinos 2020

Everybody is talking about this $6 Billion player on the market. They have been here for ten years now, slowly growing into the giant they are now. Social casinos have reached a niche in the gaming community that was poorly explored: friends wanting to compete among themselves for free, especially by using mobile applications and […]

How To Wager Through An Online Casino Bonus 2020

When it comes to online marketing, casinos are at the top of the hill when it comes down to the development of loyalty strategies. Due to the fact that they don’t have to pay for a whole building on a busy street, manage a huge payroll, and pay for some players’ drinks, all of that […]

How To Withdraw Money From An Online Casino Account 2020

Welcome back to captaingambling, your source of reliable information about online casinos! In this article, we’re going over a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw money from an online casino account, so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving your well-deserved earnings as fast as the policies from the casino have established. It’s a fairly […]

How To Deposit Money Into An Online Casino Account 2020

So, you started practicing your skills on blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, slots, and even baccarat for free and feel ready to go after the real thing. Now that you have created your casino account following our article (How to open an account in online casinos), we have prepared this article to provide you some guidance […]

How To Open An Account In Online Casinos Successfully 2020

How to open an account in online casinos is one of the most natural things to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to go sign up on the first one that comes up. Now that you’re aware of why are online casinos useful, and that you feel enthusiastic about the advantages of these websites […]

Why Are Online Casinos Useful 2020

Now that you’re feeling like testing your luck and trying new and classic casino games, you must be wondering what the benefits of playing on an online casino are. You’re probably wondering about keeping updated about the latest games, the stakes, security of deposit and withdrawal methods, terms and conditions, and a handful of other […]

Staking Strategies 2020

Staking strategies, or specific methods used to place wagers while practicing sports betting are helpful in bankroll management and for creating win streaks over time. Below we’ll explore the different types of staking strategies, such as the different fixed and variable staking strategies available, and we’ll look at the ways that these strategies can be […]

The Wire Act 2020

The Wire Act is a major betting law that passed back in 1961 to stop sports betting across states using different forms of wire communication. The act still influences the sports betting industry today in a big way by limiting how states can offer wagering services to people of the United States. The wire act […]

Betting Age 2020

Gamblers that are interested with getting involved in sports betting should know that the sports betting age when it becomes legal is different depending on the state. That means the state you live in can determine whether or not you are legally allowed to place sports bets, especially if you’re just 18 years old. Many […]

Betting Hedge 2020

Online gamblers today use a betting hedge strategy to help themselves win more consistently. This powerful wagering strategy involves wagering on the opposite side of a position to guarantee a win, or to form insurance to minimize a lost. The strategy is simple to employ, but does require some research to get right. Learn about […]

Teaser Betting Strategy 2020

The teaser is a common betting tool designed to make parlay bets even more appealing. These bet modifications can make a parlay bet easier to win to an extent, and they can be used in a number of different ways. Players interested in these wagers should take the time to get familiar with the terms […]

Prop Betting Strategy 2020

Prop bets are common on sportsbooks from around the world, and they’re powerful wagering tools that can be used to place more wagers and to have more winning opportunities as well. These unique wagering opportunities are on random occurrences for matches Prop Betting Key Facts Non-standard betting opportunities Offer more chances for profitable wagers Prop […]

Pleaser Betting Strategy 2020

Pleaser bets are a mostly unknown type of wager that’s both powerful and difficult to win with. Gamblers that want to win as much as possible can make use of a pleaser betting strategy to win bigger and better payouts. Unlike the common teaser bet that makes winning easier, pleasers make winning more difficult overall. […]

Parlay Betting Strategy 2020

Parlay betting is a concept most sports bettors have encountered at least once, but not something most have mastered. To learn more about this excellent wagering technique and how it can make a real difference keep reading. Parlay betting is generally a poor idea, but there are times when it makes sense and can be […]

Martingale Betting Strategy 2020

The Martingale Betting Strategy is a common wagering system that has been around for many years and that’s used by gamblers all over the world. This simple strategy adjust the amount that’s wagered to follow along with losses to help recoup that money lost. The wagering technique is simple to learn, and with just a […]

Kelly Strategy 2020

Variable betting is a powerful tool used to win more and lose less with sports betting, or at least that’s the goal with methods like the Kelly strategy. Players adjust their wagers up and down based on their information to win more reliably. The Kelly Criterion relies on using bankroll information, odds information and probability […]

Legal Sports Betting US 2020

Before getting started sports betting in the United States, you are likely wondering if there is legal sports betting available. The answer is yes, but only in specific states. Sports betting is an entertaining and sometimes lucrative activity, but there are many laws managing the practice, and gamblers should be aware of these laws before […]

Betting Arbitrage 2020

Betting arbitrage is a popular sports wagering technique used by plenty of professionals, but it can be a bit confusing to understand at first. When gamblers here that it’s wagering on all the possible positions for a specific match, they wonder how that’s possible and why anyone would want to do so in the first […]

How to Place an Online Sports Bet 2020

Sports betting is an exciting activity for major sports fans, but to do so conveniently today fans need to know how to place an online sports bet. There are some different steps involved with the process, but most players can get started in just an hour or two if they decide to start wagering. Getting […]

Future Betting Strategy 2020

Future betting strategy is something that many sports bettors could benefit from getting to know better and improving on. Future bets are considered some of the most risky wagers that you can make, but they’re also some of the most exciting to win. Gamblers that want to come away with massive prize payouts should take […]

Fibonacci Betting Strategy 2020

Deciding how to wager when placing many sports bets in a row can be difficult but consistency is the key. That’s why having a defined betting strategy is so important. There are many fixed and variable strategies, but the Fibonacci strategy is one of the most popular. This strategy relies on the powerful mathematical Fibonacci […]

Betting Odds US 2020

Betting odds are an important tool for any sports gambler to make use of, because they explain how likely a certain event is to occur, and also how much money will be won if it does. Learning about odds and the different types available today is something every bettor should do. Below we break down […]

Betting Lines Explained 2020

Betting lines are different wagering options at a sportsbook that come with different odds. Each sportsbook has its own collection of betting lines, and they are offered in many different varieties. To become more familiar with your wagering options, and what you can expect while playing at a sportsbook, take the time to learn about […]

Sports Betting Taxes US 2020

There comes a time in a sports bettors career when they ask the question, do I have to pay tax on my online betting winnings? The answer to this question is usually yes, but not always. Gamblers are expected to pay taxes on any of their gambling profits from throughout the year, but that doesn’t […]

Bankroll Management 2020

Thousands of bettors are placing wagers on different sports matches throughout the United States each day. Many of those gamblers are wagering more money than they should be, and they’re lowering their chances of being profitable as a result. Learning how to properly manage your bankroll is a key step in making money off sports […]